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  1. We use a dc inverter motor dehumidifier to dry clothes. Runs on about 220w and can extract 25l a day in ideal conditions. Very efficient, when coupled with a pulley ceiling clothes maiden, it’s almost as good as the tumble drier but without the preferred fluffiness.
  2. Back order maybe May My PV chap has 16 on back order, thankfully we are near the top of his list, Originally specified the LG chem 10 kW storedge but when fully integrated SE was mooted, we decided to wait. Even the LG chem system is the proverbial hens teeth. In roof PV array fitted Jan 21 but commissioned in Nov 21 due to awaiting roof and price hike in power necessitated.
  3. I have a 10kW array with SolarEdge 6kW inverter with EV charger built in when I get an EV, just need to buy the appropriate cable. I have started to clip this month but only for 15 mins My array is roughly 2kW east, 4kW south and 4kW west I am awaiting the Solar edge energy bank dc coupled battery which can take the surplus non inverted dc to charge the battery. So, in essence being oversized allows me greater production in the winter months and still use surplus generation after load, DHW divert to charge the battery. That said, my hierarchy during spring summer autumn will be load, battery and then DHW divert. I have not considered the EV aspect yet but it allows 7.2kW to car max but clearly this would be inverted power with grid supplementing. Just impatiently waiting for SE battery and hot water divert (also SE upto 5kW) to come available
  4. Irrespective of whether greenfield or brownfield. In the green belt development must be “not inappropriate” and fall into one of the exceptions in para 149 and 150 of the NPPF. Unless of course it can be established that very special circumstances apply. There is no legal definition of “very special circumstances” but plenty of case law.
  5. I have GSE in roof and 30 panels fitted. None of the plastic tray is exposed, it being covered by the panel and aluminium trims and flashings. As an alternative there’s the following https://en.irfts.com/easy-roof-evolution/
  6. Try the planning officer first they may give you a steer and deal with it under delegated authority. They would be mindful of the extant approval and look at any additional relevant issues which you can address in turn. In the meantime your existing permission rests and can be implemented
  7. Buildings insurance normally includes fixtures and fittings and it is most usual for an insured peril to be storm. Unless there is a a specific exclusion for solar panels in the policy wording. If no specific exclusion and you have difficulty, i would remind your insurers of the principle of contra proferentem which in grey areas suggests the benefit of the doubt rests with the insured.
  8. SolarEdge offer 3.68kW inverter that can be 55% oversized in terms of the array. That is approx 5.7 kWp Excess generation, not being used for the load is not inverted and can be directed to their dc coupled energy bank battery, so far 10kWh if you can get hold of one. You can divert ac to DHW if you prefer.
  9. Thanks for your input. Me too, this was my initial thoughts but the UVC (500l) arrived unbeknowns with only one pocket for an immersion. Rather than return it with resultant delays, I decided to press on with the knowledge that the diverter could accommodate a 5kW immersion. Little did I know the difficulting in sourcing same with the correct thread. I've been in touch with solar edge technical who say the diverter can accept a minimum of 5% of the load rating, so hopefully all should be fine.
  10. I have a 10kWp array up and working and am awaiting battery and DHW divert to be fitted all to be SolarEdge. The DHW divert can take up to 5kW resistive load and hence after much searching I found a single phase 4.5 kW immersion and it is fitted. It’s only 10ft from the consumer unit and has a direct 4mm feed. The literature with the immersion suggests a relay to be fitted. My query is what size relay is appropriate and will this have any issues when the PV generation is say delivering a lower rated current say if the surplus PV power is 500w to the immersion or anywhere in the range.
  11. This was posted recently on YT on the topic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbuWR-xcq0Q
  12. I too have a Viessman 200 4 pipe system , One dedicated DHW, internal valve in boiler and seperate programmer and temp set to 55c Other 2 pipes serve UFH, towel rads on own 2 way diverter timed and 1st floor heating again own 2 way diverter and timed. Second circuit set at 48 and ufh blended down. I can have various flow temps at different times of day. Seems to work well but early days, only fitted in Nov so still tweeking and noting gas usage which the boiler also tells me for both heating and DHW
  13. Couldn’t they mount an upgraded transformer on the existing pole 600m away and then lay the subterranean 3 phase cable to your new property. This is what we did on a 175m run cost £3,400 we dug trench and SPEN laid 185mm 3 phase and provided temp site supply. The existing pole mounted transformer was adequate for feeding 3 new supplies.
  14. I use this product on my motor home roof will, it works and lasts a year. Reading reviews say it works on moss as well. Not good for water animal life
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