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  1. If you've some examples of any builds being cost effective would love that information 👍
  2. Tbh, I'm not sure. It seems most practical though. The only hesitation to timber framed is if a basement is viable/practical etc etc. As I say, VERY early days
  3. No personal experience, but family who have. At this stage, it's all learning though, no point claiming I'm putting the cart before the horse when I still need to decide what lumber to make said cart from!
  4. Cost of areas around work isn't a huge issue, I'm also lucky enough to be renting off a work colleague relatively cheap. It's more looking at options than pushing on with necessity (agian, a fortunate and uncommon position for someone just turned 26)
  5. I understand that, hence my (lucky) reliance on a parental loan. As for the final requirements, I believe I have enough of each, but time will tell!
  6. Considering I still need to learn about what I should be looking for in a plot you're going to need a lot of popcorn for this show 🤣
  7. Hey all! I've been lucky enough that my parents have downsized and offered me sufficient money to make me start thinking of housing. After the gf showed me Grand Designs: The Street and The House That £100k Built I looked into building and an interested in seeing if it's possible. I may be out of my depth but swimming on the surface is much the same regardless of depth! 🤣