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  1. Cambs

    Warm batten insulation

    Green Building Store have done a few barn conversions to Enerphit standard. Lots of resources on their website about IWI. Here’s a starting point:
  2. Cambs

    Warm batten insulation

    Oops, managed to post this several times
  3. Cambs

    Warm batten insulation

    Green Building Store have done a few barn conversions to Enerphit standard. Lots of resources on their website about IWI. Here’s a starting point:
  4. Cambs

    Brinno Timelapse Camera

    I’ve bought one recently but haven’t set it up yet. I seem to recall reading somewhere that if you have it set on a timer then it creates one video per timer cycle i.e. one per day. I’ve had a look in the manual to try and verify this but I couldn’t find anything. If that is the case, then your one frame per hour for your 8 hour timer cycle would explain your tiny videos. You need to make sure that you cancel the timer rather than setting it from, say, 0000-2359 because that would still give you one video per day of only 24 frames at one picture per hour.
  5. Cambs

    Air Test Passed

    A similar product was featured on this season’s This Old House Project - the Jamestown Net Zero house. It’s in the first segment of the show. Looks like it’s from the same supplier as the one mentioned above.
  6. Cambs

    Foundations started today...

    Good progress has been made over the last few weeks. Now completed the excavations and all of the footings were poured last week and have been left to go off. Groundworkers return to site tomorrow to do a percolation test for our complex soakway set up - this is due to the sunken section of the building and then we'll get the brickies in to start building up. The good news is that they found exactly what was expected when they dug out for the foundations - solid limestone at about 1.5m down which gives us a good base to build off. Here are some pictures ...... View from the top level down to the sunken area Detail showing how the retaining wall between the two levels will work - red lines are for the retaining wall and yellow lines are for the house. The square yellow box is for a pier to support a column. Nail driven in to mark the exact position..... The muck in the foreground will be removed and will eventually form the sunken patio
  7. Cambs

    Foundations started today...

    @Cambs What was your reasoning in Using Storma to do your building control please It was one of the warranty company’s approved inspectors, so was driven by the choice of warranty company and my desire to combine building control inspections and warranty inspections to hopefully reduce costs.
  8. Cambs

    Insulating the service void

    There is one more in the UK that I am aware of - Thermofloc (from Germany) used in the PH15 Timber Frame system and also available to buy from them and lots of other places.
  9. Cambs

    Foundations started today...

    Yes, looking good so far. I’m told the excavation was just about finished today and the archaeologist didn’t find anything of note - hooray 😀. The soil is not clay and the underlying layer of limestone seems to be draining ok.
  10. Cambs

    Foundations started today...

    Not sure about a blog yet but may do. Here’s a link to the original post showing what we are doing. Been a few tweaks since then e.g dropped down to 3 bedrooms. The sunken part is turning out to be an expensive option but the council wouldn’t let us raise the ridge height so we decided to dig down instead. Timber frame from PYC, in production now, and windows from Green Building Store. PYC are agents for GBS so they are doing the install for the windows.
  11. Cambs

    New Build in Botus

    I must admit, I wondered where it was too...unusual place name. Architects in Bodmin, so looks like you’re right.
  12. Well, it’s been a momentous day today. It’s taken us a couple of years to get to this stage but we finally broke ground today. All watched over by an archaeologist and in the grounds of a listed building, I’m pleased to say that nothing was found apart from a few copper nails and a few fragments of no significance. Groundworker didn’t encounter any problems and will be back at it tomorrow. Visit scheduled in from Building Control (using Stroma) scheduled for Thursday. Limestone ridge at about 1.5m deep, so a nice solid base to sit on. Here’s some pictures taken by the Groundworker. I’m working away at the moment unfortunately but can’t wait to see what’s been happening this weekend.
  13. Cambs

    Thermal Blinds

    We used these in our last build. The blackout ones were very effective. We’ll use them in the next build too. They have a double honeycomb design called Architella now which is supposed to be more effective for solar gain/heat retention. Also can be motorised (called Powerview) and controlled via smartphone, Alexa etc. They’ve announced that the motorisation is Apple HomeKit compatible in the US but not in the UK (yet?) The Luxaflex UK website is not great so here’s a link to Vale Blinds who sell them: Not cheap, of course .....
  14. Cambs

    Top up heat sources

    The issues that we might face upstairs are that we have lots of dormers, south facing, with limited opportunity for solar shading. The plot is in the curtilage of a listed building, in a conservation area and with a set of planners who were split down the middle as to whether or not there should be planning permission granted and it seems all of the ones who voted “yes: for the original application have since moved on ☹️ . The south facing windows all face into the plot for the listed building. We basically can’t change much about the outside on the house to introduce some form of shading. The only possible option might be solar film but sticking an overhang or a brise soleil on the outside would not be acceptable to the planners. Add to that an other half who likes to be able to tweak bedroom temperatures constantly leads me towards thinking that UFH + Air radiators might be the way to go, if night time purging is insufficient. I’d like to keep the options open at this stage - I want to avoid and expensive split air con retrofit like I had to do last time around.
  15. Cambs

    Top up heat sources

    I too am reading this thread with interest because I need to start thinking about the heating and cooling solutions for my next self build, due to start in the next couple of months. In my last build (build 10 years ago, so not to anywhere near passive standard) I had UFH downstairs and radiators upstairs, powered by gas boiler, plus MVHR. We had rooms in roof and it became hot in summer, so we added a number of split aircon units to provide cooling only in the bedrooms. We occasionally used these to provide spot heating on the odd cold day - I really didn’t like warm air heating. We had one of the very rare (in the UK) forced air systems in a previous house and it wasn’t very pleasant or easy to get on with. We’ve spent a fair bit of time in colder climes in North America where warm air systems are common and I didn’t like it there either. For the next build, we have no gas, and will be building to near passive standard, so my current thinking on the solution is to have ASHP plus UFH downstairs. I wouldn’t have any other form of heating for the main living areas - UFH is excellent there. For the upstairs, again, we have rooms in roof but the thick Warmcel insulation should hopefully regulate temperatures better than the previous build. I was thinking about pairing the UFH downstairs with fan assisted radiators upstairs. Something like these from Panasonic (other suppliers are available): With this set up, we can hopefully switch over to cooling the slab in the summer and getting cooling from the air radiators upstairs if needed. We’ll also hopefully have individual room control upstairs too. All still to be finally decided on though....