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  1. 2.4m is normally standard size. Can you not just get that to avoid cutting altogether?
  2. @FM2015 I’m surprised about the higher price bracket considering the block needs to be assembled on site. Do you think down to it being XPS or being made in the UK?
  3. @Chanmenie I just looked at R-Wall and it looks really good. Given its local is only a bonus (although Logix is also uk based, isn’t it?). I also look forward hearing about people’s experiences.
  4. A couple years ago we were having to change boiler. Got quite a few quotes (8 in total) for Worcester i30 combo boiler with the usual flush, Magna Clean, inhibitor, etc. and it was all between £2k-£3k in semi detached, all easy access. So guess £2.3k is about right.
  5. @mtnash What software did you make your plans, if you don't mind me asking? @AliGI fully agree that north facing plots are not the best but sometimes there is simply no other way especially if you like to keep the garden reasonably private. Also, if you like to have some decent sized glazing from living areas, you are less likely to deal with over heating in summer and losing heat in winter can be sorted through good spec glass??
  6. @Jason L at what point would you say gable gets too large?
  7. I am not experienced enough to really comment but purely based on personal preference: 1) Fewer but larger windows look better than many small ones and probably gives you more light. (Air tightness may easier to achieve with fewer openings?) 2) Regardless whether it’s forever home or not, I think it’s important to have provision for downstairs decent sized bedroom with at least jack and Jill bathroom. I’d prefer it instead of making provision for lift. 3) This will be controversial, but I don’t understand UK obsession with so many bathrooms. I come from continental Europe where having maximum 2 bathrooms is good going. We are large family and never had issues. 3) I would have main bathroom bigger than en-suite as it would be used more. 4) Agree with double height space at entrance by moving staircase round.
  8. I have to say that seeing other people’s plans is super exciting for me as it gives me lots of food for thought when it comes my own build sometime in the future. I don’t think it’s bad to create your own plans before going to the architect. If your chosen architect or architectural designer are good they can see pass that and still express their view of the brief and push the boat out - I.e. turn the ugly duckling into beautiful swan 😀.
  9. To be honest, I don't know if it is a good idea or not, hence the post :-). However, my rationale would be to reduce thermal bridging but also cost. Surely getting standard block and EPS on the outside will work out cheaper whilst achieving same u values??? (This is not accounting for extra time having to put it all on of course).
  10. Just out of interest, has anyone considered or even tried using basic woodcrete type blocks and then only put external wall eps on? Not sure what thickness you’d end up with, though 🤔
  11. @bradders3109 I’d curious how will Thermohouse stack. Haven’t seen it in person yet but really like their roof system. Did you consider Isotex system as well?
  12. I just had a chance to catch up on the new season and it has been real Yin and Yang for me. First, as @Bitpipe said true everyday guy spending £4.5m on something that his kid won’t spend much time because he’s off to boarding school. Please, Grand Designs stop showing something that’s so out of reach for most. I did feel for him, however, when he was talking about the gate v container saga. Second episode was amazing and agree with all comments above. Barn conversions can be amazing (although I feel there can be wasteful on space) but having to preserve the superstructure that won’t be visible anyway is utter nonsense. I just wanted to cry for them when SE that underpinning will be needed. Silly silly silly. Anyway, one question for you all. I didn’t understand his issue about minimum head clearance. I thought mezzanine is not classed as ‘true’ storey and hence same building regs don’t apply. Am I missing something?
  13. @ProDave would you mind sharing your roof build up with insulation above the rafters? Some sort of visualisation always helps me to understand.
  14. @willbish just out of interest, how much did your windows set you back? If you don’t mind me asking.
  15. @PeterW Just wanted to report and say thank you. Little over 3 days in and condensation is almost gone after installing overflow pipe cut-offs. Top job.