diy-kitchens.com any experience?

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Had a delivery on Friday - worth paying for the gold service so you get 2 guys and into the house rather than one. 


Quality seems to be very good - legs to fit and then it’s just push into place. 

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38 minutes ago, jonM said:

Took a trip up to DIY Kitchens yesterday and very impressed with what I saw.


I was there on Saturday - first visit to the showroom but I got my last kitchen from them.  The showroom was well worth the visit.  Free cakes and biscuits, tea, coffee and soft drinks were excellent too 😀  Very helpful, non-pushy staff.  I didn't speak to them about design but I think I heard them say that they are working on the planning tool being available again.


I really liked the area where they had all the unit variants together in one place so that you could see pretty much all of the options available at a glance.  You can see these in the online showroom - follow the link and the click on "Information Centre" -> ".....Examples"  to see what I mean.




I know someone who has just installed a kitchen from them.  They also got their work surfaces via them and had them templated one week and installed the next, with no problems.


I'll definitely be going back to them for the kitchen in my new build

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