Adapting a House for People who are Frail, Elderly or Disabled



I have written a number of articles about adapting a house to be more suitable for use by people who are frail, older or disabled.


This is a list so that anyone interested (or not interested) can find them slightly more easily.


Converting a Downstaitrs Bathroom into an Accessible Shower Room


Cost for this was just over £2k, including about £1k for the Fitter Labour and £250 for a shower seat and grab rails etc. A full replacement would have cost about £2500, with perhaps £1250-£1500 of materials. For a DIY version it would have cost £1200-£1500. 

A detailed set of 6 articles:

  1. Accessible Ablutions - Strip OUt
  2. Accessible Ablutions 2 - Ducts for the Future
  3. Accessible Ablutions 3 - Half Way Photos
  4. Accessible Ablutions 4 - Finished Photos
  5. Accessible Ablutions 5 - 3d Printing
  6. Accessible Ablutions 6 - Costs and Components


Project Discussion thread:


More will be added as and when. The next projects are a further bathroom refurbishment upstairs and an accessibility ramp on the front path.





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Ok Problem fix. Half used soap falls through wire hangover soap dish.




Solution is new kitchen scourer cut to size. if I were being posh, I would use one of the samples of walk on shower non slip matting I have.





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