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  1. Hubby works from home during day a couple of days and evenings. So a study is a must.
  2. The bedrooms are all more than 3mx3m so maybe there will be space... although don’t like the idea of jack and Jill en-suite. The shower room on the top floor might help for future years! The eldest is currently only 8!
  3. Thank you for all the comments. The reason for the 5 bedrooms is due to having 4 children. We would like them to have a bedroom each. We are removing the pantry altogether. So the curved wall will go. The lounge is about 21ft x 15ft at the northern end. Will have a look at the utility/WC area/stairs, although I don’t want to compromise the space in the hall too much.... very aware of how congested it gets when 4 children are getting themselves ready to go to school!! Lots to think about before meeting our architect this evening.
  4. Hello, We are awaiting approval for planning and wondered if there were any tweaks to the floor plans we should consider before we give the go ahead for building reg drawings. We are compromised by size of external ground floor footprint and the house has to be built similar to the old Code 6 standards.
  5. Coops85

    Spreadsheet of build costs

    Was it that bad?
  6. Coops85

    ASHP, SUNAMP, UFH, PV Panels

    Thank you very much. This could prove very helpful!
  7. Coops85

    ASHP, SUNAMP, UFH, PV Panels

    The above guidance is very helpful. Around our plot there are a number of houses that have been granted planning permission on the basis that they are built to what used to be 'code 6' standards. So would have PV on every one - This may have influenced the condition!
  8. Coops85

    ASHP, SUNAMP, UFH, PV Panels

    It is a condition on our planning permission... probably shouldn't have said council.... I meant planning officers.
  9. Coops85

    Spreadsheet of build costs

    Peter would you mind if I pm you for this info too please?
  10. Coops85

    ASHP, SUNAMP, UFH, PV Panels

    So did you not need 3 phase for 8.5kW? I am still confused why the council have said we need 3 phase. How many sunamps would we need for 3 bathrooms? 5 bed, 6 occupants. Thanks, I will look into the heat recovery between showers. Sounds interesting.
  11. Coops85

    ASHP, SUNAMP, UFH, PV Panels

    Thank you for all your responses 3 bathrooms with showers of which 2 of those will also have baths. Plus a downstairs cloakroom. We need to be carbon neutral and as part of the SAP calculation produced for the detailed planning application granted prior to us purchasing the land it shows a PV of 10.80 kw. This planning was obviously done to get into the FIT. May need to revise this slightly.
  12. Hi, i am just trying to get to get my head around the renewable sources that have been planned on our build. So am I right in thinking that the PV panels power the ASHP which heats the underfloor heating and the SUNAMP powerd by PV can be used for DHW? We have quite a large large area of PV panels planned as that has been stipulated by the council. We have had to book in 3 phase electrical supply to the site. It is to be a 5 bed house with 2 adults and 4 children hoping to live in it. Does the amount of people using it make a difference on the size/type of ASHP or size/type of SUNAMP? Sorry about what maybe very obvious questions. I really want to have a good understanding of the Renewable gadgets before we start installing/using them.
  13. Noted on the RWH. Thanks. We, well the hubby, is a fairly keen gardener and prefers a green lawn to a brown one... so perhaps it will be a good idea having it...but just for the garden. I think it was only planned for flushing downstairs loo and the washing machine. Although I am not too sure about using that water for cleaning our clothes.
  14. Hi all, I have learnt so much since i started reading this forum, such a great source of info! I thought it rude not to introduce myself and also would like to ask some questions specific to our situation and plans. So... We have a plot of land with planning permission for a house which has conditions on it to be made somewhere close to code 6 on the old sustainable houses code. Our plans are for a house with a ground floor footprint of 124m2 and an approx total of 270m2 over 3 floors. It is a five bedroom house which will house 2 adults and 4 children. In the plans we have an ASHP, PV panels, MVHR, Rainwater harvesting, Sewerage treatment plant. We are currently waiting for our amended plans to get approved by the council before hopefully starting work early next year. Whilst we wait we had hoped to set out a fairly accurate budget. 1. Does anyone have a good budget spreadsheet template for this that we can download and use? 2. Any recommendations for the renewable sources in the house? I have been reading good things about SUNAMP on this forum. 3. With 6 people using the house all the time which is the most effective way of getting enough hot water on demand? 4. I think we are going to need to look at effective ways to cool the house too. Any suggestions?