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  1. That's also very good. Many thanks for the rad key Onoff.
  2. Damn now m confused again. Thought i had it then. Both you and onoff say to shift or shape the frame to fit the door? But frames bin in for ages, painted, architrave on. I dont see how i could shift it even if it wasnt painted. But maybe im not getting what you mean by recess in the frame. thx zh
  3. But alignment with the door, in my case, or the frame, having this bow in its midrift? I think you mean its a must on the door.. irrespective of what the frame contours might be, in which case i need to sit my hinges on the frame, above and below my 3 mm recessed mid hinge, as i 1 st thought.. rather than recess them all in meaning the disparity remains.
  4. No ok. Typical issues with box of text to try say what i mean. But i think joe gets what i mean.
  5. I know where the bow is, as said in middle of frame hinge side, concave. But I cant undo it.. the frame's been fixed in for months, with architrave on. No Ive chisseled in my mid hinge, where the bow is, so now with the other two hinges not chissled in/ resting on the frame.. I can get them all in a line. But is this wrong, or, should I chisel in my top & btm hinges too.. which will mean they're not in a line then, mid hinge 3mm into the door vs the other two: its this: is this ok to open a door with these hinges offset/ not spot-on all-3-in-a-line? maybe it makes no difference to the opening of the door at all. I just cant picture it.
  6. Seriously- it would be useful if someoe could put numbers on the teets, i can refer to my heat/ hw pipes clearly, being in perfect positions like my two pairs of pipes under my box thingy.
  7. @Onoff understand that.. and i do see areas of cold bridging at my french doors, oddly only on one side, black mould alot. Also just feel the window is a cold area, reveal, sill etc, so ld never be able to make a fully perfect sealed room. I think its as best i can do tbh. My toasty workshop tho.. pine outside door, 1" pir on its back, gap under of 8mm to outside, not great seal around. Even opening door alot, warmth wins.. its just never cold. Its as odd this room being this warm, as the room above struggling for warmth: its a bit better but still not nearly as warm. Door on today tho might help a bit more.. temp one one doing well tho: i did ask a q on hinges, back yesterday. @onoff etc. thx
  8. @joe90 could you put numbers on the udders joe? Rhs back one = 2, Rhs fwd one = 3, Lhs fwd one = 4, Lhs back one = 5. 2 = heating rtn 3 = heating flow 4 = dhw flow 5 = dhw rtn thx zh
  9. Udders are 'girl cows privates' Onoff, wobbly mammary sack under tail with 2 sets of pipes: LHS (DHW) and RHS ( heating). Thanks to joe for useful reference photo.
  10. Haha. Morning. More confusion 10 mins after i fkn get out of bed, no not my balls aren't awol/ im used to that.. temp figs. And I dont like the idea of joe undoing his zipper 1st thing (you forgot pocaster's successfully urinated under his bridge).
  11. No waiting to buy flowerpots! Daftly small clay pots holding up putting in 3 x more rolls. Shops closed etc. Should get new room door on today tho! see if this helps contain better heat. I can get it to 18* max by 4 pm in new top bedroom.. just warm enough, comfortable even. most of day its around 16.5*. What Ive thought but not asked, is if its been on during day, desired 18.5 & its got thermostat room up to temp (about 11am earliest) then all ok like so for a few hrs.. if I then put in desired 22*, next day same time I put in 30*: would it put in a different flow temp to try getting these different figs, or no, same flow temp.. but increaces the duration on for: less time for 22* alot longer for 30*? You see Im confused by the Rhs udder pipe temps ( just touched LHS pair/ dhw/ cold tho) i got 44* or so y'day, mostly tho i got 35* or so reading these 4 x y'day.. today now ( expect it chugging along well trying 1st thing, get my new top room up from 13*.. so its 15* at the mo) it's only 32* at RHS udders. My desired = 22* at the mo. So i just whacked in 30* ( max) for desired, see if flow temp goes up. Now I read udders 5 mins later.. 26*: now whether it goes off - then into a new gear, max gear perhaps- then ramps up again, so this dip is usual.. i dont know, but it confuses my udder readings.THX ZH
  12. But that's the hot water pipes-? At the mo Ive got them on the Rhs heating pipes @ 34.8... 35, seems to be what its running at max tonight (20.5* desired temp, it only got thermostat room to 18.5*, my new top bedroom right now 17*). Fwiw the looong rad1 in main big old room below L 32.5... R 35. The rad2 still 27.. 28 or so. I'll try this again tmrw morning, LHS pair of udders, set it to 25*. Its similar outside temp next few days so useful for comparison. thanks for help today chaps.
  13. 28* and 26* now so I don't know what's going on.
  14. @PeterW rads have been hot (again) now for 5 mins, the heat compressor active for 15mins.. so I read on the RHS pair of pipes 36.1* and 30*. Assuming these will increace -if- yesterday I got 44* figures. But when to get an accurate reading you see, either on rads or at the box pipe underside 'udders' I don't exactly know.
  15. Yup yup ok. Look I'm struggling with the flow temp reading 1st.. & it's so damn cold out, no log fire till tmrw, I'd prefer to do this turnings off then. @PeterW I'm struggling cos 15mins ago I ramp the desired temp up to 22.5* from 18* the room temp was (all day desired 18.5*).. but the rads are not hot/ still in a slumber mode. Yet another thing I cannot understand (& seems to do exactly the same "idle" state from 6.30am >>> right to 8am, until 'ping' summink trips & the rads flare up hot in 5 mins flat). Surely, it should be going hammer & tongs now. Flamin thing.