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    Me and my partner are actively looking for a plot in the Angus area to begin our self build journey. looking to build a 170-200m2 4 bedroom home.

    If anyone has any information/help or recommendations they think might be useful for me dont hesitate to contact me.
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  1. Hi guys! During your self builds what sort of jobs did you carry out yourself? Is there any jobs you think can be done by ourselfs to save money. I know you have your usual painting and tiling etc that people always seem to do themself but I was thinking what about 1st fix electrics even running cables and having a qualified spark check and 2nd fix? Stuff like that I'm interested to hear about thanks in advance.
  2. Would it not be down to who owns or runs the pipe other than sepa? If I can use it or not. The neighbours on either side were moaning during planning about the pipe being crap and could break etc.
  3. Thanks everyone who has giving guidance and help!
  4. 100% mate. I have emailed my solicitor to see what the specific wording was.
  5. I will look more Into it. I'm pretty sure part of purchasing the plot was to provide my own drainage. Which is why I got a perc test done and found out I would require a mound or puraflo pods.
  6. I should of done this from the beginning guys my apologies. The blue box is my plot boundaries. The red line is the pipe running through the south of my boundary, just inside my plot. as you can see that is were I will need to put my entrance as no other way in. The pipework runs from the left (west) to the right(east) through my plot collection effluent from the houses, my belief is it continues east to a nearby farm then I'm unsure.
  7. I will try upload some photos, I cant fence it off it runs right along my south boundary and that's the only entrance to my plot.
  8. No it's not that, it goes along a load of houses and away. It's going away from my plot.
  9. Hi, From what I gather is the foul water comes out 2 x houses septic tanks along passed my plot and away somewhere likely into a field or something (one down the road that is able to soakway).... I'm assuming as the ground for soakway isnt the best were I am
  10. Hi Peter, From what I believe is the pipe comes from his septic tank then runs past all the houses in the area to god nose were. Replacing the pipework would be out question I think as I'm not sure who would pay for it. I'm looking to just sure up an entrance then forget about it. This has recently just been brought to my attention I have only owned the plot for 8 months.
  11. Hello, At our plot exactly were we will be making an entrance to begin work,the neighbours cesspit pipework runs through (it's just 1 pipe roughly 2ft down) right at the southern edge, hes said we need to watch if were bringing heavy traffic into the plot incase it breaks it as it has broken before with the previous owner(farmer) plowing his field etc. My question Is what can I do to protect it just concrete it ? Or? Thanks in advance.
  12. This is for our foul water the modules are needed for.
  13. Hi ProDave, Yeah he did that failed under the ground so it was ok in the topsoil section, that makes sense what your all saying. So we need 2 of the pods there 2.5k each I think.