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  1. I have seen a few mc4 connections fail but never a panel.
  2. @nod not been funny but you are a trade person (thank you for the help you have given me and I am ex trade person aswell) you are able and can keep a eye on labourers wether you married to them or not! Just to clear up, are you getting a finished shell? I am a bit skeptical of evening class courses because they are normally of the tighter margins trades ie brick laying and end of day not worth it (you wont grudge paying a decent brickie). A 1 night evening class on ashp installation could save you many £k's or mvhr course but better you will get better info/help on here! Might not sound exciting but why not take the bulk of your holidays off and paint? You know your weak points and strong points and work from there if you honestly think you can learn plastering which is a different job from taping in a night course then I will take my hat of! Dont underestimate shopping 4 material and pays to be on the ball. Any saving quickly wiped if trades sitting on site and no material. Get a list of items with a target price minus vat then hunt fleebay and gumtree. Bit of topic but a small bonus to us BA avios air miles credit card with build merchants and paypal. Will be flying flat in a bed when I can afford to stay in hotel when I arrive there!
  3. Sorry missed the original question willbish. On holiday ⛷ so had a few beers so might not make 100% sense but still only my 2p's. If your pv is on roof keep simple no need to cable into house. If your using in roof pv like gse or easy roof then good solution to take cable into easily accessible space ie loft. This is not a normal concept & will be taking with a suction of breath through teeth with a big exhale from a pv installer. My reasoning behind this was from more a matience point of few ie if one panel went down I could identify this panel and either bypass or change panel on roof ( I already known faulty panel before guy goes on roof) . As for the actual job It was not a major pretty job I tried to pre make Male female connections through mlcp 12mm with the green air teigntness tape already on the mlcp and it was a mess. Will need to re do the green tape. I don't understand the box you are speaking about unless cant get easy access to the tails then a remote box might work. Keep it simple and simple is usually cheapest. Just 2 add in (through many beers and irish coffees) i ain't no pv expert but did a crash basic course with the idea to install them back in the day when it was a big money 4 a installation.... Will add in photos when I get home but not much to see, just some mc4 connectors sticking out the insulation.
  4. we made a lot of money on the isar's !
  5. I was thinking of running a silicone bead up there such as ct1.
  6. @nod or anybody else with experience. We have 3-4mm gaps between the beads and window frames. Any recommendations on what to deal it with ? Krend pure white colour.
  7. Just out of curiosity are we talking a full UFH type of manifold or just a old school micro bore type manifold? We are using a ufh type manifold on our upstairs rads so we can control flow temp from thermal store and no TRV's just room stats via phone app. I dont like painted copper pipes as it's very rarely painted nice (always paint over the valve nuts etc). I do like plain copper or chrome pipe especially to towel rails etc. I would not have push fit fittings on show either as the pretty bulky. Most of our jobs we took the white mlcp (uponor) plastic pipe rite to the radiator valve and used a chrome nut. Never had any customers complain. Ps carpet had yet to be fitted at that job.
  8. Alexphd1

    Bonded gravel

    I think it looks very nice but everybody's taste is different. We are planning to do a DIY with resin bound.
  9. I would target 150mm pipe space. As I read your quote, the green, amber and red all use the same spec of pipe just different spacing and I am pretty sure wunda use pex/al/pex Wunda are normal pretty good but I think you can quite easily cut down loops from 14 on 115m2 floor. Possibly the easiest way to do this is use 120m coils instead of 100/80m. Throw your plans out to other suppliers quick rough calculations is £2k for UFH material.
  10. What's a acceptable distance for 6mm render beads from windows/soffits etc?
  11. Not my favorite job🤣 we actually used stainless nails. We have a few clips left (normal and sliding) so if you need a few to finish of give me a shout (not looking to offload as will use them on next build but may just help you out finishing of job)
  12. Tbh should have done horizontal but that's the 2nd felt layer, questioned if really needed it.
  13. +1 on what Conor says. I thought long and hard on this (single block and 250mm EWI) and ended up with ICF but its still a option on next build. Would tie in very nicely to a insulated raft foundation.
  14. A near by ICF self build who refused to have opening windows in a two story build had to install a sprinkler system. He done a few day course and DIY installed, pretty straight forward installation and it was respectable cost for material. I am planning to retrofit a single sprinkler above the log gasification boiler. Its in the garage with concrete block walls so not to bothered about water damage.