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    Me and my partner are actively looking for a plot in Scotland to begin our self build journey. looking to build a 170-200m2 4 bedroom home.

    If anyone has any information/help or recommendations they think might be useful for me dont hesitate to contact me.
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  1. Hahaha true, so would you tank in a walk in shower? But its got a tray? Is tanking different from backer board etc
  2. Thanks Nick - i think its just down to me and the wifes opinion if we want it or not, i worked on sites about 10 years ago and thats what was tiled but it was also nasty stuart milne haha so thought i would ask what the going thing is.
  3. i sit a good living being a tiler? im a painter myself but work elsewhere now as the rates always seemed low
  4. Ok Nod! Well if your saying its the norm its a consideration we will take seriously. What are tilers roughly in cost is it about 35 per m2? Is it more for floors and moisacs etc
  5. Is the green stuff ok or do you need a backer board mate
  6. Any suggestions? It would only be the wet areas were having a walk in shower
  7. Hey group! Tiling wet areas - currently our builder is going to be using green plasterboard but im thinking should we be using some sort of water proof board? Or can you get away with green pb? End of the day tiles should keep it dry but its the incase you dont want everything ruined. Thanks M
  8. 6kw sorry. What you looking at for one mate
  9. i am seeing alot of panels around 20% efficiency? does that mean there losing 80% or ?
  10. what cost were you for this John?
  11. Hi Pro Dave I think i remember you giving me this advice before. Where do you get the Cheaper panels? Ebay or something?
  12. my thoughts exactly give them nothing especially at 1/4 1/5th the price we can buy at!
  13. Hi Group, I have had some topics up before about Solar PV but i cant seem to be able to find it again! , me and my partner are building our own house and we are looking for Solar PV, has anyone experiences with this and any costs? we were thinking a 5/6kw ground system as our roof is taking up by quite a few roof lights, although its not out the question. we have some calculations and wondering if a 60% / 40% split is a good starting point 60% being used and 40% going to the grid under the tarrif scheme at about 4-5p a kwh. We got the PVGIS from someone on here and its saying roughly be 4400kwh at our location with a 5kw system, so i worked out if we split it 60/40 we would have about £1300 saved a year based on 28p per kwh which is the forcast cost of elec come april, and £180 back from feed back based at 5.5p. but the key question is if its likely 60/40 split is a smart estimate, my wife works from home so im thinking thats in our favour and im also thinking if we got the washing,dishes, dryer, hot water etc all done at peak times then it should really help. currently we are due to move in come March/April and were all Electric house with a ASHP. Thanks Mike
  14. hahahaaha 100%.... solar it may well be hahaha