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  1. Thats good to hear. Good ok I might get myself out of a pickle with this then. Ive never heard you see, or known of ' mixing' layers of one layer being solvent based, then the next water based. Or in my case vice versa. Thanks Mike.
  2. Anyone know if " Zinsser B I N" would work painting onto my water- based white primer coat? https://www.screwfix.com/p/zinsser-b-i-n-shellac-based-primer-sealer-1ltr/29661?tc=ZB6&ds_kid=92700052136101425&ds_rl=1243321&ds_rl=1241687&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1245250&gclid=Cj0KCQiA-qGNBhD3ARIsAO_o7yl5PHVPdnr1qHXtAB7ASGPjpnRLBwpuy5KttRzHKK9O4oFkH88QT5MaAm_MEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds It is shellac based, but if folks use it often for ceiling stains (youtube clip shows, & glowing screwfix comments etc) , surely that's applying it onto water-based emulsion.. which I think mine effectively is. Only difference being a plasterboard ceiling, to my knotty pine cabin walls. Thanks, zoot.
  3. Lord knows what farmer giles' plan was here. It seems to be joined.. but is it/ could it be supportIng the ceiling at all?
  4. Hi chaps. Got me a pesky problem: log cabin, with bad water stain patches on inside walls from its prior site (I dismantled it/ bought it used & rebuilt it here last summer). It was in a weather prone position -before- causing the stains. Now 18 months since rebuilt, walls Im doing -are- defo dry. So I thought, paint inside white to hide old stains. Cream overcoat maybe. Done one coat waterbased primer, but old water stains leaching through like muddy marks all over. Urgh. Looks awful, worse than before! Before I attack it with a 2nd coat I think best stop, ask advice. Any ideas? Thanks, zooter.
  5. Hi Onoff. Have been trawling similar sites for these type of replacement bits, these look good: limited here but should be ok. Its really the revamp plan. If you can see my post pic2 above: the main tall one going from ground up & joining in an awkward way, to some bad architrave & fixing (no idea how or why.. ceiling support-? ) to the side here. Its 1st what to do about this post. I think your referring to the 'centre post' being the upper shorter one? I think this might need just a new nicer cap: simplest bit of the job. Pic1 above. Thanks, zoot
  6. I knew someone would say this! ( my ^ pics make it look far better than it is.. my f'arty lighting i think ). The hardboard on back & on vertical step bits are badly fitted , rattle. Huge step gaps to inny outy old wall (but not much I can do here). It really is just cheapest way done. tatty too like this ( especially pic 2) where it seems to join with ceiling for eg..
  7. I wonder if @PeterW or @Onoff might lend an opinion? Be grateful if so as usual. Not a big job, timber more my area too. I was wondering thus: remove 3x diagonals, & replace with upright spindles + bannister top. The post is hampering plans though as it seems to be fixed to the ceiling ( supporting it at all?). Thanks, zoot.
  8. Hello over on this section of BH. As some know I bought a neglected small stone cottage 5 yrs ago, Im gradually renovating ( & an extention built on). The staircase was pretty ''agriculturally built" by an amateur builder 20 yrs ago it seems. I think a good plan is to revamp it, leaving steps & basic structure. The side diagonals & 2 posts are unsightly I think, as is the hardboard back. This is the main room, & staircase midpoint opposite front door: so would be great to get such a central feature looking good. Steps seem hardwood, solid enough. I wonder if any of you could lend ideas as to how I could best revamp it? Few pics below. Thanks for reading, Zoot.
  9. Sort of mostly done then, yesterday did the top step. Temp went down to zero last night tho. Should i have covered it? I think I can tidy up bits in time, like the underpin coin bit, when i have a bit of mortar left etc. Thanks zoot.
  10. I do have a weak point: the side of my 'patio' is just earth, & surely will erode away.. the closest slab corner, is slumping a fraction/ mortar cracked around here a little. So underneath solidity on this side, this corner especially, isn't great..
  11. Just done this far, but really sort of winging it/ not much of a clue.. decided the LHS needed solid something instead of clay, so whacked these stones in y'day 3.5:1 mix no idea if ok. So ontop will go my two half-slabs. Then slate flattish bits behind to deepen step: 2 full slabs ontop here I thought not in character really. Zh
  12. Haha. Goregrind ( makes me build too fast) to vaughn williams ( never get anything done ) love it all me. This chirpy 60's tune tho is a good tempo. & I think where Scoobidoo surely got his name from in 70's.
  13. When i'm arsing about building my steps i have this tune going on in my head.. Zh
  14. I tend to agree now too perhaps. Last small job. Mark just got my step down to do first: Is this plan any good? I need to build up the ground you see under the RHS step, as it slopes right down this side, so maybe skim off ground level with my 4 slabs this RHS, then put a block down ( presume the same sandcastle mix bed ). LHS step ground underneath seems well compacted enough. Slab ' halves ' on, then stone bits mortared in behind to the deepen steps to maybe 12"... lastly cover the bare block visible side & front with mortar & slate bits. Steps w each = 450. Block w = 440. Thanks, zooter.