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  1. I added 50mm celotex to top and multifoil wrap insulation to 255 UVC and insulated all pipes and pressure releif valve! Now minimal heat loss over 24hrs!
  2. From my experience keep it simple use a float switch in both tanks to controls all levels. 3000litres minium in ground tank and 200l in roof. Use a floating intake to draw cleanest water, very easy to make using flexible suction pipe, a plastic ball float and stainless filter. Filter on outlets of roof tank that can easily be changed. Mains water back up to roof tank with ball valve and manual lever valve. Only find back up occasionly needed in dry summer.
  3. HI Amuia. Sounds like the control printed circuit board is the problem as this controls speed of fan motors!
  4. My thoughts the above compares radial with a steel branch system which is a lot harder to self install! If solid plastic duct and fittings used DIY components considerably cheaper than radial. It all depends on how complex the duct layout and access!
  5. I also built 6x2 at 600c with nogin and used 11mm osb3 nailed and glued on exterior, rockwool 140 flexi slots straight in tight and then tyvek airguard and 25mm service cavity nternal.
  6. JOE187

    28mm DCV

    JTM plumbing good for all plumbing and heating or ebay link. Hope this helps. EBAY
  7. I have found to be very helpful they will send out book of samples and recommend products to work with your timber frame detail.
  8. Passive House plus free to read, in print & digital, due to Covid-19 crisis Dear reader, To ensure anyone who wants to read Passive House Plus can do so easily during this challenging and disrupted time, we’re making the new issue of the magazine completely free to read, both digitally and in print. You can read our new Irish edition digitally for free here, and our UK edition here. And so that any of our readers who are working from home or self-isolating can get the print edition, we’re happy to post a copy to anyone in Ireland or the UK who requests it, free of charge, while our stocks last. Just tell us where to send it.
  9. I did a small job wood fibre cut to fit between studs not the easiest product to cut exact tight fit and quite a bit of dust! Would recommend Rockwool Flexi friction fit and easy to cut if necessary.
  10. JOE187


    My cantilevered balcony here and all calculations done by floor i joist engineer. Lots of details in ijoist specifications.
  11. I ditched my landline just over 1 year ago run 3 unlimited at £20 per month sometimes useage is near 700gb no problems and runs between 25 and 75mbps depending on time of day. Huawei B593 wihout ext aerial connected to tp link 5 port switch. Wifi over 3 floors seems very good. Try open signal app for speed test and Mast data website for which operators are nearby.
  12. HI Think ubink is 90 ext and 75 int from the specifications! Inner size needs to be same as yours?
  13. Evo system up to 30 kw and boiler runs at 2 different temps eg 20-40 for underfloor and 50-70 for hot water. use there outside sensor and sensys to control, woud be very efficient!
  14. Hw about Ariston 18kw evo system boiler 8 year warranty runs underfloor at low temp and hot water at high temp around £800 with flue.