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  1. CC45

    Hi! First timer from Fort William

    Done a lot of ice climbing on the Ben and munro bagging - you're in a good spot for all that. Enjoy the build.
  2. CC45

    Tiling...many questions

    its good to stay up to date with tech..... getting down with the kids and all that.
  3. We've got that system boiler - UFH downstairs, rads upstairs + UVC for DHW. We've got a heating buffer tank to eliminate short cycling as the boiler does not modulate down low enough for our heating demand - so had to do something. Why hasn't the plumber actually worked out what you need?
  4. We've got one wardrobe with a sloping ceiling, and we've had trouble finding a solution to hanging clothes in there until we saw this Looks like a great solution. Just thought others on here might find it interesting.
  5. CC45

    Long Term Damp Problem

    Needs redoing from the top down. Years of neglect there really. Will it slow up your bathroom makeover?
  6. CC45

    Tiling...many questions

    Few repairs and plenty of tanking and I rekon it will be ok.
  7. CC45

    Fitted wardrobes

    Interesting - a decision to come for us. Thanks
  8. CC45

    Tiling...many questions

    You know it makes sense.
  9. will the HMRC be on the look out for the income in the future?
  10. CC45

    How do I fill this gap?

    all carefully designed to confuse & exclude those not in the know.....
  11. CC45

    Tiling...many questions

    cut new tile - not time to start short cuts now. You know it makes sense.
  12. CC45

    How do I fill this gap?

    self levelling compound
  13. CC45


    no idea but the JCB branded drills I bought have been very good. Lasted ages when drilling RSJ's.
  14. CC45


    I'm done with cheap drills - they just loose the edge so quick. Bought some jcb ones last week - just fantastic.
  15. CC45

    Tiling...many questions

    What about a small drain hole into the cavity just in case it does leak? Just trying to help.