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  1. JOE187

    Help me find my hot water cylinder

    Have you looked at Fabdec Excelsior heat pump range and made in UK and also Joule cylinders Ireland? I have personally used Fabdec for solar thermal and seems a well made guaranteed product!
  2. JOE187

    Which smart thermostat?

    Salus controls make good reliable products very reasonably priced they do a 500 or 310 version, always some on ebay!!
  3. JOE187

    Re bar tie tool

    Bought mine off ebay As mentioned above really quick and efficient. 100mm tie normally good for most situations!!
  4. JOE187

    Waterproofing an ICF Basement Wall Supplied by SIG and Bituthene primer for the edge of concrete slab, no primer on icf as only get one chance sticking sheet seal vertically. For protection board bitumen based RIW protection board joints joined with sheetseal tape. These were the only products that my BCO would allow as they all had correct BS approval.
  5. I use this filter material on my outside inlet in front of the mesh screening catches all insects and grime, makes the internal filters last twice as long before cleaning or replacing! Both my MHVR units have this on the external inlets and need changing every 3 to 4 months
  6. JOE187

    Replacement front door upgrade

    I used this company for 2 doors in grey think called the foxley. Triple glazed multi locking well sealed 55mm thick and insulated, swings on 4 heavy duty hinges. Competitive pricing!
  7. JOE187

    Which MVHR I installed this unit over 2 floors 5 extracts and 5 supply vents with wireless controllers. Power consumption is 6 watts slow speed, 12 watts on mid speed, and 48 watts on boost! Runs on slow speed continually and boost when required humidity is very comfortable. Filters are easy to source and replace around £20 a set.
  8. JOE187

    Log burner

    I put a small 5kw burner in my own house and used 100mm air supply duct in floor with adjustable stainless grill and a bung to completely seal when not needed as photo below. I do have MHVR and a supply and extract approx 6m apart in this room. The fire burns really well with grill open and air supply is silent when Bung is in place!
  9. I would bring 10 0r 15mm pipe through tiled wall and use a cover as above to keep tidy then use BES straight adaptor to chrome flexi. Something like 10mm compression to 3/8 or 15mm to 3/8 male parallel thread. Part no 6664 or 6670
  10. JOE187

    HI From East Susex!!

    Glad to have found this forum and lots of useful information,! Thank you to everyone contributing. I Hope I can give some input to topics and in future look for advice? Hoping to start a new build this summer.