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    Not building a new house. Have a rubble stone house with a 1970s flat-roof extension and spend a fair bit of time on maintenance and small/medium sized improvements.

    Barely done any DIY until moving into this house, so find this site a useful way of improving my knowledge.

    Watch far too many TV programmes on building/renovating houses and like the idea of doing a self-build but the stress would probably give me a nervous breakdown.
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  1. @Jeremy Harris Guardian report also reckons current figures could be the "tip of the iceberg" https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2020/feb/06/hidden-coronavirus-cases-could-thwart-containment-efforts-experts-warn
  2. There's a list of abbreviations here Also, Google will give you OSB, and a search for "PIR insulation" on Google will give you PIR.
  3. Partial vapour pressure?
  4. Thanks for that @kxi. Hadn't seen the insulated roofing sheet thread. And didn't realise the sound insulation was poor. Have you posted more details about your build somewhere? Looked at your recent posts, but only found something about your floor.
  5. The ones I'm thinking of are the metal-clad panels, as used in large commercial/industrial buildings. They're always used with a heavyweight frame, but with a true bungalow I imagine you could get away with something very lightweight. Some of the panels have quite respectable finishes both inside and outside, so you'd only have to clad them if you didn't like the aesthetics or wanted to have a service void for cables/pipework etc.
  6. I want to see someone build a bungalow using sandwich panels (Kingspan, Tata etc) on a lightweight steel frame. Looks like you can get a U value of 0.15 from a panel of a bit over 120mm thickness, if I'm reading the Kingspan details correctly.
  7. Thanks for the replies. Didn't know HG did a grout cleaner. Will give that a try. My memery's not great, but I seem to remember trying bleach before with little success, although perhaps I need to have a go leaving it on for longer.
  8. The grout in our shower enclosure has discoloured in a number of places. Was thinking of removing it and putting in new grout. Anyone have suggestions for easy(ier) removal of the existing grout? Was thinking of using a multitool with a carbide blade. Have used a stanley knife in the past for smaller sections but that was a right PITA. Having read the HG mould spray bottle earlier today, they reckon hypo (sodium thiosulpate) will get rid of brown staining. Anyone tried this?
  9. I helped to install a rubber roof on a shed. It was very straightforward. It was a ClassicBond EPDM membrane.
  10. If you've got water between one pane and another, it's probably not to do with the beading. More likely the seal on that unit (the material between the two panes) has failed. I've read that using acetoxy silicone to bed the panes can cause this problem, but there's probably a few other causes besides. (Everbuild say their acetoxy silicone should not be used near the edge sealant of double-glazed units.)
  11. How long since those windows were last painted? If it was four or five years, then they don't look too bad to me. In the pictures of the beading you've posted they look OK too. I've used both Bedec MSP and Johnstones, and think Bedec is much better. Huge faff with the Johnstones, with primer, undercoat and topcoat. I regularly have to repaint our cills and bottom beads on exposed windows. Don't know about the cracks on the wide sections of wood. Could they be plywood?
  12. This article covers woodworm in some depth: https://www.buildingconservation.com/articles/woodworm/woodworm.htm
  13. Don't know if the contents of this is stuff you already know. https://www.historicenvironment.scot/archives-and-research/publications/publication/?publicationId=bd396452-624b-4b87-9ae4-a59500b4dff4
  14. @Temp- apologies. Didn't notice your post when posting. Seem to have the same answer, but yours was more comprehensive.
  15. According to this story https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-45112872 the government does not intend to impose tariffs on most goods. Looking at the table at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/temporary-rates-of-customs-duty-on-imports-after-eu-exit I can find little, if any, construction-related things listed. So I reckon leaving with no deal will make NO DIFFERENCE to the cost of building-related goods imported from EU countries as far as tariffs are concerned. The exchange rate risk is a different matter!