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  1. I can't get my noggin around it.. but sure looks a major ballache. I cant work out either pic above! (tho do get a vague semblence of the idea).
  2. I mean the 2cm depth/ edge, not how the face profile was made. If we call the face the width, the ~5" high the height.. I'm referring to how this chap shaped the depth/ edge, to fit onto the 'complex' skirting face profile. He pushes/ butt-joints his glued 'L' shaped section, onto skirting set in place (if his D edge was cut straight down.. it wouldn't meet without gaps twds the top- so he's shaped his edge to meet it, somehow). This is the join I'm referring to, as its not a 45* meets 45* mitre joint.
  3. Onoff.. back to mitre clip. Of the 2 bits he's joining, the RHS one meets skirting section already in place, side-on. It has a complex profiled edge, on its far side. How on earth is this done-?
  4. A good pair of proper hifi Co spkrs, will be a league up from any tv sound system spkrs even 'top' bose or b&o bllx. My diddy missions.. (SC M5K ebay £5 charidy shop iirc. walnut veneered them as I was so impressed. black grill ones look unobtrusive) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Denon-Mission-SC-M50-speakers-in-top-condition-and-perfect-working-order/143041977236?hash=item214df75b94:g:g6UAAOSw5qdcCUwn:rk:2:pf:0
  5. Reading www info/ similar Q's as mine.. apparantly the idea with hob unlike sink, is to seal it to top but be able to remove it easily enough. So a gasket is the idea here I think. Good advice re. glass top.. I might have tried using it to force the bow down, but I'll rethink/ be careful now.
  6. Just an update- finally got round to this. I tried every port available (none for a sub) so took the thing apart, snipped off old spkrs > soldered my denon (mission uk) diddy hifi spkrs via thin extended cables out thru tv btm. 6 ohm load on internal -matchbox size- 8ohm amp circuit. Bingo! sounds flippin ace! this is a seriously good idea.. no need for soundbar bllx, these spkrs are far superior/ such good quality you're reminded of sitting in a good cinema, very LF things emerge occasionally/ mid vox rich, treble detail excellent esp of course music. Lie them on sides/ pushed together the flat tv sits ontop, on its tw*tty perch & looks great. No need to power on a whole separate sound unit.. this I wanted to avoid. Shame the picture's so rubbish in comparison tho.. cheers zoot
  7. Hi Peter- ok I think I'm happy to put in then. No it was my Ma's (78 so no point asking..) & prob mid 90's, but italy made & parts good quality/ good nick. It would've been helpful if the brackets were in the mid sides, rather than ends, to help just press out the slight concave bow.. but maybe lucky & fixing top in might pull it flatter. Damn hob -is- pretty potent tho, 1-11 on dial & I'm boiling stuff @ 2.5 & at min its still too hot.. but if I buy a new one, sod's law it'll be the bloomin same, & cr*pper quality.
  8. I stripped it right down to bits/ cleaned & no fan anywhere.. but so far, & using right now no alarm bells.. but I only ever use the small RHS one. This damn light stays put 10mins after I turn it off.. so my querying it wasn't unfounded- but nothing suggests its OTT hot, or any issues.
  9. Thats sort of just what I was hoping someone might say. Good- concern elieviated.
  10. Then that light's the stupidest thing ever. Ok two of you concur = worry over. I think its 'view new xyz with utmost suspicion..' as soon as I get it/ guitar, amp, car even.. probably due to fact I rarely if ever have anything new! or I'm just thicko. Im Terryfkwit2 to Onoff- that's clear enough! I am concerned re. the wood top > cooker & hob. Will wait on PeterW's opinion on this 1st. cheers chaps
  11. @PeterW hi Peter, have you fitted hobs into these acacia worktops/ any concerns at all?
  12. Are you absolutely sure-? can you understand what I mean though/ my reservations, with its lingo of "WARNING LIGHT" being sort of ambiguous, as to its actual functioning? Its imperative I don't fit this, esp into a hardwood top, & enclosed as they are.. if its possibly not working correctly.
  13. Great help as always Onoff. I like the bevel-guage clip.. an OCD'ers dream this! I shall diy a bevel-guage. So caulk's.. basically just paintable white silicone-? The manual (page 4 of 4) just the "warning light @ front" bit (twds top).. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/70813/Hotpoint-6361.html?page=4#manual
  14. A few Q's if I may. 1. Should I preferably use grab adhesive over screws/plugs IF I find the wall acceptably straight? 2. What the dickens is the difference between 'caulk' & silicone/ what is 'caulk'? 3. Ceramic hobs. I have my mum's donated hob, saving me £100 as its fairly decent & was working. Ive stripped it down/ cleaned, hooked up & it works so far as I can tell as it should each ring lighting/ diminishing just as I recall ceramics to do. 4x knobs + indicator lights, plus 1 light at front a 'warning' light 'for 60*C'.. which comes on 30 secs after any ring on, stays on most of time. Now I cant establish if this light is A) normal operation.. or B ) its indicating a fault. The manual is not clear: is just says its a 'warning light for 60*C' (any ring will hit that fig under normal conditions regularly Id suggest). Anyone have any similar hob/ circuit before?