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  1. Is this supply all materiel aswell? Have you sat down and added up the materiel? It looks a pretty straightforward spec nothing to fancy. First thoughts it's a expensive but more experienced people will be along in a minute.
  2. Little bit different (new build high insulation) We plumbed upstairs radiators with a ufh manifold so no trvs. We also run cable to each room for adding in a thermostat at a layer date but tbh the rads are never on.
  3. @JohnMo what spec is your PV/battery ?
  4. We had problems with one of our dewalt 1st fix (bought x2 and 1x 2nd fix) Should of sent it back it back but never did. When working was a good machine and handy with shared batteries. Was using the other one tonight for concrete shuttering.
  5. @sharpener thank you for a prompt reply. 420m2 new build with good level air tightness and insulation (passive level but no accreditation). Mvhr, ASHP still to be connected up. Pv diverter. 8m2 solar thermal. 20kw log boiler. (heating system overkill) Probably end up with a electric van being eyeing up the vw id buzz. Current PV set up in roof approx 4.2kw with a 3.68kw inverter. Very basic sma inverter. Would like to at least double PV size with battery storage and be able to add more battery capacity at a later date. Would be adding different orientation of panels to existing so get a but more output in the evening. Was originally thinking of ditching inverter and using a hybrid inverter.
  6. Thinking about upgrading the system (will be applying for g99). Just trying to get my head around the basics. Can the battery manufacturer be different from the inverter manufacturer (was aware of high/low voltage batteries and inverters) or best to keep the whole system from one manufacturer Ie solex.
  7. When we installed a few years ago the dno went by inverter size and if we kept it below 3.68kw there was no problem with grid connection. We had a 3.68 with 4.4kw of panels done by a registered installer. I presume still the same now. I am planning on beefing up system
  8. I think it's more to do with maxin out grid connection. Solax inverters max input is 150% of inverter size so technically you could have 5.5kw of panels on a 3.68kw connection. Tbh not much jump in inverter cost going up a size.
  9. It's into a private soakaway so smells shouldn't be a problem
  10. Just preparing for laying the patio and have came across that there's no P-trap or any trap in any of the rain down pipes. The down pipes right into the grid/hopper then into a elbow then away on a horizontal run (slight run). I always thought we needed a p-trap or bottle.
  11. No wires run in yet but easy with the trunking. Whole house is wired to use least WiFi, I have even hard wired the amazon fire sticks in.
  12. When we poured our insulated slab it was 50/50. If £5k of concrete then it was £5k for labour. How much m3 do you need? We done all the insulated slab wrk Inc rebar ufh etc. Approx 6 or 7 guys turned up at 7am with there own concrete boom. Concrete turned up at 8am and 3 guys stayed on site for 8 hours until they floated everything with one of those sit on machines.
  13. How did you guys get on with linking the reolink with normal chimes. I'm looking for a hardrdwired cat5e video doorbell (no wifi). Would like to work the chimes Also see there is a ring elite version but it's a lot for a doorbell. Any other options?
  14. It's 2.2x 0.54m , surf board shape. It's supported approx 3 inch all around the outside.
  15. Quick question. We would like to overlay the breakfast bar with glass. We explained the requirements to two suppliers. One has quotes 6mm and the other 10mm. 10mm is x2.5 the price. Any recommendations experience on this?
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