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  1. Thanks for your replies everyone, particularly markocosic. Will take a look at the links you suggested. Very helpful.
  2. We are planning for a GSHP and underfloor heating in our new build approx 290m2 but not sure of hot water. Just the two of us for most of the time but must be able to cope with 10 max on occasions and I like a warm house. Sips or timber frame/ good insulation. Will the GSHP heat our hot water sufficiently? I really don't like PV panels etc from an aesthetic point of view. Some kind of back up? Tank size? Any help/advice appreciated. Thanks
  3. @Mr Punter why do you favour sliding doors over French? Really interested to hear. I've always wanted white French doors/windows, with lots of green plants and palms 😍 I hadn't even considered sliding doors. Completely rejected bifolds for a few reasons, one being that the room faces North and it's very breezy out there, so I don't think we will want to open up fully much even if we get a good summer! Will have a think re your idea. Will they be heavy to slide. I am a bit small and feeble!!
  4. Hi all I have a bit of a door dilema! Any advice, pearls of wisdom welcome! The dining room has 4 doors as you can see. Not entirely comfortable with that, particularly as they are different styles, but it is what it is. Double glass, etched doors from the hall, white French windows out over a decked area and probably 2 'standard doors into the TV room and kitchen, probably white. I would like to make the doorway slightly bigger into the kitchen and leave the space open but OH wants to be able to close it off. I thought a pocket door would be the best compromise but not sure if this is possible with SIPS. I also wondered about those large hanging doors which slide across (barn style??) Any suggestions? Thank you
  5. Hi all Do Bereco windows have a decent reputation? We are way, way, off building but I've been looking at various companies. Not overly excited with a lot. We are not interested in bifolds or huge walls of glass, just French windows, patio doors, a few picture windows and a handful of standard opening. I like what I see on Instagram and the like but haven't seen in person. Thank you
  6. Thank you Ian. Is there a way of asking a member direct on here? Member puntloos uses one in their threads that I like the look of! Our timber frame/sips provider has all drawings.
  7. May I have recommendations for 3D software please? We have our 'final design' 😉 but I have an inability to envisage. Just want to reassure myself we've got things 'right'. I am of average ability when it comes to learning stuff like this. Thanks