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  1. I can probably sell you some cut granite blocks early next year If you like then easy job to do yourself if you can lay bricks think there will be lots from this house . Kirmabreck House old (4) (1).pdf
  2. If its vertical one with legs --a plant pot
  3. and back all communication up in writing --if you think you going to court and ask for written replies once you go to court written evidence is all that will carry any weight,and if he has insurance fro bad work --the insurance co will settle long before it gets to court, myabe you should ask him that to start with --if he carrys insurance
  4. measure 3 times --mark twice-- expensive mistake if you don,t get all the pipes in right place
  5. plenty of tasteful stone cladding about,don,t hav to be the coronation street bad taste stuff-but it will be more expensive than render --but maybe a feature wall? its your house i see you will have fyffestone bottom anyway looking at piccie i come from that sort of area and cost of it instead of repointing was not that expensive and many of the terraced houses the bricks were getting scabby and faces falling off -- So you can see why it was popular
  6. maybe the blocks were wet onsite before errection --then froze --breaking them up to start with all these type of aero blocks ,must not get wet +frozen or they loose integrity over time
  7. but by the time you count up scaffolding costs and time --maybe a not so bad i would do a deal for the whole roof at beginning -then its up to him how many he breaks
  8. sell them where they are ?buyer removes
  9. I suspect these were built before the requirement for expansion joints in block work . seen plenty of cracks due to that
  10. good idea ,but convincing DNO,s to spend money on up grading grids to take power is the big hold back at this time and the reason why there are not more solar farms --they expect farm developer to pay to upgrade grid to take the power they make -that kills it most times I have already come across that hurdle with my 30 acre seaside plot --ideal for solar --but until dno upgrade network --its a non starter--so could be 5 years before it gets upgraded as all spare capacity has been sucked up by wind turbines already . power companies have too much vested interests elsewhere - not suprising as most are EU based companies and its EU based companies that make and build the wind farms that certainly could change if we go hard brexit with right rules on whgo can build such things in uk EG wholly owned UK companies,building them in UK and paying UK taxes
  11. myTF house was built in the 70,s and no sign of it fallng down or rotting away ,or indeed house values of these early houses being effected by thier age so providing built correctly I see no fixed life for them ,no more than they say brick houses etc have a 60 year life span
  12. I do not consider talk of rainwater harvesting is off track when talking of bore holes and costs and remember there is NO cast iron warranty on how deep they need to go to find a suitable clean supply of water there are lots of other ways to make ranwater drinkaalbe part form a a slow sand filter - Even if you have a bore hoile you still need to make it safe to drink WIth at least UV and maybe other things depending on mineral content of the water one close to me had to have extra gadgets to get rid oF a small amount of arsenic in the water . there is no where in uk where there is not enough rainfall that harvestinbg would not work --If you use national average for water consumption of 150 litre per person per day and 2 people 300x31 =9300litres then a 4 week of NO rain would mean you would need a tank of a minimum size of 12000litres ----to have an emergency reserve .. If money is a consideration --then examine that option --my guess it would be well under 10k even with bore hole you will have maintainence and pump replacements now and then . and bore holes can dry up as well. I am considering this as my plot would need a pumping station to get it up the 100mvertically and 500m horizontally to the house ,so guessing at £15k and 10year replacement of pumps @2k for parts. I would get mains connection to my site at bottom of hill next to main road --then its up to me after that with pump station and elec supply from house down to it the attraction to going mains is no maintainence for me ,and if i want to build some holiday homes then i would need even more storage capacity if own supply from rainwater --30000litre ? looked at borehole --and costs were estimated at £15k for 130m deep hole in granite --,but again no warranty . they could find enough water at 40m --do you feel lucky? I would certainly want to use a contractor that has done boreholes in your area already I went off that cos my plot is right next to my quarry and that has water coming out of rock faces ,so i am suspecting that could effect how much water I would get from bore hole as some of underground water is already escaping into my quarry lake plus i know in summer the flow is much less into the quarry
  13. yep. at leas 3 brands i know of are made on the Island of Ireland