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  1. scottishjohn

    which way to build?

    If you insist that the air is not cooled then you do not have big enough ridge vents thus stopping circulation you can,t re invent physics to suit your argument --hot air rises -fact ambient air temp in uk has never been at 45c never mind 55 c so how hot would it be if there was no draft upwards of this hot air? a lot hotter and therefore that would transfer even more heat to the fabric of the roof than it does now . a larger gap and more air flow must lower inner roof temp I suggest you put a probe directly onto the outer roof surface at same time and see the difference . you only need look under the bonnet of a car and you will see heat shields working on exactly that principle on exhaust manifolds or any sort of finned heat exchanger -by your thoughts they would not work -- eg your your air source heat pump--? air passing a solid surface will move heat
  2. scottishjohn

    which way to build?

    yes that will help allowing frame to dry out and shrink before boarding +plastering and I hope you are right ,
  3. scottishjohn

    which way to build?

    sorry it does work like that as this is not a fixed mass of air it will have a convection current up the roof swopping warmed air for fresh air nothing like the same as double glazing with a fixed mass of air
  4. scottishjohn

    which way to build?

    and the larger air gap is a larger insulation gap,as you rightly say air is a wonderful insulator, to keep heat off the part of the roof that matters
  5. scottishjohn

    which way to build?

    single or double batons will effect that as well i am guessing due to wider air gap under slates ,tiles, what ever, with double batons
  6. scottishjohn

    which way to build?

    heating not on yet --so cracks will come later i suspect --normal with TF from what i have read
  7. scottishjohn

    Bog Lane Build

    a visit from building control after the program to tell you it don,t comply
  8. scottishjohn

    which way to build?

    Ok guys please give me reasons why you choose what you chose -all systems can give you what you want ,but in the end costs will always be important so this thread seems to be a TF one tell me why sips +ICF+ brick+block were discarded when you were considering the build I am looking for good unbiased info on why you made the choice you did . all reasons are valid blown cellulose insulation --how is ti stopped from gradually moving down the cavity and compacting?
  9. scottishjohn

    Should I tile Ensuite Wall?

    I will have no choice as the wife will insist on full tiling or some sort of panel system along with toilet that is wall hung and no small corners where she cannot get to easily to clean . and i think she is right, plenty of space round things --why make it hard to clean when you starting from new
  10. scottishjohn

    3 ph v single

    correct -and it does give the possibility for the future if fitting 3 phase supply cable my garage has 3 phase supply ,but when i split it into 3 units one of them just has a single phase meter as its only a showroom +offices
  11. scottishjohn

    3 ph v single

    I think anyone considering major PV in the future sometime , should go 3phase if installing a new supply . one could see that all houses may start to be fitted with 3 phase if we really get serious about home generation
  12. scottishjohn

    Save the world, install an LPG tank.

    If it was only this country that believed the science --then i might agree --but as scientists world wide think the same --then is more probable they are correct as a planet we cannot take the chance ,of doing nothing IMHO
  13. scottishjohn

    Save the world, install an LPG tank.

    you cannot expect most people to up to fitting it them selves -not realistic- maybe it should be part of an electricans training now ,as it wll become more and more normal ,so no need for special MCS, all these thighs are doable with the right political will+common sense . we do need storage for wind as that is not going away and even more offshore wind farms are planned. i would put the money into hydro personally ,be it tidal or dams --dams can be used as pump storage as well in right place we have 4 hydro stations on river dee in about 20 miles --built in 1934 +still running ,and again proven technology and if you go with global warming then uK is going to get wetter as well as warmer
  14. scottishjohn

    Save the world, install an LPG tank.

    again the problem is time scale no small biz thinks about 20 years for planning - I looked ta covering my south facing roof of garage with solar ----but it was a 15 year payback --and inital cost was 160K and only low interest loans if i used at least 50% of it --so a non starter . the estimate is 25% of energy usage is domestic --so that would be a big start to make a hole in that one and as i am suggesting you raise cost of electric to pay for it --then its self funding maybe that would make major house builders fir it as std as well ? there are 2 pumped storage schemes in my area that have been on the books since 2015 --but no money to do them ,yet we are polluted with wind farms ,which have to be turned off when its a windy day all over scotland ,but worse than that we are still paying for the energy they would have made on these days if they were turned on !!
  15. scottishjohn

    Save the world, install an LPG tank.

    you miss the point as long as we accept that generating power form fossil fuels is ok ,then nothing is going to change the other option to stopping global warming is get rid of 2/3 of the worlds population # I know which is a better option