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  1. Thank you, weirdly that does make me feel better.😀
  2. What I wanted was some hinged doors but I could not get any without spending loads and going over budget. I compromised on a sectional thinking it would not look so bad which was a mistake. I guess I'll have to live with it for now. I would take it off and store it so I could sell it as "never used" but it will take me ages to get a replacement. Arrrggh I'm annoyed at myself. I bloody knew I did not like it but just wanted to get something and stay in budget.
  3. I have had a Garador sectional garage door fitted and I really don't like it. It's all fitted fine it's just that the running gear for it going over the ceiling is way more obtrusive than I had anticipated. It looks worse because the garage has been fully plaster boarded and is looking more like a nice room than a garage. What do we reckon the chances are of being able to sell it? I had to wait 6 months to get the bloody thing and I realise I've made a big mistake.
  4. I don't want an areal on the roof and as the roof is metal can't put it in the loft. I'm planning on putting a satellite dish for Freesat on my garage and running cables back. I think that should get me all the channels I want and it's less of an eyesore.
  5. I'm really sorry you are having to go through this it must be a nightmare. First thing I would do is ask for copies of those invoices from him. You need to know where you are financially and if any more trades are going to be pitching up to remove things. With regards to the contract being unsigned. While in most cases a contract has to be signed by all parties it's not always the case. If you have a draft contract unsigned then you both act like you've accepted the terms i.e. he's doing work and you're paying for it you may both be bound to the contract. That obviously goes both ways so could be to your advantage. A few hours worth of legal advice may be money well spent at this stage. Legal action is expensive and best avoided but knowing where you stand could is no bad thing. Deep breathes and chin up.
  6. We did a 5% initial advance which I was happy enough with as the timber frame was quite expensive and needed paid in advance of delivery. I think a 5% to 10% deposit is not uncommon. After that it was staged payments in arrears.
  7. It not being centered on the tile would annoy me more than the tails. I've lost count of the number of times I've looked at my build and said "why the f*** would you put that there?"
  8. Cedral lap would be about £7k and Click £12k for supply only but that Trespa Pura looks very nice.
  9. There seems to be a similar argument up hear with grouse moors. One side wants them re-wilded with millions of trees, the other make the case for continuing burning which gets rid of heather and encourages peat bog. Of course the argument has nothing to do with burning being great for rearing grouse and trees not so much 😀
  10. We are putting in a BioFicient 1. As you can see from the below the plan was for it to discharge to a partial soakaway which will in turn discharge to a stream. The surface water goes to a filter drain then also discharges into the stream. The question is do I actually need the partial soakaway? I've read that you don't for a treatment plant? As I'm in Scotland I looked up SEPA for guidance which refers to Code Of Practice Drainage Fields For The Disposal Of Effluent From Bs En 12566 Certified Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants And Septic Tanks Df-V0.1-2020 at www.britishwater.co.uk This has confused me even more are it states: "The terms drainage field and soakaway are sometimes used interchangeably as if they are the same thing and perform the same function. They do not." Then reads: "Drainage fields, or soakaways in Scotland, are an important component of the wastewater treatment system" and further: "It is essential that as an owner of a Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plant or Septic Tank you do not inadvertently agree to have a soakaway installed, which should only be used with surface water, not with wastewater. "
  11. It looks very likely that's what I will go for.
  12. I know it's location, location and all that but I am always stunned at the cost of plots in other parts of the UK.
  13. That should work then as I would like it on the gable of my garage, I'm running Cat6 between garage and house so running some coax should be fine.
  14. That is a great idea. It also has the added bonus that I can put in a dish myself and don't need a Sky "engineer" coming out tacking cable to the outside of the house.
  15. According to the maps we should be fine for signal. Not many houses about here, some have massive masts some on the eaves. Personally I would just stream what I wanted but I'm not confident the broadband speeds are going to that great. I'm trying to avoid getting something like Sky but that maybe an option as well.