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  1. NSS

    Where's it all going?

    There is, but it's on the outside wall of the kitchen and not leaking. I only hope that SW are half as understanding if it turns out to be a meter fault!
  2. NSS

    Where's it all going?

    Probably have room to install a meter after the stopcock so may have to try that. Circa £25 for a meter is small beer compared to the £436 they've just been billed for the last 6 months!
  3. NSS

    Where's it all going?

    Have any of our plumbing experts come across such a situation before?
  4. NSS

    Where's it all going?

    Thing is the issue seems to be getting progressively worse, suggesting (if it is the meter) that it's not merely calibration but increasing inaccuracy.
  5. Here's the issue. My daughter and her fella currently live in the house we lived in while we built the new one. It's 3-bed townhouse with concrete floors on all levels. Over the last 18 months (three water bills) average daily usage has increased from circa 330 litres per day (bill this time last year) to 460 litres per day (last August) and now 640 litres per day. The rise last August was unexpected so I investigated and replaced the flush valves in the toilets and the seals between the cisterns and bowls as they were leaking. I also checked all taps, etc and there was no sign of any other leakage. The latest rise was therefore completely unexpected so I've taken another look. With the stopcock turned off the meter stops, so it's apparently not a leak between the meter (at the front of the house) and the stopcock (under the sink at the rear of the property. However, due to the concrete floors, all pipework appears to run up into the ceiling void between ground and first floor (and on upwards from there). We reckon actual usage is probably circa 300 litres per day less than the meter shows, and 300 litres per day would have flooded the house never mind shown a damp patch somewhere (there is none). So, I spoke to Southern Water and suggested I'm suspicious that the meter is faulty. However, they say (because the meter stops when the stopcock is closed) that it can only be a leak in the property and, unless I can prove otherwise they will not check the operation of the meter. Any suggestions as to how I can check it myself would be much appreciated, cheers!
  6. Thanks for that. Looks interesting but, as you say, may be a little OTT for my purpose. I'll bear it mind though 👍
  7. Bit of an update, I've been in touch with Efergy and they tell me they hope to have just such a product in the near future (possibly within a few weeks). I understand it will be similar to their E2 model but able to report on PV export. Will post again when/if I hear more.
  8. NSS

    Timber stain

    We used Sadolin Superdec Satin. Extensive range of colours but can also be ordered in any RAL colour. Painted our fascia/soffits in 7016 ordered from Buypaintsonline.co.uk and found them to be very reasonable on price and quick delivery. We painted ours close to 3 years ago now and still looks perfect.
  9. NSS

    Timber stain

    What sort of colour are you wanting Russell?
  10. As I've said before, our build spec was driven by the need to create the most appropriate environment (air quality primarily) for my wife's conditions, and most importantly to be able to maintain that environment year round (or at least to avoid large swings). We seem to have got it about right. Relatively low energy input needed to maintain a comfortable temperature inside when the outside temperature is low, yet little need for active cooling on all but the most sultry of summer evenings, without having to sacrifice the views out to combat solar gain.
  11. Yep, have seen those but reviews are very mixed with many complaining about poor accuracy and annual or biannual fee to access data.
  12. As the title suggests, I'd like to be able to monitor/record energy usage (including PV export) but without having an energy company supplied smart meter. Can anyone suggest/recommend a suitable device, please?
  13. NSS

    Hampshire (self) build

    And SageGlass
  14. NSS

    Amazing spaces

    Got to admit I admire all you caravan dwellers. Wasn't an option for us due to wife's health so we were fortunate to be in a position to buy a house to live in whilst we built the new one.
  15. NSS

    Amazing spaces

    I once watched a Ukrainian tap dancer break his leg. He fell into the sink.