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  1. Actually that could be the simplest way, I will give it a go. Thanks
  2. Good idea, that would avoid any slipping mishaps. I'll see if I can borrow some scaffold.
  3. Good point, I don't have an acro but a piece of timber and a trolley jack might to the job.
  4. As you can see from the photo we have a couple of steel stair tread plates bent down, we think it happened during the welding and the fabricator did not notice. I'm thinking of having a go at bending it back to true myself, we're having trouble getting the fabricator back on site. I don't know if putting heat on it then whacking with a mallet is a good or bad idea. I don't want to make it brittle and the heat may well make a mess of the paintwork. Any thoughts on how to go about it?
  5. It might fly but again boarding it may be seen as temporary. Think I'll just have to spend the cash.
  6. That's the other thing I realised last night, painting. I am starting to think a tower may be a wise investment.
  7. It's fitting some pendant lights. I was hoping that all light bulbs could be changed with a pole and a sucker but now we have these things it's a different story.
  8. We asked that and they said anything obviously temporary would not pass, mainly due to the external balcony.
  9. I have to admit I'm not keen on ladders of any type. I'm trying to avoid having the whole rigmarole of a scaffolding tower for a 10 minute job. Outside jobs I can lean the ladder against the wall which is not quite so bad.
  10. I need to get a step ladder that will let me reach the apex of our vaulted ceiling which is about 4.5 meters. I'm looking at these combination ladders that would also let me use it fully opened out to reach the guttering at about 6 meters. I'm a bit confused about the safe working heights and being able to actually open the ladder out in the livign room. Any thoughts on the correct size to go for? https://www.ladders4sale.co.uk/product/hymer-light-trade-combination-ladder-with-stabiliser-bar/
  11. I will check Buildzone thanks, GSI said no as we had started. I'll give them a call, thanks.
  12. We are struggling to get site insurance for the last stretch of job. Our builder is now off the job and we are finishing the rest with other trades. What's left to do is fairly minor, finish off kitchens, bit of plumbing and electrical. The biggest thing is glass for stairs and balconies which is stopping us from getting a completetion certificate. It may take 12 weeks to get the glass done, just because of the order time. Quite a few companies have refused to insure us because it's part way through a build, Build Care through build zone did quote us £750 for 6 months. Does that seem excessive to anyone? We could requote for 3 months but I'm not sure with Xmas and everything we will get it done. Thanks Ralph
  13. At this point I'm glad we do have an architect practice adminstrating the contract and we also fixed price there work. One thing I have discovered is https://www.perlego.com/ have a lot of useful books including a few on JCT contract administration and construction law. It costs £12 a month with a couple of free weeks.
  14. Cheers @Ferdinand It's a complicated one. We have retentions to this point so we are covered. By contract terms we can keep that to finish the house then go after him for more as it's a fixed price job. All depends how the contract is termimated.
  15. The update is that he's not actually been forced into insolvency or administration at this point, he's paid off all his staff and is not doing anything, not even communicating. It looks like we will have to terminate the JCT contract either mutually or using a default clause.