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  1. Welcome Matt. You don't say where the plot is, but if you think similarly sized properties would be worth 1.5 to 2 million then I'd wager it will cost far more than £350k to build. You both work (and will presumably need to continue to do so to service a mortgage) so you're going to have to pay someone else to build it if you want to be in in a year. Depending on the size and spec you're probably looking at between £1,500 and £2,500 per m2 to build. Even at the low end £350k gets you something not much more than 200m2. Even in 6 acres, that would need to be somewhere VERY desirable to be worth £1.5 million plus.
  2. NSS

    Hi from Ted

    30 years ago I had the gonads, I just didn't have the money. The trick is acquiring sufficient funds before you reach an age when you lack the energy or become so risk averse that yours gonads have gone into hiding. Do it before it's too late, and good luck!
  3. By the way, I'm not suggesting SageGlass is the right solution for @tanneja, just one that he/she may not have considered. Our requirements were unusual due to the need to avoid having to night purge making SageGlass the perfect (if expensive) solution in our case.
  4. Fair enough, but the OP has 17m2 of south-facing glass so I don't imagine getting a good amount of winter solar gain or good light transmitting will be an issue regardless of the glass type.
  5. But again, if you have lots if glass then the need for a high percentage light transmittance is less of a problem.
  6. Why would you see that as an issue in a well insulated, low energy house? Bear in mind I live on the South Coast not the frozen wastelands north of Winchester 😎
  7. But I'm not talking about Solar glass, but SageGlass and when not tinted you'd be hard pressed to see any difference in the view out between it and ordinary glass. Edited to add pic. Full tint (96% of Solar Gain blocked) v clear.
  8. Nope, you can still see out clearly, just through a tint.
  9. Okay, but blinds will also make it darker inside, surely, and when closed you can't even see out of the windows.
  10. Yes, it works very well for us, though we have nothing like your 17m2 of South-facing glass. For us it was the most apt and elegant solution but, as you'll have read, it comes at a cost. We were very fortunate as the first UK residential site to get a hefty discount. If we'd had to pay the full price we'd probably still have done so and almost 3 years of use has only made me more convinced it was the best solution for our particular situation.
  11. Bear in mind that solar gain may be your enemy in summer (perhaps more so in late spring and early autumn), but your friend in winter. Any fixed or film coating will not recognise that.
  12. Looks like a ridge tile?
  13. Welcome, and make sure you sort out CIL liability/exemption before doing ANY work on site!
  14. Depends how fresh (clean) the air is outside your window.