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  1. Do you mean the the garage door for the car, we have a lot of air vents in there so sealing the big door is s bit pointless plus there is a log gasification boiler in there (need ventilation for combustion).
  2. Was hoping for a bit more than that as that's what we have on existing house and it's not great (hadn't considered the air tight side) Would a self closing hinge with a strong closing pull help create a better seal?
  3. What options have i got for sealing up a internal (fire) door between the garage and house to cut draught.
  4. Bump, never did get around to buying the rutland and its sold out now. In same situations again more skis to mount quiver killer inserts. So any good spots for a pillar drill?
  5. Cant help on your question but what tanking did you use?
  6. @Temp I have seen that style of door cut down very successfully before but that doesn't fit in with the overall look unfortunately. Good link with the kitchendooroutlet bang on what I am questioning to make myself.
  7. Scratching my head a bit on doors for a eave cupboard. Approx 8m long 1.3m high. First plan was bedroom sliding doors cut down by a company then installed by us but I didnt like the quality/style of anything I have seen. 2nd thoughts would be diy MDF doors ourselves. I like the idea of copying the J grip on a handless kitchen door and painted in a gloss. These doors will be visible in public areas so need to be finished good. I dont have much experience with fine wood working but got almost all the tools would only need a few router bits and possibly a dust extraction set up on router. Also got a paint sprayer for painting. Any big problems in my idea?
  8. I prefer a manual airpoint but with a space to catch air usually a length of pipe vertical leading the airpoint.
  9. That's a good price PeterW. Was planning on using the brick multipanel in the larder but tbh when I got the sample I wasnt impressed with the plastic core. Will have another look at the ply core.
  10. i always thought multipanel was the industry standard. I think i was quoted approx £80 plus vat from the local Pcenter for 8x4 sheet tile effect. Tile effect is a plastic core not mdf core as showerwall concrete.
  11. Watching this thread, planning to tile the garage but haven't ruled out a 2 part epoxy paint as a cheaper and quicker solution.
  12. Nothing to compare it to but pretty happy with the dewalt 2nd fix, although I am having problems with my 1st fix dewalt 😡
  13. Got some solid oak (27&40mm butcher block) worktops to cut down for various jobs and the cuts will be on show. Need a new blade for the dewalt plunge saw, any recommendations? Also will need to router the sharp edge done slightly, any good recommendations on router bits.
  14. We had a similar arrangement as LA3222 ie it was me going with tape measure, level etc. It worked very well. Unfortunately we hit the neighbors electrical supply (nowhere near where was shown on the power supply map) it was my responsibility for the repair cost. Dont underestimate how easy a good driver makes it look. Whe would have been days ourselves to level the last course before the insulated raft.