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  1. NSS

    Insulating under cabin floor

    It's this one... https://www.simplylogcabins.co.uk/norland-newark-1-log-cabin-p573
  2. NSS

    Insulating under cabin floor

    The bearers are 70 x 45mm (doubled up at front and rear edges) spaced at circa 470mm centres.
  3. NSS

    Insulating under cabin floor

    Not really as the bearers are set low so as to minimise the threshold height to make wheelchair access as easy as possible.
  4. NSS

    Insulating under cabin floor

    Except that would make the floor higher than the door threshold 😉
  5. NSS

    Insulating under cabin floor

    There'll be no danger of rats or the like getting under it, and the bricks on which the bearers sit provide a convenient 'lip' to sit the boards on so no need for supporting battens/wire either. It will get damp under there though so main concern is for something that won't absorb moisture and then 'droop'.
  6. NSS

    Insulating under cabin floor

    Thanks, but need to do it this week so offcuts are probably not an option, and not sure I want all sorts of insects nesting in rockwool or the like.
  7. Building a 'log cabin' in the garden and, having laid the bearers today I'm debating whether to add some under floor insulation. Should be a doddle to fit between the bearers as they're raised on brick padstones (see pic). Question is what (Celotex/Ecotherm/etc) and where to buy cheaply? Only need 3 off 2400 x 1200 x 70mm sheets.
  8. So pleased to hear you're at last starting to feel the benefit @lizzie, you must have begun to wonder whether my accounts of how it's helped Mrs NSS were fairy tales! Yes, if anything she's benefitting more since she was medically retired last year (the osteoarthritis finally did for her efforts to keep working part time) as she spends more time in the 'bubble'.
  9. A little anecdotal addition to this thread (on the original topic rather than kimchi!). My wife had a group of old friends round on Thursday evening, one of whom is an asthmatic. As she arrived she was clearly wheezing and said she was currently on steroids as her asthma was particularly bad at present. Four hours later she left, reluctantly, having not needed to take her inhaler once whilst in our house. As she left, she said to Mrs NSS, I didn't think it possible, but I now see why this place has been so helpful to you.
  10. Just bear in mind that there are times of the year when Solar Gain is good to have. Blocking 70% all year round may reduce the chance of overheating but also means you may need to have heating on when it wouldn't otherwise be necessary.
  11. I'll have pint of whatever you're drinking 🍺
  12. So long as the insured (rebuild) value is correct they couldn't give a damn, and I could argue that as we never open a window (and hence cannot leave one open accidentally) our house is more secure than many.
  13. It's not cheap, but it is very effective, and has the added bonus that you can still see out of the windows even when fully tinted. As mentioned, not a privacy solution at night when lights are on inside, but we have a fair bit of south-facing glazing and SageGlass does a fantastic job of controlling solar gain. Not sure of current pricing but budget for circa £1k per square metre (excluding frames) and a bit more if any of your glass is (like ours) irregular shapes.
  14. The couple had obviously watched that many episodes of Grand Designs that they thought such a staircase was mandatory in new builds 😉