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  1. Yes, we're happy. There are those who doubt the performance claims for multi-foil products (ours is Actis), and we've not lived in properties with other insulation for comparison, but it does what we expected. Easy and (importantly for us) very clean to install.
  2. Ah, the "cool looking green straps" is in fact just green garden twine stapled to the rafters 😎
  3. Not sure which picture you're referring to?
  4. Surely it should be everyone's business if the intention is to evade paying the tax that would otherwise be due.
  5. Haven't read every word in the thread, but not seen any mention of the other consideration that will increasingly need to be made - cooling. Our heat pump is primarily there to heat water and space, but can also cool the space and would be used to do so far more but for the fact that we have SageGlass.
  6. We have 165m2 with u-values of 0.14 (walls/roof), 3G windows (circa 0.7u), air test result of 1.6, 9kw Panasonic Aquarea T-Cap monobloc, 4k PV, power diverter, and our total import from the grid (no gas) is circa 5.2mW per annum (about £700). Your air test will certainly be hurting your consumption, as will having no PV, but even so £200+ per month seems high to me. Oh, and we heat our DHW to 55C.
  7. I'm not sure the consistency argument can be applied if the regs have changed since then. Try speaking to the Fire Service maybe?
  8. Not saying this is the reason, but you may have fallen foul of the access width required for fire appliances. That requirement may not have existed when the previous development was approved.
  9. It uses clamps, but the voltage can be selected in settings. Currently set at 245v as per the indicated voltage shown on the SE inverter.
  10. Very long story which I won't bore you all with, but our Efergy Pro finally went live earlier this week. Initial observations are that the figures it displays do not accurately mirror those for a) generation as indicated by SolarEdge, nor b) grid consumption indicated by the smart meter. Hopefully this is something that can be fine-tuned to be more accurate but I'm awaiting a response from tech support so will report again as to whether this is resolved. In the meantime, what it is does appear to show is that we (so far at least) utilise far more of our PV generation than I imagined - at just over 96%
  11. I know it's SageGlass, mine was the first residential property in the UK to have it (or at least that's what SageGlass told me at the time).
  12. I doubt it could be used on bi-folds anyway due to the requirement to run cable to each individual pane of glass.
  13. Agile rates have been up with the recent cold snap but tomorrow's rates are off the scale!!!