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    Upgrading a well-built but draughty 1939 mid-terrace house.
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  1. I''ll be your first customer!
  2. I was being flippant - anything would look better than rust!
  3. ☹️ Green Green would clash with the masonry red brick wall - recently painted. Everything that has a surface has been painted during lockdown except the fence and gate :00
  4. Not looking for perfection, just worried about the lead in the paint. And the mask, well I doubt I will be able to find one at the DIY store at the moment. Tomorrow I'll try to find another chore that I've been putting off for ever and a day until lockdown arrived. Alas, we're not out of the woods yet in Scotland
  5. Thanks I've filled in an online form and asked for a quote
  6. That's a person, I presume who owns a decent sand-blasting compressor? Maybe it would cheaper replacing the gate posts thus avoiding the risk of breathing in lead paint particles.
  7. I've been stripping paint off the rusty 1930s wrought iron garden fence and gate. There is green paint on the gate post, possibly the original coat so it probably contains lead. Is there a safe way of removing the paint and if there is what products should I be using? So far I have managed to removed one coat of crinkled black metal paint from the railings using elbow grease and a sander. There was only one layer of black metal paint there, no green paint. Thank you
  8. Before and after!.pdf Our council has cancelled all bin collections except general waste until further notice.
  9. Thanks, the project starts tomorrow
  10. Watch Psycho! Thanks to that film, I keep the kitchen knives out of sight in the cutlery drawer...
  11. Re: insulating the underside of floorboards when there's crawl space I've read a number of articles about using loft insulation for the job. The recommendation is 200mm earthwool. Did you insulate the floorboards on the underside? If so, what type of multilayer foil insulation did you use and how was it held in place? Netting or what? Thanks
  12. ☘️ Take a leaf out of the RHS latest project - house plants and make your chairs spring into life?
  13. Old carpet is perfect for clearing weeds if it is made of wool or other natural fibres such as cotton with a natural backing like hessian otherwise the carpet will not biodegrade. I can verify that it works a treat but takes time