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  1. No, floor joists still fully supported
  2. Decided to lose the flat quarter of the stair case and do kite winder all the way round. This meant we could bring stairs forward to give extra 400mm in utility and en-suite so had to take wall down. Slates now on, look really good and can’t see the hooks from the ground (went for them as didn’t want chatter in the wind). Now having a sun tunnel so some may have to come up unfortunately.
  3. Thank-you for the info, mind made up so will give the go ahead today
  4. Thanks for the info Gus. I think it maybe wise to put one in for the sake of £495 Need to decide by tomorrow as roofers are working fast!
  5. I think because of the run we may need to go rigid tube. I don’t really want it but wife is paranoid about hall and landing being dim like our old bungalow. We have windows either side of the entrance door and a window in the door so it will be fine. Was hoping that light would radiate up the stairs. Then use the simple man fix of leaving bathroom door open for natural light on the landing! I don’t mind the noise, but my wife’s parents live in a dorma bungalow with velux windows so she is comparing it to that.
  6. Evening all. Our new new build has no window for the upstairs landing. This was not an issue for me but builder mentioned a velux sun tunnel (flush type for slate) to the wife and now she wants one. Could I please ask if they transmit much noise in rainfall like a normal velux window does? Just thinking that type of noise may bug us at night. Many thanks for any info
  7. Lost the roofers for a couple of weeks due to covid but they are starting next week. Door frames in now, going to re jig the main bathroom door to to the left to give more room for a walk in shower. lost the quadrant on the stairs which has given us an extra 400mm in width on the en-suite and utility
  8. I’m not sure about the garage, it’s oak frame so think it’s still being made. Messed up really as decided to have a recessed scissor lift now so will have to excavate some of it
  9. There is now a pallet across to bridge gap between the ladder and opening so makes it abit safer
  10. Evening guys, thanks for the comments original date was December but we have had a few delays so I’d say we are about 3 weeks behind schedule. Plan to be in by March as we want to fully decorate in colours etc and not rush things. Kitchen is now sorted at a decent price from Howdens just trying to sort bathrooms now which is a nightmare. Also struggling with entrance doors, ideally want Rehau so colour can match windows but it seems really difficult getting info and designs from them. With regards to the site I’m using one main contractor and they do all the tidying, seem a really good group of trades
  11. First floor starting to take shape
  12. chimney now complete google roll a dice
  13. Slates on next, decided to go with hooks on the slates as can be quite windy where we are
  14. Slates and roofing material now on site so hopefully water tight soon with the bad weather coming in
  15. Evening all, We are just finalising our window purchase and wondered if anyone had pictures of rehau windows with 22mm astragal bars? We have spec’d the Rio flush casement in clotted cream but also have vertical and horizontal astragal bar set up to create a cross. Being 22mm I’m worried they will look quite large/ heavy on each pane? Thanks for any info