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Ball park 137m2 build cost


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Wow, no hanging about. Are you trying to be in before Christmas???? Btw very tidy…is this down to your contractors or you sorting stuff out every day? Really, looking great. So jealous 

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Evening guys, thanks for the comments

original date was December but we have had a few delays so I’d say we are about 3 weeks behind schedule.

Plan to be in by March as we want to fully decorate in colours etc and not rush things.

Kitchen is now sorted at a decent price from Howdens just trying to sort bathrooms now which is a nightmare.

Also struggling with entrance doors, ideally want Rehau so colour can match windows but it seems really difficult getting info and designs from them.

With regards to the site I’m using one main contractor and they do all the tidying, seem a really good group of trades

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Lost the roofers for a couple of weeks due to covid but they are starting next week.


Door frames in now, going to re jig the main bathroom door to to the left to give more room for a walk in shower.

lost the quadrant on the stairs which has given us an extra 400mm in width on the en-suite and utility 



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10 minutes ago, Mr Punter said:

Five months on from breaking ground I think they have made good progress.  I like how neat and well planned it all appears.  Inspires confidence.  I bet BC will not be breathing down anyone's neck on this job.

You said the same about my job 

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Decided to lose the flat quarter of the stair case and do kite winder all the way round.

This meant we could bring stairs forward to give extra 400mm in utility and en-suite so had to take wall down.


Slates now on, look really good and can’t see the hooks from the ground (went for them as didn’t want chatter in the wind).

Now having a sun tunnel so some may have to come up unfortunately.



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Hi @Dan1983. Are you doing bits yourself or just contractors? Either way it looks amazing and really speedy progress. Well done.


Would you mind posting your floor plans as I’m struggling to visualise the layout? Thank you


Are you putting any fancy tech in at all? MVHR, PV, heat pumps etc?

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Thanks @NickK, no nothing ourself this will be turn key.

Still been stressful at times and a few mistakes along the way but guess this always happens.

No tech really, we are not that old 37/38 but just not into that sort of thing.

As an example our tv is LCD from 2008!

Was looking at ASHP (ecodan) but the noise pitch rather than overall dB put me off.

If my neighbour installed one it would drive me crazy so not fair if we did it.

UFH multi zone (4) downstairs and cast radiators upstairs.

See plans below, just trawled new builds on Rightmove, found a floor plan that worked then increased it to our floor space allowance.

Few things like bathrooms have been tweaked during the build (main bathroom centred etc) 

Bifold added to lounge 



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I think thats irrelevant as you can’t alter the noise and pitch of the fan unit.

If we had a larger plot it may have been ok but fan would need to go near boundary so would effect a neighbour.

its really quiet where we live so any back ground noise is really noticeable unfortunately, would be ok if you had traffic noise etc

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17 minutes ago, Dan1983 said:

I think thats irrelevant as you can’t alter the noise and pitch of the fan unit.

But the RMP is generally low.

It is extremely rare that they are running at full fan speed.


I used to live in a rally isolated, rural place, all I could hear was my tinnitus most of the time.

I hated it, any unexpected noise just worried me.  I had the radio on 24/7 to mask the silence.

Oddly though, my sister, who is pretty deaf, hated the 'rural' noise when she moved to the country 'for peace and quiet'.  I did warn her that agriculture was not silent.

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I think different people tune in to different noises.

I heard a couple of set ups and know it would bug me if I was sat in the garden.

They also seem to get very mixed reviews.

Some say they are great others say they would not have one out of choice.


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