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    Me and my partner are actively looking for a plot in the Angus area to begin our self build journey. looking to build a 170-200m2 4 bedroom home.

    If anyone has any information/help or recommendations they think might be useful for me dont hesitate to contact me.
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    Angus, Scotland

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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys! As always this website is brilliant. I think we may just have to find extra cash or another architect who's slightly cheaper. Mike
  2. Me and my partner are currently looking for architects, we really like one but he is a bit expensive and we had a brief thought, (might be stupid thought,hence the post here) Can we use the architect we really like for the design planning stage but then go with a much cheaper person for the warrant or is it best staying with 1 all the way through or what's everyone's thoughts and experiences? Thanks in advance Mike
  3. Thanks guys! I have emailed my local building warrant authority and await there feed back
  4. Hi guys, I read this online to it had got me thinking and wondering if anyone else had done similar. Who is responsible for making sure that new electrical work meets the new Scottish building standards? You are. By law, homeowners and landlords have to be able to prove that all new electrical work and any change to existing electrical wiring meet the new rules. Your local authority has the power to force you to remove or alter work that fails to do this. What should you do when you need electrical work carried out on a property? You have two options: Employ an electrician that is registered with one of the government-approved schemes. These qualified electricians are known as ‘registered installers’; or Let your local authority check and approve the work when it’s been done. We recommend homeowners use an electrician that is registered with one of the government-approved schemes for all electrical work. My my local authority states on there website if you use a governing body for electrical you get a rebate of 100 odd off your building control cost. So I'm wondering if you dont use it they will use that 100 to check it. I have emailed the building control for my area.
  5. Hi, Hopefully doing a self build soon and wondering if my friend who is a spark to trade, if he does our 1st and 2nd fix how do we get it signed off as hes not select registered or that, can you get the building control to sign it off? Hes doing it for very good mates rates so will work out alot cheaper than getting a part p /select registered electrician. Thanks Mike
  6. Hello Recently bought a plot of land and currently doing drawings to hopefully get planning soon We are trying to get a head of the game and look into everything we can - I have recently came across cdm 2015 health and safety on site, has anyone came across this? Has anyone done a self build where they self managed with conttractors is there anything special you have to do? Thanks Mike
  7. Does anyone know if you can claim scaffold containers chemical toilet etc for a self build can you claim that back free of vat? I believe you cant do hire costs but just wondering for things I could hire would I be able to buy them and reclaim? Thanks Mike
  8. Hopefully I can get a a retiree or such like haha someone who's not on sites
  9. They are not cheap brickies, did you buy all materials separate?
  10. Then you have materials on top?? What's the going rate for a breeze block £1 or so ?
  11. Hello everyone, Does anyone know the rough m2 rate for the "outer skin" breeze blocks on a timberframe house? I'm wanting to go down a timberframe house route with a outer skin of breeze block then rendered. Thanks in advance. Mike
  12. Hi Guys, My solicitor confirmed this morning that no LBTT is to be paid due to the fact its under the threshold (145k i think) and no second home tax as it is not a second home its a field with potential haha, but she did note that i cant start building until the sale is fully through as they can then say its a dwelling. (obviously i wouldnt be but just a side note) Cheers guys, i look forward to speaking to more of you in the coming months when i start a blog Mike
  13. Hi guys, Thanks for the help - it will be something i look out for with the council tax, always trying to squeeze the little man - there is people out there who pay no council tax let alone for 2 properties(when the additional property is being built!)
  14. well im buying a plot of land for 80k and i already own a house im staying in while i build my new home, im just wondering if im due anything like second home tax im under the threshold for stamp duty as that is 145k im sure.