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  1. Yes, and we have used it on odd occasions (for example last year when we had temps hitting 30C+). Reasonably well insulated (circa 0.14 floor, wall and roof, and 0.7 glazing) and Paul Novus MVHR. Also, bear in mind that we have relatively modest glass areas - more than you might find in a typical developer built home but we don't have huge glazed walls. Using SG for the latter would not only be expensive but may not be as effective in reducing overall solar gain so I would suggest active cooling may be essential.
  2. Then I can only tell you that he's talking out of his anal orifice. Just taken this with camera held virtually parallel to the glass.
  3. Indeed, and no as I got rid of the Jag last year 😉
  4. This spell of exceptional sunshine has exposed a flaw with SageGlass. It reflects so much sunlight that it's scorching the lawn in front of the main south-facing glazing! 😎
  5. Pretty effectively. We do have active cooling available should we need it but very rarely have, and not so far this year despite day after day of clear skies in recent weeks. Note also that we don't open windows, not even at night. As for the view out, even on maximum tint you can see out clearly (but not in), it's just tinted glass after all not shutters or blinds that completely obscure any view out. We had one faulty unit (pane) on install but this was replaced without fuss. Tech support is great and after the first couple of years we had them (remotely) tweak the light values at which some of the glass tints as we felt it needed to happen a bit earlier (ie we'd had to use the active cooling a few times). Not sure if Internorm would you now deal direct with SageGlass or not. We were Internet's first customer (at least in the UK) to specify it and had to order the glass direct from SageGlass and the frames from Internorm. No idea where pricing sits now relative to what we paid then. One note of caution with blackout blinds. We looked at having Duette blinds installed on bedroom windows but the supplier refused to fit blackout ones due to the foil back reflecting heat back onto the 3D glazing due to concerns about causing such units to fail. Hope all that helps but feel free to ask if you have any further questions I may be able to assist with.
  6. I have indeed, for over 3 years now. Happy to answer anything if I can.
  7. Welcome, and don't think of them as mistakes, think of them as part of the learning experience 😏
  8. LOL, talk about a prickly relationship.
  9. Another vote for Cuprinol anti slip. Our decking has been down for a couple of years now (plain/ungrooved) and remains slip resistant.
  10. Update: We've suspected for a while that we may have more than 1 hedgehog in residence, but have never seen them both in the same image, until tonight. Maybe the patter of tiny feet will entertain us over the next 12 weeks. Note: second one can just be seen in the entrance to Hog House. Cabin_20200323_205035.mp4
  11. So the item is due into the retailer in Germany by the end of next week. Had planned to turn the trip over into a leisurely few days away but, given the escalating Covid-19 situation, it's now going to be a dash there and a dash back.
  12. As Jeremy says, rats are pretty much everywhere, but our camera has been triggered by motion literally hundreds of times (probably thousands) by hedgehog, mice, badger, fox, squirrel, cats and a variety of different birds, but only once has it been a rat.
  13. So if you get a month's rain in a day, and then it rains again in the same month, surely what you had wasn't a month's rain? 🤔
  14. I love the smell of solar gain in the morning 😎
  15. The downside of cheap building land, Dave 😉