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    Accountant by profession, living and working in Luxembourg for the past few years... DIY maintainer and updater of a 1920s semi in South London and a 2009 end of terrace "townhouse" on the banks of the Moselle in Luxembourg.
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  1. @JanetE Sorry, yes a patio brush - long handled and the wire brush has a tapered edge for getting between blocks.
  2. We've had a white (with light speckle) Dekton worktop and splash back for two years. Allowed us to have a relatively thin worktop, and doesn't seem to stain despite my "enthusiastic" cooking: a wipe down and polish with a fine e-cloth keep it looking good.
  3. Ours hasn't budged in 15 years (very fussy contractor who did drives and patios and that's it). I use one of these to get rid of weeds and moss between the blocks: And a light jet wash to clean the surface.
  4. The Eufy doorbell we have needs the base unit which contains the storage and links to the doorbell (and any other cameras) by its own wifi link. If anyone breaks in and finds and nicks the base unit, then that's the reason for having the camera gone as well - no such risk with cloud storage like Ring. The lack of cloud storage doesn't stop you being able to access the stored video from anywhere using the app - not sure about http. Apparently you can download the video clips, but not tried this yet. As an aside, I also had until recently a unifi camera, but the end of lifed the NVR software I was running on a Linux computer. Instead they are now only selling the software with their own recorder hardware.
  5. We have a Ring doorbell (original version, on subscription) and a Eufy doorbell (no subscription, local storage). Both can be accessed from anywhere via an app. Both are a bit laggy (the Ring varies a fair amount, the Eufy slightly less so). Both are battery powered, but can be wired to a doorbell transformer. Downside of the Eufy is the risk attached to having only local storage which needs to be within radio distance of the outdoor unit. On balance I personally prefer the Eufy for less lag and no monthly fees.
  6. Freesat works nicely here in Luxembourg, albeit slightly larger dish needed... Shotgun cable from a twin LNB to the receiver keeps wiring tidy.
  7. Yep, in some ways it's a more sensible approach. We're not actually in Germany (although I can see it from here) - we're in Luxembourg, right by the Mosel river which forms the border between the two.
  8. We have similar here - both an outbuilding and external sockets are on the normal radial circuits. As is a socket next to the wash basin... As I don't read German well enough to understand the regs in force here I don't know if it's right, but that's how it is. Yes, certainly in our UK house the lighting circuits are radial protected by 6A split by floor, and power (sockets) are wired as ring final circuits (ring main) protected by 32A also split by floor and kitchen - radials only used for high power items like shower and cooker. All I think typical, although I think radial circuits for power (sockets) are being used more often now.
  9. Most European wiring (at least here and in Germany) is run radially with mixed power and lighting off 16A RCBOs - possibly the same in The Netherlands?
  10. I drew up our initial thoughts using the planning tool on before going through it with the kitchen company we ended up using. The planning tool is good, but although the website has an English option, this doesn’t extend to the planner (Google Translate is a friend!)
  11. Sometimes the foam can seal ain’t great either... almost new can, fortunately a bag at hand to keep it for later.
  12. Thanks ProDave. The actuators themselves are fine, it is the valves that are the problem: some of them can’t be manually closed (and in one case is weeping despite being screwed in properly). I haven’t found exact replacements online or at the local plumbers shops.
  13. The UHF manifolds in our house are now about 12 years old, and I am finding a number of problems with the valves (stuck or the “valve cartridge” leaking). Sourcing like for like valves seems to be impossible due to the age, but do the valves need to be exactly like of like, or whether as long as they fit it would be fine? I was also wondering whether to just replace one of the manifolds and keep the good valves for spare: however the system installed has the actuators on the flow side and the flow regulators on the return side (the regulators do seems to be designed to be on this side since they read correctly). Is there any downside in ordering and fitting a new 5 way manifold with actuators and flow regulators on the conventional side? And, possibly stupid question, does the mounting distance between rails tend to be the same, so “plug and play” for a new manifold? Thanks. Ian
  14. Our AEG dishwasher has a lower rack which lifts to just less that hip height when pulled out. The cynic in me thought just one more thing to break, but we're now happy we got it. Some of the German kitchen manufacturers do semi-high cabinets for appliances including dishwashers...
  15. We ideally wanted a WBS, but had no flue and were concerned that the apartment block behind us would cop a lot of the smoke, so in the end went bio fuel. Most looked a little plasticky, but we found one that looked ok. It's not the same as a real WBS, but it does the job for ambience and a top up of heat...