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  1. Evening, you cannot do that under national park as they take one or the other away from you to stop being able to extend more than 30%.
  2. For update we have our pre build meeting tomorrow. Bat licence was not too bad, we require x2 bat boxes in trees and roof vents in house and garage with breaches felt to allow bats in. Budget to be finalised now SAP and building regs are complete. Main change if budget allows would be an ASHP set up
  3. As an update we had to have an ecology survey due to being in the national park. unfortunately lead to having to have disk/ dawn bat surveys which has identified x2 bats occasionally roosting under tiles. Now on to see how much more ££££ we are going to be relieved of for a bat licence
  4. Thank you it was last valued about 2 years ago market is still quite strong here but no doubt it will not have moved at all since last valuation or even dipped slightly. Not sure on how to play it really, borrow back before as ‘extension’ or do I get part way through knocking it down then remortgage as a new build. Not sure which way will be less hassle
  5. We have our build date starting in late July, fingers crossed this can still go ahead. I had planned on selling some shares to fund some of the build/ rent a second property but they have halved so also abit worried. still need to borrow back 50-60k via remortgage so hopefully this will be ok
  6. Yes I really liked the idea of ASHP, but became slightly concerned after reading the hot water side of things. There are only 3 of us in the house but guess we use a fair bit of hot water as son and wife both like a bath!. I was told it would add about 10k to the build, we are quite hard up to our budget at the moment so had to park the ASHP for now
  7. Hi Mike, No not energy planned it, as per post will be UFH on ground floor and rads upstairs, system boiler with pressurised cylinder. Did consider ASHP but was adding too much money onto the build at this stage
  8. New render and floor plans etc From overview house will be more centred on the plot allowing new drive to line up better with the front door. At present heating is basic, downstairs UFH, rads on first floor, system boiler with pressurised cylinder as had enough of combis. Drive way will be gravel to match surrounding houses. Planned start date for build is end of July to tie in with school holidays. Obviously now concerned about how covid-19 will pan out as we need to rent a property until this build is completed (est 7 months) end product turn key. Fingers crossed!
  9. Evening all, Thought I would start a thread now we have embarked on planning stages of our first new build. currently have a 3 bed dorma bungalow with carport which we have lived in for approximately 9 years. We fall within the national park so taking into account the +30% legislation we have been left with an allowable floor space of 137m2. Started off a few years back with extension plans which went through planning, but after consideration costs were coming in at 190k so decided to leave it a few more years and save some pennies. I started to trawl through Rightmove looking at floor plans on new build properties that would suit us best. Main objective was house, children’s toy room, ok size kitchen and 4 beds. This did prove tricky with only 137m2 but in the end I found a suitable floor plan which came in at 126m3 and asked the architect to come out either side to max out the floor space. Very please with the basic layout, only disappointment was the the kitchen ended up at 3.750m rather than the aim of 4m wide. This was due to siting the downstairs toilet under the stairs rather than to the left and eating into more of the study/ toy room The build also includes 7X6m oak framed garage which will use electric roller shutter doors. Roof tiles will be slate but brick undecided at this point, pc sum allows for good quality brick to be used, pc sum also used for kitchen and bathrooms but going along the lines of howdens/ Elliot’s type spec. Looking to try and add some character with slightly lower ceilings and maybe false beams etc, overall theme is forest cottage/ farm house etc. Current very compromised layout
  10. Thanks for all of the advice guys. I think air source heat pump is going to push me over budget as being told it will add approx 10k to the quote. Really not a fan of combi boilers so may have to look at an unvented system boiler with 200ltr tank
  11. For anyone still interested had a good chat yesterday and managed to get house and garage in at 259k. Working out just over £1400m2 Need to decide heating as not sold on a combi, going to find out cost of unvented system boiler with 200ltr tank
  12. Builder back round tomorrow, house came in at 229k as overall footprint was 159m2. Have reduced slightly as changed bi folds in lounge to a normal 3 bay window. unfortunately looking like garage will be over budget at 35-40k so will need to maybe make some moves away from oak frame etc as garage budget needs to be 25-30k with the cost of the house.
  13. Quote all back now, Came in at 229k for house inc bathrooms and kitchen. That is with rads and combi boiler, looking to see how much underfloor heating and air source heat pump would add to the quote
  14. Will bear this in mind, once I get a build quote through I will start sorting the finer details