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  1. My PV had similar issues and SunAMP tech talked me through the test procedure. There is a small push switch on the pcb that starts the diagnostics and than result is shown via the leds. Be careful as 240v is present However i did find that the plugs on the pcb can come loose so check them. Mine turned out to be a faulty heater that was replaced under the warranty give them a ring as they were very good in sorting
  2. Our BC officer wanted 5m to building and 2.5 to boundary unless a building was other side of boundary in which case it was 5m from that building they did check
  3. @Weebles, did you get the metal manifolds. If yes be careful as they have many sharp edges to extract blood from hands. If you have not yet got them i got the largest they did so i only used one side of the unit for connections to make fitting easier. Don't forget the condensate drain, the cable for an extension controller and any cables you need to switch the unit to boost( cooker hood, bathroom lights etc) Also i only put one silencer on the supply. I cannot hear any noise. However i can hear noise on the extract vents so will need to fit a silencer on that side aswell
  4. @Weebles we have two electric ovens (neff hide and slide) and a 5 burner LPG hob. Above the hob is a luxair glass extractor fitted with twin carbon filters set to recirculate The oven units have vents at the back but the Neff seems to vent through a vent above the doors at the front. As they are next to the hob extractor the heat would be drawn into the extractor I have found that the house stays cool if you do not introduce heat including from outside so i do not really want to open doors or windows. However that is my only choice as an MVHR even on boost cannot remove the heat from cooking( we have fitted two ducts to the MVHR extract in the kitchen that copes well with smells from cooking. I wish i had put a duct from the luxair extractor to the outside wall so i had the option to vent the cooker hood outside( i know that the negative pressure caused by the removal of 980m³/hr at full belt would require us opening a window but at least that could be at the cool side of the house. I would have not cut the hole until i had passed the air test and fitted an air valve to shut it off if needed.
  5. Fitting an external exhaust from the cooker hood is the one thing i wish i had fitted. Even if i had put in the duct but not actually breached the air tight envelope would have been the best option so that i had the option to duct it outside. Smell so far is not the issue its the heat in the summer
  6. Try these https://www.diy.com/departments/kesseb-hmer-imove-single-tier-internal-pull-down-shelf-600mm/1414132_BQ.prd?utm_source=google_cpc&utm_medium=shopping&utm_campaign=PX_GSC_Kitchens_+_Generic&ppc_type=shopping&ds_kids=92700029894470044&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIl-vWx6yu3QIViOd3Ch267wy5EAQYAiABEgKZXvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CKXR586srt0CFcg8Gwod1q4N9w
  7. We have now been in the house for three months and last week received the completion certificate Vat claim will be submitted this week as the "wife" has been compiling the receipts as we progressed. Still need to finish some rooms and have not got any carpets / curtains etc but it is not spoiling the pleasure of living in the house. There is only one thing so far i wish i had done. Fit a proper externally vented cooker extractor. I know it goes against all the air tightness etc but during the recent hot weather cooking indoors was not a pleasure as it really heated the house up. We have found that if you keep it cool it stays cool but once it warmed up cooling it down took a lot of effort. Solved it by using the BBQ outside most days Things I am thinking about are some sort of energy monitoring. We have 4.2kw of panels and produce far more electricity than we use at this time of year. If I can work out when and how much we produce it will help decide if I need some sort of storage solution, or in winter move to economy 7/10.
  8. I have experience of both systems and can say that it makes a difference having a summer bypass although not a massive difference. What i found was that our system without a summer bypass in our rental cottage appears to make the house very hot and not able to cool down over night where our new house with a proper summer bypass, although it got hot on the worst nights this year was no where near as bad.
  9. A quick option for you would be to disconnect one of the two fans in the unit as a simple summer bypass. I am assuming you have opening windows. Disconnect the intake fan in order to ensure that stale air is extracted. Keep a window open in each room to allow the cooler evening air to be pulled into the room. Some smaller units that advertise a summer bypass use this method rather than a true bypass so check if you do replace the unit
  10. Punch it out as it says. Just did mine and it was easy. Same sink by the look of it
  11. I managed to borrow one, but you can rent if you only want to do your own house. Wait till winter as it won't be as effective in the summer I had a Flir
  12. Thank you for all the replies. Some highlights of the first few days. 1. Hot water is via a Sunamp +expansion.. So happy with this. I know its summer and we have 4.2KW of solar but the last few days have not been the best for sun and i was worried we would need to heat using full priced electricity. Its been full by lunch time and that is after a full bath and two showers a day plus the incidental sink use. Flow is excellent although not really checked the what if situations (turning other taps on etc.) 2. Ventaxia MVHR. Keep checking to see if it is on as so quiet. House is kept at 21deg although we need to see how it works this week as its hotter outside. Summer bypass is only set to cut in on temp differential not on a timed purge The only issue we have is the low 25mm simpson shower tray. The flow is so good on the showers that when its on full you get a slight overflow out the door. The drain is the standard one connected to 50mm
  13. With one week to spare we have moved in?. Not finished as no doors or skirting finished etc.
  14. Re land drain. You need to check as we did not need one. MBC will advise you on this. Also if you do remember that you have already dug out 1m past the foundation so unless you are on some horribly draining land then the land drain sits in the 1m strip
  15. I think you can use a landline number with vonage over fibre
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