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  1. Don't do it! If there's one sure way to ensure it ends up looking like a dog's breakfast, it's to design by committee 😜
  2. Downloaded W3W some weeks ago and it proved useful while on holiday when meeting up with friends in unfamiliar places. Where are you? We're at 'saying.ecologic.rewriting'
  3. If that doesn't work, search for... Carrer d'Olot, 53, 17251 Calonge, Girona, Spain On Google maps
  4. You can see it at the following Google map co-ordinates 41.852128,3.064063
  5. We had 40+ knot winds and torrential early last week (you'll have seen the news of flooding in Murcia) and I guess it must also have a wind sensor as it tilted to horizontal and rode out the storm.
  6. Would happily have obliged Dave, but it's in the property next door to the one we've just been staying at so couldn't access to look. Impressive watching it pan and tilt all day long though.
  7. Total of 30 panels (6kW) tracking the sun and heating the covered pool in front of it.
  8. Not sure, but the installer definitely checked the hardness and then adjusted the unit to suit. I believe it was something to do with the volume between regenerations.
  9. We have a Twintec which I thought to be pretty much identical to the Harvey, but ours can certainly be adjusted for degree of water hardness (and indeed was by our installer).
  10. A little late with this update but we had three days last week when the outdoor temp reached 31C so I ran the floor cooling (15C input) for 4-5 hours on ech of those days. Seemed to work well (combined with the SageGlass) and kept it very pleasant indoors with the floor surface temperature hovering between 20 and 21C.
  11. One of our (many) planning conditions was that we could not occupy the property until we had a completion certificate, so I think they'd have found it pretty difficult to charge us Council Tax before then.
  12. Planning decisions for new builds across South Hampshire (and some other areas) have been on hold now for several months due to concerns about nitrate levels in the Solent and the increase in blue green algae as a result. Various mitigation schemes are being discussed (Portsmouth City Council are even looking at creating massive Oyster beds in the Solent), but it seems like there's little chance of a quick fix. I was speaking earlier today to a small developer who has effectively been on gardening leave for the day past four months, with his current project at a complete standstill (land purchasedn planning app submitted, but no idea of when it may even be considered). One more thing to check if you're looking at the ideal plot - is it in an area where nitrate neutrality will be a pre-requisite of any planning application (assuming they'll even consider it!).