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  1. Iwould only do that if it does not end as a shared access with all the futre problems that go along qwith a shared access been there on both private and commercial property and would never do it again ,as them an you give to may not be the person you have a problem with in the future ,no matter how you construct the deal onshared access
  2. how many coats do you need with k rend acrylic I ask cos i was suprised when they did 3 coats+ bond coat on my covered car porch/arch way through to rear of house base was cement borad on ceiling and one side and block on other and took alot of time to do as coats looked very thin trowelling it on ,then rubbing it up after it stood for some time
  3. yuo got a picture of the installation? moore liley to be the edge flashing and its running under the expasnion joints and showing away from actual leak point
  4. rebar not needed in uk --not much chance of earthquake and if you are happy building with blocks --why not just use blocks it will be cheaper and you can stop start as you like and if you want to insulate you can do that inside the blocks ? or is this garage going to be a granny flat at sometime if so put in drains etc while doing the floor ,and cap them off v if weight of blocks is a consideration --use thermolite ones is your drive /ground solid enough to take a 32ton concrete truck
  5. NO VOLTS X AMPS =WATTS 240 X 16=3640WATTS -- so that can,t be right and as iwill have 100amps per phase that would give 24kw but limited to 16 kw time will tell anyway -they could change the rules anyway and at current pice structure you and me do not want to be selling it back to grid --it don,t work out viable if your our 50
  6. i was in same postion and I could have demolished --If i proved it was uneconomic to rebuild it you could try that angle -but maybe its down to local planning if they allow that so many differences from one planning area to another real minefield
  7. what i have been told is that you can have up to 16kw per phase so a 3 phase supply you you have 48kw I have got as far as solar yet ,but that is what a solar supplier has told me i have a 100kva 3 phase supply,wel I WLL WHEN THEY GET ROUND TO FITTING A METER
  8. that one is easy to sort go back to the way road tax used to be done along time ago was linked to power of vehicle and mi,eage travelled and thus the pollution volume what need is there for a 4.0 litre diesel bi turbo for an audi estate speed limit is 70 - a vw micro bus 1200cc with 18bhp will do that so the std 150bhp or more SUV is noot needed and should pay for it as for super cars if you can afford a 1000bhp super car then you can afford to pay for it
  9. and thats wrong as well there is little incetive for them to be competitive with deals like that another rip off by the money men
  10. apart from grid problems the main problem is that someone does not know how to do a deal --how can it be sense to pay the turbine company when they turn them off,because of too much wind or over production and pay them for the electric they are not producing needs to be put on a real commercial basis they make it and the grid pays for what they get --nothing more pumped storage is good -but again all that should be fully paid for by wind farms and not grants etc smooths out the electricity daily requirement If it don,t stack up that way --then it nots worth doing theo ne sure supply is tidal -- but too much investment at start to get the private commercail companies to go for it 2 tides a day --every day for ever when i bought my land part of it was very suitable for solar we talked about a deal -- all was well till they realised they would have to pay to upgrade the local substation cos it could not ake 3.3 mega watts form the site deal never went any further
  11. grp will out last any other choice if it failed it was simply badly laid main reason for grp not working is damp under it to do it right you must use new osb below it and don,t let it get wet bfore apllying grp matting and resin
  12. the most used things on my site are the 3t digger and the 3 ton dumper i could not have manged any of my project without it especially with the stone grab -it has made my jobs possible and you cannot overestimate how much time and energy it saves and how much one man can do apart from cost of extra help - especialy if you are an oldly like me on the mountainous site i have
  13. unfortunately her wording would seem to only be for england --not the whole of the uk
  14. If it as soft as he says and will half fill with water overn ight ,then you would have to dig a bit and shutter as you go and that will not be quick
  15. If you want no joints in plumbing walls then uponor piping system is your best option bends are just made bylatying easy bends in the piping. you can get 90degree fittings if you want and change over fitting to copper or normal hep2 --what ever you wish to do you strech the pipe with a special tool and push it onto serated fitting with a collar which also gets streched -then in next minute or less it shrinks back onto the fitting - no way they will ever leak i was going to go that way when iwas going to do the whole build myself but age and infirmarty made that a non starter I have the miwaukee tool for doing that if you are interested rolls of pipe can be 100m long https://uk.video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=mcafee&ei=UTF-8&p=uponor+pipe&type=E210GB1494G0#id=83&vid=6c5044b14d120022e0c5ece74781b587&action=view
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