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  1. The mix is done dry, no water added. I guess it's just the natural moisture from the sand you're referring to?
  2. @dpmiller I've not considered that option as I thought it to be a more complicated way to achieve a similar outcome to the single thermostat that could be supplied by Newark Cylinders. On the assumption the stat from there has a hysteresis of 8-10º. I saw that as an option that involved more components and more wiring for a similar goal, so hadn't entertained the idea.
  3. @RHayes Thanks for your reply., So the way I'm seeing it is I could use the single stat I can get through Newark with no other components. Haven't confirmed with them the hysteresis on these however from info I've read should be around 8-10º. Option 2 would be to go for the Thermosense sensors and controllers, and set these to 0º hysteresis. How would these wire up? I can make out the power inputs on the back of the units, and from @dpmiller input, 10-12 will be for the sensor. Option 3 seems to be using 2 stats (I assume the ones provided by Newark will suffice), and connecting these up via a DPST relay. I've searched for a double pole through relay, as you mentioned, but can't find any examples of these. Do you have a link to one? With this set up, unless the stats have adjustable hysteresis so can be set to 0, then surely the stats will each have a 8-10º range of the desired temperature further increasing the range?
  4. Thanks for the quick replies. @saveasteading although the heating is off in the house it's surprisingly warm. New windows and plenty of insulation has been installed so that's helping. House is very dry. I'll take some temperature readings during the day tomorrow when I'm back installing my pipe runs. Would it help if I had a fan heater on the first floor whilst installing the pug mix? I was initially thinking I could wait 1-2 days before starting to lay the plywood T&G flooring.
  5. Hi all, what's the rough length of time I should allow before laying a ply T&G sub floor down over 25mm pug mix (8:1)? no wet trades have occurred and UFH being installed as part of a first floor refurb with no occupants.
  6. I've installed one of these and seems to do the job fine.
  7. vala

    Mixing valve

    Noted. Definitely will be doing this. Forgot to take a picture of the valve today, will try and remember tomorrow.
  8. I bought 100mm, 50mm and 25mm end of last week and had them delivered Tuesday just gone. Much lower quantity then you're after though. Ordered from All were received in excellent condition.
  9. @Nickfromwales thanks for the reply. I'll get one fitted.
  10. Hi @Nickfromwales the pug mix will be sat on PIR boards that are 100mm thick.
  11. Is this needed before laying pipes and putting the pug screed on? Wunda instructions say yes, however lots of images/threads etc I've read on pug screed installs doesn't show it.
  12. vala

    Mixing valve

    Hi @RHayes tbh, after looking over the system again last night I realised there's still a temperature gauge on the flow. And all the other images I found of the Wunda manifold showed them either the same way as mine, or even ones where there was no temperature digits. So assumed it was just going off the gauge on the flow. so I just assembled it all so I could get it up on the wall today. I'll pop a pic up tomorrow when I'm back at the house.
  13. I need to set up my pumpset for my UFH system and the mixing valve supplied by Wunda has the hot on the left, cold on the right. However when fitted the marker to show what temperature its set to would be at the back and not visible. Are they all like this?
  14. The hardie board is being used to build up the height so I have the bathroom finished floor level the same as the rest of the floor. Did consider standard ply instead however thought at least with the Hardie board it would be better with the UFH beneath.
  15. Is there any benefits to having a ply based T&G floor over chipboard? I've got carpet going over most of it, and in the bathroom 6mm hardie backer will be down on top prior to ditra mat and tiles. under everywhere is wet UFH.