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  1. why so keen to get tiles so close? and surely using only one baton will mean you end up with ledges for water and general dust and crap to gather up on as there will be no route from top to bottom for anything to pass I know my house roof was done without cross batons and 20 years on the amount of rubbish that had gathered up on top side of batons was huge-and was damp half the year which could cause baton rot ?
  2. thank you for the replies no one has answered my first question --not what it will dig --I know its not a digger but what will the shovel lift we don,t have 1m wide door holes 820mm is max and I am not expecting it to dig ,as i said at start , but if it can lift 100kgs -with shovel then its a good compromise ,as all these sort of things are my tip /storage site for the cut stone is 300-400yds away ,so a mini dumper would be very slow . as for my 3t being too big -- no It is on some levels is too small for what I have to do .- 200 loads to clear the road of 60 years of tree debris and litter compost and same again of stone to repair the access road cleaning out is the first part of the job before serious earth moving starts and cleaning out inside to get scaffolding up to allow repair of inside of walls is very first job . I still have real idea of repair and rebuild costs --so dodging any large outlays st this stage . to get men to hand ball and barrow will soon run into big numbers - and travelling 1/4 mile to unload small dumper will eat up the days - -mini dumper that will go through doors holds -3-500kgs so 6 o8 journeys to one of bigger dumper .
  3. also for using a parting off tool attached on back of the saddle saves fitting it on every time you want to part off while still having your normal turning tool on the other side of the saddle
  4. its the self loading bit that I like as i can use it just to move heavy things about as well-- thats why I ask if anybody has an experience of them and what they can lift --not dig out
  5. interior of house is about 2 -3ft deep in old floor remains ,tree debris etc and lots of stone to move about It goes through the doors and having cleared some with pure OAP hard work looking for something to help a bit and be good as a gardening tool later -- I know its not a digger -but hand balling dozens if not hundreds of large stones about +plus all the small stuff is very tiring and time consuming . lifting 50kg stones up to the dumper lip 1.4m after carrying them from inside house is not real for me ,would take me all day to fill it once I,m 70 wife is 74 --so about 2-3 hours of that is enough for a day I already tried a micro digger -- but its reach is such that i cannot load direct into my 3 ton dumper - the lip of the 3ton is so high that a micro digger needs to be so close very time consuming in moving everything twice once through the windows ,then make a pile you can sit the micro digger on to then load the 3 ton dumper where as with this hi tip I lift from inside house and go 30 yds to load my real dumper and cart it down to my dump zone a few hundred yards away
  6. anybody used one of these --any idea on how much weight the shovel will lift
  7. thanks but borrowing is not my scene -
  8. any one got one they have finished using?
  9. has anybody used one of these --thinking about an easier way to repoint inside of stone building as opposed to individual joint pointing om hundreds of sqm of walls
  10. you must have some big holes if you saw a stoat in the loft and also lots of cold drafts
  11. buy a powder puffer and the wasp powder -shove the nozzle in a gap 0ne or 2 good puffs and they will die in a day -where the powder lands -any bug that walks in it from ants to wasp are dead
  12. certainly not the answer to my problems anyway .
  13. sounds like the grinder does not have enough safety features on the trigger if you can just touch trigger and it fires up no way i could do that with my milwaukee one but yes batteries out when not in use solves it
  14. sounds like your contract with them did not have enough detail in it at the beginning
  15. more info onthis in english would be good --could be the way for me to line my old stone house walls -and not having to spend months repointing all the inside of the stone walls rather than building timber frame one inside of the walls