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  1. Ralph


    Thanks Peter that's good to know and the blog post is very helpful. They look decent as well.
  2. Ralph


    No little hands but I do like that design, not that what I like seems to carry much weight at the moment 🙂. I guess the advantage of a wooden stairs apart from maybe being cheaper is the fit can be finessed a bit more.
  3. Ralph


    Thanks. That's a far amount of glass so still seems like a very reasonable price.
  4. Ralph


    That is nice looking and £4000 is not bad at all, I see you're in Aberdeen, who did you use for metal work? I'm down by Brechin.
  5. Ralph


    Hi all, We’re going to have our stairs in the main living area so would like to have it open rather than boxed in. We’re thinking of something metal but I’m assuming prices are going to be high. Has anyone had that sort of thing built or have experience of the modular type kits like this https://thestaircasepeople.co.uk/product-category/modular-staircases/ I’m slightly concerned they may be a bit shit. Thanks in advance.
  6. We had one done recently but it also included a drainage design for a soak away and treatment plant and it was around £1k
  7. Ralph

    May not need self build mortgage

    How confident are you on those build costs? It sounds like we're in a different position but we are planning to take a bit more on our build mortgage than we need so we can keep more of our own cash. I don't want to be in the position of being maxed out and hitting an unexpected overrun or there being a staged payment delay that I can't cover.
  8. I have and like your book. The idea of the hall being social and a transition from outside to inside makes complete sense. I have a feeling we will end up with more glass to get this openness but keep some sort boundary, your point on internal windows between stairwells and kitchens is exactly what I'm thinking.
  9. Ralph

    Can I just share my fossils?

    Yes the colour does look nice, I've just ordered a sample to have a proper look. Jesus that's pricey for sealer!
  10. Ralph

    Can I just share my fossils?

    I think my tiling budget has just gone up, I really like them.
  11. We have about a 5 meter span and I think we're going with sliders from Rationel. We decided against bi-folds mainly due to the amount of sightlines and the thickness of them. Also given our location I can't imagine that we would have them fully open on more than a couple of days.
  12. You know it's funny, up to about 5 years ago when we started thinking about building a house an old church door would have sounded great, our previous house was 300+ years old. Now no matter how amazing an old house looks I think, cold, damp repair bills. That's good to know, thanks. That's a good point, we've been a couple of years without dogs but they are on the cards.
  13. I'm convinced it's the right thing to do for the space but I'm still hesitant due to heat loss and draughts. Has anyone on here built a house with the front door opening right into the main space without some sort of hall way / porch and how did it work out?
  14. Yeah I have some Aussie mates who say the same thing If you have loads of space then making a feature of grand hall makes sense but less than 6sqm is not really use for much. Vaulted ceilings upstairs so no problem. Lofts are banned because "you'll only fill it with crap." We had thought of putting an open porch to give a bit of shelter and try and mitigate draughts, not sure it will make any difference though.
  15. Hi all, I wonder if you could give me your thoughts on removing a small hallway and having the front door open straight into the open plan space. This is our current design, the concern is that you come through front door into a small hall (2.2 m by 2.6 m) open the internal door and you’re into another hall facing the door into the utility room. If we remove the walls marked in red and make the stair free standing it will open up the space a bit. You can see that the first floor is open to downstairs just above the dining area. I’m guessing the cons with doing this are more to do with heat loss than anything else but I’d be interested to get your thoughts. Many thanks Ralph