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  1. Rads now in, had to unfortunately pay a fair premium to get them done in pebble grey but look good. Just an issue to sort on the Terma en-suite towel rail as annoyingly supplied right handed rather than left handed the I specified so can complete heating system.
  2. Cheers guys Yes Charnwood, like the way they have the external air vent these days tied in direct
  3. Stove now installed Left the oak mantle off until decorators have finished.
  4. Trying to get bifold door handles changed to black as playing with my OCD!
  5. We now have front and back doors! Really pleased with the RAL colour we went for, will match the garage roller shutters to this which have now been ordered. Composite doors are great quality but some issues with poor trim cutting around the outer window frames so they will have to come back and sort it. Fire place, mortar now in and wood-burner instal started today, hopefully complete tomorrow. need to decide how high to mount the cast oak mantle (trying to keep it low so TV can mount at a decent height)
  6. Now masking and prepping for paint. Cast iron look guttering/ downpipes going in
  7. Fireplace back out due to regs change can’t use thermalite block now as liable to cracking so all had to be pulled out! All sorted now just awaiting more brick slips turning up. Decorators starting on the 10th but getting tight as also decided to use a boarding system in the loft which needs to be installed asap before decorators paint upstairs. Also had estate agent out last week to get an idea of value so can start thinking about mortgage
  8. Yes hot feed is from unvented cylinder Cold feed is direct. I have tried opening a tap full blast but shower pump does not cut in. Although if I turn downstairs shower to cold and barely crack the flow then upstairs shower works fine. Wonder if the warmer weather has bumper cold water pressure or something
  9. I was also wondering at what point a regular mortgage can be used. Our kitchen is in but no bathrooms or heating. House being valued tomorrow by an estate agent to get an idea of what we need to borrow but not sure if it’s a tad too soon
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