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  1. I always thought low/under counter ovens in commercial kitchens where more for better use for space than health and safety (door open trip hazard?), new purpose built commercial kitchens I more see waist height ovens on a frame even with casters (can be moved for cleaning) . I won't be swapping my heavy pans any time soon, I was watching a made in Britain program a few days ago and they where at netherton foundry looking at spun iron pans I was very impressed!
  2. I have always had gas, but after a visiting a cook school I was very impressed. I am seriously thinking about adding a domino gas job in utility or garage for some cooking .
  3. Very good reading. There is also a treatment on the underside of zinc now to prevent this, I don't know if I would trust this as long term solution.
  4. I used to do repairs on behalf of the rangemaater group... I done pretty well out of it! On a plus side They where pretty efficient with sending the part out to us before 1st visit.
  5. Only started a few days ago but having a problem with the seaming machine. Will post a few photos today.
  6. Most places will do a spec (ie 8 port manifold 800m pipe etc) free of charge and then supply the drawings after you buy the material, but if wunda will supply spec and drawings for £50 and you are free to shop around I think this a pretty good deal.
  7. Does wunda supply the drawings or just the spec?
  8. If you need to buy sbr, TP £29 plus vat. Screwfix £22 inc vat and Ebay £14 with vat receipt.
  9. 1. What heat output do you require, what distance are your joists apart? 2. You need to control the temperature of the water in the loop so you normally use a manifold with a temperture mixer valve but you do get single room mixer kits. 3. You can connect directly to boiler but high chance boiler will short cycle esp on a single zon, a decent heating engineer will best advise when they see existing set up.
  10. Can you supply more info on the film?
  11. Standing charge 25p and day rate 14.8p which is pretty good. Good point with the thermal store v UVC but with this system a thermal store better (log asification boiler) Big house with pretty high base loads.
  12. You got a valid point with pv but I think we are going to use most of our PV (cut to 3.68kw at inverter) with our base load ie mvhr, hot water tap, fridges etc with any extra imersion dump for any excess pv. But with a 5p kwh off peak surely it would be worthwhile boosting thermal store (plenty of hot water for morning showers) etc with this? I need my mobile on 24/7 and usually charge it at night while sleeping. Edit. Just worked out how much to charge phone every night. Ditch that idea.
  13. Starting to look at electric tariffs for the new build and have came across the octopusgo tariff with 4 hours off peak per night which would suit as very well. Any simple ideas/solution could I use to maximise the off peak 1. Run ASHP to recharge thermal store (possibly on higher temp?) 2. Use time delay for overnight usage on dish washer & washing machine 3. Charge EV 4. Cheap mechanical timers on charging devices ie laptop, mobile phone etc Missing anything?
  14. Got a little proble that I didnt see coming. The green of the glass in the windows has a bad reaction with the colour of the kitchen when the sun is shining. Is there anything I can do to cut this ie film on the glass or a day blind etc?