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  1. Fantastic, Thank you @newhome and I agree, so far the main thing that has caused me issues is supply & fit -some companies have looked at me like I’m on the take asking it to be zero rated and others just flatly refused. I am dreading compiling our claim 🙈
  2. Triple07

    4: Foundations Part 1

    Exciting times!
  3. Haven’t seen or heard from the old company, recon they have cut their losses and ran! The new company’s price for the bit that had to be supplied again and fixing the island was only slightly more than what we had left to pay to the old company so if they do try to ask for more money at least I can counter claim for that...and the new carcasses we had to buy, the worktops were so unsteady we are lucky it was such a sh*t job cosmetically that we checked 🙄 I can’t express how good the new company were, they fixed the other company’s work on the worktops that weren’t a *too* bad and redone what couldn’t be saved, really went the extra mile... well about 200miles up from Glasgow. Don’t know if we are allowed to recommend companies but Sigma Stone ltd from Glasgow were the excellent company (actual stonemasons with a background in memeorial headstones for many years)
  4. Triple07

    fire in the house

    How awful and scary for you @lizzie, crazy what people are capable of when the adrenaline gets going tho! Take care
  5. @AliMcLeod, no it wasn’t resolved from the original company, but I got a new company in that re-templated the larger L shaped part around the sink and fitted a new piece of quartz just beautifully, they also fixed my hob cut out on Island which was 35mm out! Looking great now, check the new seams...
  6. Triple07

    Resin drive

    Thanks, it looks so good, hadn’t even considered it until we saw your photos
  7. Triple07

    Resin drive

    Ooh @lizzie, just notice this, lovely, do you know *roughly* how many square metres your driveway is? Thanks
  8. Triple07

    The Build - plaster boarding and insulation

    LOVE the traditional twist design, the stonework just makes it!
  9. Triple07

    Newbie financing advice

    Hi @Jenjen, unfortunately self building is just 100s and 1000s of these kind of decisions and in my experience it’s never gonna be all perfect but at least you get to decide why! We have went with what looks like your option 2, we bought the plot with savings then remortgaged our current home allowing us to stay put whilst building. The intention was to sell the current property to finance the last stage of the build. We are 7miles from site which is handy but at times I do think it would have been easier to be living on site but it’s also been very comfortable and reduced stress staying in our current home. have you thought of where you would stay during the build if you do option 1 and weighed up the financial side of that? Our house is unfortunately still not sold yet so my advice if you do go with option 2 is ensure you have a back up. Good luck whatever you decide
  10. Yep pretty much @Declan52, Kitchen was fitted by ourselves though, timeserved joiner, and it was a quality job... With the exception of a Brickie for decorative stonework, a plumber to install boiler and our sparkie (drew the line at getting zapped), we have done all the work ourselves, this was meant to be a luxury, that someone else was coming in to finish something, to take the pressure off....big mistake
  11. It looks great from afar, the £5k was for the kitchen worktops only and two small runs of worktop in utility room (one 1.4m with sink cutout and one straight 2m) and all upstands, odd thing is the utility is fine, almost like the started well then gave up ? had an email response from the company, asking for photos and stating that they will discuss it at a meeting in the morning. dont know how they could reasonably resolve it to be honest!
  12. Triple07

    Timber Frame Scotland

    There is deeside timber frame too
  13. Nope kitchen was already fitted...and WAS perfectly done
  14. Oh it gets better.... carcasses have been butchered and upstands fitted over end of masking tape strip left from painting, would have taken seconds to peel back.