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  1. you register when you arrive and are then free to go around yourself. Staff are about and will offer some help & guidance. They also have pc's running their design software so take dimensions with you. You can pick up colour samples of both doors and cabinets.
  2. we went there last Wednesday - you need 2 - 3 hrs there for a good look around. Interesting.
  3. we used these. Just lift the grid and clean out occasionally.
  4. @Onoff and then cleaned them off using brick acid? or did you lay them so cleanly that there wasn't a mark on the bricks?? Is the linseed applied neat? using a rag I assume?
  5. Been following this - never much doubt. Wonder if its the first time he / the business did this...
  6. He's mail shotted me a few times - he must spend some time looking at planning applications. He's not far from my parents and I seem to remember his charges are OK.
  7. a while ago I remember @Onoff discussing linseed oil being applied to engineering bricks - in order to reduce staining I think. I'd not heard of that before and little did I think I would now be laying blue engineering bricks (constructing a garden wall). I was going to apply brick acid to clean them up after completing the wall but am now wondering about linseed oil - anyone care to shed some light on this mystery? Thanks
  8. bung in the outflow pipe of our last chamber, filled up the system to the top of the chamber. Waited 10 mins - no drop for us so onto the final test. Remove bung (nearly lost the bugger down the pipe due to the force of the water) and look at how quick the water flowed. I worried a lot about this but all went well.
  9. Dear all, does anyone know of an equivalent to DIY that produce bathroom cabinets? Don't really like what's on offer around us & the bespoke quotes we've had are a little higher than I feel comfortable paying. Cheers CC44
  10. aren't paving slabs like this with regards to size? Looks good.
  11. they will just be even more prepared to pay higher prices for the rubbish thats out there to buy
  12. skimming cost is not OTT when compared to the rest of the house. Its been ~ 1.5% of our build cost. Currently worrying about the price of kitchens - some kitchen sellers will try to get this up to 10% of the build!
  13. at least you sought therapy early on - the cure is far more likely to be effective & cost efficient now. I to have done the tiling everywhere else except the ground floor - too big an area that would take ages (I work full time) and I just want it done now. Good on you.