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  1. Thanks all, you’ve been very helpful
  2. We bought a plot with approved PP which we subsequently gained approval for a different design with a different approval number. Is the previous PP superseded by our newer application or can the older PP still be built? We are in Scotland, thanks
  3. Hi, we have a plot South Aberdeenshire that we have PP for a 3 bed build with integrated garage, TF build, due to our narrow access roads. Had hoped to have started by now, but I fear we are being given the run around from the “local” tradesmen with their pricing and the length of time they take to get back to us! We had hoped for a turnkey but looks more likely that I will PM and sub out the work. We aren’t local to the area so going on our architects recommendation, which isn’t proving very productive!! Any help or advice regarding do’s & dont’s would be gladly appreciated 😊
  4. Thanks, you brought up some good points. Apparently we have overestimated for our bathrooms & kitchen, so we’ve saved money already 👍🏻 It’s the final market value of the house when we come to sell it that has dictated our budget. Hence, why we’ve limited ourselves to the home values in our area. Yes, I agree, it is easy to get carried away, but I’m the one who is loath to part with money not my husband, so I am usually quite good at sourcing a good deal. Also design names don’t interest me, as long as the product does what it’s supposed to, I am happy - shoot me down now 😂 I think we have agreed that we will go down the route of me being PM , I am good at organising whereas my husband is the more practical one.
  5. Thanks for this @Ferdinand, a lot to take in & think about. Let me attempt to explain our reasoning 😊 - we have 2 loo’s downstairs, as I didn’t want to have to trail through the house to use the loo, after I’d been out working in the garden. - the balcony from the upstairs lounge was the architect’s suggestion and we kept it as it’s South facing and will allow us to enjoy the summer evenings. - the balcony over the dining room is there for our coastal views, & we have further plans for it once we have the budget. - the shower room off the lounge, jack n Jill style has been done that way, as the lounge will also be used for guests staying over. - the “plant room” in in fact a storage cupboard, as I felt we lacked storage, so utilised some hall space. The Plant will be down in the garage. - I am the only person in our family that likes a bath, & I wanted it in the master room to be more relaxed. - the stairs I can’t answer for, that again was my architects doing - I agree completely about the garage/ entrance way, but we don’t have the room to make it a double, as we have to leave rights of access up the back of our property. - the roof is not the design we wanted, but we had no option as our initial design was rejected by planning for being “too modern & urban” for the area. This is basically what the planners suggested the architect to do, in order for us to pass planning. - one of our suggestions was a corner entranceway, which would have given us a more open hall, which we wanted, instead of the corridor, but was told we didn’t have the room. - As per Scottish Building Warrant rules, a provisional space has to be made for a chair stair lift in every new build. If it comes to it, we will use the area to the side and put in a lift, using the storage area upstairs. Thank you for all your comments & suggestions as every bit of advice counts. I will sit down with my hubby later with a glass of red and think about what you have written & if it’s still possible for us to implement them 😊
  6. @soapstar, at the moment we don’t know who we’ll use for sub contracting, we’d prefer to use local tradesmen if possible
  7. Interesting, thanks for that, I’ll look into them 👍🏻
  8. Sorry, what do you mean by a “fall”? There is going to be a slight step from the hall onto the balcony. This has already been passed by BW & planning. I understand where you are coming from regarding the large glazing, but we are directly on the coast and have a stunning view, hence why the windows have been designed as such. It’s possible to get blinds to suit your window shape, which should help with the early morning sun. We have taken the step to reduce our facing materials, and are putting it by planning to get the ok. Concrete tiles are a definite no go, we have to use slate, as we are in a conservation coastal area. We’ve already had to change our roof design, as it “wasn’t in keeping with the area” 😞 The downstairs shower room is already designed to be wheelchair accessible.
  9. Thanks, but our budget excluding what we paid for the plot is £1300-£1450/sqm
  10. Hi @soapstar, we didn’t receive detailed quotes from either builder, which perturbed me ever so slightly, as I like to know what I’m paying for. Having previously done some homework with our costings, we know that we are being overcharged for some of the products ie the sewage treatment plant is £3k more than if we purchase it ourselves! After meeting with @ultramods, my husband and I have decided to go down the sub contractor route. I will PM the build, along with my husband when he is at home, this will hopefully allow us to build a house within our budget without having to sacrifice some of the design features. Good luck with your build 😊
  11. At present we have 4, but one will be removed if we change the roof type, which will leave us with the 3 finishes that we MUST have as per our planning regs.
  12. The plot has dictated the house shape, it’s triangular, narrow at entrance & the back. We also didn’t want the standard box shape house. It faces the coast, so we wanted to make the most of the views. We don't think it’s that complicated looking at it 😂
  13. Thanks, the solar thermal was in addition to our ASHP.
  14. Our external coverings have been dictated by local planning. We have to stay in keeping with the other houses in the area. We are trying to see if we can limit the more expensive finishes
  15. I understand where you are coming from, but we’ve already taken away some previous rooms. We need the dining room as a future bedroom, as I have health issues, hence why we also have an accessible shower room.