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  1. I have yet to find a wheel barrow thats not been made for a dwarf--handles always too low --so you end up with too much of angle and front loop catchs on rough ground for me
  2. looks good --only comment would be its not very compact +portable the first filter in the trend ,which is cloth bag just blows out or knocks out --paper filter never got bocked yet --same again blow out with air line or knock it on ground my brother -- being an idiot used it to suck up plaster dust -- that then set in cloth filter and required changing then - If he had emptied it whe he had finished quite sure the plaster would have blown out as well -- but a year later --no chance
  3. thats what the machine is rated for --if you want to use at full rate then a 16 amp circuit --but i can say i have never had a problem using a big1/2" trend router and vac an 13amp fuse. it has a proper 2.5mm soft flex cable on it not the usual thin crappy thing
  4. oh yes you will same as anything you buy from the states vat +sometimes import duty + customs charge --if its small and can be posted then if sent to private address you might get round it ,but certainly here anything that comes to a biz will be stopped and looked at by customs .vat is a uk sales tax and it will be charged at port of entry
  5. definitily not 30 acrs -not even one --so yes it will be kw and as much as a chocolate fireguard to run a railway --unless its a model one LOL
  6. check out the trend unit --for use with big routers etc -1.5kw vac +2kw tool --no problem
  7. If you are in the market for a new serious vacum unti --then look at the trend unit meant for use with a router etc --you just plug you tool into it and it does the rest i can certainly recommend the trend vac -2kw motor with very fine filtration with dry filter in --so you can route mdf and it catches it all I used it to route my mdf floors when retro fitting UFh in them festo do a simliar one for using with dry sanding system -but more expensive
  8. first thing is that they probably have got the solar rating wrong think it should be MW not KW--but even then would still need a serious battery storage to smooth things out I know that 30 acres would give about 10mw where we are and that is smallest size really anyone is interested in for a solar farm
  9. and you will end up with what happened when a commitee was employed to design a horse you get a camel -
  10. thats because cars have a corrosion protection from bare metal when its welded together of at least 20 different dip treatments before it is finally primed and sealed .then painted but beware any car made in japan etc does not have same treatment as european vehicles cos at 3 years old ,the MOt requirements are such that they are basically scrapped --well actually exported to other rhd countries
  11. I used lexan in my garden room for that reason --but you have to be very careful cleaning it--scratches very easy --so just hose for outside cleaning .
  12. how close are your neighbours ? overspray will go along way and as it will be house paint it stays wet for much longer ,so will stick to what ever it hits -
  13. looking again at your pictures --is that normal glass in that conservatory if not toughened then it would not pass modern build code --looks too large an area you fell through it - it cuts your head off just be aware of the risk if you got kids etc if i,m seeing it wrong and they are double glazed units --they will be toughened --so ignore me
  14. anyone get a good finish with modern paints that don,t leave brush strokes --I not seen any, which is why quite often they use spray to apply them now
  15. and the reason you use oil based paints is it feeds the wood --acrylic shit don,t --it sits on the top same test again --if you can wash your brushes out in water --its not oil based