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  1. Interesting ideas chaps- I too like the idea of switches at door handle H.. so might shift down a bit. Anyway my electrician just popped by, & said yes effectively Onoff correct about new extention not needing to comply with 450mm.. but said a 'grey area' plus its just best to go 'safe' in case a grumpy BCO he said. So better safe than sorry/ they'll go 450mm. I'll take your advice Peter & go 1150mm for my workbench sockets then. Many thanks.
  2. Well that's where the sockets have gone uostairs room/ done, but I'd have wanted them near the floor to be discreet myself, if I'd known. dammit. But the lower room's are above the workbenches.. I best call the BCO & check now I guess. thx zoot.
  3. Eh? so the 450mm & 1200mm figures.. are n/a for an extention? wtf.
  4. I swear I'm gonna pop open the champers not at the new extention party zoots dancing girls & dancing bears & stuff going on etc.. but to toast never having to read another building form thing!
  5. Just simply where do I have to put my socket, where my light switch. That's all. But these regs xyz & the spiel.. jesusH. Thanks alot chaps.
  6. Ok thanks. I can now understand the centrline is horizontal (I was thinking a vertical centreline.. ? eh.. & my head was hurting trying to understand). Right. So actually the answer is 410cm to the btm edge of socket then as minimum (if its horizontal centreline of socket is 450mm as minimum).. I can only assume. So this Q has introduced another factor, this 1200mm figure. So this refers to my switches -maximum- height they can be? is this correct?
  7. Hi MJN. Sorry I'm not understanding "..to 1200mm to the centreline of the socket". All I can understand from your reply is one sole word "yes".. but the rest is incomprehensible. All I know, is my electrician has said the sockets need to be a certain minimum distance off the floor. I'm just tring to establish what this is to concur with his figure of 450mm. Surely there is just one answer (one figure) to the question-?
  8. Coming along well, I'm 2/3rds into job.. godawful dust/ I cannot believe this stuff's allowed, I feel bad just brushing off outside after Ive sawn it up inside.. I could never cut outside with all the plastic on the news (& I find on my walks, & stop to p/u along our stunning b-roads here). Anyway, can anyone confirm for me the minimum B.Regs height for sockets off the floor? I was told "450mm to bottom of socket", by my electrician, for my upper room. But the lower ground floor room.. is it the same figure? thanks- zoot
  9. I was thinking of gaffa earlier MJN.. but for pulling the foil off, as it is stuck in a bit. I think I'll try Cpd's idea 1st then try your approach. thanks chaps.
  10. Been too windy to do outside, so I've cut in lower room/ brush off outside & take thru house up stairs etc, but I've blitz-done the top room. I do need to pull out a section fwds tho: is there any way to do? its not mega-tight or I'd not ask.. ie it can be pulled fwd, if I can get a grip on it. thanks zoot.
  11. Ok thanks for the tips- now wind's finally back to normal I can consider doing outside. Will defo brush each bit off. Done my guide rail so I'm just about set to go. Can anyone just tell me beforehand tho: about the socket cables & light switch cables touching the insulation: is the idea to clear a good gap/ channel for them, or just a minimal ammount of clearance-?
  12. Yup. I think it makes perfect sense to Peter (esp if capable chap in Onoff's how-to clip uses a saw). Doing outside.. don't like the idea in this damn wind, might take me off on a zoot magic PIR carpet adventure. I was thinking measure my gap upstairs, cut in lower room (its all stacked down here), bring each bit up & fettle to fit. What do you think? To cut outside means the dust strewn over my gdn & into wee stream.. feels a bit wrong tbh.
  13. Thanks for suggestions: as I'm on a budget I'll rule out buying a circ saw new blade, tho I'd sure like one. I'll try my jigsaw it might do half the thickness, then a handsaw.. if not do all with it. I've just got to make a high-edged guide rail for my magic pink saw then can jump in. Ok once ive cut my tall sections, Ive then got to cut it to navigate around cables. Is it a Q of trimming off a 45* from back edge to allow say a good 1" clearance for cables? or can the PIR go right up to, just nip say 1/2" of the lower back edge corner off? I recall Onoff giving me a b*ll*king for running my ext cable in a wee trench I cut in my kitchen 25mm PIR (redundant on tues Onoff: my spark's fitting a proper outside socket out from the back of my socket as you suggested ~yr ago). And Ive got socket cables going across up 500mm H from floor (in upper room), meeting together in middle: I have to drill a hole in the PIR for these to protrude thru I think. I need to check the upper room sockets -minimum- height they can be: if anyone can concur with.. is 450mm min to bottom of socket the std min figure? (if so I'm going 500mm to centre, to be safe).
  14. Jigsaw is an interesting idea.. I was just mulling on that (going along a straight edge-?). The depth would only get me halfway is the only thing.
  15. That's a good tip MJN.. got the ideal one for job (I use it for bread, & for cutting turf last spring too!) so its now a multi-tool-bread-knife then.