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  1. Alexphd1

    Slab edge thickening

    @willbish Do you have different specs of insulation under your slab? We have eps300 under the ring beam and eps100 under the main slab (150mm concrete)? We had a big difference between the two engineers (different companies) in the width of the ring beam dimemsions with the 2nd engineer who has more experience with a raft foundation designed a smaller ring beam.
  2. Alexphd1

    How wide are your doors?

    We have allowed for 926mm but we can easily cut that to 838 if required later.
  3. Would the battery system be zero rated on a new build?
  4. Alexphd1

    Old school tricks? Worth it?

  5. Alexphd1

    Tiling...many questions

    I once had a cheap table saw from one of the big DIY chains........ i wont be buying another!!!
  6. Alexphd1

    Master Ensuite Layout

    Very nice, although I didn't see much wrong with the original layout it is a improvement! All you need now is a laundry chute from dressing room to utility. Was the porcelonosa shop in Glasgow worth a visit, I was in the Edinburgh one two weeks ago and was slightly disappointed.
  7. Alexphd1


    I completely agree with Lizzie's above comment and we are very similar set up, picked a oven that worked for us (priority was size) and worked back, larder fridge no freezer in kitchen (American in utility) etc. Dont be afraid to mix brands either Siemens, Neff and bosch share the same products we picked up a bosch full height integrated friidge that's like for like with the Neff version but £300 less. Same with dishwasher but that was a lot less of a saving. It's nice for appliance you see to match though (oven, warming drawer etc).
  8. Alexphd1


    All depends on what you want, a single Neff oven varies from £500 to £1800. The £1800 does look better but does it cook better?? Probably more dependent on the user! For that money you are well into miele category. Quooker taps are one of those appliances which are very rarely discounted, I wonder if that's why high street kitchen shops push them as it's hard for online suppliers to undercut them. For the record I like the quooker taps and will be installing one.
  9. Alexphd1

    EPS current prices

    any body looking for eps300 £11.28m2 ex vat. 100mm thick.
  10. Alexphd1

    Water connection

    We were £1815 for two connections which inc approx 200m through the adjacent park (no road crossings) and we done all the work ourselves inc buying the pipe. They just came out and checked before back filling.
  11. Alexphd1

    Like buses

    I like deals👍👍👍 (they prob add on so they can take off... but keeps me happy🤣). The Preston one is pretty close to the motorway so we will have a wonder in next time we are passing.
  12. Alexphd1

    Like buses

    Is roccia worth a visit for tile shopping (we are up and down M6 very regular)?
  13. Alexphd1

    Rain and Guttering

    Top right corner of picture could maybe loss one pipe but depends on calculations. I hope to have 220m2 with one down pipe (big stainless gutter!) But still to double check my calculations.
  14. Alexphd1

    Rain and Guttering

    As bassanclan says you probably could ditch 3 downpipes check figures with a few suppliers websites. One website used figure of further north (aberdeenshire) less rain than south coast (devon). Also downpipes work better in the middle of gutter runs. I don't see a problem with carrying a gutter around the corner then into the downpipes or down pipe into ceramic tiles but of the two I would personally keep it in the corner and through the ceramic tiles. Just personal choice.