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  1. Its just the left over from the my plumbing days. We had a set up with a gulitine to cut off solder fittings and any brass fittings.
  2. Anybody know if scrap is up or down just now. I have approx 100kg of copper and was wondering if worth digging out of corner of garage or leave it for another 5 years.....
  3. Starting to think about driveways. Shortlisted to two options, resin bound (not bonded) or concrete imprinting. Anybody done either on a diy basis, came across a companies offering training on both products. I think the resin would be easier but the concrete a lot cheaper.
  4. Ventilation gap for me. We diy installed stainless steel and had a 2 inch air gap below. Very belts and braces but I did read a Danish report on standing seam (think tin) rotting out very quickly. There is also a felt on the market that creates the air gap (haven't used it ourselves)
  5. @Kevin J exactly our plan, still to be done....
  6. One of the best things with icf you can cut the blocks while putting them up. We moved a few windows and changed sizes while putting them up but remember new sizes may need steel reinforcements.
  7. Cheers dave for the reply. I think I have found what I am looking for so bought one for a sample.
  8. Sorry Adsibob I don't agree. I prefer concealed valves with as many outlets as you want fixed heads/riser/ jets etc . But it is a personal choice.
  9. I am going to try and copy these lighting for the hallway along with coving up lights. Anybody came across a source for these light fittings that don't cost a fortune.
  10. Anthracite outside, oak inside . Really happy.
  11. 1st hand experience on alno and wouldnt recommend it to my enemies...
  12. Similar solution to what we done, a stainless steel band around the kore upstand, same stainless as used in roof.
  13. Perfect timing for thread as been sketching different options tonight. We are thinking on a open wardrobe dressing room. I have been trying to utilise kitchen larder units and handless doors for drawers from diykitchens. Its working out very cost effective. Approx 8 linear meter of half height and 2 linear meter of full height rails. 1.5m3 of drawer space and plenty of shelves. Hopefully correct side of £3k. Not inc worktop for dressing table.
  14. I don't think I would have freestanding appliance in my kitchen purely for the look. Usually use siemens/Bosch/neff and have a mix of that and wolf in this build. Have replaced a few elements in ovens over the years but had good reliability from bosch/neff dishwashers but no hard water here. Washing machine and dryer freestanding in the utility room. I have had poor experiences from candy, smeg, hotpoint and zanussi in rented properties, always replaced them with bosch appliances.
  15. What size of cable for a hard wired doorbell with longish runs longest run 20m, 3 runs so 60m in total. Has anybody a wiring diagram for two chime (front and back door) 3x chime box set up, happy with a external transformer.