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    Not building a new house. Have a rubble stone house with a 1970s flat-roof extension and spend a fair bit of time on maintenance and small/medium sized improvements.

    Barely done any DIY until moving into this house, so find this site a useful way of improving my knowledge.

    Watch far too many TV programmes on building/renovating houses and like the idea of doing a self-build but the stress would probably give me a nervous breakdown.
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  1. Just "wasting" time watching Building the Dream after lunch. It's a straw build and includes the inevitable trip to another house - straw built of course. Season 2, episode 11. Probably available on on All 4.
  2. 30p/metre at my BM here. Not too bad a trip from s. Manc https://www.cwberry.com/ProductDetail.aspx?p=01020061
  3. On ICF walls, I've read that ants can be a problem with EPS in the States. See here, for example: https://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/article/if-ants-like-rigid-foam-should-we-stop-using-it No idea if British ants like it, though.😀
  4. Wasn't it @Pord67 on the straw house thread?
  5. But a brick/block house on conventional footings isn't quite the same as a straw house sitting on piles of tyres where those piles don't seem to be connected one-to-the-other. Might be good in an earthquake, though!
  6. SWMBO's father also started his working life in a power station. Some pipes were lagged with asbestos. The lads working there used to throw balls of asbestos at each other for a lark. He's still in good health at nearly 87.
  7. Is there anything to tie the house to the ground? Or are you relying on friction?
  8. Well I'd be interested to hear more details on your build and see some pictures!
  9. We can get BT's Full Fibre 100 for £40/month. Don't need it, though. Can get Full Fibre 900 for £60/month. Quite suprised. Two or three weeks ago at the in-laws I managed to cut through an OpenReach copper cable with hedge clippers as a fibre cable had been added to the pole and someone moved the copper cable but left it loose just inside the bottom of the hedge. Had to spend 40 minutes going down the lane apologising for the loss of service, and half of them had full fibre (which I hadn't cut through).
  10. DavidFrancis

    More work photos

    Remarkable. You have my great respect.
  11. Perhaps 19mm battens were used on the old section and 25mm ones on the new roof?
  12. DavidFrancis

    More work photos

    What bits of the build, if any, have you not done yourself?
  13. Don't know enough to answer your question. But in your position and I wanted to keep the cost down, I'd be tempted to fill the cracks with bitumen mastic and then repaint. Probably cost less than £50.
  14. Hard to say with much certainty from the pictures, but the roof could have been painted with solar reflective paint that has now worn off in large parts. If it is that paint, it might look OK with a couple more coats.