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  1. I don’t see why another type of bonding agent wouldn’t work. You won’t have warranty as you haven’t followed the guidelines for assembly.
  2. Primer, prime the area and then the self adhesve tapes will stick. No primer, tapes will peel (even with a mastic).
  3. The problem is that the seal is broken because the door is open. So the handle is taken from pointing directly up to directly down, which engages the wheels and lifts the sash up. No locks engaged and the door can be slid open. It doesn't occur when the door is locked. As it is on a South Westerly elevation and set back as well, wind is coming through the the gaps and the whistle effect is occurring and might even be more prominent because it is setback. It is only resolved by locking the door and engaging the locks, which engages the seal. As discussed with Ian just now, what can be done, is try and put a wind deflector on the frame, preventing the wind driving up the gaps when the door is physically open but not locked.
  4. Yes, each manufacturer will have one and guideline supplied by GGF for example. They will vary slightly but generally they are the same. Not being fitted to factories recommendations, will void warranties. Issue Nick experienced was something else entirely.
  5. I’d love to supply British made but 1: VAT 2: Quality 3: Performance The UK market is still stuck on cheap and cheerful uPVC. Those that are making decent windows are buying in European profiles.
  6. No need to apologise, you win some you lose some. When it’s fair it’s fair. When they (other suppliers) “buy” themselves the work, there isn’t much that can be done. I wish you well with the project and here if you need any help/advice.
  7. You didn’t have the best of experiences Nick and I hold my hands up to that and I apologise. As you know, install team are well gone but to much “faith/trust” was given to them. They let me down, which meant I let you down on numerous occasions. I also let myself down. It will never happen again. It doesn’t always go perfect and when it does go wrong it can go wrong spectacularly. I hope I put things right to a degree, took time to resolve things that’s for sure.
  8. That’s a hard pill to swallow, a couple of caveats but generally we are roughly the same price if not less with Gaulhofer. Also depends on retailer and a couple of other small things. Zyle, is a lot more cost effective but on the other hand. The exchange rate is kicking our butts at this time.
  9. If your steel deflects 7mm max deflection, then do not use a rigid PU foam. 10mm would do but tight, I’d go 20, use a compriband on the head which is compressable. So when it does deflect that deflection is taken by the compriband. You should pick one up with a 10mm to 20mm expansion rating. That basically means 10mm in the roll, expanding to 20mm, so can compress back down by 10mm.
  10. That annoys me, actually really p****s me off. It is their responsibility to check the details with you. Did you give them the defection rate of the steel? Did they give you recommended tolerance? Did they advise what material to use for insulation during installation between head and steel? If sitting directly under the steel, using a solid insulation for example, steel deflects, pushing down on slider. Then only one thing happens, compression on head and operational issues with the slider.
  11. One of my favourite doors @HerbJ stunning colour choice and a brave choice in all honesty.
  12. The tape is purely for handling purposes, it does nothing other than protect during handling. It is not an air seal or anything like that. It’s a pain to remove but it’s not needed and can be the cause of unit failure if left on. I should add that some types of glazing silicon can react with the hotmelt which is why people leave it on as well.
  13. It's not about making decisions based on pictures viewed online, no one here is going to be making decisions based on online pictures. They will have samples galore and go through numerous decision making scenarios, putting different finishes next to each other before making a decision. This was to assist people with "ideas". Different time of day, different lighting - 9016 against 7035
  14. Just took a couple of quick pictures of a couple of windows with different colour which might help some folk with some ideas. RAL 6005 - Moss Green Frame: 5005m Signal blue Sash: 5001m Green blue 7035m Light grey Frame: 3003 Ruby Red Sash: DM02 Metallic fine structure
  15. To be fair, we’re looking at about 4 weeks for quotes being issued. The lass that normally processes them is on Furlough and I’m processing them as quickly as I can. I’m hearing of glass delays in the UK but not in Europe tbh. Our production timescales have not been impacted for about 3 months now. However under weekly review. Transport is an issue. They want a weeks notice and need exact weights/dimension rather than best guess loading meterage and weight (used to be 48 hrs notice).