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  1. scottishjohn

    Anyone know how how to compare insulation values?

    Is there a complete list somewhere of the U values of all the different types of insulation available So you can do a thickness over cost comparison and a simple calulator to get to a target value for the insulation alone at the chosen thickness
  2. scottishjohn

    350mm 0.1 u-value external wall

    that,s absolutely your right and choice . but most decisions are usually a cost versus benefit compromise that's the only reason for my comment
  3. scottishjohn

    350mm 0.1 u-value external wall

    If you changing from block build then 200mmsips panels +50mm exterior+cladding/render then on inside +25mm service cavity+ and 37 or 50mm foam back plaster board. lots of ways to do it --not sure once walls are down to 0.12 there is any real need to go lower
  4. scottishjohn

    350mm 0.1 u-value external wall

    don,t think the energy saving would EVER pay for the extra cost of the extra insulation I had a few discussions with kingspan tech guy on insulation for a water tank and diminishing returns for extra insulation once up to 150mm of pir ,it would never pay to go any thicker assuming no air leaks . which will probably explain why cold store walls made from pir are not any thicker
  5. --they use that to make potting compost so you could possibly mix it in with soil in the garden?
  6. scottishjohn

    Wood Burner and Hot Water

    £5k for a range -- again a life style choice not a serious economic choice -- in my mind that is
  7. scottishjohn

    Wood Burner and Hot Water

    that does not seem a good deal ,with all the effort involved in making logs to start with
  8. scottishjohn

    Wood Burner and Hot Water

    I know to use waste oil heaters in commercial application now you need a license it was favourite way to heat workshops with endless supply of used engine oil .now the cost of a clean burn approved waste oil burner etc makes it not a good choice any more in most cases
  9. scottishjohn

    Wood Burner and Hot Water

    but if no other heat source --AND using that as main heat supply --how long . the thought is that in the garage?service are there will be more than enough room for multiple heat sources or changing from one to another in due course I got to cut these trees anyway as they have grown up around the house since it was last occupied in 1960,s
  10. scottishjohn

    Wood Burner and Hot Water

    plotting for this new house for various water heating systems It seems I could end up with having to remove about 40+ trees (most about 10-12" dia,some much larger and 30ft+ tall) ,to start with and possibly a lot more in due course my question to those using wood burner for water heating + large tank how long does one tree last ? Is it worth getting a wood burning unit to use them or just try to sell/get rid of them
  11. scottishjohn

    Cleaning Flat Roof

    do you have moss on roof now ? if you don,t then it is obviously too hot or dry for it to grow --so --no i would not bother
  12. scottishjohn

    Electric Vehicle Tariffs

    all these ways of making us renewable in the talk does not address the cost issue ,which as we all know is what will drive every decision the fact that hydro and tidal barrages were very obvious by their omission shows both these require long term planning + build costs not many places on the planet with better tidal resources and that is dependable --not like wind
  13. scottishjohn

    Surfeit of Squirrels

    just checked -- it is a sottish requirement seems it is different in england,very suprised at that ALL air guns required licensing for last few years in scotland over 12 ftlbs was always fire arms cert so just make sure you don,t come over the border with one I your car
  14. scottishjohn

    Working out a scheme for DHW

    I would advise the same -and if using off the shelf system and tank i would agree with you . the correct size and shape of tank will be very important to get best from it so its not just useful in summer
  15. scottishjohn

    Surfeit of Squirrels

    think you need to check the gun laws -- sorry you are incorrect its not the act of shooting -but owning an air rifle that requires a cert it so silly now that if you have land to use it on you might as well go for a .17 or a .22 real rifle or a .410 with a sound moderator for around the house /farm vermin they are very quiet