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  1. @Indyhow did you get on with estimators online? Our plans were approved a couple of weeks ago. We had a meeting with the architect you recommended and he is going ahead with our building reg drawings. He seems very knowledgable, so thank you for the recommendation. We are pretty nervous about the cost, once we have the drawings we will use estimators online too. Architect suggested a cost of £3500 p sq ft, which is a bit terrifying! We are hoping to get to first fix for around £2000 p sq ft, then complete the rest ourselves, he seemed to think that was doable.
  2. I wouldn’t be asking for advice on the forum if I thought the architect knew it all. Although I am confident he has a good understanding. Going to do my own research now!
  3. Perfect, it definitely sounds like it isn't more expensive than radiators and probably easier too. Gives me something to go back to OH when he starts complaining about costs! I've made a note of the suppliers suggested. Agree we need to make sure we are well insulated, it would be great if we could ditch the rads upstairs completely- like that suggestion. Also useful to know about keeping the whole downstairs on the same zone, all sounds completely doable. We are in between architects at the moment so once we sign up with the new architect we can discuss this all with them. Feeling a lot more confident about it now. Been told plans should be approved this week, so fingers crossed! Great blog @Thorfun your house looks like it is going to be fabulous!
  4. Debating if we can afford UFH or not.. we are about to start technical drawings and ideally I would like UFH for all downstairs and then rads upstairs, powered by ASHP. OH thinks that UFH downstairs is going to be too costly as we are on a tight budget. I think if we are having an ASHP then I don’t want the whole house on rads. I also really don’t want a gas supply to the house, installing a gas boiler in a new build just seems crazy when they are looking to ban them soon. Oh the house will be two storey, 4 beds, approx 195 sqm. Am I looking at a much higher cost for UFH / ASHP vs gas boiler / rads?
  5. Interesting discussion, thank you. I’m not looking for someone who is necessarily cheap, we want to pay someone who knows what they are doing and is going to charge us a fair price. I am more than happy to pay good money to get someone good. I just don’t want to pay for someone who isn’t that good or isn’t quite right for us. Ideally I’m looking for someone who has experience of new builds, understands the current building reg requirements and is able to produce good detailed drawings that we can take to a builder for quote and submit for buildings regs too. Whether that be an SE or an architectural technologist, I don’t really mind. It sounds more like I just need to find the right person for us, rather than getting hung up too much on job titles. We would also like someone to come out at each stage during the build to check the build quality, assuming the builder would be ok with that. I think that probably would be an SE. I think what I need to do is get on the phone and talk to some people and try and find someone who can work with us. This website looks useful, I’ll give a few a call in our area https://architecturaltechnology.com/
  6. Ok maybe I need to look up some architectural technicians. We are going brick and block so will have to get the drawings done ourselves. One quote I had from an architect was £900 for the drawings, but the SE they used quoted us between £4.6k-£5.2k excl VAT. Which seemed huge, I assumed the SE was doing the majority of the work, but maybe not. Can anyone recommend any architectural technicians?
  7. Plans are in, we hear mid June if it’s going to be approved or not 🤞🏻 Architect did our plans but it was so slow and painful we don’t want to use him anymore. Can I just go straight to a structural engineer and get them to do the calculations and buildings reg drawings? I’m not sure why we would go to an architect and then get them to get an SE to do the calculations. Seems like paying for two people is potentially unnecessary? Am I missing something? Going to give a few SE’s a call next week but thought I would ask here. Our build is very straightforward, we know what we want, but are not necessarily experts so advice is appreciated but we don’t need hand holding. Anyone have any recommendations for SE’s that might do this in Surrey area?
  8. Think they are too old now to change anything! We just have to accept it’s not pleasant for us when we go round. I am confident I still want UFH here and that it is the right solution. Just need to persuade my husband that it’s their setup that is incorrect and not the UFH! Thanks for the tips all.
  9. I’ve also been thinking about this. My in laws renovated their house and put in UFH. It’s hot and stuffy and we find it quite unpleasant. This has led my OH to think he doesn’t want UFH and wants to bring some of our old cast iron radiators with us and just stick with them. Which we like for similar reasons as others. We do however want ASHP and I’m not convinced this will work with radiators. We are going brick and block for our build.
  10. Definitely just need to keep on at them. From my experience working in a NOC quite a few years ago now intermittent faults like these were often fixed by either replacing or resetting the line card in the local exchange.
  11. Ah ok. Ours was submitted at the start of Feb, so about 2 months to get to the validation stage for us. I had assumed we were delayed longer as we were waiting for our ecology surveys, but perhaps not. Like you say there isn’t anything you can do but wait and spend the time researching the next stage. Good luck processing those quotes!
  12. That’s interesting. I have had quotes from both. Arkiplan was very reasonable, Draw+Plan use a third party SE and their quote was quite high. I’m a little unsure what we should do next. It’s just a real shame our architect is no good. He has made so many mistakes and we have had to fight tooth and nail to get him to make any changes we wanted. We just couldn’t use him again, it would drive us mad! I don’t suppose you would want to share the architects you are using with me? They sound good?
  13. Hi Indy, hope you are having a good break. We were told the waiting time at Elmbridge is about 5 weeks, so hopefully you will hear soon. Our plans have been validated, but we need to check a few things with them first before it goes live, but should be any day now I hope! I had a look at timber frame, but my husband is pretty set on brick and block, so I think that will be the route we take. Wow 46 pages, I had no idea there was that much to a quote! I think we are probably going to ask for quotes to first fix and then complete the rest ourselves, not ideal but I think the cost will be too prohibitive otherwise.
  14. Just thinking about how we go about getting our tender docs completed and feeling a bit overwhelmed. I am thinking we have two options- a) Use an online company to draw up the building reg drawings, submit to online estimators to get our estimate, programme of works and BOQ, package this together with a tender invitation document ourselves and send out to our chosen builders Or b) Find another architect to do our drawings, presumably work with their own SE to create the tender package Assuming I'm not missing anything from the above, we are more than happy to go with option a) if it saves us money, but not if it might mean it costs us in the long run. I'm concerned if we use an online company is there something I would get from an architect that I won't from an online company? Is there anything I need to consider with option a) that maybe I have not thought about?
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