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  1. Received offer for full fibre from openreach see below. I should get a least 30 Mbps with copper to the house. Seems a lot of money the rum from the cabinet in existing ducting up the road is about 400m. As with anything new the cost in generally high initially and then falls in time. I already have my pv, weatherstation, phones, ipad and smart TV linked to the network and it copes well at current home and new build speed should be similar. Your thoughts are welcomed Good news! your development is eligible for an ultrafast full fibre network Thanks for choosing to register your development with Openreach. Your site has access to the latest full fibre infrastructure technology, enabling ultrafast speeds for your new homeowners, with the cost to you of just £2000 per plot. (TOTAL = £4000 + VAT) . Although full fibre is now our default infrastructure choice, copper or partial fibre connections are still available at nil cost.
  2. Hello all My five year old diminutive Enpase system had its best day ever yesterday. It produced 17 .4 KWh from a 2.75 KWp system. The panels seem not to be degrading very much at all. I was under the impresson max rate of degradation occurred when new and then slowly petered off. Does this bears well for efficiency in the the longer term? The panels are 275 watt solar world all black and I'm in Cheshire
  3. The planning committee for Cheshire West and Chester is streamed live and there is a 6 month back library. I still watch it to see the LPA's latest thinking after appeals etc. It is apparent although the members of the committee ought not to be predetermined and should listen to the representations before reaching their decision, many have prepared speeches one way or the other. The chief planning officer often helps them in providing the wording for reasons of refusal as they would like this to be as watertight as possible in the event of an appeal
  4. I won costs on my appeal because I uncovered, via an FOI request, a strong smell off dark arts by the planning officer and a ward councillor. The costs were awarded against the LPA for unreasonable behaviour and failing to follow case law but also the actions of the LPA unrelated to costs can also be taken into account, which in my case I am sure they were.
  5. No, it was only to be called into commitee in the event that the recommendation was to be for approval, but as the recommendation was for refusal it did not go to commitee so I could not put my case to the open forum. Stitched both ways!
  6. Surely, the case would only be called in, in the event that the PC objected and the Planning Officer made a positive recommendation in their report. No point of call in if he Officer recommended refusal in line with the parish council objection. This was the case with my application, a ward councillor called it in in the event that the officer recommended approval but as the PO did not, it was refused under delegated authority.
  7. Thanks for your suggestions. I've read that running data cable from the garage to the dwelling may be a good idea as well to enable communication with immersion diversion and any other dedicated outlets.
  8. Hi all, I intend to fit integrated PV on the front elevation and on the westerly elevation of the garage, see site plan attached. Currently favouring Solar Edge although I have Enphase currently at home which has been faultless in 5 years. Given the proximity of the garage to the main house which is the one on the RHS of the plan, is it favourable in terms of space in the utility to locate the inverter and battery in the garage? Mains electricity will come in at the rear of the site rather than from the road, so i thought the mains could initially feed the garage then an armoured supply to the main dwelling with associated consumer unit et al. I hope the overall PV system to be circa 10Kw and have had an initial response from the DNO that this could be accommodated without transformer upgrade. The garage is less than 5 m from the main house. Any thoughts good or bad would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 20_01146_S73-PROPOSED_SITE_PLAN-3718478-4.pdf
  9. This is taken directly from my planning barristers advice to me which was subsequently used at a successful appeal. In planning law, there is a “principle of consistency” in decision-taking: see North Wiltshire District Council v Secretary of State for the Environment (1993) 65 P & CR 137. The principle is not that like cases must be determined alike, but a decision-taker ought, when considering a materially similar proposal, to have regard to the principle of consistency, to have good reason if deciding to depart from the previous decision, and to give reasons for any such departure.
  10. That's great advice thanks. It's quite a generous offer from the DNO, I imagine as the primary is nearby with 33kv and 11kv. The transformer we would connect to with 135m of underground cable only serves 6 properties, at least we don't have to pay for any infrastructure upgrade. Good news all round
  11. Thanks for your replies. I think I had decided to use the route across the farm land which allows the greater generating capacity. What puzzled me whether to go for the full 12Kw fitted or a lesser amount. Are you saying I can apply for the12 Kw and "bank it" so to speak, fit a lower amount and then build up to it at a later date. I would like the extra capcity for the possible future ASHP and of course more generation at time of low irradiance in the winter etc .
  12. Hello all, Yet to start on my build which is likely in the next couple of months. I have been discussing the new supply and PV with my DNO Scottish power and there are 2 routes for the new supply one down the pavement adjacent to our plot and the other buries across farmland we own and rent out, at a cost of 17K and 10K respectively. See below from Scottish Power "Route 1: £17,000 + VAT - this involves excavating and laying a 185mm waveform cable in pavement and verge for a distance of 60m, including an estimate for traffic management costs. It would enable an Agreed Export Capacity of 9kW 1-phase, which may be export-limited if desired from a Power Station Capacity of 15kW. This would provide a 100A 1-phase supply to the first plot and another as the temporary site supply. The service alteration to convert this second supply into the permanent supply to the other domestic plot is not included. Route 2: £10,000 + VAT - this involves laying a 185mm waveform cable in a customer trench in the field at the back of the existing properties on New Road for a distance of 135m. It would enable an Agreed Export Capacity of 12kW 1-phase, which may be export-limited if desired from a Power Station Capacity of 17kW. This would provide a 100A 1-phase supply to the first plot and another as the temporary site supply. The service alteration to convert this second supply into the permanent supply to the other domestic plot is not included. Please can you confirm which option you wish to pursue? If you do not yet know the exact generation arrangement you will be installing, this can be applied for at a later date. This will incur a network design fee of £300 + VAT whether you include the generation now or later, so I would imagine a separate application would be preferable." I can comfortably get 18 in roof panels of the southern (SSE) elevation 5.4Kw of the new build and I have decided to go for a steel portal garage outbuilding that will accomodate a futher 12, 2.4Kw on the garage roof (WSW). The question is do I max out to future proof now, as we have mains gas to heat UFH but I intend having the pipes laid at 150mm centers to allow for future ASHP heat source. The ground floor area is 170 sqm. Our current usage at our present home is circa 3500kwh a year with a PV generation off a 2.75Kw sytem of 2300Kwh pa but on a house a third of the size. The other plot referred to above belongs to my builder Thanks J
  13. Thanks to all for your support. It was satisfying to win out at the end, I have a feeling the was something of the night about one of my local councillors. I'll keep looking in and see how you are all doing. If anyone is interested my last successful appeal and costs decision are available on the planning inspectorate website under reference APP/A0665/W/18/3198387. I would be happy to help anybody with similar planning issues. Cheers to all of you John
  14. Hello all, I am John and live in north cheshire. Well, where do I start, perhaps with how I got to where I am now. Application for one infilling bungalow in green belt in 2014 refused. Appeal refused in early 2015 although inspector agreed "not inapproriate development" After discussion with new planning consultant and a trip to London to visit a planning barrister, on the public access scheme (well worthwhile), new application submitted August 17 refused again. Appeal Feb 18 validated, but start date Oct 18. Decision end of November 18 allowed with full award of costs and would you believe an indication that 2 properties could be accommodated on the infill plot. Application April 19 for 2 dwellings approved. Other plot sold and we are about to commence on build early in new year. My wife has MS and proposal is dormer bungalow 230 square meters, all accommodation on ground floor with 2 guest bedrooms and bathroom in roof space. Considering attic trusses or a SIP roof at the moment and initial approach to DNO will allow PV single phase export capacity of 12Kw and total pwer station capacity of 17Kw. As you can imagine, I have plenty to think about but a given is UFH and I have mains gas passing the doorstep. I will scan the forums for tips, many I have picked up already, and hope to keep you updated on our journey. Thank you in antipacation of your interest ,