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  1. Alexphd1

    ICF bracing

    I would just buy your own timber, Easier to ship zonts only. I found the easiest/quickest way for putting up ICF was using builders trustles, i bought 6 but need a very smooth even surface. The top of the gable to the bottom of the pour was approx 6m which was in my opinion the zonts where at there limit.
  2. Alexphd1

    ICF bracing

    Anybody doing a wall pour plus gables?
  3. Alexphd1

    ICF bracing

    Happy with 3rds and donating to buildhub after.
  4. Alexphd1

    ICF bracing

    Life expectancy is pretty good. Only thing that broke was the plastic cam for locking the cross timber this would have been through bad handling. We already had up scaffolding on the outside so didn't really use the catwalk. Our bracing was up a couple of months so would maybe paint the wood for uv also gives it a cover protection from excess concrete. I don't think it's a standard wood size but it's a cls easily to get a hold of.
  5. Alexphd1

    ICF bracing

    I have already used zont bracing on 1st build. Was pretty happy with it. We have reused all the wood. We did have a few problems Inc how did we get fixings into the concrete without hitting UFH pipes which would could also be be a problem with steel bracing.
  6. Alexphd1

    ICF bracing

    @willbish logix will want to rent you bracing, it's a profitable part of their buisness. Logix is compatible with zont bracing. I will be early summer at the v earliest.
  7. I like your style🤣🤣 After a few bottles of 🥂🥂 we decided to take a TPO area tree down the following day (technically we where in the rite) but to say the poop hit the fan was a understatement... after a month or two and a few investigation by various authorities we where found to have done nothing wrong. If we asked before it and didn't get the answer we wanted we would have been up poop creek with no paddle making the site useless. Just for the record I would never advise doing anything to any woodland/trees covered by a TPO without proper approval.
  8. Alexphd1

    JUB - ICF build

    +1 for a blog. I have had a quick look at the jub site and one of the things I liked was the eps was a thicker on the standard block compaged to industry standard which would hopefully give it more strength during pour. I will be honest one of the biggest advantages of ICF is how adaptable on site for change of plans (unlike a timber kit) we changed dimensions (between ordering the blocks and starting the insulated slab) and changed windows Inc adding more when the icf is being put up. Any excess icf blocks from window openings etc is used elsewhere in the build so very little if any wastage. Also if you don't cut blocks on site your foundations has to be mm perfect. I think if you are doing the build yourself have a look at @Triassic insulated raft for best m2 cost. We will probably copy this on next build.
  9. Alexphd1

    Timber Crib Wall

    What about ICF and clad in timber? Certinaĺy diy.
  10. Alexphd1

    UFH in slab or screed, eps or pir insulation?

    Sorry bud we have done everything oursleves inc making the roof trusses so I don't know anybody who I can recommend.
  11. Alexphd1

    Hi to all

    Hi and welcome. The jub package looks very interesting, are you using the whole package (insulated raft, icf walls and roof)? We have done a very similar type of build but more DIY with material from different suppliers. I am big fan of ICF it would be interesting who jub are buying it from, it looks very similar izodom icf but that stuff is polish and jub stuff is Slovakian. Windows is a tricky one, a lot is down to the guy who is actually installing them!
  12. +1 for hillard, we used a local aberdeen engineer 1st who was as much use a chocolate fire gaurd! Our build is a insulated raft and nudara icf walls.
  13. Alexphd1

    Tiling...many questions

    Yes 20kg. Fast setting though. If ctd offered me 35% it would take them in line with the other online supplier and I would probably buy my garage tiles from them approx 70m2 . Their loss.
  14. Alexphd1

    Tiling...many questions

    Maybe a bit of topic was in my local CTD yesterday picking up tiles and was reading some of the "perks" of being trade, one of which you get 15% back if your customer buys tiles from them "even if you don't fix them"...... For whats its worth TP have mapie flexible grey ahesive at £9.65 plus vat collect or £10.60 plus vat del.
  15. Alexphd1

    Metal web joist spacing

    We have a mix of 400 and 600 over different spans. We specified minimum deflection with the designer, we where told we where only wasting our money sticking in more joists...... next build WILL be 400 centres!