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  1. CC45

    Tiling...many questions

    Is it going to be noticed by anyone except you?
  2. CC45

    What a difference a nail makes.....

    The frame company 'checked' the frame before they signed it off - if I'd got the experience I now have back then, things would be different. BC tend to rely a lot on the trades self certifying their own work.
  3. CC45

    What a difference a nail makes.....

    Job for tomorrow that one. Wedges are a good idea. Good one.
  4. CC45

    What a difference a nail makes.....

    just to make @recoveringacademic feel a bit better - see picture below. I've been sorting out these snags before I plaster board. I missed this one when the professional / full time / chippy put the frame up. Short cuts by others have cost me a lot of time. Next timber frame will be closely inspected as it goes up. Sad that the professionals don't get it right.
  5. CC45

    Sealing ducts

    Will ring the card company and get some expensive tubes bought!
  6. CC45

    Sealing ducts

    Hi @JSHarris, out of interest - why self amalgamating tape? Mine is in the attick so it just needs to be airtight. Thanks
  7. Fire wood sorted for a while then!
  8. CC45

    Tiling...many questions

    I think its fill bath half full and then do your stuff. You can leave your clothes on.
  9. CC45

    Sealing ducts

    I knew that would come up - its just a hell of a price really. I am hoping @JSHarris will have a good idea - he normally does....
  10. CC45

    do it yourself Insulation

    Do you need it be equivalent to 200mm pir? Thats a lot of insulation.
  11. CC45

    Tiling...many questions

    Good point, still got some stuff left to do so 58 shoulnt be too hard. Got our ensuite done today, except for the units. Will order them with the kitchen. Time to get downstairs done now.
  12. CC45

    Tiling...many questions

    With the current rate of progress, unless there's an unexpected problem, this 'blog' might never reach 100 pages. Shame, I did have high hopes of a century......
  13. CC45

    Sealing ducts

    Evening all, I've spent a few days pulling sat & cat 6 cables around the house - a few of which I've taken from the attic to under the stairs ready for the tv and I've also got the cable from the MVHR down to the controller - all of these cables go down some 22mm ducts. The next job is to seal these ducts - I don't want some open ducts letting me down on the airtest! I'm keen not to use anything that's going to attack the ducts or cables. My current plan is to use some normal silicone and fill the duct as full as I can and then use some of my left over Siga tape to seal as best I can the exit / entry. Any better suggestions?
  14. CC45

    Radiator sizing

    I always try to see how the size of rad will look in the room. I increased the size of some of ours so they looked right. It is a very well insulated house so the rads were (and still are) on the small side anyway. If you are in any doubt then bring the pipes up in the centre of the rad and then go left and right - that way you can fit a bigger rad if you want to at a later date.
  15. Just looked at the pics again - just gets better every time I look at it! Shame we dont have £1,850/m2 to spend on ours!