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  1. Hi all, I know consumer units have torque requirements for the connection screws, but are there torque requirements for power and light switch screw connections too? Thanks, Ben
  2. Hi all, I'm looking to build a new plinth wall around my new extension. The existing house (not the extension) is build with Lime Mortar. I'm not sure if I should go with Lime Mortar or a Hydralime/cement mix when building the new plinth. What are your thoughts? Cheers, Ben
  3. The outlet is in that corner. I've checked, there's nothing holding it back. The membrane is above the felt. It's definitely a dip, probably around 15mm deep.
  4. It does have a fall, so it shouldn’t pool. I think it’s a dip in the roof there.
  5. The outlet is in the far corner, through the parapet wall. It’s still under construction, so it’s just a lead outlet at the moment. I'm not keen on the water pooling here. Maybe it can be fixed with some more layers of felt or resin?
  6. Hi all, I’ve just had my new flat roof installed but water seems to be pooling in the corner by the gutter. Is this an issue or something I shouldn’t worry about? I’ve checked for any blockages but there’s nothing stopping the water going into the gutter. It just looks like there is a dip the water is collecting in.
  7. I'll play it safe and fix each one, with two nails at the edges.
  8. I'm using plain clay tiles, which have a batten lip, on a 30 degree pitch roof. I also live in the East of England in zone 1. If I need to pin each one I will, I just don't want to do unnecessary work Here are the tiles https://edilians.co.uk/media/productattach/t/e/technical_brochure_-_20x30_-_2020.pdf
  9. Hi all, I’ve been reading about tile fixing and have found some contradictory information out there. Some are saying you just need to nail the 2 eaves rows and then every 3 or 5, while other information says you need to nail every tile. My tile manufacturer states “BS 5534 states that all interlocking tiles must be mechanically fixed.”. Does this just depend on the type of tile?
  10. Yeah, after thinking it through a bit more I ended up installing an plastic eaves tray.
  11. Wouldn't you end up with the same issue? The plastic eaves tray would stop the membrane from sagging in between the rafters and allowing any water out.
  12. Thanks guys, all great information!
  13. Again, counter battening seems a bit overkill for just the bottom two battens. Maybe I can lift the problem battens a few mm using shims or something similar?
  14. Could do, but it’s probably a bit overkill for the south of England ? But that does raise a question. How do you allow water to run out under the battens if you fix them to the flat OSB?
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