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  1. I’m not certain, haven’t got to that stage yet. I would think it would need the cable to push through the profile, then plaster, and add the led strip after plastering?
  2. I’m looking to do this too, with led strips and blinds concealed at the window heads. My plan was to just put in a 100mm down stand at the window head and plaster flush with the adjacent wall so there is a gap to hide away blinds and lights. It would hide the top of the window, but the windows are pretty big so if won’t be a problem.
  3. For some of the spaces you could consider a plaster-in LED profile? Something like this: https://t-lighting.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/497/s/led-aluminium-profile/
  4. I will be needing two 1000x1500 roof windows later this year. Take a look at Lamilux - they have several options for motors, including a concealed option, and can open 300 or 400mm. There’s a configuration tool on their web site https://www.lamilux.co.uk/skylights/products/flat-roof-window/glass-skylight-fe-3-with-aluminium-profile.html