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  1. This is our first expensive mistake, hard to swallow
  2. Just got our quotes back from retrospective warranty companies and between 5-6k 😳 didnt think we would need a mortgage as have a house to sell but property market very slow, very expensive piece of paper!
  3. @ultramods, can I ask who that’s with? We r just away to start getting k-rend quotes, cheers
  4. Triple07

    Are we there yet?

    Never mind the decor...iv just ordered the Gin....😉
  5. Triple07

    Exterior Colour scheme

    Being from Peterhead, I like the pink granite, just my tuppense worth, but yes I’d keep the rest to a limited colour palate, no need to introduce more colour, although a lighter grey may have kept it “soft” Are the cream houses within the conservation area too?
  6. Most people who have been involved in choosing the process that their Build will take have likely done their research and for whatever reason, they have made that decision based on what is best for them. We chose timber frame, stick built on site, as timber frame is common up here (weather) and we had the skill to do that ourselves (joiner). The brickies laid the base course on top of concrete foundations, and have skinned the build too, it’s what we were comfortable with, as it’s what we know. Thats not to say it’s best. But it was best for us, made financial sense, wasn’t risky. I would speak to others in your area that have just built and ask if happy with decision as you may just get biased, defensive views here. We all like to think we are right 🙈
  7. Triple07

    Window Price Negotiations

    @Alexphd1 that’s right, still at Tullus, but they have extended the showroom & warehouse.
  8. Triple07

    Window Price Negotiations

    One thing that might be worth considering is how u get them off the lorry, delivery was on a flatbed and we had to arrange our own forklift (or tractor telehandler) , might be worth requesting hiab as part of ur negotiations as I overlooked this.
  9. Triple07

    Window Price Negotiations

    We went with Nordan, got quotes from them and Ally at Rationel. Rationel was cheaper, so asked nordan to match, they did and also applied a 5% discount. so went back to Rationel and asked if they could do any better, they rounded off the figure. nordan then agreed to a further discount and also waived the charge for dual colours (different inside from out). we had 45m2 of aluclad glazing, two wooden colour coded doors ( I wanted “grooves” 🙄) and set of French doors was 13kish both really good to deal with but personally can’t fault Nordan, was Calum Sinclair I dealt with there, mainly by email: [email address deleted for privacy reasons - could anyone who wants it please ask @Triple07 for it by private message? Thanks, Jack]
  10. Triple07

    Good or bad

    @CC45 Thanks, these r a couple of months ago, front and side elevations, excuse the mud and the miserable Scottish weather, must get more photos now the scaffold is down.
  11. Triple07

    Good or bad

    We just made up timber ones, just casually slating the roof during thunder & lightning in this photo 🙈
  12. Sorry @jayroc2k, I missed your reply, very helpful, we r still patiently waiting for the house to sell, but will need to make a decision soon so good to have options.
  13. Triple07

    Should I Project Manage Build?

    Hi @ultramods, im project managing our build in Aberdeenshire as well as working full time, doing the work ourselves, and having a young family (and trying to sell our current home but that’s another story!) it’s not easy but it’s do-able and if I thought I was saving £15k it would have been a no-brainer. It is time consuming and at times stressful but if you are organised and able then I can’t see why you couldn’t do it, especially if you are using workmen that you trust. My sister in law started her project with the same architectural Technician as you are using, but they parted ways before the build started and after a redesign with a different firm, went with a custom homes builder who project managed it for her. That worked best for her, she was on a tight timescale. Much like you have said, Im too much of a control freak to have anyone else do my ordering and keep a fine eye on the budget, I make the time to get and compare (and haggle) different quotes, I just don’t believe an AT project manager would do that, especially if he has other projects he is managing or designing at the time. We have time, and are “in the trade” , and already had many trade accounts open, but even the window quotes alone saved over £6k between comparable companies. We also have the luxury of the only people we are holding up,with any delays, would be ourselves. I guess only you know the answer but given that you mentioned the wife is an a accountant, I can’t see it being the VAT reclaim being an issue !
  14. Triple07

    Part G water regs for completion cert

    Had a panic for a moment, thankfully Scotland is only 4.5l max for toilets and 6l max for taps, was thinking I would never get the bath filled with a restricted tap!
  15. Thanks @jack , our house insurance has a £200 voluntary excess and a £100 compulsory... I’m fearing £300 may be our cheapest option! Its not even on our build, it’s on the house we are trying to sell!