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  1. dogman

    Soakway Cost and Water Consumption

    No crates just half bricks and some large crush we are on very well draining chalk
  2. dogman

    Soakway Cost and Water Consumption

    I worked out that I would need 4m3 of soakaway Building control were good and suggested 4 at 1m3 to avoid having to properly design it. Split the roof into 4 areas and are today funnily enough digging them. They were also happy with clean hardcore in dummpy bags with several slits Run a T at the end above the bag and fit a cap at ground level so that they can be rodded
  3. Thanks for the tip. Looking on my normal places that i buy parts they are quite expensive do you know a cheap supplier that may do them
  4. Thanks for the comments everyone. I am stuck with my buffer tank so it was the best option. The design allows isolation of the buffer tank when cooling so it could still be used as a heat dump for excess PV to pre heat the sunamp. Any thoughts on this isolation. i was going for a set of either motorised valves or two manual valves. I have noticed that i need to add a small expansion to the water heating side to manage expansion when isolated. Other option would be to swap the bottom valve with spring loaded or swing check valve that should allow expansion but prevent the cold and hot mixing. I do have an issue with space so one expansion vessel would be preferable.
  5. Bumping my old thread as i am starting the plumbing for the Heating and cooling. I have looked at the examples others have used plus some detail i found on the web Below is my first draft design Its based on a two pipe system for a buffer tank with the two spare bosses used for the pre heat for the sunamp Can anyone see anything that would cause problems?
  6. dogman

    Framing nailers

    I bought a dewalt as I have the batteries already. Was a bit nervous as all the guys on site use pasilode. However it works just as well. No gas needed. Fires same nails as pasilode so works out cheaper in long run. Was going to sell but will keep it as it is so so useful
  7. dogman

    Jeld Wen Windows

    I used Jeld wen in the SIP cottage I built and are currently living in whilst our new house is finished. My only issue is that the handles have tarnished and sort of corroded the finish. However in terms of build quality and performance i cannot complain and have had no issues Ours were off the shelf through Jewsons
  8. dogman

    Building Regs 4 Plans

    I tried it and paid the fee Although it sort of helped as it meant i could cut and paste the text on each subject there was a lot that had to be changed so not sure it actually saved me time. would i do it again --no not worth the fee
  9. dogman

    MVHR ducting to outside

    It was our BC who asked. The whole section of wall that had a brick skin was fire stopped (red bags in photo) . Don't ask me why, or if its really needed but if it meant giving me brownie points with BC it was worth it
  10. Please go easy on us but we went a bit mad with the work top for the island wife loves it Its Labradorite Madagascar Granite
  11. dogman

    MVHR ducting to outside

    see link check if your BC officer wants them and if you need 2 hour or 4 hour
  12. dogman

    MVHR ducting to outside

    Just check you do not need a fire collar. As the skin on ours is brick the BC asked for them
  13. I agree. They were the cheapest once we added the glass and landing balustrade. The software to design them worked unlike some. The sales team are really helpful. I did ring them a few times to ask silly questions such as where does this bit go and they could not have been more helpful