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  1. Oh I can believe it. We're basically surrounded by shooting estates and grouse moors owned by the gentry and while the ones I've met are perfectly nice the disconnect for reality is amazing.
  2. Imagine mowing your own lawn! Some people live in a completely different world.
  3. That's a good idea. This place is about 10 minutes away from us and is amazing. A mini version would do fine.
  4. That's a good point so something with a collection box would be necessary. I'm assuming that's a Ferguson going by the colour, very nice.
  5. I have been concerned about it only working on flat lawns, neighbour told me to get a garden tractor not a ride-on, spendy. Maybe a decent self propelled is the way to go. My wife has this idea that we can leave most of the 1 acre site as a "natural meadow" and does not seem to believe me that it will still need some sort of maintenance to avoid 6ft of nettles and cow parsley. Maybe a couple of goats is the way to go.
  6. I've been looking at 2nd hand ride-on mowers and the prices are not too horrible given the amount of time it will save.
  7. I seem to remember that one of the solar installers, Greenshop maybe used to claim that going for MCS would cost £1k-£2k more on an installation although I think this was disputed. What I have noticed is that the quotes we've gotten back from MCS certified companies are certainly higher for ASHP and UFH. Whether this is because the are generally better at the job I could not say.
  8. Sorry If I'm confusing terms but do you not need to have a warrant approved before you can commence building work?
  9. I'm having the same thoughts and have decided to go for UFH upstairs instead of radiators. The costs seem to wash out about the same and as we're having hard flooring throughout I liked the idea of warm floors in bedrooms and bathroom. My understanding is that even if your u values meet regulations you will notice a difference from houses built 10 years ago in terms of heating requirements.
  10. No experience personally but I've read of a number of people refused equity release on timber framed buildings with no masonry and this includes high end German Haf Haus, not just the older builds. We did have a building society pull an offer for self build mortgage when we went to 100% cladding from about 80%.
  11. I wish, most of it was the pole. They insisted that it needed replacing and upgraded to a stout. We knew it had been upgraded to a stout 8 years previously. The ended up sending out a "conflict resolution manager"
  12. Be prepared for them to hit you with a high charge and then have to argue them down. We started at £15k and are now down nearer £6K
  13. I thought there would be no way we would get a 2 storey build passed in open countryside here but there was not a murmur from planning about it. The couple of neighbours that we had to notify just assumed that it was 1.5 and are only now finding out that the ridge height will probably be north of 8 meters.
  14. You'll also find some online build costs calculators that are pure fiction. The Jewson one comes to mind: 2 storey, 200 m2, built in Scotland to a "good" standard using a single main contractor = £197,400
  15. I have been trying to get a quote from Scottish Water since 2016, now on our 4th visit from them for a price. Our build stalled so not a huge impact but very frustrating. Main water branch runs under the edge of the plot so should not be difficult, had to argue that it did not need a road crossing with one "engineer" who insisted on holding the map upside down. Most electrical suppliers seem to have a policy of using new builds as a chance to upgrade infrastructure at your cost. Replace pole, upgrade transformer etc, keep badgering them and the price often comes down a bit.