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    Me and my partner are actively looking for a plot in Scotland to begin our self build journey. looking to build a 170-200m2 4 bedroom home.

    If anyone has any information/help or recommendations they think might be useful for me dont hesitate to contact me.
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  1. Sorry yes it would i would think the inspection chamber is right on our boundary before going east which is down hill also so were thinking thats the problem area.
  2. itll go for miles i assume m8, and even then its through some pretty rough looking trees etc, we have replaced our part so i dont see how we are responsible, i had a look back and the planning conditions were we to concreted it in on the driveway which we did and the builder just went and replaced the lot as he was saying its easier as the line was pretty old and knackered.
  3. no idea Dave. im not connecting to it. i assume its a soakway further down the road as the land here was pretty pish for water soaking away hence why i needed a soakway mound thing. so my best guess would be the septic tanks from all the houses around me (not mine though) all somehow are into this pipework line and go down the road somewhere into either a burn or maybe just the land as a soakway
  4. so i vaguely remembered a objection when we originally looked at the planning permission and here it is!! the pipework has previous!
  5. I dont actually know where the neighboring pipework goes, i just know i wasnt aloud to pipe into it and i have to get a sewage treatment plant and soakway
  6. i stay in the middle of no where, well about 10 miles from nearest city, there is only 5 houses about here so no mains sewage
  7. Yeah, im going down the neighbor route first and if there having none of it then it falls back with the builder, im paying nothing towards this lol, i asked him about it last week and he says its a blockage further up the line backfilling into the chamber and now leaking out the top, the neighbor does have alot of trees and shrubbery along his boundary the same boundary the pipe runs along so its sort of inevitable its going to be blocked some how with roots.
  8. my builder changed it out himself without even consulting us, we were told we had to replace and concrete the driveway in anyway so he just done the lot and put in a inspection chamber. it cant be us who have damaged it if its brand new pipework and our part isnt blocked, its further down, well wait for the neighbors response anyway.
  9. the blockacge is out of the shot of that photo we reckon, its not a new pipe further up
  10. pea gravel and all that is down i think this is a proper drainage company that put it in
  11. it did cross my mind haha but i would rather get it sorted for everybodys sake mate, once its sorted, my builder reckons its a blockage further up there line and suggests getting it unblocked and a camera survey done to pinpoint the issues and have it all in writiing but i dont see why i should be paying for it lol
  12. The red is my house boundaries the purple is the pipework it runs from the left passed my garden to the right and away somewhere unsure were its going, the pooling water is occurring at the bottom right of my garden, im thinking the line is blocked further to the right and backfilling into my property, my builder replaced the whole section of line within my garden but further down in the other neighboring gardens its old clay type pipework. see photo 2 of the replacement pipe in my section of land only months ago.
  13. Yes and they have said they will contact there landlord, who is the local farmer(Complete nightmare) hes going to say its my builders fault almost guaranteed but the house is no where near the pipework and the pipework got replaced from my builder and he put in a rodding point and hatch thing.
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