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  1. I do not think that will work as he is going for a demoliish and rebuild to be honest to me house looks too good to flatten anyway -- but everyone to their own they will want everything to comply to latest building spec which means foul and surface will need to be separate and arguing about minor things at this stage is a good recipe for long delays If I were planning I would not be allowing anything but new spec ,as that what you are wanting --a new house + that includes drainage systems good luck with your argument -hope it does not upset them too much and your plans go to the bottom of the pile because of it
  2. very common condition and round here it is a std condition also any gates --have to be set back 6m so you can open up gate go through it and then shut gate -so you are not sat on road while doing it either entering or leaving drain across the road and a big soakaway cage buried in your garden is the answer. they even specified that on my plot where there are no roads drains and have never been for last 200 years suck it up and do what they ask -if thats only condition then its not a biggy anyway and it needs to done before end of build and habitation to be honest i have seen lots that never bother and have not been picked up on it in my area -- how lucky do you feel ?
  3. If that is true maybe I can get someone to build my house for me and they can have it when I die --which will be in next 20-25 years i expect any offers???
  4. the one built next to me is made purely from slot together sheets and is held upright by an exposed exo skeleton steel frame work no side sheeting of any kind with a tin roof on the top for snow loads with about a 30cm gap from the pir roof panels and bird guard mesh -so they no not get a nesting problem up there you could break into it with an electric carving knife or chain saw and steal all the frozen seafood etc it is dark silver outside and white plastic interior skin so it is not a box within a box -just pir foam if other types of insulation were cheaper to do same job --then they could fill the slot together panels with any material
  5. my local BM told me today when I bought some more cement ,and they only have 30 bags,before me taking 6 , left till at least 2 weeks that weld mesh for founds has gone from £30 to £40 a sheet and is short supply
  6. insulation value of a solid wall is by modern stds is so low as to consider as close to nothing gradually heats up in summer and sucks heat out in winter so either external insulation or internal required -as you say you are refurbing then internal seems simplest option new stud walls inside and insulation you can have house you can heat with a light bulb ,assuming you attend to any drafts at same time insulation you only buy once !!
  7. my two pence worth seriously consider major insulation in your refurbishments as priority getting heat loss down should be first thing to do -then look at how you make the heat next I,m guessing walls are solid + no dpc +no cavity so normal practise would be to make a new walls full of insulation 140mm? with a gap between them and outside bit like building a modern TF house inside what you got at same time as doing that look at electrics and water system -- all can be hidden behind walls and maybe just ignore old systems -cover them up and swop over when you are done you can carry on living there while you do -so time will not be a problem to complete the right job high insulation cannot be over stressed when it comes to modernising and running costs
  8. maybe a help -maybe not we had a problem in a building where we needed to fit an RSJ due to someone cutting the roof trusses and removing an internal supporting wall -but the weight and where it needed to go --as in it had to be hand balled in to a roof space and then moved to support the roof was too much answer our builder came up with -which is still in place 40 years later was a plywood box beam - he remembered from his uni days when doing structural calculations half the weight of an RSJ + could take same load this plywood box beam was from memory about 15ft long basically 1/2" proper plywood ---four sides with zig zag internal top to bottom also made from the same plywood all glued and screwed together
  9. If it is as boggy +clay as you say ,then you could have problems making a soak away work.
  10. so you went for the cheap choice - as the cement is the active part in the mix--and the people that would get sued --then I believe the cement bag mix is correct . more cement will give you a better finish if you float the next one
  11. from your description you now have a clay lined 800mm deep pond? if that is correct then you will have to put a drain ,if only temporary in there to drain it out --so that means it has to run downhill from the base of your clay pond to somewhere
  12. looks like they used "flash band " which is thin lead and has a butyl adhesive backing -- not real flashing which as you say should befitted in a raggle in the wall and made purely from lead it is a lot cheaper to use flashband ,but can see now why it is really a repair material to patch things and not a first choice to build with . If you can get at it you might be able to heat with a hot air gun on the lead side and then roll it back onto the wall+ roll it hard to make it bond -butyl never goes hard and gets sticky when heated If left like that it will eventually peel itself off when it gets hot in the summer--so pick a hot day and you might just be able roll it back on and use lots of pressure
  13. very weak mix for concrete 6-1 with ballast!! looking at the cement bag it says 4-1 with ballast mix maybe not a big deal with that size for a grp box --but bear in mind its something like a foundation for a wall
  14. my work glasses are actually my shooting glasses - and i find i wear them most of the time when out and working or driving as they darken as it gets brighter +the lens are strong to take hits from things but now I need a cataract doig in the left eye --my master eye for shooting and i,m a lefty -- so not much shooting going now till i get that done