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  1. Really pleased for you get down to Lidl they have some "Arestel" cheap this weekend and celebrate
  2. Yep me to, fingers crossed for ya
  3. When the meeting takes place I would be inclined to record the conversion (if possible and legal) as, what they say in person may not be what you get in writing. Not wanting to sound negative.
  4. Best of luck they sound like a right load of t#ssers
  5. Windows

    Ah thanks for that I hadn't noticed that link........ and I didn't realise that. Looking again at the pics you have posted I can see that
  6. Windows

    Pleasure.............. Would you be so kind as to add some pics of the windows from the inside
  7. Well I've experienced all those emotions and I've not even started on the foundations. No definetly not the money. It's so I have a house that fits and works around me primarily, and that I don't have neighbours, as in estates (some might say I'm a miserable old git but I'm not.....'onest). I won't be building my dream as I don't have the funds and where my plot is located house prices are not very good.
  8. It's good to be different Wasn't there a maggot farm there? I remember there used to be a "smell" wafting across in the summer. I used to rent a barn just off of Death Hill in the 70's, nothing dodgy although frequent visits from the local constabulary. Sorry for going off topic.
  9. I just hope I'm successful at self building and living
  10. Bet it's changed since I used to ride my bike up there in th 60's
  11. DIY Insulated Foundations

    Looking forward to them, I'm going to try and do as much as I can when the time comes.
  12. Windows

  13. Heat and smoke detectors

    Thanks, that's good to know. Mine drive me insane, worse than a sore thumb but hopefully I won't be here that long. Best laid plans and all that.
  14. I want to go down one of these routes, Most grateful if it hasn't been discussed already