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Ball park 137m2 build cost


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Arch infill finally completed, really struggled to get these sorted

Last quote was £3700 plus VAT which I thought was crazy.

in the end a local company that specialises in traditional brickwork did it and for a fraction on the cost!


Chestnut fencing complete along with a pair of 6ft gates.




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Thanks @NickK

Yes done really bar last 3 snags which are:

oak threshold from hall to lounge (stone to oak)/ threshold between back door and utility.

Couple of the astragal bars have sprung on the windows as cut too long from factory

Flashing on sun tunnel has pulled from roof in one corner.


Im around 30k over budget all in but had 20k slush fund so 10k over really.

Hoped to have money left over for landscaping but that’s out of the question unfortunately.

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Plastering finally finished, don’t fancy doing that again in a hurry!

That meant I could lay the 200mm insulation on the roof.

decided to use Egger 22mm flooring so we have some storage.

Only did 2 rows in the end as was concerned about the extra weight (although roof beams are 250mm)





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Thanks Kelvin,

i used this stuff as meant I did not need to PVA the floor prior.

Just watered it down 40/60 ratio for first coat 

second coat on now so that will do!

Hopefully tiles will be here start of next week.

Will get that half laid then switch all the junk from the other side and paint that.



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Lighting all connected up now and decorated (last coat going on now)

went RAL 7030 to match the house doors and garage roller doors on walls and ceiling.

Hope to get the sockets in tomorrow and tv working etc

Fingers crossed wifi booster socket gives enough signal 



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Will never forgive myself for choosing white on inside of the side garage door now!

wanted the grey but was an added cost at the end of the build and was saving money!

Can you get them sprayed successfully?

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