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  1. dogman

    Making Hole In Ceramic Sink

    Punch it out as it says. Just did mine and it was easy. Same sink by the look of it
  2. dogman

    Thermal Camera

    I managed to borrow one, but you can rent if you only want to do your own house. Wait till winter as it won't be as effective in the summer I had a Flir
  3. Thank you for all the replies. Some highlights of the first few days. 1. Hot water is via a Sunamp +expansion.. So happy with this. I know its summer and we have 4.2KW of solar but the last few days have not been the best for sun and i was worried we would need to heat using full priced electricity. Its been full by lunch time and that is after a full bath and two showers a day plus the incidental sink use. Flow is excellent although not really checked the what if situations (turning other taps on etc.) 2. Ventaxia MVHR. Keep checking to see if it is on as so quiet. House is kept at 21deg although we need to see how it works this week as its hotter outside. Summer bypass is only set to cut in on temp differential not on a timed purge The only issue we have is the low 25mm simpson shower tray. The flow is so good on the showers that when its on full you get a slight overflow out the door. The drain is the standard one connected to 50mm
  4. With one week to spare we have moved in😀. Not finished as no doors or skirting finished etc.
  5. dogman

    MBC slab and land drains

    Re land drain. You need to check as we did not need one. MBC will advise you on this. Also if you do remember that you have already dug out 1m past the foundation so unless you are on some horribly draining land then the land drain sits in the 1m strip
  6. I think you can use a landline number with vonage over fibre
  7. Been looking at them for a while but as yet not seen one working. Which model did you go for. Is it loud when grinding, as I get up about 2hours before wife and need my coffee fix first thing.
  8. dogman

    Toolstation Ordering

    I no longer use TS click and collect I just add to basket and create a short code. They get it just as quick and pay with card usually touch
  9. Just remember with a meter move that the DNO moves the cable and fuse and your supplier the actual meter we have just fallen foul of this despite the Admin at our electric company insisting they did both. Put our completion back as we are now waiting for the DNO to give us a date.for the cable to be moved. Good thing is that its a service alteration so only £480 quid
  10. dogman

    Soakway Cost and Water Consumption

    No crates just half bricks and some large crush we are on very well draining chalk
  11. dogman

    Soakway Cost and Water Consumption

    I worked out that I would need 4m3 of soakaway Building control were good and suggested 4 at 1m3 to avoid having to properly design it. Split the roof into 4 areas and are today funnily enough digging them. They were also happy with clean hardcore in dummpy bags with several slits Run a T at the end above the bag and fit a cap at ground level so that they can be rodded
  12. Thanks for the tip. Looking on my normal places that i buy parts they are quite expensive do you know a cheap supplier that may do them
  13. Thanks for the comments everyone. I am stuck with my buffer tank so it was the best option. The design allows isolation of the buffer tank when cooling so it could still be used as a heat dump for excess PV to pre heat the sunamp. Any thoughts on this isolation. i was going for a set of either motorised valves or two manual valves. I have noticed that i need to add a small expansion to the water heating side to manage expansion when isolated. Other option would be to swap the bottom valve with spring loaded or swing check valve that should allow expansion but prevent the cold and hot mixing. I do have an issue with space so one expansion vessel would be preferable.
  14. Bumping my old thread as i am starting the plumbing for the Heating and cooling. I have looked at the examples others have used plus some detail i found on the web Below is my first draft design Its based on a two pipe system for a buffer tank with the two spare bosses used for the pre heat for the sunamp Can anyone see anything that would cause problems?