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  1. Any recommendations for/against Reynaers CP130/CP155, Sunflex SVG or Origin? Velfac were also on the list but their max size doesn't quite work here.
  2. @Ashdown are the sliding doors in yet Ashdown? Any feedback on them? Looking at them for an upcoming project
  3. Yes the bag captures a lot of it but a lot gets propelled around the room too. It is 'clean' sawdust essentially though so easy to hoover up afterward and doesn't leave unsightly mess everywhere (i.e on freshly painted white walls)
  4. Have used the same thing tennents suggested + a smaller orbital one for the edges. Works great but is VERY dusty so factor that in. Think I did it after painting the room as per your suggestion so I wasn't precious about the odd paint drip landing on the floor.
  5. I did a similar thing a few years ago and left a 50mm gap. I also noticed an abundance of nails poking through the sarking which were holding the slates on the other side in place. The 10mm might be so you don't interfere with those? Presumably the insulation would just get skewered if you didn't have a gap (or a nail might get pushed out?!)
  6. I had a similar project recently that also had almost zero insulation. Fortunately the space between the ceiling joints was already filled with mineral wool. Was doing some other works so insulated between the rafters with rigid PIR board (leaving a ventilation gap behind). Then cross battened and insulated in front. There are certainly other ways to do it though, particularly if you have decided to go in from the outside and take off the slates etc etc.
  7. Any finished photos @Lesgrandepotato ? Looks great and would be nice to see the finished article for some design inspiration!