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4 Paddocks and a garden - loads to do

Sue B


During the year of waiting for the planning refusal, we (or more accurately Peter) has been busy in the gardens, getting things sorted.


The kitchen garden is coming along nicely.  The trees and bushes have settled down and it looks like we are in for a bumper crop this year.  We have 6 IBCs that will be filled over the winter to use in the drier months.   We have an additional 2 IBCs by the house which will collect the initial rainfall, before it is pumped to where we need it in the kitchen garden.  The connectors to link the IBCs are on order and should arrive next week.


The fencing is failing but replacing it properly is eye-wateringly expensive.  The hammering you can hear in the background is Peter fixing the best bits of wood he can find, replacing the completely rotten bits.



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The fish pond has been finished for a few years now.  The fish have been busy getting on with life and last year, the numbers exploded.  The filter pump has just broken - something to do with a kamikazee slug shorting out the motor.  Luckily Peter noticed the same day as in the hot weather the fish would have died quickly without the pump working.  Hopefully it will be back to normal next week when the repaired unit is back and functioning - the water normally looks a lot clearer.


Anyone want any koi carp??


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Today the IBCs were connected together.  Tomorrow we will fill with some water to look for leaks.  We ummmd and arghd for a while about burying them or covering them in black plastic to reduce algae.  In the end we decided not to worry - algae on the kitchen garden isn’t a worry to us.  Time will tell.

Next step is to link the last 2 IBCs that will actually collect the water off the roof and buy the pump to move the water from there to the kitchen garden.

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Not sure why there are two videos - I had trouble uploading it and it seems there are two - I can’t delete the one that has nothing in.

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Any attachments which are unused get listed at the end.


So you may need to delete the other other video.


(TBH I'd recommend using something like Vimeo or Youtube to embed). 

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