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  1. We had a major issue with the electrics just after we occupied our house. The electrics would trip at random times of the day for no reason. All tests in the house came back as normal and all external tests by SSE came back as normal, this went in for 3-4 weeks, they re cabled our pole, checked out the electrics in all the local barns and farms to try and resolve. . It turned out it was the neighbours sewerage pink was going to earth or something whenever it switched on and trippping our electrics when it happened which was why it was happening at random times. Just thought I would mention as it could be something completely random and un thought of causing this.
  2. Mikey_1980

    Self build estimate

    i have listed our estimate below, there were extra things we got done along the way so I think it was around £19k we ended paying, but couldn't fault him and his team for workmanship/attitude and being able to work around delays etc. It was basically a 300 m2 Bungalow although there was a two story section which housed a bathroom and ensuite. Plumbing works Pipework: Supply/install 22mm cold pipework, reducing to 15mm at sanitaryware/appliances. Supply/install separate cold water pipework from internal cold mains to 2 no sinks, 2 no outside taps (for future water softener compliance). Supply/install 22mm hot pipework, reducing to 15mm at sanitaryware/appliances. Secondary return hot water system, with pump/timer. Supply/install 32/40mm waste pipework for sanitaryware/appliances. Supply/install 100mm above ground soil/vent pipework for 5 no locations. Supply/install service, air admittance and check valves, fittings, waste traps and 19mm thick hot/cold pipe lagging. Sanitaryware: To install only, the following sanitaryware in positions as shown on drawings: Ground floor: WC cloakroom - 1 no basin/pedestal/mixer tap, 1 no WC suite c/c. Ensuite 1 – 1 no basin/pedestal/mixer tap, 1 no WC suite c/c, 1 no wetroom shower tray, 2 no shower glass side panels, 1 no shower valve/riser set. Ensuite 2 – 1 no basin/pedestal/mixer tap, 1 no WC suite c/c, 1 no wetroom shower tray, 2 no shower glass side/end panels, 1 no shower valve/riser set. Bathroom – 1 no basin/pedestal/mixer tap , 1 no WC suite c/c, 1 no bath/bath filler, 2 no side/end bath panels, 1 no shower valve/riser set, 1 no bath-shower screen. First floor: Ensuite 3 – 1 no basin/pedestal/mixer tap, 1 no WC suite c/c, 1 no wetroom shower tray, 2 no shower glass panels, 1 no shower valve/riser set, 1 no free standing bath/bath filler. General: Pressure testing as works progress. Plastic pipework/fittings, with visible copper tails to be used throughout for hot/cold supply. All works carried out to comply with water regulations and left in satisfactory working order. Tiling works Ground floor: WC cloakroom – tiled floor, splash back above basin. Ensuite 1 – tiled floor, fully tiled in shower area, splash back above basin. Ensuite 2 – tiled floor, fully tiled in shower area, splash back above basin. Bathroom – tiled floor, fully tiled in bath area, splash back above basin. First floor: Ensuite 3 – tiled floor, fully tiled in shower area, splash back above basin. General: Supply flexible tile adhesives and grouts. Standard wall and floor ceramic tiling (no mosaics, borders, patterns/designs, porcelain/natural stone) in the bathroom, WC cloakroom and ensuites, supplied by client.
  3. Mikey_1980

    HMO wifi

    I would go wired with a switch and access points if you can. If it’s going to prove difficult though, my friend has 3 of these installed in an Old 3 story Victorian town house and they work well. I have never had any issues connections and using the Wi-fi via them. https://www.rselectricalsupplies.co.uk/bg-nexus-metal-brushed-steel-2-gang-wifi-range-extender-13a-socket-with-usb-and-grey-inserts-nbs22uwrg_16809?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-9GShKDs3QIVioaRCh0jtQvkEAQYBSABEgIZ4PD_BwE
  4. We hired a Caravan for our build, we had it for around 4-5 months and cost around £2k including delivery/collection siting etc.
  5. Mikey_1980

    Aluminium Window Cill (sill) covers : supplier

    I can second spectrum, we got a lot of bits from them including cills.
  6. Mikey_1980

    Ho hum - time to remedy.

    We used ideal work for ours, it has been down two years and still looks great, cost fully installed was around £75m2, https://www.idealworkuk.com/
  7. Mikey_1980

    Unusual P2P case

    They could just defer the payment of the stamp duty HM Revenue & Customs requests that stamp duty be paid in the 30 days after contracts are signed in a house purchase, but what happens if you don't? Well, if you pay the tax up to 12 months after the contracts are signed then HMRC will levy a small fee – 10% of the duty - capped at £300.
  8. Mikey_1980

    Electrical socket converter question

    Thanks all, I will have a play with a double gang box for now and see if it will work. It’s a new build flat, approximately 6 years old so the electrics are all standard nothing has been altered or played with since it’s been built.
  9. Mikey_1980

    Electrical socket converter question

    Hi, its just a single gang box at the moment, which is a switched spur for a built in dishwasher. I just wanted to add a socket to run a coffee machine because it’s the most convienient location. And its in a a tiled wall which is why I was looking at the conversion plates.
  10. Hi, does anyone know if is possible to get something similar to the below, but instead of two sockets one is a switched spur and the other a normal socket? https://www.screwfix.com/p/schneider-electric-converta-socket-1-gang-to-2-gang-polycarbonate/12849?tc=CA2&ds_rl=1248181&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1249481&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIt4-2k-iv2AIVp7DtCh3CagB0EAQYASABEgKkdvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=COC3osfor9gCFTKI7QodSwMHPw
  11. Mikey_1980

    Structural warranty

    @Barney12 yes ours was the Kore system, not future found and was designed by Hilliard.
  12. Mikey_1980

    Structural warranty

    @Barney12, that’s strange as they had no issues at all with our passive slab. They were actually very impressed with it that another person from LABC came out to see it, out of interest. We took our policy out in November 2015.
  13. Mikey_1980

    Structural warranty

    We went with LABC for our MBC timber frame house of around 300m2, 5 bedrooms and used the local council BC for building regs. Both were easy to deal with and LABC picked up a structural issues which are Local BC missed and MBC rectifies quickly. I am pleased we had two different people inspecting it at different times, plus are architect as well who we paid £150 a month to inspect to structural competition so he could issue an architects certificate as well. They each picked up various things but we had no problems or fights trying to prove anything to them and everything was resolved easily and quickly. Are architecht was onsite most days as he only lived round the corner and had never seen the MBC build method before but no recommends it highly to people.
  14. Mikey_1980

    Lighting bollards

    We got all our external lights from lights.co.uk, we have 4 which are similar to these https://www.lights.co.uk/motion-detector-pillar-lamp-belen.html, and after 18 months there is not deteriation to the stainless steel but I know they have corrosion resistance ones on there. Shipping was fast and you can get 10-15% back via Quidco sometimes.
  15. Mikey_1980

    Anyone used Magic man for window repairs?

    I can vouch for magic man too, our repairs were covered by the window team that we used, did an excellent job on scratches and a dent to the frame on our RAL7016 colour windows, I have no idea where the dent is externally on the frame that was damaged. Internally where they repaired the white wood, you can sort or spot the repairs, this is because you can sort of see the grain pattern which where the repair has been made you can’t.