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  1. I'm also interested to hear opinions on this.
  2. Apologies for dragging this one up again, but has anyone bought bricks via Ebay? Good or bad choice?
  3. Have to admit, I've found the whole business of dealing with metals for cladding or roofing a bit cloak and dagger and difficult. I know that on the material side, that plx works out at approx half the cost of zinc, so on a larger project, it adds up. Zincs range from maybe £5/£6 a kilo, with a typical roll being 100kg. 30 sq metres would require a bit over 2.25 rolls approx for standing seam work.
  4. Anyone had odex piling done? Would be interested to hear when it was done if anyone has experience of it, and to what depth / cost it came out at. Thanks folks.
  5. I'd agree with Peter. I'd also spray with glyphosphate, which you can spray using a cheapo pump type bottle sprayer. You will need patience once that's done, as it is likely to take several weeks to really get into the offending weeds. Once they start to look ropey and wilted, you're going the right way. When weeds are knocked back, it may be wise to cover the ground in light restricting polythene or tarps. When you are ready to sow seed (late March earliest I'd say) rake the soil over to keep it loose or even rotovate if its compacted and then rake to level. Sow your seed and make sure to keep the ground damp. If it dries out for a few days, it takes longer to get going or may not germinate at all. Keep it wet. Grass germinates best with warmth and moisture, that's it. If it's too early and it get exposed to frost, its not so clever and isnt likely to do well Over 7 - 10 days with right conditions, itll begin to sprout.
  6. For what it'll cost you to get the gear, coupled with risks of going at it yourself, I would get a guy to do it. Cant be more than two hours work max, so may not be too costly. You could always speak to one of the fitters at your local place and see if they'd sort it one evening / weekend.
  7. The thing is, that it's not likely to cost that much to get a pro to sort it. Doing it yourself means you need the minimal tools to do it.
  8. Surface mount is easy enough and you can go at it like Russell said above. Messy, but cheap. Undermount.... leave it to those with the gear and experience.
  9. Is the sink a surface mounted one? If it's an undermount, get a pro to do it
  10. Unless you have good practical experience using power tools and your hands, I'd contact a granite / stone worker. Those guys dealing with stone worktops can sort this easily, so its better to pay to do it once and get it right.
  11. Yes Russell, I recall you mentioning your "scientific testing" of materials. Ha. In fairness, i reckon you'll get a good idea of what's durable or not going at it like that. Your roof looked great, although I've not looked at samples of steel products. For my job, it's a small area, so material costs aren't the major issue, its installation cost.
  12. I appreciate that coastal areas have, or can have, dramatic effect on metal roofing / cladding but there are options surely and there isnt necessarily a need to choose "a" particular metal. From everything I've read, a number of metals can be chosen without major problems. That considered, I'm of the opinion that people would choose based on what finish they'd like and budget before feeling they had to choose on the metal first, ahead of the aesthetic value and budget.
  13. I'm afraid I didn't enquire on prices, as I simply wanted to look at materials on the basis of what I preferred. I cant imagine it can be more expensive than zinc, but who knows. The plan looks excellent by the way. Very imposing.