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    I work for Ecowin Ltd and supply Gaulhofer, Zyle Fenster windows and doors, Eko Okna uPVC alu clad and other products as well Solarlux sliding doors and bi fold doors.

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  1. I'd like to see more along the bottom, sides, and picture externally. I suspect water has been trapped at the back of the easy clean hinge and pooled and obviously worked it way into the wood causing the damage seen, as the drainage slot that runs underneath the hinge has been blocked (bad design in my honest opinion). However, the frame is compromised and so is operating that window, I wouldn't open it until it has been inspected, the majority of weight of the sash is on that bottom hinge. On the other side (handle side), it looks like water has been pooling at the vertical and horizontal junction. How old is the window? When was it installed? I'd be looking out the warranty, did they supply and install or a separate installation team? Did you own the property when the windows were installed? My honest opinion is twofold. 1: Poor design 2: "Potential" installation issue. I don't see a cavity issue at present but that's not to say it cannot be ruled out but I suspect you'll be paying for a replacement.
  2. Egress easy clean stay hinge. The part in question is essentially a push button that allows you to slide the window along to one side when the top and bottom are engaged and you pull the top/bottom along. It's so you can clean the windows from the inside. The manufacturer should be stamped on it with part number but if not, you might be able to find the long-stay hinge online but I'd contact a local repair company so that they can do it for you (looking at picturs, it would be the best option).
  3. Fensa, if they are registered but you could also ask a reputable company or a 3rd party independent surveyor.
  4. I have to at this point advise that is something they would need to take up with a professional inspection, due to the nature of how things may proceed. Whether GGF members or not, it’s very common for the guidelines set out in the GGF documents to be followed by pretty much all suppliers and often referred to even when not members. These guidelines are pretty standard, also similar to European guidelines tbh.
  5. It’s something you’ll need to take up directly with them, but if you’re not happy tell them you aren’t but be reasonable and be prepared with points you want clarified and why they aren’t doing anything to rectify. If you’re unsatisfied with their response, explain you’ll be taken matters further (Internorm, Fensa, GGF), document everything and remember. If it isn’t in writing or recorded, it never happened.
  6. Just to come back to this, having had a look at the pictures and comments, I’d be embarrassed to leave it like this and to give the alleged comments the MD supplied. I understand comments about making good but they have a duty to repair and make good internally and externally on a replacement.
  7. No and it should have been discussed with you prior to supplying the door, especially if they weren’t able to sit it further below the ffl, as better options exist. This is a conversation they should have had with you, it is their responsibility as the supplier.
  8. Sorry having a BBQ with family today but I’ve had a brief look and I can understand the concerns. Your best bet is to speak to the install team/supplier raising concerns and if you have no luck speak to Fensa/Certass if they are registered and if you’re still not happy with response. Check if they are registered with the GGF and raise concerns with them.
  9. From recollection they’re transport packers. Can’t help with blind adjustment unfortunately, one if the reasons we stay clear and keep to accessible items. I can’t see water issue clearly, need to get inside to see it but that ain’t happening for a few hours yet 😉
  10. European glass will likely be marked on the spacer bar and not on the glass, some will.
  11. Should be more than enough.
  12. Top hung friction stay hinge, looks like a slim model but the size etc will all need to be checked. There may be a code on the hinge.
  13. Securistyle friction hinge https://www.securistyle.com/uk/en
  14. You’re not wrong, there are system suppliers such as Gutmann, Siegenia, Maco for example. There are many uPVC systems and glass suppliers, such as Pilkingtom, Guardian, Saint Gobain, Euroglas, AGC and hardware suppliers like Siegenia, Maco, Roto, Mila and more. There are manufacturers that put these systems together from the parts they purchase.
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