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  1. Similar solution to what we done, a stainless steel band around the kore upstand, same stainless as used in roof.
  2. Perfect timing for thread as been sketching different options tonight. We are thinking on a open wardrobe dressing room. I have been trying to utilise kitchen larder units and handless doors for drawers from diykitchens. Its working out very cost effective. Approx 8 linear meter of half height and 2 linear meter of full height rails. 1.5m3 of drawer space and plenty of shelves. Hopefully correct side of £3k. Not inc worktop for dressing table.
  3. I don't think I would have freestanding appliance in my kitchen purely for the look. Usually use siemens/Bosch/neff and have a mix of that and wolf in this build. Have replaced a few elements in ovens over the years but had good reliability from bosch/neff dishwashers but no hard water here. Washing machine and dryer freestanding in the utility room. I have had poor experiences from candy, smeg, hotpoint and zanussi in rented properties, always replaced them with bosch appliances.
  4. What size of cable for a hard wired doorbell with longish runs longest run 20m, 3 runs so 60m in total. Has anybody a wiring diagram for two chime (front and back door) 3x chime box set up, happy with a external transformer.
  5. Nice build. Can't help to much with your questions but we have tapco slates in pewter grey, they have slightly faded over a 24 month period. They seam to stabilised now though.
  6. Out of curiosity, did you price this with a UK supplier how much more did that cost? If its the xtwo website then the prices exclude local vat ie geberit frame is £109 ex vat. The same frame in the UK is approx £200.
  7. Thats a decent price to kick off with then shop around. We used GSE in roof on 1st build but planning to use easyroof system as it integrates very nicely with velux windows.
  8. Tbh very few if any suppliers carry stock so they will just be ordering direct from velux so who ever is cheapest wins. When I bought our velux's I found TP to be cheapest.
  9. Disagree with the need to bend rebar to a BSI standard/code. Again as stated above lot easier to get the supplier to do it!
  10. Yeah moving them onto next midterm 🎿, never flown business class long haul so was looking forward to it.
  11. Tell me about. Got vancouver flights coming up in 3 weeks😥
  12. Regarding AMEX, b&q doesn't accept it but I go through the avios store to the B&Q website which is 2 points for every pound then pay through PayPal which accepts amex for the extra point. The avios store is often up to 4 points for every pound on the b&q so its a nice little boost to the airmiles when I shop there!