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  1. I'm not a massive fan of the jointing compounds and prefer traditional sand / cement. If that's not an option and if you are going to use the same as previously, I'd look to partially fill any "deep" voids with a finer aggregate / grit, and not sand. I'd say sand is likely to be washed out over time leaving a void below your new grout fill, causing a collapse to some extent. Any areas where the depth of voids is more tolerable can be re-pointed with your compound of choice most likely.
  2. Could you not use thermoblock? That has huge load bearing capacity and is an insulator in itself.
  3. Sliders every time. If you want the best weather sealing, then lift and slide doors are arguably the best. Whether they're the best choice for you is something only you can decide.
  4. And no, I'm not his wife, or paid employee.
  5. Have to admit, Simons posts always impress me. Not only with the good nature and spirit he does so with, but also with the knowledge and experience he's always so ready to share in a detailed yet easy to understand way. He's an asset to this board.
  6. My experience of various people that have ever done any of this kind of work for me tells me this guy has no idea what he's doing. If you've paid him nowt to date, then you are set to bin him and find an alternative. I would categorically not listen to anything he has to offer by way of excuses. Those who know how it's done know how to avoid these problems. Be firm, and good luck in sorting it.
  7. Depends on type of finish you are looking to achieve
  8. No, hopefully it's not going to need looking at for decades. I'm sure all these systems are good choices and that it's the installer that's the major variable
  9. Its interesting to see the varying opinions on this, which somewhat mirrors what can be found online. As you've experienced Jack, its maybe the installer more than the product itself that is the critical element. For me, I can't help thinking grp might be the better choice if there are penetrations to the deck, although I'm open to being convinced otherwise if the argument is compelling enough.
  10. Thanks. Does it have any penetrations for rooflight etc.? If it weren't for rooflight, I think I'd feel more confident with epdm or pvc
  11. Thanks for the replies. I'll look into the Alwitra product above. On the epdm, I like the idea of that but am less confident about the detailing around rooflight. On roof with no penetration, I'm sure it's a good choice and has less potential for issues with seams.
  12. @ Conor, how long has that been on? It's the seaming that makes me nervous about these PVC products. I'm probably overthinking it.
  13. @Nod, if you could do it again but use a contractor to install on a money no object basis, would you choose grp again?
  14. Do you recall the product name Thorfun? I have been told that siltec is a good product, but know nothing of it. I have a significant issue in buying into anything I'm told is a great product, if I'm being told it by someone that stands to profit from me believing it. Cynical maybe but for me, trust has to be earnt. I'm unsure of what product to use on a job. Approx 6.5 m x 3.5 m flatroof with large rooflight.
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