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  1. It’s a worrying time, especially for importers. You can’t really plan for the unknown.
  2. craig

    Widest french doors

    Widest I have done was 2600 (timber alu) but 3000 is possible height dependent. Wouldn’t recommend driving over the threshold though.
  3. craig

    AutoCAD 2010

    I use gyazo for all my screen captures. It comes with a program for capturing small gif files also, if you subscribe you can view all your captures. If not, its the last 10 or so (i think). 1 click, drag & capture - opens in webpage, save to PC.
  4. craig

    Alu clad timber or pvc

    If the posts are diving it up then you are looking at 3 seperate units. If the middles is fixed then you could have one slider, it would need to sit in front or behind the oak posts (dependin detail). With the sliding sections at either end sliding over the middle fixed section. Alternatively 2 sliders either end with a fixed window in the middle. Your probably looking at £10/12k.
  5. craig

    Alu clad timber or pvc

    If part of the bay is fixed it will be cheaper than an opening unit, if it is 90 degrees return on the bay it will be cheaper than other angled returns. Difficult to say price wise, as the actual sizes of the bay itself are not mentioned and what your ideally looking for within the bay. Ballpark, you mentioned slider. Is that to be within the bay? Without slider in bay and saying fixed at 4m with 2x 2m returns and triple glazed timber/alu & 2m height. You could be looking 4k/5k plus.
  6. craig

    Gaulhofer windows and doors : Thomas Froelich

    Today we said our farewells to Thomas, it was a very nice service and we had friends/colleagues/customers from all over the UK and EU attend. The window business is a very small world and representatives from Internorm, Solarlux, Zyle Fenster (Lithuania), EcoAluClad (Ireland) and more attended. Although some are competitors, we are also friends and was nice to see. It was also a rather interesting day with installers, suppliers and manufacturers sitting talking for a good 6 hours after the service on different things. Thought provoking for suppliers and manufacturers on technical aspects/improvements on products for easier deliveries/installation/service etc. It doesn’t happen often and we all went away with ideas. Just unfortunate it was on such a sad occasion. I did the airport runs yesterday and a group went out for a meal last night and Lorraine (Toms wife) attended and had a fantastic evening out. The family appreciates all the kind words as do we at Ecowin. It’s been a tough couple of weeks but projects and work continue. We are pretty much back to business as normal next week and we are making a priority on pending installations and service work. We would like to thank all customers for their patience and understanding over the past couple of weeks.
  7. craig

    Gaulhofer windows and doors : Thomas Froelich

    Thanks for all your comments, condolences and well wishes. I will pass them onto the team and family. It’s been a tough day contacting friends, colleagues, friends within the trades as well as customers past, present and future and it’s not complete yet due to the bank holiday 😪 @HerbJ it was myself that tried to call to update you and happy to have a chat tomorrow.
  8. craig

    Alu clad timber or pvc

    That's basically it, not knowing how to use the system causes more call outs due to broken hardware etc. When it's down to incorrect use, it's a chargeable call out and can be expensive for repeated visits and replacement parts.
  9. craig

    Insulated Window (Rough) Opening

    @Dreadnaught yes, we motorise them, you can also hook them up to a home automation system supplied and connected by others. It’s something you would need to contact us about.
  10. craig

    Insulated Window (Rough) Opening

    We did a similar design for a house just outside Glasgow for the concealed blind (by others). We also do concealed venetians externally as part of the windows system and have done for some in the UK about to for another.
  11. craig

    Casement vs tilt and turn?

    It’s the other way around in my view, the hardware for operating the window runs down the side of the window sash and frame on fully reversible. I’ve always found turn / tilt (not tilt/turn) to be very simplistic in operation and mechanically sound. Tilt / turn is effectively the same window but is more commonly used in the UK and more awkward to use yet still very simple. It leaves a horrible gap in my view and exposes the operation to the external elements. This can cause the hardware to degrade a lot quicker than it should because of this exposure.
  12. craig

    Structural Glass

    5mm glazing packers, silicone, battens either side, will do the job well. Done similar on a few projects in the past. Just make sure the fixings for the beadings are strong and long enough. It might also be worthwhile to run some compriband between the bead and glass for protection or silicone.
  13. You’ll find the technical drawings here. From my understanding width and height is certainly an issue. You may find the max sizes here or by giving them a call.
  14. craig

    Internorm sliders leaking

    The number one reason as to why sliders will leak or not function properly in my experience - is that they have not been laser levelled and therefor not square / plumb. If a slider is out by 3mm over an expanse of 3 metres plus, it can cause operational difficulties. This "can" have knock on effect in regards to water ingress, I'm not saying that is the issue it's just a possibility to be aware of. The picture above looks like the detail of sliding door systems provided to many manufacturers from Seigena, very good systems. We have experienced similar issues in the past from non Austrian suppliers and replaced the foam pads and sealed it better. In newer models, this is no longer present. A good way to determine where the water is actually penetrating, is the good old fashioned hose test.
  15. Hey all, not been around much due to work and life in general but just wanted to say that baby number 4 due in 3 weeks time arrived on Friday. no name yet, 5lb 15 oz.