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  1. Article in Autocar today on 'real' range of current EVs https://www.autocar.co.uk/slideshow/what-range-do-electric-cars-really-have With cost per mile based on charging cost for each
  2. I don't disagree that Tesla have done a phenomenal job in getting to where they are, and they have certainly led the way until now, I just don't think they've achieved the critical mass needed to compete with the big boys once they get their acts together (and that is happening VERY rapidly). The Model 3 needed to be available a year earlier and priced cheaper to give them the volume needed to become a mainstream player. By the way, Model 3 owners will (according to media reports) have to pay to use the Tesla charging network from day one, with the first deliveries into Europe (2nd half of 2019) being the more expensive (£45k +) variants only, by which time I suspect you'll be able to buy similarly priced German badged models.
  3. It's not just the Koreans, VAG, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, et al will have multiple EV models in their showrooms by the end of next year / early 2020 and the likes of Ford, GM, Nissan and Toyota are throwing huge sums as they play catch-up. And what they all have over Tesla is decades of mass-production experience and extensive dealer networks.
  4. if I had a spare £70k i'd buy an I-Pace in a heartbeat and, with all the big players bringing similar offerings to market within the next 12 to 24 months, even the Model 3 will struggle to hit the sales volumes necessary to give Tesla sufficient foothold in the market to become anything more than a niche player.
  5. NSS

    Sunamp container bulging

    Download available from here https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/SC293690/filing-history
  6. And this thread is now descending to the depths which I thought there was a no politics rule in place to avoid 🤔
  7. NSS

    Sunamp container bulging

    Yes, I had a read of their most recent annual report last night. Interesting stuff.
  8. NSS

    Sunamp container bulging

    Can't say I've paid too much attention to the various Sunamp threads previous to this one as our build was too far advanced before I became aware of their products to consider them. That said, I'd assumed they were a relatively new business (if not a start-up) but I see they've been around somewhat longer than I'd imagined. So have their current products just been a long time in development, or are they second or third generation offerings?
  9. NSS

    Internorm suppliers

    We used EcoHaus Internorm and had some issues but all sorted to our satisfaction in the end. In fairness, ours was a far from straight forward job (due to the SageGlass element), but that was over 2 years ago now and who knows how they may have improved (or indeed the reverse) since. My gut feeling at the time was that they were growing faster than they could cope with.
  10. Typical standby time for most smartphones is 10 - 15 days. I absolutely pummel mine and only need to charge it every 2 days or so.
  11. But any smartphone battery will also last a month if you only switch it on once a week.
  12. NSS

    Sunamp container bulging

    Simple fix, remove the neoprene and fit Actis Hybris instead
  13. Blackberry Key One. All the best bits of a BlackBerry, but uses Android
  14. If you really meant to put x type, there's no comparison. The x-type was a mondeo under the skin.
  15. I drive a Jag XE 2.0TDi 180PS R-Sport. Done 24k in 2.5 years, mainly over short (under 5 mile) journeys. Overall average is 50.2mpg but best on a longer run is 88.1mpg. It's Euro6 compliant so is relatively clean and drives better than a comparable 3-series or C Class too (according to most motoring reviewsy.