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  1. Nothing ventured, nothing gained... will ask the question but seeing as it's already been paid for I'm not overly hopeful. Will advise either way once I hear; thanks as ever for the replies.
  2. Sorry if this has been covered but I couldn't spot in search. I paid VAT for electrical move to temporary supply and for gas capping at the road as part of demolition process (full PP was already in place). Should I have paid VAT or should I ask for replacement invoices and get VAT back, if possible?
  3. I spoke to HMRC who said write a letter (not email...). Hopefully I’ll have an answer in a couple of weeks but I’m not holding my breathe about getting clarity even after getting a response!
  4. Their take is that section 3.4.1 applies which is: "3.4.1 Architects, surveyors, consultants and supervisors The supply of architectural, surveying, consultancy and supervisory services is always standard-rated." Is anyone aware of any case law that clarifies what the scope of 3.3.6 is? I'd say it's as clear as mud!
  5. Maybe worth a punt to my structural engineer and see what they say...
  6. Hi Quick related question on this, should structural engineering works be zero VAT rated? This is for the foundation designs for the new house as per planning permission. At present my quote includes VAT but I'm not sure that's correct after reading the input from @newhome Thanks P.S. Scrap that - just checked your main post on VAT and it seems VAT is chargeable for structural engineers, alas! P.P.S.... Looks like it can be if my interpretation of this is correct: 3.3.6 "civil engineering services are supplied to a landowner for the purposes of servicing a building plot and it is clear that the construction of a building that qualifies for the zero rate will take place shortly afterwards, or"
  7. Interesting stuff - I was planning on going Loxone but I'm now looking at Fibaro as an alternative solution in a star/radial design. I guess the downside of that approach is the additional wires used. Will have to do a pros/cons comparison of both systems now...
  8. Starting the build by knocking down the current old house (including the PD extension I had to build but I’ll save that for a blog post...).
  9. andy

    New Build Electrical Planning

    +1 for Ubiquiti Unifi stuff, run CAT 6 cables back to a power over ethernet (PoE) switch in comms cabinet (no power cables needed) and you get a nice single WiFi zone which does seamless hand-off when a device roams. Plus the network management software is excellent (especially if you use Unifi PoE switch too). This is enterprise-level functionality at really good prices.
  10. Thanks for the replies, it’s a shame that such a critical element is almost left to chance! Will definitely be there for the install.
  11. Hi Just starting to get window quotes in and some are supply only, does anyone have a recommendation of a passive house airtightness aware installer? Installation in Hampshire. Shortlist is GBS, Rationel and Internorm. Thanks in advance! Andy
  12. Any such fines should be percentage of turnover and revocation of planning permission. You say to a company they may have to pay a fine of 10% of their turnover and watch their behaviour change once there's been a case or two... Alas, this country shies away from fines that would actually act as a deterrent... (GDPR aside but what's the bets they'll still use carrot instead of stick there too!).
  13. andy

    Sunamp container bulging

    Hmmm - this doesn't sounds good at all, albeit I'm still in the planning stage and not actually impacted. Perhaps for safety right now I do go down the mains gas boiler/buffer tank route instead 😞 A Tesla Powerwall would help here in that the PV would fill that up as required and then the SA would draw from the battery before the mains but that's an expensive option to meet basic functionality.
  14. Interesting, so I could do ASHP direct to multizone slab and PV/direct elec for DHW Sunamp might be best approach for me too.
  15. andy

    ASHP & Sunamp - no boiler no PV

    Actually, even though the left of the picture is facing the road, it's still all on my land (not directly onto the road) and I don't think I'd need planning if I placed it here - my garage is in front of it between us and the road but does that meet the PD requirement of "any part of the development would be forward of a wall forming part of the principal elevation or side elevation where that elevation fronts a road"...?