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  1. Call me mr boring but I just love the symmetry of the whole house. The oak porch just makes it come together. What’s up with the window on the right?
  2. Less than 10 years as still within the warranty period
  3. There is no protected corridor I’m afraid. Are you saying that fire door alone would be enough to comply?
  4. Hi, I’m always on Rightmove looking what’s around and looking for inspiration. A fairly new house came up. Really nice but garden too small. Anyway, two bedrooms have only a velux window much higher than 1.1m. Is this allowed? I thought 1.1m rule is to allow possible exit in case of fire. Thanks, Nick
  5. I’d be keen to hear opinions as well. We are in a similar position and wonder whether to go with light weight conservatory roof system. Or similar. Or go for proper solid roof extension.
  6. Hi @Dan1983. Are you doing bits yourself or just contractors? Either way it looks amazing and really speedy progress. Well done. Would you mind posting your floor plans as I’m struggling to visualise the layout? Thank you Are you putting any fancy tech in at all? MVHR, PV, heat pumps etc?
  7. Wow, no hanging about. Are you trying to be in before Christmas???? Btw very tidy…is this down to your contractors or you sorting stuff out every day? Really, looking great. So jealous
  8. I’m new to this topic but it all sounds so frustrating. What planet do these people live on? It’s like if a surgeon starts an op and halfway through, he’s like feck this. It’s more difficult than I though. I’m off to ask for more money. Mind blown
  9. I’ve been looking at New Forest before (I’m based in Bournemouth) but unlikely to ever be able to afford it :-(. Maybe Dorchester area instead and hopefully fewer restrictions there.
  10. Just out if interest. If materials increase in cost by 6% and the builder asks to split the difference regardless of what contract is or isn’t in place. Should it work the other way as well then? If costs go down by 6% (unlikely) should be builder offering split of the savings? I have zero experience but keen to understand as much as possible before my time comes 🙂
  11. Hi, I’m really interested if anyone knows how much this build could be if done in ICF and insulated slab? I know there are many varieties to determine that but if quote was £259k??? How much on top of that??? @Dan1983 did you considering any other type of system? Thanks
  12. I have read here quite often that trying to keep plumbing/services in nearby area of the house (e.g. cloakroom and utility next to each other on the ground floor and bathroom/en suite right above it) can save a decent penny on the build budget. However, whenever I see some new builds springing up nearby, I always check it out and hardly ever developers keep them together. So question is: How much can it really save? I know every build will be different but have you any real life examples? Thanks
  13. Has anyone come across a magazine that is actually useful. Sure, they are great for inspiration but I have Google for that. I got 1 year subscription to Self-Build for special price of £12 but found it just a repetition of previous articles and mainly adverts of course. Is there any that is actually worth it?
  14. 2.4m is normally standard size. Can you not just get that to avoid cutting altogether?
  15. @FM2015 I’m surprised about the higher price bracket considering the block needs to be assembled on site. Do you think down to it being XPS or being made in the UK?