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  1. I think Westcoast Windows are the preferred choice for English Brothers
  2. Hi Ian, I think i was on the same training course and also found it very useful. Owing to the social distancing we didn't really get a chance to chat with the other attendees! Good luck with your build and i hope you keep us posted with your progress Alan
  3. Hi guys, Our Architect is proposing a Schedule of Works and looking to charge a fee of £550 plus VAT per package as there will be no main contractor. Is this something i really need? Cheaper alternative or do myself? I have no idea what this entails so hoping you can help me out. Background - Planning permission granted. 2 Build systems - ICF Basement with Timber Frame above. Cheers Al
  4. Welcome and good luck. Where in Spain have you bought?
  5. Cheers guys. What type of drawings do the Timber Frame Companies require? We haven't got to the Building Regs stage yet. Although we initially obtained planning permission we had to make changes so the drawings have been resubmitted to planning. We await their decision 🤞 Will our drawings suffice or do we need more detail for quotes?
  6. Hi guys, am now at the stage of researching Timber Frame Co 's with a view to obtaining quotes for our new build. It seems that a lot of these firms will offer anything from stick build to Turnkey with lots of flexibility in between. To cut costs we are prepared to do some of the work ourselves but are apprehensive as to what we should take on. We are complete novices and putting up a shelf can be challenging! What i would like to know is what jobs i should leave to the timber frame company and what jobs could we do ourselves? My initial thoughts are that as an example anything to do with the roof or ceilings i should leave well alone but should consider doing say the internal wall insulation. The other factor is time. We will be renting during the build so cannot afford for this to drag on. Any help much appreciated...
  7. This isn't the latest design but should give you enough of an idea. We're awaiting the new plans but we've reduced the width of the gable end by a metre and the windows reduced from 6 to 4.
  8. Hi guys, Although we have planning permission for a New Build with an off white render, we're now exploring other options to add a bit more interest to the front of the house. The house will be 13m wide and we would like to clad the Gable end in something else. The windows are dark grey. We like the look of a light grey composite laid vertically. Would welcome your thoughts and suggestions. Al
  9. Does it make any difference if the nearest part of your neighbours house is their garage? In this case my neighbour's garage is connected to their house.
  10. Cheers John..........looking at Woodcrete. We aim to do the ICF ourselves so my thoughts are to carry on with the walls outside so as to save on labour.
  11. Hi guys, we now have planning approval for our demolition/new build. We will be having an ICF basement with a sunken garden. Are there any reasons for not using the ICF for the sunken garden walls? Appreciate they might be a different type of block depending on the provider.
  12. Hi Chris, Welcome to this great forum and good luck with your build. I am also a newbie going down the ICF route for my basement and was on the verge of attending some courses with some of the providers before the Coronavirus struck. Hopefully when we get back to some sort of normality you'll be able to do the same and get a feel for which product you'd like to use. The build shows are also very useful as they often have demo's from some of the ICF providers. Best of luck Alan
  13. This is an all too familiar story. Keep persevering you'll get there! As already posted I would suggest you become a ring them up and find out: What specifically is outstanding? When is it being done? Why can't we do this today? I'll be ringing again later to confirm that this has happened etc etc Sounds basic I know but it is effective. In the past I've even contacted the other party's solicitor's as it's all too easy for them to be ambiguous on what they are waiting for from the other solicitor. Good luck
  14. We haven't done the Ground Investigation Survey yet. My focus at the moment is choosing the ICF so as to finalise our drawings. I'm going to try and 'size' the build around the block sizes of the ICF so as to cut down on wastage and cutting. Do you think that the GIS should be done before choosing my ICF as the results might have an impact on what type of ICF to use?