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  1. Hi. Here's my Warmcore doors fitted this weekend at my self build. They are well made and look and feel a quality item. I'd seen the bad reviews for Warmcore but decided to go with them for various reasons. I think you need to find a supplier with a proven record on this system but that's the same with all aspects of a self build. Good luck.
  2. Hi all. Just started my new build and giving some thought to the ufh. Its a bungalow with bedroom and ensuite in roof. Intending ufh in all groudfloor rooms. Planning on using a buffer tank with combi. I've attached my ground floor plan. Just wondering how do people on here control the heating in each room? Do you go thermostat every room and turn zones on and off for each room? I don't really want a thermostat in the bathroom. So bathroom always on? Or link bathroom to one of the other rooms? Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the comments. Cables are overhead power and do cross my land at far end. Guess you all know you claim compensation for this. They dont rush though, my claim has been logged 14 months and counting. Heres a better photo. Cheers
  4. Hi everyone. Should be starting our new build next week. Its in our garden in Cheshire. Bungalow with room in roof. Quite experienced at building but going with 1 or 2 new ideas (new to me) I've seen on here in last couple of weeks, ufh, good insulation, air tight and mvhr. Heres the plot, picture doesn't do it justice.