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  1. Will bear this in mind, once I get a build quote through I will start sorting the finer details
  2. Cheers Dave, i have just been having a read up, think I’m tempted to spec ASHP as seems easier to install plus advantage of being able to work in reverse. guessing the newer systems are fairly quiet now compared to the older ones? Bedrooms and lounge are going to be carpet so not sure if that effects the heat transfer of UFH?
  3. Ok thanks for advice, For info the install would be going into a new build house not the current bungalow. Think I’m tempted to stick with the norm using a combi boiler
  4. Morning all, quick question regarding house heating If possible. Builder is currently sorting a quote and suggested GSHP and UFH on both floors. we generally run our thermostat at 18 degrees C in our drafty bungalow with normal radiators all year round. From reading up I’m worried a GSHP may struggle to keep the house nice and warm in the winter and also taking a while to warm up if using it with UFH vs a normal gas combi/ rad set up. Has anyone gone this route from a traditional heating system? As our current house has always been quite cold I’d hate go a new route and end up with a chilli house again! cheers for any pointers
  5. It’s a guide at the moment but he couldn’t see it being much more than 200k for the build (house not garage) biggest variable is windows at the moment it seems but I will find out by Friday quote is fixed price. construction just normal brick with slate roof, Elliot’s/ Howdens type kitchen and bathroom etc.
  6. Well looking like we are back on track with budget etc. fingers crossed we can do the house and garage build within budget. will hopefully get the quote by Friday but approx 200k for house inc 10kish for existing bungalow demolition. Just depends if national park will let us use UPVC windows or if they need to be wood which will bump the price up so back to £1500 sq mtr, this is for turn key including decorating
  7. Fingers crossed first builder coming round to look tomorrow and thinks between 190-220k but not including demo of current bungalow so will see what he says
  8. I’ve had the drawings tweaked to how we want so going to try and get some quotes without building regs and see how they turn out.
  9. There is demolition but existing bungalow foot print is larger than house foot print so ground work should be average. There was a double garage in that cost in oak/timber 7x6m
  10. Double checked and correct that was without VAT! i thought 250k was going to be ok for a 137m2 build
  11. Plans are now drawn, been told rough estimate of 300-350k in the letter, would you usually take the VAT off or wondering if that’s is less VAT😲
  12. Yes will do! Are you trying large firms or small local builders? If we are way off budget we will have to decide if we move or go back to the extension plans. Can tell already it’s going to be a nightmare
  13. Just dropped the floor plans off to architect so will see how we get on. They are also a quite big building company and advised to budget £2000 m2 for a build. At 2k m2 we will be out of budget so will see what happens. Can only hope a smaller local builder is around the £1500 m2 range.
  14. Will do, I take it if I’m using a main contractor they will sort this for me? Asbestos wise it has cement bound asbestos soffits and carport roof is corrugated cement bound sheets. May just bury it under the garage etc
  15. Well local builder not available next year. Will get the plans sorted start of January then get some quotes. Said main issue will be demolishing the old bungalow and getting rid of it due to our narrow lane with 2 sharp 90 degree bends Any one have price ideas for demolition?