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  1. Gow

    lawns - input please

    Or disgarded woollen carpets with a flax backing to smother the unwelcomed guests in the garden. Natural fibre capets kill off weeds etc and biodegrade naturally and you can cover the carpets with sedum so no mowing. Pity you don't live in Scotland I could supply the carpets and sedum free of charge! All our swirly-patterned carpets have to go as soon as the extension is built.
  2. Gow

    lawns - input please

    Oh no, not artificial grass... it is not trouble free. What about the bees? Why not try the "alternative" clover lawn. Clover is fantastic for bees. In the days of Yor grass seeds used to contain a certain amount of clover because it adds nitrogen to the soil then a certain weedkiller/lawn feed came on the market which knocked out everything except grass - good news for the company suppling the grass seeds because that meant the lawns have to be fertilized with one of their products etc. What's more clover is pretty when it flowers, provides nitrogen so no need to waste money on fertilisers and it does not need cutting much more than a few times a year :)) If you are going to the SEC Ideal Homes on the same day as I am I will bring you two types of sedum as a starter for a green corner. Alas, that is slow growing compared to grass but it is much prettier than plastic grass and you can buy it by the square metre or propagate it from the +/- 100 cuttings I will pass on to you! Google this: Growth in artificial lawns poses threat to British wildlife...
  3. No the cord is like a wide ribbon and it is also rolled into spring-loaded cassette. This Youtube is pictorial
  4. What heat? We live in Scotland. The roller blinds offer a degree of security on doors and windows. With the roller blinds shut, the burglar would have to come down through the chimney like santa claus. They also block out the daylight in much the same way as black out blinds and noise to a degree. As for their thermal properties we are more concerned with keeping the cold out - every little helps!
  5. There are manual pvc and wooden blinds. The manual pvc roller shutters are readily available in France, Germany and Poland etc
  6. There are manual versions and they work well. I speak from experience. We had them in our house in France
  7. The French firm Avos Dim supplies PVC and aluminium roller shutters. Manual blinds are less troublesome as the cord is easy to replace but in 27 years we did not have to replace the cord once!
  8. There are two types of fittings, one is built in and one which can be retrofitted but I am not sure if these would be suitable for most UK windows as continental windows have larger inside and outside sill We had the ancient wooden version built-in. They were very heavy and had a manual pulley cord. The cord outlasted the house, which was demolished a couple of years ago. The electric version of the blinds are more problematic as the blind can get stuck inside the cassette. A big tug on the manual blind solves the problem. See https://avosdim.com/uk/roller-shutters.html
  9. Has anyone installed continental-style external roller blinds inside the casing of a new window frame? If so, do you have any tips about the depth of the window and door casing to house the blind cassette? I've found a French firm that supplies roller blinds in the UK.
  10. .... while producing a lot of natural gas! :))
  11. Does leakage mean draughts? This is an old draughty house
  12. Not sure how to add the plan correctly. I uploaded it and it is now sitting on this website as a download
  13. Just getting the hang of how to reply Does a MVHR unit work in older houses circa 1939?