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  1. We are currently using a local architect to draw up our plans. It has taken a long time to get the sketches done and we have pretty much designed the house ourselves. In fact we may as well have done the drawings ourself. The architect is going ti draw us full plans and submit planning. Once we have this (fingers crossed) we don’t really want to pay him to do the building ref drawings. There are quite a few online companies that do this, I found one called Arkiplan. Just wondering if anyone had any recommendations or advice in this area? Thanks
  2. With ecology we get approx 4.6 x income and with Santander about 4.98. I have factored in a 10% contingency to my budget, which is a lot more than the 30k difference. Do ecology ask for certain contingency does anyone know? That’s good to know ecology are one of the best, I have a friend who is a mortgage broker, so she will help us. I’m trying not to bombard her with questions as she is so busy at the moment! We are currently going through pre planning and trying to save as much as we can! At least we have 3 years once we get planning of we need to save more..
  3. I was just wondering how reliable these calculators are. I used the standard Santander mortgage calculator and it said we can borrow £30k more based on our income than the ecology calculator for a self build mortgage. I wonder if it is the case that you just can’t borrow as much on a self build mortgage? Anybody know if that is the case?
  4. Well we are Surrey/London border so if Surrey prices are the same as London prices then I guess we will! Our architect knows some builders in Hampshire, we will get a few quotes though as will be managing the build ourselves. We won’t be getting an expensive spec and plan to reuse parts of our existing kitchen in the utility room etc. We also have some things we have bought over the years on eBay we will use. We just want to get the minimum done so we can move in and do the rest when we can afford it. Hoping to get some quotes when the sketches are done but I don’t know how reliable they will be with everything going on at the moment. We would like to start next year but I guess we will see what happens when we start talking to some builders!
  5. We are in the process of having sketches drawn up for our new build house, we will be demolishing the existing house. The existing house has a garage which is built right up to the boundary with our neighbour. We will be demolishing this garage and building a replacement one. We would like to avoid the need for a party wall agreement or give our neighbours any reason to object to our plans. The question is, can we build up to the boundary again or would it be better to leave say a 6 inch gap between the garage and fence which we would continue alongside instead. We already have a party wall agreement with our neighbour for their house, they have built a very large basement so the foundations for our single story garage wouldn't go anywhere near the depth of their basement (which is within 3 meters). Hopefully that makes sense! Thanks
  6. We were lucky enough to inherit a small bungalow in a prime location in Surrey. We are now hoping to demolish the existing building and build a new two story house, approx 190sqm. Assuming we can organise a self build mortgage, our budget is £500k all in, including professional services etc. We are currently having some sketches drawn up by a local architect, it’s been a bit painful as we have very clear ideas of what we want and trying to keep it as simple as possible in order to keep costs down. He seems to be now finally listening to us. We are hoping to do as much work as possible ourselves, but with two young children and both working it’s not going to be easy. Feeling very nervous about the spiralling construction costs! Also nervous that prices will be extortionate in our area.