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Ball park 137m2 build cost


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Fireplace back out due to regs change can’t use thermalite block now as liable to cracking so all had to be pulled out!

All sorted now just awaiting more brick slips turning up.

Decorators starting on the 10th but getting tight as also decided to use a boarding system in the loft which needs to be installed asap before decorators paint upstairs.

Also had estate agent out last week to get an idea of value so can start thinking about mortgage 



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We now have front and back doors!

Really pleased with the RAL colour we went for, will match the garage roller shutters to this which have now been ordered.

Composite doors are great quality but some issues with poor trim cutting around the outer window frames so they will have to come back and sort it.


Fire place, mortar now in and wood-burner instal started today, hopefully complete tomorrow.

need to decide how high to mount the cast oak mantle (trying to keep it low so TV can mount at a decent height)






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17 hours ago, Dan1983 said:

Stove now installed

Left the oak mantle off until decorators have finished.



Is that a Charnwood C4? Looks similar to our stove, we had the log space extension underneath which covers the air intake duct.

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Rads now in, had to unfortunately pay a fair premium to get them done in pebble grey but look good.

Just an issue to sort on the Terma en-suite towel rail as annoyingly supplied right handed rather than left handed the I specified so can complete heating system.





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More or less complete now, moved back in yesterday.

Few small snags to get house signed off, just waiting on porch access being completed then we should be done!

Couple more bills to go before I can see how badly we went over budget but estimating 30k.

Run out of money to insulate and board the garage.

Was hoping to have some money for gravel drive and patio but they will have to wait now. 






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Coming together really nicely there! We were due to move in today (!) but roof only 50% done, November now :(


How do you find the black sanitaryware in the bathroom with water deposits/soap scum etc?



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Yes ours overrun by a few months unfortunately so ended up paying extra rent we could have done without.

Our delay was entrance doors which held up site being secure for kitchen fitting etc

Hope it all comes together for you!


Jury is out on the black sanitary where until we start using it.

We do have a water softener so hopefully it will be bearable.

Although tried to set up softener yesterday and have no power so think the plug is faulty (awaiting a new one now)

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Few more finishing touches.

Porch complete, used a black limestone to tie in with the roof slates.

Installed bespoke aged copper splash back from Halman Thompson (looks darker in photos), and another coat of danish oil on the worktops.


Still awaiting the window arches being complete to sign the house off, hopefully be done towards the end of the month.


Gates and chestnut fencing also being installed towards end of month.



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