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  1. Advice on DHW & heating please.

    We installed a system based on this forums advice - led heavily by @Nickfromwales. Mains gas, 250l uvc, 90l buffer tank that feeds ufh manifold + rad manifold (for upstairs). Plumber who's worked with me on the install had never done this before. Fired it all up on Saturday for the first time. 20l of gas later we have a house at 18deg (the target I set on the one stat installed so far) - with virtually no difference between upstairs or downstairs. Next month or so should see the rads in along with their room stats. Feels good to get it in ready for the warmer weather😁 Very pleased with it all. A big thanks to all on here who I copied from and Nick for organising the purchase of the tanks!
  2. Celotex have got a calc on their www.
  3. Insulation on top of beam and block.

    I used 225mm celotex - 2 layers, 75mm first and then 150mm. Easier to do now than later!
  4. Wonder how many of these 51 pages are actually on topic? Of course I wouldnt want to see it any other way.🤣
  5. Think its bob on 🤒 I have been taking pics, when we are in it will be time for the plog to be born! 👍
  6. Having spent 2hrs plumbing tonight and amazed how little I actually got done, its good to come back home and catch up with this thread! Life will be empty when it ends - a bit like when @JSHarris finished his build.....
  7. I bet quite a few on here have 'small unfinished jobs' on their to do list that are two years old......
  8. Help me find a shower

    Just fitting these into our showers. Twin with diverters. Seem ok. Good value.
  9. weather damage

    Easy to think the worst, nothing you can do at the minute so best chill until you get there.
  10. Bath waste fittings

    Hi @ProDave any info on floor mounted bath filler? Not long before we need to source one. Ta
  11. Shower tray

    So the tray has arrived. Heavy and seems well made. Its got to go down on a wood floor upstairs, which isn't overly flat (I didnt put it down). The floor is glued and I've also screwed it down as well. The installation instructions talk about removing the existing floor boards and replacing with a single sheet and then laying the tray down on a cement base. I've got a few qns that I'm certain some of you can answer. 1. Do I really need to replace the exiting floor boards? Not impossible to do but it will take a fair bit of time and effort. I was going to plane / sand the existing ones totally flat - surely they cant move that much? they are glued and screwed after all. I intend to strengthen the joists supporting the tray so that should help further. If the collective advice is to do this then fine. None of the guys on Youtube have done this! 2. Can I use ct1 rather than the mortar? The tray underneath isnt flat - it has raised bits that I assume strengthen the stone resin and acrylic tray. I suspect it should be bedded on mortar.... if so how deep a bed does it need? How strong a mix is necessary? 4:1? 5:1? I would add some plasticiser normally - a good idea? 3. This initial tray is tight to the timber stud work (so much so that I will need to ease out the timber slightly since the 900x900 tray is actually 905x905) - so once the tray is in I will bring down the cement board to just above the tray (so its in effect overhanging the tray) and then tile on top, having first sealed the tray with ct1. Do I need to tank the area before tiling? This tray is in an 'alcove'. 4. Trays 2 and 3 (both 1200x900) are in corners - so for the two sides that are against the cement board do I put the tray against the timber and then bring the board down onto the top of the tray or just push the tray tight against the cement board having first put some ct1 along the edge? I know there's a fellow Welsh man out there who probably knows what best practice is! Diolch @Nickfromwales!
  12. System boiler and UVC sizing

    I will check when I go to site tomorrow evening.... Whatever the number was it was more than the heating requirement - hence the use of a buffer tank.
  13. System boiler and UVC sizing

    Its a WB and it only modulates down to 50% from what I remember.
  14. System boiler and UVC sizing

    Our uvc coil wont deliver more than 18kw so bit pointless getting a bigger boiler. For reasons known only to the plumber (a friend) we ended up with 24kw. We have a ufh buffer of 90l. Bought both when @Nickfromwales organised the Telford cylinders discount a few months ago. Should get it all working in time for the summer....
  15. Depression

    I think there's a genetic basis to depression - although I havent suffered (so far at least) I see signs of it in my mothers family going back in the past and with the current younger generation. My partners has suffered as has my brother. Its hell for them and not much fun for the other individuals in their lives. Respect to you all for talking about it.