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  1. Not so good, but on the other hand it's good to see a company stand by their product. Our render guy refused to take on our job until summer stating low temp ( even above freezing) was a disaster. He was from the south i just presumed he didn't like working in the cold😁
  2. All material bought minus a few flue parts but not installed. Tbh the system should tick over nicely with ashp, st & pv. The system has been designed with mantaince in mind ie in roof pv with connections inside so if panel fails can be easily isolated and bypassed minimising time on roof & st we can change temp sensor without taking flashing to bits. Keeping the system simple with controls nothing to fancy that will be obselete 10 years time. Will be interesting on how much the log boiler is used after novelty of cutting and drying wood passes. Hopefully ST can really wrk getting a tank to itself even 30-40 degrees is a big help to cut load on ashp. Apologies to @Triassic for hijacking thread.
  3. Lgb not my choice, first build is my father's house and he was adamant for it. We want to keep the TS volume to a minimum and heat loss respectable so will start with 1000l but likely need a extra 500 but v easy to add in. I think the ST on the 1st 500l tank will work pretty well as a preheat before the 2nd 500l tank which the ashp is connected to. If tank 1 rises above tank 2 then a pump will come on to transfer heat. Both tanks have DHW coils. Lgb will be connected to tank 1. All our material has been bought v cheap eBay, Poland etc so it is a bit of trial error. Still think sledge hammer meet nut😫
  4. @NickfromwalesThat's the diagram I (& @Triassic) was vasking if thats a basic pipe layout for using the ashp for cooling? I am caught up in the same situation i ended up with 2x500l thermal store, 9kw ashp, 22kw log gasification, 8m2 ST, 4KW of pv. I cant help feeling i have made this way over complicated. The whole concept of the house is very low heat load, but we have v high DHW requirements. Sledge hammer to crack a nut comes to mind.
  5. Should I Project Manage Build?

    Cracking plans Am I right in thinking your timber frame is form Scotframe? if so are they suppling windows etc?? makes life very easy! If you genuneinly have time to project manage, regular on site and long nights at computer then I say yes 100%. Do not underestimate time involved though!
  6. Is that diagram based for a system with ASHP cooling set up?
  7. @le-cerveau happy to see your figures we are very similar spec and also ended up with a 9KW ashp. I am impressed with these auto balancing things!
  8. I don't see any problems with balancing system with manifold upstairs, only major downside to one manifold is being restricted to one temp for both floors. You may/probably need two different temps in spreader plates and screed. As for heating controls doesn't make any difference one thermostat controlling everything or 9 thermostats controlling 9 zones. Not 100% on cooling side haven't considered it. One word of caution on bigger spaces you may need 2 or 3 loops per room ie bigger manifolds.
  9. One manifold could be a nice solution, never seen it done before. Would be better for manifold upstairs for air. One less pump etc to buy run etc. We allowed 3kw for dhw but their is no scientific reason for this, prob better to wait for someone with more experience on this.
  10. Tbh I never considered what to do next after working out heat loss.... I just worked out v rough heat loss then added on a few kw for hot water allowance for looking for a inverter heat pump. We installed ufh at 200mm centres with the long term plan of trial and error with lowering the ufh temp as low as possible and still heat/maintain room temps.
  11. We pulled through approx 20m with a 45 degree corner in middle. Nothing major. Also take a few photos/videos before back filling and when back filling to start with. Just a little insurance policy incase they ask questions when pulling through cable at a later date.
  12. Sorry @Onoff never read your link. I also believe they make fridges for John Lewis own brand. Probably already covered that in link 🙄 I would check your avios account and switch any balance over to your BA avios account to be safe. I think 5 months left of the avios before stopped.
  13. Does liebherr not also make fridges for miele? Remember avios points 3 for every £1 at appliance city (plus your credit card points if using avios credit card) !!
  14. Help me find my hot water cylinder

    Interesting about return temp been low. Every day is a school day.
  15. I think overheating in the NE of Scotland will be a nice novelty initially....