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  1. NSS

    Hybris insulation

    We have 140mm Hybris between the rafters (105mm in the walls) with Hcontrol over, taped, counter-battened and plaster boarded. Works for us, but there are those on here who will tell you it's snake oil.
  2. I think it was more like thermal moss 😉
  3. We did the same Peter. He/she has been sleeping in the house for several weeks, after initially adding leaves to the hay we'd provided. Last night we had a our first frost of the year and for ten minutes (just before 3.30am) he was in and out every 30 seconds or so with mouthfuls of leaves.
  4. Still adding insulation 😉 Cabin_11_08_2019 3_29_46am.mp4
  5. How does that feel, knowing (or at least heavily suspecting) where the money paid to you by one of your favourite clients is coming from?
  6. Welcome @Mischiefsmum Having spent the last 15 years working amongst people going through just what you've been going through, I understand your pain but I also feel your strength, determination and positivity. They are traits that have got you through the last six years, and they'll serve you well as you (literally) build a new life with your daughter. Listen to advice, but trust your instincts - and try to keep a smile on your face 😊
  7. If you take a look at my profile pic you'll see we have relatively small areas of glass. Granted, our circumstances are unusual given that night purging is not an option for us, but you'd be surprised just how quickly the temperature rises, even at this time of year (with outside temperatures in the low to mid teens), if the sun is shining and the SageGlass is switched off. If you have large areas of south-facing glazing, the outside temp is pretty much irrelevant if there's bright sunshine.
  8. Hi @Conor, we ordered our SageGlass around 4 years ago now so the price we paid is probably not a reliable indicator of what it may cost today. That said, it's not cheap, but it is (as I've said before) such an elegant solution. We have several tilt and turn windows which it's installed in, but we very rarely open windows so the cables don't get the stressing of constantly being opened and closed. Whether you could install into bi-folds I wouldn't like to say for certain, but each pane requires a separate cable connection so I somehow doubt it. Even if you could, I'd be concerned about the stress those cables would be under with regular opening and closing. What I can say is that SageGlass is very effective, and (at least to our minds) offers significant advantages over other measures for mitigating solar gain.
  9. Or maybe it's just down to how well (or otherwise) it's been installed. As I've said elsewhere, we have a PAUL Novus 300 and you cannot hear it running in any room in the house, even on boost. Sure, if I go out to the plant room, which sits within the footprint of the house but is only accessible from the attached garage), you can hear it running, but none of that noise (or at least none that is discernable) is transmitted through the ducting to the inside.
  10. I'd really get that air test done before going any further.
  11. @Savage87, forgive me if I've missed something earlier in the thread, but have you had an air test on the property? If not, it may be worth doing so before even considering installing MVHR as, if the airtightness is not great, you may find that no MVHR unit is going to work efficiently.
  12. Depends how you're calculating the return. Remember, it's not just the export tariff that you benefit from, but how much of the energy generated you actually use. If you have an ASHP (rather than a gas boiler) you can use the solar generation to power the heat pump and minimise the amount you import from the grid (and the COP of the heat pump will effectively give you circa 3kW output for every 1kW you put into it).