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  1. So the window here hasn't been installed correctly then? Anyway its a moot point if Im not going with a cill on my newframe.. but I still cant see in my upvc window above, how any condensation or water could get inside this frame. It looks fine to me.
  2. Hi Joe, from outside the frame's equal/ fine.. so why its set so far into the inside plaster this side in the photo ( above), Ive no idea assuming done afterwards. My other upvc frames in this 80's extention are like this with a stub cill. I cant see how any drainage occurs, I cant see any holes for water to escape; cant quite understand how any water should ever be inside the frame in the 1 st place for a stub cill to let out via holes. Zh
  3. Good thats a plan then& finally can get cracking on this. Lastly, is this any issue here.. the frame being set a full 3/4" into the plater this side ?(better the other side, set in @ 3/8"). Hope you can just see how far in it goes.. thanks zoot
  4. Ok to reitterate; my existing frame (including wood cill) is: H = 47", W = 24- 1/4". So would this be correct to orderfor the new frame.. 1) upvc frame @ H 36- 3/4", W = 23- 3/4". 2) white upvc 28mm DG (clear glass). 3) one continuous pane/ not opening. 4) no cill required. Is that all the info I need to give? Thanks for help chaps, zoot
  5. Ah ok understood, that makes sense to me dpm. Seems to simplify things Id have thought. Might make it a tad cheaper too. I have of course got my dims for the upvc frame wrong, its not bigger but smaller I need! (I'm not sleeping well/ heat etc). Ok so now I know the frame rests on the concrete boot cill, I don't think I need new frame smaller by 1 cm or so here. Maybe just deduct 5 mm from the top? And maybe deduct 5 mm from each L and R side? I must get opinions on this before I order. Would it be fair to assume a single pane, non-opening window (ok for me as I never open this one), would be cheapest option? thx zoot
  6. @dpmiller .. so, what Im trying to say is Id think the shape of the concrete sill, matches this example..... https://www.stonecrete-direct.co.uk/type1-stone-slip-window-sill.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2OmTp9P28QIVXxkGAB2D0gkXEAQYAiABEgKPAfD_BwE
  7. Ah ok. Yes there's a small gap just poke a screwdriver into.. so yes it seems the frame sits up, upon a level ridge, 43mm back from the frame sill edge. Frame sits up maybe 10mm up on this concrete level 'shelf'. Then a Good slope to concrete sill. Thx zh
  8. I've dug away @ plaster & measured very accurately the existing frame, including to the underside of its timber sill. It hits bang on.. 47" x 24-1/4". So it seems made in inches, & as its so bang on these figs, unlikely to be a made-to-fit frame Id think.. would anyone concur? Not that it makes much difference, but perhaps the reason why its set so far into the inside plastered reveal.. 3/4" (lhs), and 3/8" (rhs). So to get my new upvc frame dims, 47-1/2" x 25" ?? (I'm sure Co happy with inch figs.. makes more sense to me this way). That equates into atrociousheathen mm's, to an additional: 10mm each side, & 6mm each top & btm. thx zh
  9. Yup thanks Peter.. Im attacking it today, will do a pic to make sure of what to include later. Just added an inside pic, post above this might be useful. Thanks, zoot
  10. Hi dpm.. Ive googled upstand, but cant quite figure if I have or not.. not quite on board ( again!) but if it refers to inside: If this helps? I have a 1" softwood cill this side, I trimmed flush to the wall.. masking tape to id it. If this wall is tiled for eg (plan is simply a small basin in here, utility room, & a cheap worktop around it & covering the washing machine rhs of basin) then I sppose trying to keep this makes sense, if possible, few tiles ontop of it & reveals maybe..
  11. Hi Joe.. that was my next q thanks for that titbit. Ok I wasn't including the sill in my 1150 dim.. so attacking the inside reveals today & will remeasure.
  12. Hi Peter.. ok will do. Yes was always gonna use a cill.. just have this nice piece of hardwood door frame 'cill' that just sits around you see. Less plastic better etc.. but ok will ditch this idea then. 600 x 1150 Peter. Thx zh
  13. Hi Joe.. right, got it yes. So my idea of using my timber door cill.. had no merit at all then, was pointless? Or would it still have merit, if it saved me money assuming I might be able to ask the Co if I could not have the upvc cill then. Or is this idea still pointless, because I either must have the upvc cill to do the job, &/ or it inherently fixes to the frame. I dont know Im still a bit lost tbh.
  14. Hang about.. what does a new upvc window actually come with sill wise-? Might the sill be part of what I buy? If so Im stillnot on board with your info tho!
  15. Hi Joe, I'm still not on board. The sill I was referring to, I think I put a pic up, was a door threshold/ sill I have left over ( builder put a slate one in, so this is redundant).. a hardwood type. I was wondering if this could be used, just cut down to a quarter its length or whatever it might be. So the holes thing.. Im not in board with. I think you said it could be used, if, the holes thing was suitable. As usual.. Im totally lost sorry. zh