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  1. I've got a Grabo and used it to aid lifting in glass and installing tiles. Would highly recommend.
  2. @Temp No won't be rushing. Just keeping it as an option should the need arise. We've still got the downstairs UFH to go in at some point in the next couple of years so that may help in getting rid of the heat produced. Tbh at present I'll probably just leave the buffer set to turn off at 65°. We'll just monitor it to confirm all is working as it should.
  3. @Temp @JohnMo thanks for that explanation. I think it's now solved but maybe smaller jets still needed, if there's a need to charge the buffer to 70°. I turned up the boiler stat to max (77°) and the buffer wouldn't get up to 70°, would get to 68-69°. Yet there was still 240v from the relay to the boiler. Thinking the controller still deemed it to be 'on' as it hadn't reached the satisfied temp on the controller. Reduced the off temp of the buffer to 65°, and relay to the boiler is now 0v. Think this is right now as the boiler stat was limiting the buffer max temp to be around 68-69°. And it is allowing temp to drop in the buffer. I left the house and flow was showing 69°, return 43° on the buffer. And the flow needs to see 40° before the boiler should fire again and charge the buffer. I shall see how it is tomorrow when I get to the house.
  4. @ProDave ok, I'm now understanding the boiler stat. Still puzzled as to why when there's a call for heat and the buffer is under 45° it's still not firing up. And I've just checked the terminal 10 and there is 230v present. The controller solely monitors the temp via the 2 thermostat probes, the relay is what is connected to the switch live of at the boiler. Checked through all the settings and it literally is just what temp you want on and what temp to turn off. Nothing else to it.
  5. @ProDave apologies for not understanding this sooner. first off I apologies, I should have noted it's 70° the buffer is set to. I kept writing 75° as that's what it is on the boiler. If the buffer off temp stays at 70°, and the burner has stopped will the boiler still circulate water till the buffer stat is satisfied? Or does it all just come to a halt? Also what I'm failing to understand is why when there is a call for heat at the buffer is below 45°, the boiler was not firing? As for the 70° off temp, this is what was noted when I asked the query in a thread I started a while back. I assumed to allow a greater store of heated water for the UFH and to hopefully further reduce cycling of the boiler.
  6. And just for reference last night before I left the house I turned off the UFH. This morning the temp in the buffer had dropped to 28° and 30°. When I turned the UFH back on to test terminal 10, the boiler did indeed fire up, but has not stayed on to satisfy the stat on the buffer. It has turned off and the buffer reads 40° and 41°. So does this confirm that the boiler is firing when there's a call for heat, but is turning off when the boiler stat is satisfied?
  7. @ProDave Tested terminal 10 with the UFH off, reading is 0v. Turned on the UFH, there is a call for heat AND the buffer is below 45° and we have 240v. And yes there is a heat store within the boiler housing. But I don't believe it is firing due to that as the HW controls are off and hot water is not used in the house. I believe it will still maintain a set temp but this is dictated by the HW control knob on the boiler (which is set to 4 or 5. Still doesn't explain why the boiler is not firing when there is a call for heat AND the buffer is below the on temp of 45°. @dpmiller when the boiler was set to 75° and was firing every 45-60mins or so, it did keep the house heated well, during the night we lost 1-1.5°. One thing to note is that the buffer is set to turn off at 75° yet when the boiler was firing up (boiler control set to max), it never did reach 75°, stopping at around 68-69°. I now assume this is because the boiler stat is satisfied. And as the boiler turns on when the boiler stat is low I can't see how it's using the stats on the buffer to dictate when to turn on and then to switch off.
  8. @dpmiller if I was to up the boiler control to 60° and see where that got me on at the buffer. but doesn't this then just eliminate the need for the buffer stats? And before when the boiler would cycle every 45mins or so (with it set at 75°), with the boiler stat at 50° at present, it took a good few hours for the temp in the buffer to come down to 45°. So to me that says much less cycling if I could use the buffer stats. @ProDave i'll get this done in the morning when I'm back at the house and report back. thanks.
  9. @dpmiller is there anyway of getting round the boiler stat and relying on just the buffer stat's? @ProDave before I left the house this evening I did check the relay with a multimeter to see if it is indeed energising and can confirm it is, only when there is a call for heat. I did a test and turned the UFH off, and tested the relay and can confirm no power sent to the switch live of the boiler. There's 240v on the COM of the relay but I forgot to test the TDC. I hope this shows the relay is ok and is energising when it should, but I do need to test the TDC and the switch live at the boiler.
  10. @dpmiller do you mean the boiler stat is what is being satisfied rather then the buffer stat's? @ProDave H/S = hubswitch. This is the Wunda hubswitch which allows connection of the smart controller and thermostats to the internet. TDC - temperature difference controller. This is the Grant temperature difference controller which monitors the 2 thermostats in the buffer. The thermostats both connect to this controller. B = boiler.
  11. @ProDave The boiler was installed prior to us owning the house, however essentially the heating system is new. And strangely it was all working as expected during the testing phase of the UFH. Then it was all turned off and only turned back on again 3 or so weeks ago. I'm now only working at the house as and when on some weekends hence not ever noticing this issue earlier. Wiring I'm pretty sure is all correct as it's been fine before, just weirdly it's started acting up And for reference here is the schematics for the wiring,
  12. @ProDave The temp in the buffer vessel according to the controller is 40° at the flow and return. The minimum temp set on the controller is 45°, so as there is a call for heat at the moment and the temp in the vessel is below 45°, the boiler should be firing. And yes, you are right that the boiler shouldn’t be firing all the time, yet during today there has been a call for heat all day and the UFH pump has been on. The temp in the vessel earlier was 63°, yet the boiler still fired, when it shouldn’t have as there was sufficient heated water in the vessel. This is when I noticed it and called up Worcester technical who suggested the boiler was probably firing up when ever the boiler stat was x amount of degrees below the temp set on the boiler. They suggested to lower the boiler temp to 50°, which I have done. And since then the boiler hasn’t fired and the UFH has used the heat stored in the vessel. But now the heat is lower then the ‘on’ temp set on the controller, there is a call for heat, but the boiler is not firing.
  13. @ProDave thanks for the reply. The thing is, I’m currently at the house (not living here at the moment as got some other bits to sort first before moving back in), and there is a call for heat from the UFH. The controller is currently reading 39° and 41°. It’s set on that controller to turn on the boiler if below 45° and when there’s a call for heat. But the boiler isn’t firing. The boiler temp control is now on 50° as recommended by Worcester technical.
  14. Got an external Worcester oil combi. A buffer vessel is connected to the flow and return from the boiler and this is used to supply heated water to the UFH manifold. The buffer temp is monitored by 2 thermostats which are connected to a Grant GSX1 controller, and an easy relay fires the boiler a) when there is a call for heat AND providing the temp in the buffer is below 45°. Today I noticed the boiler was firing every 45-60mins or so, and on the boiler control panel the heating temp was at max. A quick call to Worcester technical and it would appear the boiler stat is what is being satisfied rather then the stats on the buffer vessel. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to get the boiler to fir based on the stats in the buffer vessel?
  15. @S2D2 as another option if you're thinking of replacing you could use a product like Supersoft insulation. It's made from recycled plastic. I replaced all my loft insulation with this stuff and it was a joy to install, no itchiness and easy to cut.
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