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  1. Thanks for this link Onoff. Its mentioned yours was a one-piece with glass fixed-in ? is that right, or was it as I thought they all are, removable dg glass you put in last job.
  2. If I'm putting workbenches around 2 sides of my lower room1, is there any need for skirting on these 2 sides? I have a 1cm gap between btm edge of pB & caber floor.. but under/ back of worktops so won't be seen.. Its more a Q if any trim is needed for structural reasons, moisture getting to under-edge of pB? I don't know. thx zoot.
  3. Once Ive got the old frame out, assuming just a lump hammer needed, & cleaning up the wall area.. is putting in the new frame in a fairly simple procedure, IE without the need for specialist fitting tools? I know how to put the glass & bead in- 5 min job & very satisfying too! thanks zoot.
  4. @Onoff 's idea of the corner boxing seems good. I just wonder if its not more difficult than a 2 sided boxing tho (I need most effective way to do for a newbie, not what is or what looks the best). If the pipes across are tucked up near the underside of the rad tho (bc I said "yes theyre'll be skirting" to the plumber before he put rads/ pipes in).. isn't boxing them in a redundant idea tho? I couldn't face plasterboarding & plastering them in.. I just am shot with the damned plastic corner strips + taper plastering over + neverending sanding; I was hoping never do it in my life again (took me a whole week to do the two vertical ones on the knock-thru area).
  5. Ok thanks chaps- understood. I do have a faux 'stone effect' render area around the frame: what I mean is sort of contoured surface & rounded edges of the outside reveals. Does this cause any additional issues regarding frame size, or, is this rendering an addition -after- the frame would likely have gone in? (looks orig frame to this 30yr old extention). I'll do a photo of external tmrw. Thanks for help (& pic). zH
  6. Hi Carrerahill. Good Q's.. yes I want to carpet the room & continue it up over the stairs. I will look up false stringer/ stringers to see what you are suggesting. What can you say about the rad pipes?.. indeed!.. what can you say? I need to know what to do. The plumber asked me if I was having skirting, so I said yes, then said would need to be low @ 3" then (I didn't know why). Now rad fitted I assume bc the rad above put any higher would sit above the sill.. not good. So its what to do with these horizontal pipes. Surely painting them after say 3" skirting fitting is a huge bore/ not what any of you guys would do. But what are alternatives? I assume the upright ones into the wall would -have- to be boxed in-? or any other ideas? thanks zoot.
  7. .. and the same dims smaller than the external size then? I did some basics before I asked the q.. and consensus seemed to be these figs as a gap, smaller frame to hole.. but it’s the www and I trust here 1st, general www opinions 2nd.
  8. You mean chip plaster off outside, &/or mastic.. both on the outside rather than chipping off inside?
  9. Hi, I want to replace an old wood single glaze window, for my U T room renovation. Could I ask some basic Q’s, advice. Is this a fairly straightforward job on the whole? Should I be measuring the hxw of opening from inside, and addIng 5mm to each side, top, btm to get my new upvc size to order? Before whacking old one out? Any general tips appreciated, thx zh.
  10. Hi chaps, could I get some help on last bits for my extension. All internal build by me: the knock-thru area now done, & so general skirting to consider. Not so easy with the steps bit, and rads’ pipes too. Pics (got an iPad!).. Thanks, Zh.
  11. I too have issues with boiler and system noise within the house, with my valiant ashp. No mention on the detailed tech pdf of any levels/ charts of dB of anything but the fan unit outside, which isn’t a problem in comparison.
  12. Hi Onoff. now you explained your ^ post had a link in (its not clear there was [I thought it a screen snapshot or s'thing]: a prior thread title & pov pic of someone else's boots (eh?? still no idea) meant nil as to what the intention of the post was).. I can appreciate the helpful intent! Anyway I bashed away few days ago til I remembered wtf I did b4/ replaced the DG's ~just about ok. Thx anyway.
  13. Sorry I missed where the link was (its not obvious). Adding a random photo of someone else (nowt to do with me or with glazing afaict, so wtf this is I've absolutely no idea/ assume a mistake?).. & its hardly surprising to be totally confused by the post Onoff.
  14. Hi Nick- thanks for that. I'm reluctant to 'complain' having it all foc, & an extremely good installer I thought (albeit one of his trainees -5 of them doing joins, rads & pipe runs etc- drained a big ammount of water+? from who knows scarring my lawn badly.. & a fair few permanent flux grubby marks on new carpet) I think doing the best he could with my poor upstairs 80's brick addition. There's a 5" void between the internal room pB, & brick or some orig stone solid wall behind.. & the boiler's attatched to the pB, pipes & boiler in a pB cupboard, excacerbating the noise no doubt.. but its not his fault/ the only feasable place near to the cylinder he could put it. I think vaillant coming out to look at the error code fault, so I'll ask about the noise then: but it'll just be him blame the installer, installer blaming the vaillant stuff. Afaict the noise is just 'how it is' so installer said, rather than any hardware problem. Just if I'd known to expect noise inside, Id have asked to put white pressure pipes & boiler in downstairs UTility room I could then make a decent enough 'soundblock cupboard' to house it in.. not put in my bloomin spare bedroom 2 yds from the bed. Its simply the main two pressure- pipes creating the noise (I assume the noise eminating from the pump outside within the unit) & into the boiler > onwards > to cylinder. I can't blame the installer for the vaillant pump & pipes.