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  1. We were I believe the first UK residential installation. Retail cost of rectangular units was circa £800 per m2 and shaped units (we have 3) were double that but we negotiated a substantial discount. Not sure what impact exchange rates will have had since then but, if your budget can accommodate it, SageGlass is such an elegant solution.
  2. Google SageGlass. It works for us.
  3. NSS

    New series of Grand Designs

    How much money did the first architect take them for, designing a £500k build when their budget was £250k and then they spent more on several additional iterations of drawings before getting a new architect.
  4. NSS

    Resolution of the window film saga

    Appreciate it's too late for your build, but those kind of costs make the SageGlass solution we used a viable option for anyone facing similar issues and for whom it's early enough to factor in.
  5. That's not a garage, it's an aircraft hanger! 😲
  6. NSS

    Beachside plots in East Sussex

    Instant privacy glass
  7. NSS

    Plasterboard What Thickness

    We've got 15mm throughout.
  8. @lizzie it was about time you had a bit of good news!
  9. NSS

    Grand designs

    Thanks Lizzie. Yes, there are inevitably ups and downs. She's learning to enjoy the good days and endure the not so good ones, but she's her worst enemy in that she tends to overdo it on the good ones and then suffer for it!
  10. NSS

    Grand designs

    Hi Lizzie, really sorry to hear your new home has not had the positive impact on your health that ours has had for my wife. Feel bad for getting your hopes up when I first reported how much better she's been since moving in, and just hope things take a turn for the better for you soon.
  11. NSS

    Grand designs

    Agree with all that, but there are exceptions. Mrs NSS for example spent chunks of her childhood in oxygen tents and bandaged from head to toe due to chronic asthma and eczema. Her allergies have always been bad but she has become allergic to an increasing range of 'things' and her reactions more severe despite being a child of the sixties (so exposed to all the same things you mention).
  12. NSS

    Grand designs

    I don't think anyone is knocking them for trying to do the best for their family, just questioning how they've gone about it. As someone whose build was all about creating the right environment for my wife and her chronic lung and allergy conditions (not to mention multiple other serious health conditions), and as I said over on the other thread, obsessing about low voc materials is irrelevant if you then create so many dust traps.
  13. NSS

    New series of Grand Designs

    Not sure what to make of all that. Obsessing about low voc materials seems irrelevant when there are dust traps everywhere you looked.
  14. NSS

    Food for Thought

    You're obviously not that young or you'd have said "yoofs" 😉
  15. NSS

    New series of Grand Designs

    Never watched it but it sounds like I've not missed much!