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  1. Plumbersmateuk

    Recomendations for selling plot

    That is what I was going to do but thought I would just ask first. Not sure about the auction route need to do some further investigation Same thoughts about plot finder etc.
  2. Plumbersmateuk

    Recomendations for selling plot

    Due to ill health I am not able to do the work that I intended/need to to come in on budget. I want to sell my plot (North East Yorkshire) and try and find something that will enable me to do something with a builder or possibly a turnkey solution. My aspirations are not that grand it is more about getting something that is well built/comfortable/affordable. I am having trouble getting etate agents interested and was looking for recomendations/personal experience.
  3. There is a thread on here where somebody did the same and got their refund
  4. Plumbersmateuk

    Getting ready for the earth to move!

    I would be interested to know how you get on if you don't mind.
  5. Plumbersmateuk

    Hello from Northamptonshire

    Just be careful what brushes you use (if you use any at all) where the door goes into the wall. Mine are a tad to noisy and will use something softer next time
  6. Plumbersmateuk any experience?

    Ah yes I did register with beta one.
  7. Plumbersmateuk any experience?

    I use Chief Architect..........Are you sure their planner is not working I used it last week.
  8. Plumbersmateuk

    Sign off

    Same here Again same for me apart from I didn't think it was PITA, I immediately thought of the VAT reclaim
  9. Plumbersmateuk any experience?

    I did..........I put pull out wire baskets in one of the base units and a pull out corner unit The carcases are a standard size so I can't see a problem?
  10. Plumbersmateuk any experience?

    I only used the wall units above the desk in the same materials.
  11. Plumbersmateuk any experience?

    When I got mine the delivery charges were different. I had 2 man delivery which was during a really bad winter and they (the 2 man team) were really good. They kept me informed of their progress and when they eventually arrived at 8.00 in the evening, (they had to reverse up the road beacause of the snow and ice) they were most apologetic and nothing was to much trouble whilst I was making them hot drinks. they were ambassadors for the company and I have not had any problems with the units and they still look like the day they were put in. I bought enough units for the kitchen, utility and an office.
  12. Plumbersmateuk

    Airless paint spraying advice

    Just out of interst what paint did you use this time?
  13. Plumbersmateuk

    Emulsion spray painting

    Oh I could do with some of that right now Many thanks for the advice it sounds a bit technical so I will have to do a bit more investigation and reading
  14. Plumbersmateuk

    Emulsion spray painting

    Many thanks..........can you leave the set up overnight (I see on utube that the nozzle is kept in water for short periods of time), the gun nozzle in water and the paint coverd? or have you got to clean it all each evening?
  15. Plumbersmateuk

    Emulsion spray painting

    Thanks for the info, it is my prefered method, airless spray that is. What ratio would you suggest for new plaster?