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  1. From the plumbers PoV it hasn’t been paid once Has he said he will accept the £1500 and walk away? Tis crap, oh well. True. Not that it should matter but this is not a one man band, it's a reasonable sized outfit. Not heard anything yet and to be honest the £1,500 was quite steep for the work that was actually done.
  2. The builder is in administration and from what I understand there is no money so no one, me included is getting anything from him. My main points are I did not choose or contract the plumber for the job, that was the builder. I paid the builder for all the plumbing work done to the point that the builder was gone and some of the work that still had to be done. It's a crap situation but I am not paying for work twice.
  3. I would say for all the work done to that point and about half the work we asked plumber to do after contract ended.
  4. Plenty of others going about if we need them. It's especially galling as we had already paid the central contractor for the work.
  5. Thanks for the responses, I thought this was the case but it's good to have supporting opinions. I'm going to stick to my guns.
  6. We had a contract with central contractor to build our house. This was a fixed price job. We terminated the contract with the builder in November 2021 when we were well through. The builder then went into administration. We got the same plumbing company in to finish, he reckoned there was about £1,500 left of work to do. He has now hit me for £3,500 which includes work he was contracted to do by the builder. This work was invoiced in Feb 2021 and obviously not paid. He is now claiming that the work done before contract termination sits with me. This is money we have already paid to the builder. Any thoughts?
  7. SSEN wanted us to pay 15th/25ths (that's the way they expressed it) of the transformer upgrade cost which came to £3,800. I think that was upgrading a 25KVa to a 50KVa
  8. Congrats on moving in, we're in just over a week and I still jump and investigate at every noise, a dripping shower head had me convinced there was massive leak. Our taps makes a slight noise every 3 or 4 hours, a bit more if we've been using it. I think they are very well insulated, better be anyway.
  9. Thanks Mike, it's been a journey for sure. Thanks, after all this I'm only moving from here in a pine box.
  10. The hard wax we are putting on takes a good few hours to dry before we can walk on it so I'm hoping we can get it done this or next weekend.
  11. Thanks! Optical illusion, path slopes up to the front, honest guv.
  12. Thanks for the positive comments. We often focus on the mistakes and don't take time appreciate all the good stuff.
  13. We bought our plot over 6 years ago and it took until just a few weeks before the first lockdown to actually break ground. It's been an absolute pig of a time but and we are finally in the house, albeit with still a fair bit to do. Thanks for all the help and advice, going right back to the previous incarnation of the forum. I'll no doubt need more in the coming months.
  14. It really comes down to what the building inspector will let slide on the day. The regs specifies mains and a visual display, no mention of it being integrated and no problem with it being on the ceiling. That certainly looks nicer, no mention of being able to record data over the past 24 hours but I would seriously doubt any one is going to care.
  15. It still needs to be mains operated, have a visual display and be capable of logging C02 data for the last 24 hour period. That would rule out the Aico Temperature, Humidity and CO2 Environmental Sensor. unless it can connect to a visual display. It looks like that would mean getting the Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway and connecting it to a laptop. I'm not sure that would meet the easy to use and understand part of the requirements, it's also more expensive than just getting the standalone monitor and having it wired in somewhere on a wall.
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