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  1. CC45

    Concretely Buggered! :(

    as above. Job sorted.
  2. CC45

    Is Coving A Good Idea ?

    We like coving - just finished off the join well - like skirting board really. Its a diy job - just needs careful cutting.
  3. CC45

    lawns - input please

    leave the grass for now - its too late to put seed down now & turf will need a lot of water with the summer coming. Wait until mid August and then spray the lot off with glyphosate (buy on line and not in a garden centre). Mow to get rid of as much of the grass as poss after 2 weeks or so. lightly cultivate to create a tilth. Get hold of some dressed seed (to kill the leatherjackets) from an agric merchant and spread this by hand at ~ 500g/100m2. You may want to mix it with some sand to bulk it up a little - there's no harm in using more seed. wait for rain. Patience. It may be worth checking out soil pH - it should be about 6.5 for grass. You can apply a bit of Phosphate and potash fert if you like - the agric merchant will have some of that (its used in the autumn by arable farmers). Stick to fescue grass mixtures. We will follow the above this autumn - we want to see some wildlife in our garden & artificial grass won't tick that box.
  4. CC45

    Insurance renewal time again.

    we are on quarterly renewals now - the cost is the same as annual but they are unwilling to let me pay for the annual policy. A pain. Like you @ProDave I didn't want to change companies just in case we couldn't get it renewed. £696/year.
  5. CC45

    Gate Pillars

    never heard of it before that's all.
  6. CC45

    Gate Pillars

    why the linseed oil?
  7. CC45

    Finishing the Shell

    fantastic results from air test - MVHR fitted I assume?
  8. CC45

    Wrong Floor!

    get them to adjust all door frames after putting the 22mm down. Move on to the next challenge. Watch closely - if they've cocked up on something like this then there could be other issues.
  9. CC45

    Surface and foul water plans

    Our chap also talked about increasing the size of all the pipework that fed to it - in effect creating some storage in the pipework. Not too sure how much that would add. I'd try and get a soakaway to work if possible but it will have to be certain distances from boundaries (2.5m?) or buildings (5m?). What's the water table like?
  10. CC45

    Surface and foul water plans

    ours was designed to discharge at 1l/sec so 0.1 does look low - it will need a lot of storage 'upstream'.
  11. CC45

    Surface and foul water plans

    We had a verbal quote for a hydrobrake - far more expensive than I thought, it was several thousands. We dug down deeper and got drainage for a soakaway. Tricky for you - very little (if any) room for a soakaway.
  12. CC45

    'Zoot’s Driveway Gate Project'

    I'd do all the post TBH. You can still get the proper creosote treated posts - check out the more traditional timber yards.
  13. is she good at sorting out plumbing?
  14. CC45

    'Zoot’s Driveway Gate Project'

    the post savers don't go onto newly cresoted posts very well. They need to dry out really well. I would not put a modern post in the ground without a post saver. Some timber yards will still creosote treated timber.
  15. CC45

    smart meters

    I said no.