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  1. As part of the bathroom refurbishment this year I'm looking to create some extra space in the bathroom and subsequently the kitchen below by moving the soil stack from within the house, to the outside. Literally just wanting to have it moved the other side of the wall so no major changes to get it to the sewer drainage. My initial plan is to simple move it to the outside and have it reconnected into the drains, have the stack go through the soffit (they're deep at 360mm) and then via a couple of bends join back to the vent in the roof. Can anyone see any issues with this? And is it even allowed?
  2. Yes all been considered. I'm a carpenter by trade so all these bits did concern me as soon as Wunda offered that option. My structural engineer has done all the calculations and its all good.
  3. The reason why its now a pug mix system is due to the irregularities in the spacings for the joists. This eliminated the chance to use their boards with grooves and also their spreader plate options as they noted it would be very time consuming adjusting the sizes all the time. It's a semi detached property and this is for the first floor. Once we get round to completing works on the ground floor another manifold will go in for that.
  4. Tbh I've had smart stats for the last 5 years and just seemed the option to choose. Didn't really think much into not having them. Also I was surprised at the cost as I expected it to be much much more. I had a set up quoted with Warmup and that came to over £3k, hence being surprised. Wunda have stated a minimum of 50mm insulation board but if we have space to go thicker then do so. So I'm aiming for 80mm boards which I'll sit on ply which in turn is held up by battens.
  5. Just checked the other document they've sent and pipe spacings are between 135mm and 200mm I'll send them a message and see what can be done to bring the pipe spacings down. Aside from the pipe spacings does everything else seem ok? I will do a check online and see if I can get any of the components at a cheaper price but tbh at present its £1385.81 and I was quite surprised at just this!
  6. Hi all, After reading much about them on this site I've now been in touch with Wunda to provide the UFH components for my first floor heating system. The shopping list they've sent me is the following: Can anyone think of anything else that I may need to get quoted up for? A staple gun is being added to the list. Due to the non consistent joist spacings I'll be going for a pug mix system.
  7. Hello all. Purchased a home late last year and am in the process of renovating it completely...whilst all trying to live in it as much with my family. The next job on the cards is a bathroom refit. Think the layout will near enough stay the same, but just change the components as well as tiling and installing wet UFH. Had a gander on this site and there seems to be much information and informative members I'm hoping I can learn from whilst doing this. Completed a full strip out and rebuild of my old property (only leaving the plastering to professionals) and learnt a lot on that so hoping this one goes through a little easier!