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Wayleaves - a resolution




Today, I had my site meeting with the line manager of the local wayleave officer for SSE, to further discuss the situation regarding high voltage wires oversailing my property, all of which I mentioned in a previous post. 


The meeting went well and AJ's line manager was as different as she could be from AJ and the whole thing was conducted in a civilised manner.  The resolution is that OH and I will grant an easement to SSE for the wires to be allowed to pass over our property in perpetuity.  In exchange for this, whatever work is necessary to make the wires safe will be carried out by SSE at their cost.  The legal work will start almost straight away, and understandably so from SSE's position, as they want to be sure they aren't being messed around and I have no problem with this.  I understand that the work may take some time if it does involve seeking planning permission and other administrative matters, but again, this is fine.  This has been a very good outcome for what could have been a difficult matter.


Happy days.

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Sounds like a good outcome, and more importantly, you haven't been jerked around for weeks (months, years...) to get to it.

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Great result, but doesn't this illustrate very well the perpetual self-builder's problem, which is that we can be buggered around for weeks or months just because the utilities (and it seems they are by far the worst) employ people who are, at best, incompetent?


Like pretty much everyone on here we were buggered about by both the DNO and OpenReach (actually, OpenReach made the DNO seem vaguely competent).  The water company ended up shooting themselves in the foot, as they were such a PITA that we opted to drill a borehole, rather than continue to play silly games with them (yet they still contact me every six months with a new offer for providing a water supply, after five years...).


The key seems to be being able to find an individual in the organisation that can apply a bit of common sense.  Sadly common sense doesn't seem very common...

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I would just be cautious and not actually sign the wayleave agreement until you have a definite timescale and know exactly what alterations they are making.

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A good result all round.


I’m thankful I didn’t have your unnessessary hassle then my local DNO placed taller poles on my plot to deal with the low wires over my cabin.


Don’t forget your annual fee for having their equipment on your land, I get £33 per year, £11 per pole.




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2 hours ago, joe90 said:

Well done, as others have said utilities are a pain to deal with (ask me how I know?).

I have now been waiting a couple of months for bt who keep giving me dates that come and go without anything happening, the last contact was from their engineers who came on site and said the local authorities wouldn’t let them put up traffic lights as the road is too narrow so they asked if it would be ok with us to do it on Saturday (today) we agreed on this but today I have a text from them saying due to adverse weather conditions it will be 3 weeks until next update! There’s a light breeze today that’s all!

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