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  1. DITRA used upstairs on boarded floors - seems good to me. Not an area you want to make a cockup on really...
  2. you must save a hell of a lot of hot water in your bathroom.
  3. I bought the romote unit & cable so we have a control point in the kitchen (so we can boost it when cooking). I just want to leave it do its thing. less complexity = more reliability
  5. I've attached calcs for ours - done by BPC. I had the impression that as long as you are there overall with a bias towards more ventilation in bathrooms & kitchens then its OK. Kitchen is approx 0.5m3/hr with bathroom @ about 2m3/hr. Despite the ensuites being a fair bit smaller they still seem to get the same extract rate. I assume I've got it right... (all my notes are down the plot - not here).
  6. low interest rates = asset bubble. OK when you're on the ladder but now when you aren't.
  7. Look at any one of the stock market listed builders - you can work out their average profit margin - its about 50k/house i.e. around 20%
  8. I think you are correct - mine are longer than that. No way you can switch the orientation?
  9. just buy some - it will save you lots of time and they are easy to fit!
  10. shame I was about to offer to help..... mind need to finish ours off! well done.
  11. We've had no issues with DIY kitchens. When you can, go to their showroom. They are pretty well built units.
  12. I'd say its possible to get below £1k/m2 - it just depends how long you want it to go on for. Quality vs cost vs time - you can only have 2 at any time. We are 6 years in but will come in under £1k/m2. This does not include any outside stuff. Look hard online for bankrupcy sales - some real bargains to be had but you will need to pick up and store. Could save 000's on shiny things. Good luck.
  13. 'glan' is a Welsh word than means clean.