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  1. Green Building Store supply Ultion with the doors that we have just had installed. I didn't know anything about them so had a look at the website and was quite impressed.
  2. Yes, I have a Brinno TLC200Pro. Here's a link to the time-lapse video
  3. I’ve got an older one of those and has come in handy one a number of occasions. On our last build we had ClosetMaid shelving in 3 built in wardrobes. Was great for projecting a level line round three sides of the room to get the shelf pins aligned. Took about 2 minutes from getting it out of the case to having the line ready for use. Used it last weekend to get a level line either side of a window opening. I’d buy another if this one failed....
  4. Not a full basement, just a (very expensive) metre deep hole in the ground. We had a planning restriction on the ridge height, so decided to dig down to give us the ability to get two floors into this space They put a ledger board up at the end of day 1 and then dropped the floor cassettes on to the ledger board the next morning, before putting the dwarf walls up for the second floor The roof panels are the same basic construction as the wall panels, just a different thickness - from out to in they are membrane -> wood fibre board -> iJoist + Warmcel -> SmartPly Propassive airtight board. Both walls and roof were pre-insulated.
  5. Here's a time-lapse video of my timber frame going up this week. Team of 3 from PYC arrived on Monday and did the sole plates. Started erecting the frame on Tuesday, which is when the video starts. Lorry arrived each morning between Tuesday and Thursday with the panels and was unloaded and offsite in less than an hour, so minimum disruption to neighbours. Three and a half days to complete and I now have a fully insulated timber frame, with all internal stud walls and intermediate floors, up all bar a couple of small dormers. They'll be back next week to finish off and install the windows and doors. Very pleased with what PYC have done so far. Apologies for the wavy branch in front of the camera - didn't notice it when I was halfway up a tree setting this up 🙄 Camera was a Brinno TLC200 Pro. PYC Timber Frame.mp4
  6. One O'Clock and only a couple of ground floor panels left to do. They're flying through it... All panels fully insulated with Warmcel, and lined with Smartply ProPassiv. No insulation to do (apart from the intermediate floor) and panel joints ready for airtightness taping.
  7. So far so good, nothing damaged and they have already started lifting the panels off the lawn and getting them in to place. I'm doing a Brinno time lapse of the build, so I'll post something up at the end. Even the dog is not stressed by this..... but then again, he's a retired guide dog and not much phases him!
  8. Timber frame started arriving today from PYC. Frame up this week and probably into early next week. Windows from Green Building Store installed by the PYC team next week so, all going well, watertight in a couple of weeks. At last, it's finally happening!
  9. There are also these. We used them on top of our slab to minimise thermal bridging
  10. Wholeheartedly agree with JSHarris. Our last build had rooms in roof with PIR and it got really hot in summer. Our build currently underway also has rooms in roof due to planning constraints and we are going with vaulted ceilings and Warmcel cellulose insulation, so this one should perform a lot better in the warmer months.
  11. I found this site useful for comparing the durability of the various timber species available as cladding
  12. I was speaking to Vastern a few weeks ago about fire retardant. They send it to Tilbury in Essex for the fire treatment. Freight cost between the 2 sites was £420
  13. Golcar passivhaus by Green Building Store, methinks.... they have some good case studies and information on their site under the ”Free Resources” tab
  14. I’ve got a section of blockwork where I may have to use something similar. Looking at this product: which has been mentioned in a few posts in the past here. Looks to be a possible for DIY application.
  15. Here’s a link to a sketch of the Tony Tray