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  1. I'm just getting myself in the correct emotional place to be able to cope with another @Onoff thread.
  2. I haven't used it but I think it should be glued and screwed. I'm very pleased with the Ardex AF200 & the ditra matting. If you go for the matting just remember there's 2 types - one takes elec UFH wire and the other doesnt. I'd not use anything else tbh.
  3. Ardex 200 I think we used to stick our Ditra down with. Sticky as heck.
  4. they look like really tidy connectors - any details? Tidy installation.
  5. Well some progress. For those who wanted a picture of silencers... All suspended off chains but could easily be done with something more sound proof. The 150mm flexi pipe I've used to join the silencer to the MVHR is a pain to put on and its not overly robust. I've ordered some more connectors and I will put these into the ends of the pipes and then slide the flexi over that. All mounted in an unheated attic - it takes a lot of time to do all the insulation in amongst all that timber. Hope that's what some of you wanted to see.
  6. One experience I will share - 150mm linlap flexi foil connector is a very tight fit onto 150mm plastic pipe. Got a feeling its going to cause some concern.
  7. will do when its in place - been distracted by tiling at the minute. Just hang in there for a wee while
  8. just doing this now - the silencer (solid) is going between the unit and the distribution box - can't see why you would want it between the unit & outside.
  9. I use metal back boxes - I like the solid feel of them when putting plugs in/out but they do take a lot more time than drylining boxes. If it wasn't my house I'd use the plastic back boxes.
  10. CC45


    I wish I knew what all this is about........ Realise how inadequate I am on some things.
  11. CC45

    Gate Pillars

    thats why led head torches were invented for. Got mine out this week - great to have an old friend back....
  12. hi @ProDave thats the one I tried to link to - its just the others had 3XX with XX = amps and this one is 145 thats all. Will get it ordered now. Cheers.
  13. guessing @ProDave is the man for this query... Going to order some Hagar RCBO's, I need an additional two for ring mains (32a) & one for the cooker discussed above (10mm2 cable) - 45A. The two 32a seem simple enough since the sparky put some in last time he checked my work ( and I will just buy two the same. The cooker - I was going to fit a 45A RCBO - is this the correct one? Just getting unsure because the numbers are a bit different to the 32A ones. Can anyone confirm the 45a one is the right one? Cheers
  14. just in the process of doing this - just thought this was a very generous piece of advice - thanks @JSHarris