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  1. With my very limited knowledge, one thing that has always concerned me is that a correctly installed VCL would prevent detection of a leak in the roof membrane. When we had a leak it manifested itself as blown plaster on the wall and water tracking back from the wall across the ceiling. We have a VCL; whether it is installed correctly or not I don't know as the work was performed before we purchased the house. With a VCL I believe a very slight leak may go undetected for sometime which may also cause problems for the roof I would imagine. Of course, that doesn't mean you should omit one but historically they weren't installed AFAIK.
  2. Thank you all… certainly mainly options when I come to put it back up.
  3. I’ve contacted supplier and will just have to try. Hopefully it is obvious after the first two drops as at that stage easy to back out.
  4. I was advised the same and on another shower where the wall profile are chromed some of the silicone has holes in etc. For that shower somebody else suggested I simply apply a thicker bead over the old instead of cutting it out to avoid scratching. I always thought this was a bad idea though.
  5. Hi Folks, Having a feature wall in one of the bedrooms and have my decorator hanging the paper for me... One thing he has brought to my attention is the white lines at the end of the rolls (as per photos). He is concerned that this may lead to visible white lines at the end of each strip. I've contacted the wallpaper company for comment. This is the product: Amara Panel Vinyl Wallpaper Dark Blue Belgravia 7375; https://www.worldofwallpaper.com/amara-panel-vinyl-wallpaper-dark-blue-belgravia-7375.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw4PKTBhD8ARIsAHChzRJnjXZdjfKbTZQvLQP0mL1SI53R-OzrLfLZzwjGHH9I6uCtLOtbaAwaAu8mEALw_wcB Just curious as to your thoughts...
  6. Thanks all… one end of the screw is in one pole and the other is just a pre drilled hole. If it had a steel thread in the female side initially I think it would be better. Anyway glue and or plugging seem to be way to go. Personally I don’t think it needs to come apart after.
  7. These poles aren't actually that old and match the rest of the room but I can see from the description why you've said that lol
  8. Hi Folks, After taking down a couple of existing long Laura Ashley wooden curtain rails in our house, I've noticed that where the two parts of the pole screw together in the middle, the hole is now too large for the screw and it just turns. Probably a really simple solution but I am thinking wrapping some electric tape around the screw before attempting to tighten of stick a broken matchstick into the hole but the last thing I want to do is split the pole. Thanks in advance.
  9. My dad in fact offered another suggestion which was to grind / cut back the crack wider and fill with some grout... Probably not the ideal solution as it's either rip the screen off or cut back. The cutting back to profile seems preferable to me.
  10. It’s not something that I would take on as frankly I am useless at this sort of thing but I do have somebody I could ask. Appreciate your help.
  11. Tile seems to be solid when I knock on it and not blown. I do think the skirting being installed the other side of the profile caused this as there was a ridge of tile there.
  12. These are just standard white tiles and I wouldn't be that bothered re match due to where it is... The challenge I will have is finding somebody skilled and willing to cut it out with the profile in situ. I really seem to struggle decent trades and now most only want to do complete refits opposed to these smaller jobs. I had a plumber recently complain about having to refit a Mira shower of mine after some tiling jobs stating that he hates maintenance jobs as they take too much time. My other option is to fashion a repair / seal but figuring out the best way to do it.
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