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  1. If the flue is installed running downwards to the outside that is a pretty bad error by the installer, you may possibly get enough play on flue depending on size of hole cored without any major upheaval of lowering boiler etc to reposition flue. But this could be something simple as a seal being nipped or not sitting corectly in the flue but whatever it needs a gas safe guy out.
  2. Alexphd1

    Considering Heatstore and PV Diverter

    I remember something about the worcester cdi's didnt like preheated water but this was years ago. A esbe 1 inch solar diverter is approx £120, £500 installed seams a bit high.
  3. What ever happens the flue will need to dismantled and checked by a qualified person. My first port of call would be the guy who fitted it in the 1st place. In the mean time install one of those carbon monoxide alarms close to it.
  4. Alexphd1

    Spray PUR foam. Why isn't it popular?

    Unfortunately we where a lot longer than a day, more like a week! Possibly the learning curve had something to with this and we had 4-5 passes to make up depth. This photo may give you a better idea of the extra rafter between the hanging post and ceiling.
  5. Alexphd1

    Spray PUR foam. Why isn't it popular?

    We actually hung a extra rafter between the hanging post and ceiling and the target was stop the insulation somewhere in the 2nd rafter so no/very little cutting back was required where the plaster board fixes to. Downside 9f this we lost a bit more headroom. The main rafter from the wall to the ridge beam was 100% covered. I will add more photos tomorrow to make clear. Unfortunately we had a fair bit of splatter.
  6. Alexphd1

    Spray PUR foam. Why isn't it popular?

    Sorry forgot to report back. 500m2 sprayed at 400mm. No big issues. Very little to cut back. Icynene is just another brand (who only sell opencell insulation), lapolla their big UK rival have both closed and open cell but both only sell to approved installers. We came across 2 or 3 suppliers in the UK who where happy to sell us but ended up buying from Ireland.
  7. Alexphd1

    My Solar quote

    Jon, yes just the membrane under the flashing kit for the panel. Google gse in roof and have a look at images, the membrane stays dry and out of UV. As for the cost saving on roof covering, I don't fully agree with this (unless very expensive roof ie Welsh slate) as the flashings are pretty expensive on there own but it does make a very nice job!
  8. Alexphd1

    My Solar quote

    Is it a difficult installation? Is it in roof or on roof. Approx £1.40 (+vat) per watt installed seams a bit high with no FIT. Why not spec and buy the kit yourself, find a decent sparkie to do the electrical side and a roofer for the roof work. Probably comfortablely half that quote.
  9. Alexphd1

    ICF Foundations +/- 5mm

    I remember a bit on a nudara icf installation video of them doing big cuts for uneven surface.
  10. Alexphd1

    COncrete Setting

    Yeah John creates more problems than solves!
  11. Alexphd1

    COncrete Setting

    Big concrete pours are scary, our highest was approx 4.5m (inc gables) and i don't think i would do it again. It gets difficult around windows on the floor below. A lot of bracing is needed! even working the poker is bigger job! TBH First 24 hours after pour for us was very unproductive..... i was just walking around in a daze with a big smile! I think you can starting building the next icf course pretty quick after the pour but I would hold of a while before pouring the concrete, that's where the weight is! A stupid idea if you where doing two floors per pours i would consider not cutting out windows and doors and cut them out after concrete has cured (be careful this idea prob creates more problems than it helps!)???
  12. Alexphd1

    Anybody using Velox ?

    John, that was the main reason I stopped looking at steel tied ICF.
  13. Alexphd1

    Future proofing

    I am always very wary of the term "future proof" I prefer to make upgrading in the future more easy with running in trunking conduit etc but your build being a flat roof bungalow makes this a bit more difficult. I recently visited a selfbuild property being fitted out with KNX and was initially very impressed but the more I thought about it the more I came to the conclusion it was creating expensive solutions for problems that don't really exist. Can you do any DIY, you could always run in some CAT/cctv cable yourself to use at a later date.
  14. Alexphd1

    Cordless tools - Ryobi?

    Don't forget fleebay for (new) tools.
  15. Alexphd1

    Alarm cable

    I have some 8 core alarm and the door bell cable (used for garage door opener) running alongside 240v mains cable. Is there anything to minimize interference between the cables? I read somewhere use cat 5e this helps or if can keep 75mm clearance will be ok.