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  1. Joe youve set me on a new course. What I have, is 50x, 9x9" one inch+ thick, reclaimed ( from here!) terracotta tiles. A few corners snubbed here n there, old mortar remenants on edges too. Most scruffy so not in a great state.. but Ive worked out I need 52 to cover my porch. Thats pretty amazing luck, if 2 x can be left off under the prayer bench spot. Will these clean up ok do you know? I cant really think what else they could ever be used for apart from floors being so thick/ heavy.. they'd fall off a wall surely! Is your doormat there set down into a recess so top is flush with your tiles? Which look great btw, and skirting etc too. thanks zoot
  2. Actually I have many welsh terracotta tiles, heavy 1.5 x as big as yours here, and 1" thick.. & probably enough to do the job now youVe jogged my memory joe. I wonder if they would be suitble to tile? Im not sure if they are tiles, or wtf they are! But its the old slate threshold & low access frame height im wondering might be compromised by adding say 1.25" H onto the concrete. Good call though.. id forgotten all about these. All dug out buried under a huge area of bad concrete slab in front of the cottage, used as infill. So free tiles doing it this way. Makes alot of sense. Hmm..
  3. Hi jfb. Yes tiling has started to cross my mind, if I tiled bathroom wall then Im capable, i think. Height. There is a big old threshold 'money shot' lovely slate chunk, which is 2" H, and starts 2" above the concrete floor. And the frame is so low I skim my head going thru, so, this total of 4" I think is useful. If i were to tile, I need to forget the door sill step over now i think.. & do it so it adds as small a height as possible onto my concrete. I was thinking black and white alternate victorian sort of 'smart classy look' marrying with the b&w general cottage walls, beams, black gutters etc. But quite an intricate job, smaller tiles etc, maybe in a symmetrical pattern. Maybe Im overcomplicating it with this idea tho. thanks zoot
  4. You see what I have here, is a sort of step over the door sill, into the porch. 45mm below the door sill. So I was wondering whether this 45 mm step over situation is normal, or, if it shouts 'put a bit of floor on me'.. and should really there always have been something on the concrete to minimise this 45 mm step over thing. Something attractive would sure set of the 'entrance' vibe to the house really well.. tiles? ive no idea of the best ideas for a porch floor to a cottage. What would you do, just lino it? I guess I could for now/ come back to it when the idea comes/ sits correctly.
  5. Hi Onoff. Just refreshing myself on this thread from sept- now my next job, whilst waiting on porch mortar to cure. Your window job looks a very similar job: size, old wood frame > new upvc unit.. so a great reference eg/ super helpful as always. So I see your chip-away ext render bits to aid measurement of your old frame: now did you order your new frame at the same dims? OR subtracted 5mm to top & btm, & both sides too? And was your sill replaced, or came part of the new unit-? ..or maybe you subtracted a safer 10mm all around, as Craig mentions he did with his job. Appreciated- zoot.
  6. Thanks.. just lino really, then paint it. But what are the alternatives to lino? I could always use my 'wood effect' roll i had ready for it (a bit 'nasty' tbh, a cheapo offcut) for my cabin instead. I was wondering if lino might be a bit of a disaster if i have a bit of damp in one corner coming up. At the mo its a concrete floor, not great, bit of a step over the upvc porch door sill.. so could this be built onto say an inch or so. thanks zoot.
  7. Nailed me plant ons on.. but loathed to glue them to the old frame. Couldn't source some nice oak trim.. so had to go with std bloomin stuff, lets the job down i must say/ real shame to hide the pitch pine frame with it. But hey it'll have to do. just varnish the trim to tone them down i think then calling the door done. One frame hole, a knot to find/ shape & fill it. Thanks.. zoot
  8. Aha.. maybe thats why it was in the bargain bin then. Did a proper undercoat too, & great colour I must say from a few feet & more away, but every damn brush stroke 'finish' is visible. Good well Ive learnt another trick then. thanks joe.
  9. Yes understand its sort of an obvious answer.. just the most recent pine door I did (extention lower room workshop) with a sadolin quality coloured one.. every brush stroke visible/ patch city. Yup clear is the way to avoid this I guess. thanks zH
  10. Just done the job- wool/ spirit then blast it with sander. Nice & quick too. What would be suggestion now? just a basic something on top maybe: its only an average pine door/ not really a looker.. I don't intend to go the 5x layer osmo route treatment!
  11. This is where I fall short you see. My dad, struggled to change a bulb. Mum better, she could wire a plug if pushed to. I was a poor occasional diy'er only, up until 3 yrs ago when I had to get somone in to fix a bit of door frame to a wall ( bc those frame screws bewildered me!!) he looked at me like an idiot. Which prompted me to find build hub. Quite proud of how far Ive come tbh!
  12. Hi Onoff.. forget to reply/ yes a freestanding double prayer seat.. searching around for one. Might make one if i cant find ideal one. Will note your vent holes, hadnt thought of this. Good to hear your opinion on the job.. I couldnt guage if a shoddy job, or a good one tbh! I think Ill just leave frame as is, stick there as it were, as its taken such an effort. I need shot of the job asap!
  13. Hi Joe- I have a makita sander, I was just wondering before I make a ton of dust going this route, if it was best to remove the dark wear patches (over usual contact area LHS it seems) with the same white spirit & wire wool idea as I did the frame 1st? Or you say no forget the w.wool/spirits.. & just attack it all with sander? thanks zH
  14. Could someone help on this: the door itself (pic on pg 6) needs restoring, alot of wear marks to face. Its 1980's 25mm t&g, very hard pine. Is it the same idea IE white spirit & wire wool.. or sand the sod? or maybe wool & spirit, then sand? Oddly very little www info or YT clips. thanks zoot