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  1. what he means is you could use best welsh slate at £100+ per sqM or concrete tiles at £10sqm same goes for all the other choices of kitchens, flooring etc etc also price quoted by builder will include labour a self build like @nod there will be no or very small labour costs apples +oranges
  2. its a debateable point If you buy a house you buy land as well but for most purposes it is always meaning just the total cost to build the house -and not including the plot don,t agree borrowing costs are not part of house build
  3. have you considered suing rads that are designed to run with low temp ASHP ,basically they are much larger or are fan assisted
  4. a good word of caution for those not adhering exactly to the approved building conditons . they should consider them selves lucky as it would seem planers are not going to insist on width being altered back to 2/3rds of exsisiting building.just altering the roof
  6. where will your forever home be? are you employed on farm? If not on this site.then where will the for ever home be whats your budget whats value now what will be the value when its done --is it worth doing it ,if you going to sell again? oak frame sun room sounds like a forever home to me can you build a brand new one on the farm some where and just sell this when its done? very easy to spend alot of money for little increase in value maybe a quick drawing and pre planning meeting with council to see what they will allow ,as it has already been made bigger in the past
  7. my guess is that the solenoid water valve was or is leaking slightly --and normally with door shut with machine turned on the level sensor would operate the pump if it got too high and the water was just draining down out of your plumbing to supply it. my dishwasher does this and every now and then i hear pump running for 5 seconds to empty it- keep saying I,l get round to changing it .LOL
  8. heres your thinset mortar --in a can
  9. at some stage you need to ask the BC man what happens if the original wall does collapse when carrying out this conversion A friend of mine was warned in a barn conversion he was doing that if the wall collapsed -then the PP would be withdrawn and rebuilding it even with same stone in same manner would not work as its a listed building and it would then be classed as a ruin and no rebuilding would be allowed -you could end up with a ruin you can do nothing with not trying to scare you --just something to consider that could be a different scenario of course,as it was a change of use as well as being listed --but worth asking the question beforehand of one of your professional advisors
  10. Its such a major revamp I do not understand your view on how to treat the cottage itself It surely has to be a bare wall rebuild at same time sorting all possible future damp problems looking at piccie you are doing alot of changes to front of cottage to tie the 2 storey extension on to it and digging out right next to probably invisible foundations of old cottage to make new ones for extension --alot of underpinning may be needed to that side of house or very serious retaining walls.--you better make sure they are going to warranty the exsisting cottage integrity after their work looks like 2- 2.6M DROP around alot of the exsisting cottage to then be built back up with big retaining walls around the plot my guess it will be 3m+ in places by time you include founds for new extension hope you got a good SE involved at this stage the cost of doing proper tanking job of cottage will be small in total cost of job
  11. Or maybe leave it and fix EWI and render that ? you can probaly fit EWI your self in the time it would take to remove all the old render?
  12. Is this same house as you are referring to in ASHP thread? have you PP to convert as your drawings above? have you got costings
  13. so I am guessing solid walls and hard plaster direct on to them what is condition of exterior? what type of finish -rendered? are new windows etc in the plan?-- maybe be better to fit EWI -stop any mositure getting in and insulate at same time and no loss of internal space how much reduction in room size will you accept? what is floor?
  14. before anyone could give proper advice we will need to know EXACT wall construction -from outside to inside. when was it built
  15. heres another way maybe if your man made long thin versions of these then you don,t even need a crane and just hand fill the holes? another way --wonder if blocks this size are available in uk