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  1. NSS


    Windows that darken, and you don't even have to press a button (though you can do that too)
  2. Our TF supplier manufactured and erected the frame, but also supplied some of the other materials. The former was zero-rated, but the latter was VATable. Description thereof on the invoices is simply 'building set materials' so we have to provide a breakdown of what that comprised. As for the transport cost, you're probably right, though I claimed it as the rental company said that whilst VAT on the rental couldn't be claimed, it could on the transport (they even put the transport on a separate invoice), but hey ho it's only £28 - the rest is about £6k!
  3. Today, 13 weeks after my VAT reclaim was acknowledged, I receive a letter from HMRC, disallowing a third of the amount claimed. The other two thirds will, they say, be paid within 20 working days, but they require further details before they will pay the rest. For the most part they want a more detailed breakdown of the materials covered on the invoices, a couple of (relatively small) invoices don't actually say 'invoice' (Internet purchases) and one invoice they say doesn't qualify (for delivery/collection of the site office). What pi$$es me off is that they will no doubt take another 13 weeks to 'process' the additional info and another 20 days thereafter to pay the money THEY OWE ME!
  4. I've now been waiting almost 12 weeks since receiving that letter, so don't hold your breath on having the refund before mid/end July.
  5. Just a quick heads-up for anyone awaiting a payment from HMRC, the quoted 6 weeks to process application plus up to 20 working days beyond that for payment is not happening at present. We submitted ours 11 weeks ago so I gave them a call yesterday and it hasn't even been processed yet
  6. NSS

    I was bored

    Let me guess, you ordered a bottle of bubbly...
  7. NSS


    Worth planning fitted wardrobes far enough in advance that walls can be placed to suit the optimum configuration of the system you intend to fit. We based ours on the IKEA pax so have a 2255mm deep walk-in wardrobe that uses 3 x 750mm wide units on either side, and another wardrobe run in a 2555mm alcove allowing 5 x 500 wide doors on 2 x 1000 and 1 x 500 units. By the way, don't be put off of using the extra tall pax units just because IKEA say you need so much (100mm from memory) clearance above in order to be able to stand them up after putting them together. We built them in situ without any difficulty so they go pretty much right to the ceiling (which we also planned for).
  8. Down here we describe a boat as "a hole in the water into which you throw money". Fortunately my RIB resides ashore so no need to anti-foul.
  9. They are indeed, in fact the ex-US Ranger bomb disposal guy who is driving much of it (started by printing new limbs for himself) is the best buddy of one of my very good friends.
  10. The future is diesel https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/industry/diesel-saving-technology-could-make-it-market-two-years
  11. @lizzie, if you know who did the 'as designed' SAP calcs then they should also be able to do the 'as built' and EPC, and if nothing has changed it should be very easy for them to do so.
  12. Great stuff Dave, though I'd rather hoped the 'news' was going to be that you'd sold the old house.
  13. I suspect the 'could I make living doing this' question will have passed (however briefly) through the minds of many of us - it certainly has through mine. If I was 20 years younger I'd possibly have had the energy, but I'd also have had a young family (and all the commitments that went therewith), and none of the financial security required to take the risk. Now that both my financial need and my parental responsibilities have diminished (in parallel with my energy levels), a part-time, low/modest income role that helped to keep me active (in mind as much as body) would be attractive. If that was assisting others who aspire to build better homes, be that for themselves or others, I'd jump at the chance. Customer Advisor at B&Q anyone?
  14. A high PSA count is in itself not a reliable indicator, what is much more relevant is a sudden increase in PSA levels. I'm in a high risk group (significant family history) so have had regular PSA checks for years. Just over 12 months ago, after years of 'steady as she goes, the count jumped significantly. DREs followed, then biopsies. All okay, but count jumped again 6 months ago so they did an MRI. That showed that the area of the prostate that is most prone to cancer looked fine, but the core of the prostate (where only 10% of cancers are typically found) was less clear. Net result is I have to have another PSA count this month and if there's any further increase then they'll do more extensive biopsies. Moral of this, PSA checks may not be perfect, but until there's something more reliable they are better than just crossing your fingers. My brother's PC was caught early thanks to regular PSA checks, and 10 years on he's fit and healthy.