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  1. The drains were tested before being back filled but the council insist on a test for the full system. The problem is I leak tested the system not pressure tested it before plaster boarding etc. The vent stacks have been bunged off with my bought test kit. I will try blocking off the shower / bath traps. How long does it normally take to pump the system by hand ?
  2. I need to perform a final pressure test for the council to witness and sign off. This is the last item required for completion but I’m at my wits end with it. Bunged off the last connection before septic tank and the two vents. Using the hand bulb I’m getting no increase of pressure on gauge. I have tested the bulb and pump on a spare bit of pipe with no issues. I have filled the line under the house with water and timed it with no leaks. the plumbing has been operational for around a year with no water leaks and no smells. am I missing something here ? any ideas from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Illuminare - In Ayr. This is local to us so not sure if they delivery or have a catalogue. Had a few large lights on offer we hadnt seen any other places.
  4. Ill ask the wife. Was only installed last week so cords should hopefully straighten up over time. Its a pain in the rear as any time you need to adjust the length of each drop you need to remove the full top plate with everything attached. As you can imagine the wide still wants some of them adjusted but after several changes already "Ill change them later".
  5. Another vote for avoid Ecohaus. Fitting service is a shambles and the management is poor. Due to covid the original installation date was delayed but this is understandable. What isn't understandable is the installation starting 16.06.2020 having the fitters on site approx. 20 days so far and still not looking like the installation will be completed till next week.
  6. Used batons on all internal walls and plasterboarded over. This time scale was basically us just working weekends, nights and two weeks. Included in this time was erecting scaffolding, installing first floor posi and caber and waiting for the pump availability. You will find some people using the icf externally but blocking internally may give you a false sense of speed if you intent to use them internally. Please also do not underestimate the weight of the durisol blocks. They are easy to lift and fit at the lower levels but once you start on the second floor and gables (especially if they are wet) you will start to feel the pain. Throw in some wind, rain and snow it get depressing pretty quickly. The blocks we used are the D365 externally and D170 internally. I didn't feel the need to use the larger blocks internally and as someone else has stated they do take up a larger footprint.
  7. We used Durisol and braced the corners and vertically ever couple of meters. I didn't have the bottle to pour the maximum height suggested by dursol and generally poured ever 1.5m - 2m.The openings are a simple box around the opening we used scaffold boards with props in the centre. We used batons inside to allow for service voids. I think it will take you just as long to trace the walls for cables etc but could be wrong. The block is very easy to attach onto with wood screws. Ours went through the foundations. We had to core some small holes for the air source and lighting cables but this again was pretty simple. I felt it was easier to drill the block rather than try to allow holes through beforehand. We started the ICF build in Mid / Late Aug 2019 and completed the last pour in middle of Nov. This was myself and a mate who worked full time and had about two week annual leave. The house is 18m x 8m (ground and first floor). Due to me being close to a MOD site we had specialist blast loadings applied to the house (not through choice) which meant we had to have rebar 250mm centres horizontally and vertically around the whole external walls. This was onto of the rebar used within the lintels. Our internal walls downstairs are durisol which we poured at the same time as the external walls. Originally the engineer had them planned for the upstairs walls (not sure if durisol were giving him a little bung) but these were changed to timber partitions as easier and quicker to install. Wall plate as you said with the plate installed prepour and the concrete setting around them.
  8. The architect added one of these to our overall design. On summing up the costs it was quickly dumped from the plan.
  9. We had this stuff done on our flat dormers. I wasn't impressed and ended up removing and leading them. Waste of time and money.
  10. Our plot had a planning permission for a massive house. Curved turfed roofs, cinema room, gym etc. There was no way I could have afforded to build it. Instead I wanted to build a traditional white cottage as per the surrounding house but was told "if you want one of those you can buy one". Took a bit of time but did eventually get a "simpler" design through.
  11. Im holding out for the oven, the supplier has guaranteed they will be with me for Xmas but worried this may not be the case.
  12. Could be a hi-ab but all seems a bit excessive for 54kg.
  13. How many pours are you going to do ? Just because a suppler states a max height per pour doesn't mean you will feel comfortable with such a height. I know I did alot more pours than originally planned. I would never have poured the internal Durisol blocks anywhere near the same as the externals.
  14. Has anyone else noticed a severe lack of appliance in stock at the moment ? Im currently after some Bosch ovens which I ordered and got a reply a few days ago stating 7 - 10 weeks delivery. Called a few other retailer and was told the same thing. Ordered a dishwasher which was due last week, they emailed to say sorry delivery moved to mid Oct, then got another email saying sorry moved to start of Nov. Cancelled order and found someone else who had it in stock. Is this country wide or unfortunately the appliances I'm picking ?
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