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  1. why so many fuel types? --you could get an lpg conversion on generator . no problem with tank being lower for lpg ,as its pressure ,but oil will require a pump at tank ,so that also means electric supply to it ,which means generator has to be going . or use a 12v car fuel pump ,but battery will need charging or its own solar pv system . for hydro to be viable you need a water supply that can run a 6" pipe all the time , and have minimum of 40 ft drop from water supply to turbine --that should give 3-5kw depending on how big a drop --more is better
  2. scottishjohn

    Finding a blockage in a 50mm mdpe pipe ?

    very hard to produce a good vacumn and thats alot of volume of pipe to evacuate +it might collapse? --lot easier to pressurise
  3. scottishjohn

    Finding a blockage in a 50mm mdpe pipe ?

    a pub gas bottle if no compressor ? do you have a connector to rejoin 50mm if you cut it to inspect or push something up it from other end. any boy racers local that would have some samco turbo hoses+clips ,or a hose of an old car or something a lesson to be learnt here--inspection chamber where 50mm joins the 100m manifold for drainage field array ---(noted for my my system ) do I understand correctly that the drainage field array is uphill from septic tank ,so when no pump working the water will try to go back to the pump chamber not just seep out of perforated pipes into ground
  4. scottishjohn

    Finding a blockage in a 50mm mdpe pipe ?

    would be good to get what evers blocking it out so you can see what the blockage is made from . how long did pump run before you got the first showing at the hole nearest the drainage field --if it was straight away and it is connected to 4 x100m legs then is it possible they are partially blocked if ,otherwise why would you have any flow from lower hole until all legs were filled up ? If its not been flowing for a couple of days then surely they would be empty ?. If it were me i would want to totally disconnect small pipe and flush it through and make sure its not grease . I know you say the septic should separate it --but it should n,t be blocked if only water flowing anyway-- so something else is in there to block it do you have IC where 4x100mm connect to 50mm ?
  5. my understanding of the vat scenario ,and it may be wrong any service you get from anywhere if you are charged vat -you cannot claim it back any goods you buy --not services -you can claim vat back If you are paying to dump spoil --then its a service that you are paying for ,its not goods you are BUYING to put into the fabric of the building ,no different than architects fees as far as HMRC is concerned so if the supplier of this service will not do it zero rated --then tough, you have to suck it up -HMRC -not interested
  6. scottishjohn

    good video on net zero energy home

    I see exactly what you are getting at and do not disagree in principle but the term thermal mass is usually used in the same way as "insulation" is now just saying insulation does not give you a value --but we all know that a house needs to built with insulation and it generally needs to have a thermal mass to store the energy so when people say they want a good thermal mass its same as saying i want the house well insulated I ask this question what would you call your 300mm slab floor if not a thermal mass,as it stores energy ,using the commonly understood definition that that a thermal mass stores energy at what rate it gains or holds or looses it is another defining attribute all together
  7. scottishjohn

    good video on net zero energy home

    I don,t think its quite as black and white regarding thermal mass as some would like to believe If it was of no value --how you going to get solar gain -if no thermal mass to heat up --wheres the heat going --air is a very poor conductor and storage medium of heat why have a thick slab for your UFH -if thermal mass was not in play something has to store the energy and the name thermal mass is as good as any
  8. a good video quite long but worth a watch could even have made me think more serious about PV moderators --move if you like to more appropiate forum
  9. scottishjohn

    Finding a blockage in a 50mm mdpe pipe ?

    so maybe the most probable is it blocked in the small dia feeder pipe--if it is a blockage
  10. scottishjohn

    Finding a blockage in a 50mm mdpe pipe ?

    could it be that the drainage filed has just blocked up over time ? seems very small dia pipe at 50mm are the perforated pipes same dia ? my thoughts for mine when i do it is a lot larger than that as i have read that under certain circumstances 15 -20years could be life of drainage field I want to fit one that will be still going when they plant me
  11. scottishjohn

    Finding a blockage in a 50mm mdpe pipe ?

    how old is system
  12. scottishjohn

    Finding a blockage in a 50mm mdpe pipe ?

    I was lucky the self propelled drain jetting extension on power wash did it fine a good add on for the karcher. as is the wet sand blasting attachment --cleaned rust off my stone work of my chimney stack from an old tv mast that the dipsticks attached with mild steel clamps
  13. scottishjohn

    Finding a blockage in a 50mm mdpe pipe ?

    something I have been contemplating for my septic system wife insists she never puts fat down sink at present house --but I know different from what i found in drains a couple of years ago thiking it might be good addition to add to drains before it goes to septic system you have tennants- do you think they will be that careful?
  14. scottishjohn

    Finding a blockage in a 50mm mdpe pipe ?

    how far from joint you can remove to where it joins soakaway --have you a long length of smaller plastic pipe try putting small pipe down 50mm pipe and see if you find a blockage ?,even better if you can connect a mains supply to it if it is blocked to flush it ?? could it be fatberg?
  15. scottishjohn

    Hairline plaster cracks

    will be the timber frame shrinking and moving about --will settle in good time