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  1. We put in Cat6 cabling throughout. Much better bandwidth and very little cost difference.
  2. We have the basic model of the Arlo wireless cameras, lots of them, connected to several hubs. The audible alerts to our phones mean we know when someone sets foot on our driveway, and they're recorded by several cameras before they reach the front door, garage door or side gate. If they seek an alternative approach and hack their way through the dense, 4m high mature laurel hedgerows from neighboring properties then they are again recorded (and we notified) before they can get near patio or back doors, garden shed or greenhouse. Worst case we're not here and they smash their way into the property, the alarm will go off and, you guessed it, they get recorded again. We can view the images and received alerts anywhere we have a 3G or better mobile signal. We periodically move the cameras around (the beauty of wireless), with some clearly visible (as a deterrent) and others more discreetly positioned. Nothing guarantees against intruders, but we feel fairly secure. By the way, we pay no subscription. With Arlo, you have to pay if you have more than 5 cameras on a single hub / account, but so long as you have no more than 5 on each, you can register accounts for different people / each hub installed at the same address 😉 PS: We even use Arlo cameras to keep an eye on the chickens in their coop, and the visiting hedgehogs and othe wildlife.
  3. Welcome Jay. My mother died two weeks after we completed on the purchase of our plot. Knocked the wind out of my sails for a while too. Spent many a moment thinking (hoping) she and my old man (who'd died 20 years earlier) would be proud of what we were doing. I'm sure yours would be proud of you too.
  4. Our greenhouse is 9-sided. I cast a concrete ring-beam roughly to size/shape and then laid engineering bricks to the actual shape. Frame is then screwed into rawplugged holes in the bricks as per pic.
  5. I could do with a boulder like that on the edge of my driveway to stop the F-in-L driving over the shrubs as he attempts a 63-point turn each time they visit.
  6. Really? That wasn't the case when we purchased, and I know of another poster who's had pricing more recently. Who have you spoken to? If you would like me to I can put you in touch with the guy we dealt with.
  7. Ditto, but doubled up (so 100 x 38).
  8. Can't see any indication of rates just yet but may be worth a look when they do. https://www.goodenergy.co.uk/blog/2020/07/27/our-new-heat-pump-tariff-will-make-the-green-homes-grant-scheme-go-further-and-faster/
  9. Outside temp today currently close to 35C Indoor temp steady at 24C SageGlass in full tint during daytime and Active Cooling has been running 24/7 for the last 3 days. Not sure where we'd be without either one, but I suspect it would be a little sweaty!
  10. I would imagine 3 is the target for the design to meet the SAP and hence EPC, but you also need to be aware that differing APT results impact on the type of ventilation required.
  11. If the installation is correctly calibrated then winter sunlight is rarely strong enough to trigger any tinting, but on the rare occasions that it is you can always manually override (just as you can manually tint the glass if you want to).
  12. No problem, and I appreciate it may still not be a viable option for you, but at least you can see (literally) some of the additional benefits it offers.
  13. View in - or rather the reflection when trying