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  1. Roof before first floor?

    We put the roof on before upstairs floor. No real problems. ICF build.
  2. Gse in roof

    much appreciated. hoping not to counter batten but can see the benefit.
  3. Gse in roof

    Has anybody used the GSE in roof solar tray in Scotland. Did you batten on top of sarking or sit tray direct onto sarking (breathable felt aswell). How close can you position to ridge and eaves? Roof is a tapco plastic slate.
  4. ASHP v GSHP. ST or PV diverter.

    I love nice pictures!!!
  5. ASHP v GSHP. ST or PV diverter.

    Domestic rhi is projected energy usage from your EPC. This works against you if you build a low energy house! Commercial rhi is metered.
  6. ASHP v GSHP. ST or PV diverter.

    I remember boiler manufactures saying the anti freeze in solar thermal panels had to be changed at some point due to loss in efficiency, part of the the "service" was to check anti freeze.
  7. ASHP v GSHP. ST or PV diverter.

    This is a example. Ivt is a Swedish based company who I believe is owned by bosch. IVT also make the worcester range of gshp, this ashp unit is maded in Japan and i think is a rebadged version of the Mitsubishi ecodan (which is regarded as best in industry). Also does cooling👍 patience and eBay... I will be honest there is somebody selling a broken one as well on eBay, but that wouldn't put me personally off this unit.
  8. ASHP v GSHP. ST or PV diverter.

    As above we ruled out gshp pretty early on. We picked up a cheap (western branded) ASHP & solar thermal on line and plan to fit that to a 500l thermal store. The above material is bought but haven't ruled out ditching the solar thermal and thermal store to PV & sunamp (work with ashp). The ditched material will be used elsewhere. I am not really convinced on direct e7 when you can pick up a heat pump so cheap & install diy less than £1000.
  9. ASHP v GSHP. ST or PV diverter.

    1st of. Is there a option of mains gas?
  10. Agree with prodave. But buy wisely.... we bought a jcb 3cx and surprisingly not very good a digging, but the forks are handy.
  11. 20m easily 1 day for a decent guy. We are £375 (day) for a guy with 8t digger he also comes with a dumper a and sit on roller. I drive the dumper & roller but he can provide a driver at a extra cost. Just checked mot 1 is £13 per ton delivered, again our digger driver organised this when he needed it resulting in one zero rated vat invoice (nice and easy!)
  12. Airless paint spraying advice|parentrq%3A943ba5911610ab6af42523fefffb8f68|iid%3A1&_trksid=p2481888.c100651.m4497 came across this. maybe of a interest to somebody looking 4 a machine.
  13. Under roof plyboard treatment

    Came across this for plyboard. Pretty good guide
  14. Under roof plyboard treatment

    Yes just checked.
  15. Under roof plyboard treatment

    Boards from TP wether that's a reputable supplier is s different matter!