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  2. It looks like it's the low voltage battery rather than the 400v one. I am not sure if it can be dc coupled. I have a 10kW system, panels fitted inroof GSE, awaiting commision with an 6kW HD wave inverter with integral EV charger and 5kW divert to UVC immersion. There is a scarcity of high voltage LG resu batteries in the country and I am impatiently awaiting the SE Energybank DC coupled battery said to be available from January 22.
  3. Johnnyt


    It was 14 days from when we went live not the date of the order as no service had been provided upto that date
  4. Johnnyt


    I had issue getting a new line into our build. The BT manhole is 12 inches from our boundary and carries fibre aswell The local openreach gadgee said unless we were in occupancy, we wern't priority but we needed broadband for cctv of the site. He was very helpful and said if we sign up for a phone and broadband deal with a 3rd party provider, they lean on openreach to get the connection sorted. This we did with excellent results with plusnet but they could only promise a low broadband speed on an unknown new line. The connection was sorted post haste and we cooled off with plusnet and went for a more competitive and greater speed deal elsewhere, not openreach
  5. The LPA don't know when it was constructed and so have little or no evidence to the contrary it was less than 4 years ago. You can try to flush this out of them. Whereas you have a receipt for polycarbonate and you and any other person who was aware and saw the build over 4 years ago can swear statutary declarations to say when itwas constructed, you may be home and dry, "on the balance of probabilities", which is the test that applies with the onus of proof on the applicant, ie you
  6. Light blue also German beginning with K is better then grey
  7. Got it, and thank you. There is a mixing valve at the manifold and see how this lowers the temp for the ufh, so roughly what range of flow temp would be best for the boiler to run at? I thought the lower the flow temp the greater the boiler efficiency? One of the reasons for a large uvc is to store DHW at relatively low temp to reduce losses (allowing for a legionella cycle) and have a large enough reservoir to blend in little cold water when using DHW for showering etc.
  8. We are almost ready to fire up our boiler with the final electrics being undertaken by the spark. I am a tad confused, we have a viessmann system boiler piped up as a 2 pipe system. The plumber has fitted 4 X 2 way diverters each for UFH, DHW, Towel Rads and 1st floor rads. My question is, if I am to make use of a low flow temp from the boiler for the ufh to enable best condensing, how can this "low" temp adequately heat my 500l indirect UVC and other circuits. The rads are not oversized and the ufh is a John Guest system 12 way manifold but about 7 zones. Am I missing something? Pic attached if it helps Thanks
  9. How do I stand? Moved house to self build on 27 August been chasing credit balance of Avro from last property gas/elec account of £365. Have temp supply in not complete new property with BG and living in our motorhome. Stuffed methinks as new supplier wont be taking over failed account JT PS I need to get my 10 kWp PV array online asap
  10. An overage clause put simply reduces the value of the land and any offer should reflect this.
  11. Cheshire today and mostly miserable. 2.75kWp system
  12. We had a similar problem after increasing the insulation thickness. I fitted a similar eaves prodict to leave a gap between the insulation and underside of felt. Additionally, my spark fitted a 100mm extractor fan with humidistat in the gable. 7 years ago and now as dry as a bone
  13. I've just built a 7m X 8m garage to accomodate our motorhome. Trusses used on top of traditional 2 skin walling. The openning is 3150 high as is the wall plate but centally the roof is higher. See link
  14. The dates of Google earth imagery are not always correct Round this neck of the woods the same image is shown for 3 years. The LPA have fallen foul on trying to use the imagery for enforcement and it has been shown to be unreliable
  15. Then you have an issue with consistency, there must be numerous cases where it has been allowed. A trawl through your LPA's portal finding such cases may prove helpful and point out the inconsistencies and quote relevant case law In planning law, there is a “principle of consistency” in decision-taking: see North Wiltshire District Council v Secretary of State for the Environment (1993) 65 P & CR