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  1. andy

    ASHP Sizing

    Interesting -
  2. andy

    ASHP Sizing

    @jpinthehouse I was just looking at that too - I'm not saying this is the best pipe to use, it seems to be a good spec: Having just seen @PeterW replying though perhaps my advice is overkill! I think I'd have about 10m to run under the slab and I have to be 1000% sure there won't be any future issues...
  3. andy

    ASHP Sizing

    See it was really simple and makes perfect sense now!! Thanks all, I think a 9kW ASHP would cover worst case scenario and running it at a lower demand should give a better CoP I hope. I will be having PV and battery storage (later) so would need to do the maths about E7/10.
  4. Hi all I'm struggling to match the PHPP data in the screen shot below with the sizing requirements for an ASHP. If I have a peak heating load of 6.6kWh/m2 for December for a floor area of 142m2 = 937.2kWh, how do I marry that with working out the ASHP requirements (with an appropriate overheard added just in case)? I am quite sure I'm missing something blindingly obvious here but any education (as ever!) gratefully received 🙂
  5. Depends on your risk appetite here - I kept paying council tax until I had replacement dwelling permission granted then got council round to view it - no electricity, gas or kitchen by then - they were happy to mark it as uninhabitable at that point. I played it safe as I''m officially outside the village boundary in the national park, so additional rules apply. Demolition for me starts this week 😀
  6. andy

    Power generation hole ahead.

    Glad that’s not gone ahead, estuary mud flats are a critical habitat for many bird species and under massive threat globally already. There are better solutions out there that don’t devastate such habitats 🙁
  7. Just received the credit to my account, nothing to do with VAT reclaim process - give it a whirl! You don’t ask, you don’t get 😀
  8. andy

    Site Clearance Dilemma

    Unrelated comments (sorry to confuse), didn’t mean to link them or infer you were stripping out the hedging.
  9. andy

    Site Clearance Dilemma

    Do not do this, this is hazardous to birds and will no doubt result in birds getting trapped and die (which would be illegal and cruel). I don't get why people cannot make space for wildlife in their lives... the amount of hedging and habitat we are losing is terrifying. Personally I'm putting back in as much hedging as my site will support along with a pond.
  10. I have already received a response from the gas folks, VAT will be credited back to my card 😎
  11. I’ve asked the suppliers so will let you all know the responses I get. It doesn’t make sense as it has to be done to enable demolition, thus building new house but would be expensive fighting this with HMRC for a couple of hundred quid in gain...
  12. Nothing ventured, nothing gained... will ask the question but seeing as it's already been paid for I'm not overly hopeful. Will advise either way once I hear; thanks as ever for the replies.
  13. Sorry if this has been covered but I couldn't spot in search. I paid VAT for electrical move to temporary supply and for gas capping at the road as part of demolition process (full PP was already in place). Should I have paid VAT or should I ask for replacement invoices and get VAT back, if possible?
  14. I spoke to HMRC who said write a letter (not email...). Hopefully I’ll have an answer in a couple of weeks but I’m not holding my breathe about getting clarity even after getting a response!
  15. Their take is that section 3.4.1 applies which is: "3.4.1 Architects, surveyors, consultants and supervisors The supply of architectural, surveying, consultancy and supervisory services is always standard-rated." Is anyone aware of any case law that clarifies what the scope of 3.3.6 is? I'd say it's as clear as mud!