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    Me and my partner are actively looking for a plot in the Angus area to begin our self build journey. looking to build a 170-200m2 4 bedroom home.

    If anyone has any information/help or recommendations they think might be useful for me dont hesitate to contact me.
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    Angus, Scotland

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  1. Thanks Mark, Do you mean like brand of items or style we like?
  2. Hi group, We are currently looking at bathrooms for our self build can anyone recommend a supplier for bathrooms? We have 2 ensuites,1 shower room and bathroom to design. Thanks Mike
  3. Hi, Can anyone recommend a structural warranty provider who covers Scotland? I have tried protek(currently not providing warranties!) And tried self build zone, (very expensive). Im open to architect certificate but i was told the banks usually like warranties better and i dont want to limit my chances of re mortgage with different providers later down the line. Thank you! Mike
  4. How does this look guys? Thanks in advance
  5. I have passed it to architect, thanks for bringing this to my attention
  6. So even at 0.19 if they have the layer 4 in, it would actually be higher? (0.23 or something)
  7. Architect saying if we change to PIR the u values change from 0.22 to 0.19?? That sound correct?
  8. Of course omg, its been a long day! Im not that daft haha
  9. Yeah sorry i dont mean to call amyone out, i just wanted tp make sure my builder not trying a fast one. So would it be worth having 140mm wool inbetween stud then 50mm of pir then cavity batten? I take it this cavity batten is to keep the cold hard off the plasterboard? Do you require one if you have one on the outside? Obviously we have a 50mm cavity after blockwork.
  10. Im sure the mbc diagram i seen doesnt have insulation on the inside?
  11. Whats that?, they are swapping the wool for pir.
  12. Im looking for those figures in picture above to shpw 140mm PIR instead of the wool. Im hoping to have better walls than 0.22!