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  1. There is about £180 million worth of PPE contracts that have been handed to individuals with some sort of link to the tory party. It seems if your sister is a tory lord or you're a mate of Cummings you can restart a dormant company with no trading record in anything and win millions worth of contracts to make PPE. You don't even have to deliver anything.
  2. To be honest I don't know the exact figures we're using a central contractor. I believe it's about £15k for the roof and coming down to the first floor. The house is15m by 6 but one gable end is glass and we have reasonable amounts of glazing on the first floor.
  3. My understanding is that the Greencoat installation company comes on site with a forming machine and cuts and fits everything whereas Tata comes pre-cut. A few of the companies around here have apparently stopped using Tata because they were such a pain to deal with.
  4. We were going with Tata but the price seems to have rocketed and we're struggling to get an installer. Instead we are going for GreenCoat PLX. Did you have any oilcanning issues? Ours is going on the roof and down the first floor which apparently increases the risk of it.
  5. Thanks for the info, I can see us having to replace when the roof actually goes on. Just hoping it keeps the water out in the meantime.
  6. Thanks James that is reassuring to know. Did you tape the seams? I'm concerned about wind getting a hold. Your roof is looking good, can't wait to get to that point.
  7. So it looks like our roof is going to be without the standing seam steel until at least mid December thanks to the COVID. At the moment the OSB on the roof is covered in Daltex MultiTX®Plus but I'm slightly concerned about it surviving the bad weather of north east Scotland , especially as the inside is cracking on with aims tapers in today. Builder seems to be more confident about the Daltex than I am. Any thoughts?
  8. Wow that's a lot of bird strikes. We found this worked well in our last house. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UV-Window-Stickers-For-Bird-Strikes-Decals-Anti-Alert-Collision-Glass-Safe/133507908875?hash=item1f15b1050b:g:N-8AAOSwgFxe5T88
  9. Delivery times are unpredictable to say the least, we're looking at 8 weeks for RK doors and I'm skeptical at that. Greencoat steel for the roof is about the same. We've shelved any plans to give notice on our rental flat this year as I just can't see us moving until January at the earliest. And yes prices do seem to have taken a hike up.
  10. Fakro do them vhttps://www.roofingsuperstore.co.uk/product/fakro-fnu-p209-pine-pu-coated-non-opening-roof-window-94-x-140cm.html
  11. To be honest I left it to my installer. It looks like over the 7 years I will have most of the cost of my heating system paid for.
  12. Are you planning to apply for RHI? If you are I think the rule is that you need to have the system designed by an accredited installer. If that installer models your system and says that you need radiators upstairs then you need them to comply with the rules. We did not want radiators upstairs and had conflicting advice on whether we would need them or not. Finally the heating engineer modeled the house and reckoned we need a few. We have vaulted ceilings in the upstairs sitting room and everything is quite open. The last thing I wanted was to spend all this money on a house and then be cold in the winter for the fairly minimal cost of a few radiators. We also had a wood burner in the plans and decided not to put it in. I'm going back on forth on that decision.
  13. So I think this is one of the main issues for a few of the suppliers we are dealing with, they seem to have lost some of their long term knowledgeable guys. I'm dealing with the head office in Inverurie and the guy there is an old hand. Great guy but clearly picking up the slack from other people leaving. We were dealing with a lady in Dundee who I think is also covering Cumbernauld, Again she was good but it seems like they are all stretched. My builder while at times frustrated with Scotframe still rates them and likes the product enough that he will defend them when I get a bit tetchy with them.
  14. It's starting to get better now but they seem a bit stretched. It seems like some of the their internal communication has been poor over the last lockdown and there are some knock on effects now at the deliver stage. I think they are having issues with suppliers which is also causing some issues. My biggest frustration has been with ADW, agents for Rationel and RK. The windows were delayed a bit which was fair enough but the RK front door delay has had a massive impact on getting cladding etc done. What Scotframe actually deliver has been good but the process has been a bit laboured. I'm getting emails from my contact there into the evening so I think they are flat out. I'm assuming that most frame companies are in the same boat. I've been told that because they are owned by Saint Gobain they have better access to materials, plasterboard etc. but I've no idea if this is true or not. We've not a had a problem (so far) getting sanitaryware and tiles but prices on materials like cladding seems to have taken a real hike up.
  15. They are fairly hardy trees and you have a bit of bark still attached there so you could try and treat it like a graft, depending on the weight of the limb you may be ok. You need to tape the limb back in place and seal the wound with wax. Once you see leaves coming back next year and there is no sign of disease on the wound you cant try taking off the tape and wax. Google grafting a tree limb and you should get some more advice.