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  1. Gary G

    Render Board Installition Guide

    @Pete which board did you fit and was that parex ehi render?
  2. Gary G

    Render Board Installition Guide

    I’ve spent ages looking at boards and think I’ve decided on bluclad (also feedback from trades is its easier to work with which might interest you if fitting yourself) Ive had two render prices for attached- works out about 100sqm. Coming in at £6800-£7500 for render materials and labour. My carpenter has battened and will be fitting the boards, labour only £3700! So I’m basically looking at about £13k (inc boards) to complete the ground floor only, by comparison Marley board on the first floor is about £3k cheaper for a larger area! Regs_Gray_B_L02_(Elevations).pdf
  3. Gary G

    Render Board Installition Guide

    I’ve found it. Bluclad Exterior render board.pdf
  4. Gary G

    Render Board Installition Guide

    Having said that, I’ve now attached the cert and there’s not a huge amount regarding fixing!
  5. Gary G

    Render Board Installition Guide

    Many idea of a rough price per sq m for applying the Weber MT system to a render board? OP, I’m about to complete my timber frame with Bluclad and Weber’s MT system, all details are on the systems BBA certificate I think. Have you had any quotes for the render? I’m looking at approx £68/sq m for rendering (excluding board fixing by others) weber.rend MT Siniat Bluclad.pdf.pdf
  6. How did you get on Rusty? I'm a bit concerned about this now as my new build is TF with Marley cement weatherboard to first floor an render to ground (Aquapanel and ..?)
  7. Hi all, having trouble getting a system and contractor for ground floor render and wanted to fully clad (see planning drawing). I emailed the planner and he advised a Variation Of Condition application but thinks it’s not in keeping. I want to get the house water tight ASAP, wondered if too risky to fully clad and then put in the application and hope? Currently; Regs_Gray_B_L02_(Elevations).pdf
  8. Gary G

    Kitchen design

    Just had a look at your blog, very nice! I take on board your point regarding not having to move all round the kitchen. I think I'd like the island to be a breakfast bar with some stools then theres also a dining table in the open plan bit. I found this picture which looks very similar in terms of space as my kitchen...
  9. Gary G

    Kitchen design

    I've attached the drawing my architect did and wonder what peoples thoughts are on the layout? I will be using DIY Kitchens for the actual units and they don't have a design service, don't really want to waste local companies times having them produce designs but I suppose it's not the worst idea. Anyway, keen to hear others thoughts, cheers. Regs Grey B L04 (1).pdf
  10. Gary G

    Cladding options Marley board and render?

    House is approx 13m x 8m so call it 100sq m and it's two storey. No idea about K Rend, what are the alternatives?
  11. Gary G

    Cladding options Marley board and render?

    I was hoping for around half that cost and a maximum budget of £30k to clad the exterior. Working on a materials only price now. To be honest wish I hadn't gone 50/50 split on finishes as it complicates things a bit.
  12. Hi all, My original drawings (attached) show Marley board to first floor and render to ground, however, I've had a quote for this come in and its eye watering! £42,000 to be precise. That is supply and fit of Marley lap and K Rend onto Aqua panel. Any suggestions for cheaper alternatives? Regs_Grey_B_L02_(1).pdf
  13. Cheers guys. Well the TF co are kindly hiring bean bags FOC but delivery £200/each way! Still working on plates.
  14. Hi all, any idea where I can hire 4no 2400x1200 road plate to provide outrigger support? Also need a fall arrest/soft landing system?
  15. Gary G

    Scaffolding Checklist? Do we have one?

    Scaffolding for my timber frame build came in at £5000- 2400sq ft 4 bed detached with detached garage- Bedfordshire. Quotes varied hugely!