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  1. This is an all too familiar story. Keep persevering you'll get there! As already posted I would suggest you become a ring them up and find out: What specifically is outstanding? When is it being done? Why can't we do this today? I'll be ringing again later to confirm that this has happened etc etc Sounds basic I know but it is effective. In the past I've even contacted the other party's solicitor's as it's all too easy for them to be ambiguous on what they are waiting for from the other solicitor. Good luck
  2. We haven't done the Ground Investigation Survey yet. My focus at the moment is choosing the ICF so as to finalise our drawings. I'm going to try and 'size' the build around the block sizes of the ICF so as to cut down on wastage and cutting. Do you think that the GIS should be done before choosing my ICF as the results might have an impact on what type of ICF to use?
  3. Hi guys, although I've been a member for a while now there's been no need for me to have any input....until now! First of all...what a fantastic forum! Although I can't pretend to understand a lot of it, I feel I've learned a huge amount which has definitely helped give me the confidence to continue and build our dream house. Someone famous once said 'I know enough to know I know nothing' or some variation of that....I guess that's where I am currently! We've been planning this for many years and doing all the niceties, going to the build shows, reading the glossy mags, drawing up our plans and then re-drawing and re-drawing....over the years we must have made at least 20 versions before getting the Architect involved. We have no previous experience but plan to demolish our existing property and erect a new build. New build will have an ICF Basement with Ground and First floors Timber Frame. We've had our Topo and Eco Survey done although we are awaiting a further Bat Survey in May (money for old rope). I will be attending some ICF courses in the coming months before making a final decision on provider with a view to going to planning in the summer. I've read on here that there's no such thing as a 'stupid question'....I will certainly be putting that theory to the test so apologies in advance!
  4. Thanks Peter. Just out of there anything you wouldn't recommend putting in a Plant Room located in a basement? Due to this forum I've already got rid of the CVU!
  5. I've designed my plant room to be in the basement. Can the MVHR be located there or does it need an exterior wall?