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  1. CC45

    Tiling...many questions

    I also hate applying silicone. I've tried all the tools but keep going back to my finger. When you get good at it - you can pop around ours and do all mine..... I will supply the necessary beer.
  2. CC45

    Plasterboard or Aquaboard?

    this is what I've used. No complaints about it at all. Takes screws no prob.
  3. CC45

    Plasterboard - What to use where?

    every skimmer I know seems to have different preferences - the chap doing our house said stick 12.5mm normal PB (SE) everywhere & he uses board finish on the lot. Who knows whats right!
  4. CC45

    Do I lag all my pipes?

    Ive lagged the lot. Not that expensive or time consuming so why not.
  5. CC45

    Heat shock pre tiling

    I'm pretty sure its as dry as it can be - the tiler is just worried about expansion .... I will take them all up to a room temp of ~ 23/24 - hopefully that will be enough. The drive from Kent to the Midlands will reduce his productiveness a bit I suspect.....
  6. Evening all, Our slab was poured about 2 years ago now & with tiling down stairs now looking imminent I have been advised to heat shock the slab pre tiling (UFH). Starting off by increasing the temp by 1 - 2 degrees a day up to a max and then hold that temp for a week and then drop in back down by 1 - 2 degrees a day. The only snag is that no one seems to be able to tell me what the max temp should be, today I put it up to 23degrees - I can't see us every running it warmer than that. Does anyone know how high we need to take it to? Thanks
  7. CC45

    Tiling...many questions

    sounds like she's aiming at getting you to do it all to me.............
  8. they look good tbh but I think I'd be tempted to have a few on the end....
  9. CC45

    Rockwool, and lots of it

    I doubt anyone will top that lot - it must be exceptionally quiet in there! Not too sure I would spend that much. Good effort.
  10. CC45

    Site Clearance Dilemma

    that was a standard technique practiced by a contractor who widened the road outside my place of work - all supervised by the necessary authorities. I passed it every day since I walk to work and I didn't see a single bird of animal trapped in it. It is rather arrogant to assume that I'm not creating wildlife space - we have left a large undeveloped area on our plot deliberately for wildlife - in excess of 100m2. I suspect this is more than most people do and unlike our neighbours we will not put artificial grass down.
  11. Ive never been so excited about another mans bathroom before....
  12. CC45

    Rockwool, and lots of it

    so from the top down we have 22mm chipboard then 50mm of rockwool RWA45 sound insulation & then I've put in 100mm of sound reducing insulation roll (given to me free of charge) & then 15mm PB. Inside the metal web joists also filled with some of this roll. Missus has been up stairs and created some noise and even without carpet the sound reduction is pretty impressive. Double boarding with 12.5mm would be another way of really cutting down the sound. We will make this decision just before skimming - easy enough to throw another layer on if we want. We've got plenty of height downstairs. I like a quiet house.
  13. CC45

    Site Clearance Dilemma

    Cover all the hedge with a fine mesh so the birds can't access it for nesting. Hedge cutting time now - can you get a local farmer to give it a good trim first?