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  1. Well that's a new one for me, I presumed it was a mistake or poorly written. That means you may have to submit an elevation drawing of your neigbours, can that be correct?
  2. You dont have to show your neigbours windows, just the outline of your neigbours propeties in relation to your propertiy04 Site Plan 060319.pdf on a site plan. Your elevation plan will show how each proposed window relates to your neighbours, here's a copy of mine
  3. I think it means the relationship of the windows on the proposal on neighbouring properties
  4. PIR 120mm is on top of rafter secured down by 3 x 2 tanalised timber fixed with 180mm stainless fixing through tanailsed timber and PIR into rafter. This is then has roofsheold membrane the cross battened for slate
  5. U value 0.18, slate finish, 3x2 battens on top of rafters using 180mm stainless fixings at 300mm spacing,120mm of Xtratherm, dry vented ridge. I believe for a given thickness it offers a lower U value as you have the whole face of the rafter insulated as well.
  6. Have you considered a warm roof with the insulation on top of the rafters. It does away with all that fiddly cutting between and leaves a void for your ducting, electrics etc Here's mine
  7. Double row, zig zagged about 2 -3 feet apart on each row so when looking at the hedge they appear 12 to 18 inches apart.
  8. Three years ago this Xmas eve, I planted a mixed native hedge of bare rooted whips, including blackthorn, hawthorn,hornbean (which like wet gound) hazel and others. The ground is cheshire pasture with clay at 14inches below topsoil, It was a 75 meter run and I just used a spade and waggled it to open the ground and placed the whips in a firmed with my heel. I lost 2 plants. I dont think anything too technical is required, Attached is a picture of them in May 18
  9. I was initially having dormers to the rear but decided on 2 velux side by side with a sloped fixed panel beneath. The truss manufacturer used the following design which could accommodate a dormer in the future. MAIN ROOF PLOT 1[23064].pdf
  10. Johnnyt

    September 16th

    It was from a local crop management and agronomist firm. They said that as long as we are own agriculural land it's fine but get masked up and wear approriate clothing and use appropriate sprayer.
  11. Johnnyt

    September 16th

    I found grazon pro worked a treat, specially formulated for brambles and leaves grass alone, also knocked back horesetail a fair bit, 60ml per 10 litres in a sprayer. Spayed brambles last spring and finished off the remnants this year. I went round 2 field boundaries probably 600 meters or so with still a third of it left.
  12. Received offer for full fibre from openreach see below. I should get a least 30 Mbps with copper to the house. Seems a lot of money the rum from the cabinet in existing ducting up the road is about 400m. As with anything new the cost in generally high initially and then falls in time. I already have my pv, weatherstation, phones, ipad and smart TV linked to the network and it copes well at current home and new build speed should be similar. Your thoughts are welcomed Good news! your development is eligible for an ultrafast full fibre network Thanks for choosing to register your development with Openreach. Your site has access to the latest full fibre infrastructure technology, enabling ultrafast speeds for your new homeowners, with the cost to you of just £2000 per plot. (TOTAL = £4000 + VAT) . Although full fibre is now our default infrastructure choice, copper or partial fibre connections are still available at nil cost.
  13. Hello all My five year old diminutive Enpase system had its best day ever yesterday. It produced 17 .4 KWh from a 2.75 KWp system. The panels seem not to be degrading very much at all. I was under the impresson max rate of degradation occurred when new and then slowly petered off. Does this bears well for efficiency in the the longer term? The panels are 275 watt solar world all black and I'm in Cheshire
  14. The planning committee for Cheshire West and Chester is streamed live and there is a 6 month back library. I still watch it to see the LPA's latest thinking after appeals etc. It is apparent although the members of the committee ought not to be predetermined and should listen to the representations before reaching their decision, many have prepared speeches one way or the other. The chief planning officer often helps them in providing the wording for reasons of refusal as they would like this to be as watertight as possible in the event of an appeal
  15. I won costs on my appeal because I uncovered, via an FOI request, a strong smell off dark arts by the planning officer and a ward councillor. The costs were awarded against the LPA for unreasonable behaviour and failing to follow case law but also the actions of the LPA unrelated to costs can also be taken into account, which in my case I am sure they were.