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  1. craig

    Window Positioning

    Thats just a lack of understanding on thermal bridging and the architect should know better. If he’s making this error, what others are being made.
  2. craig

    Window Fixing Straps

    For fixings you should always have 1 fixing approx. 150mm from every corner, then every 400mm/500mm. The best fixing straps (lugs) I have seen are Velfac. Standard lugs from the likes of Eurocell are fine.
  3. The electric ones work of a 3 gang switch per window or by remote control/app. The manual ones are a cord pulley system. The electric version can also be fitted to home automation systems. If having external venetian blinds, it’s important to have them designed in at the early stages and allow the additional space allocation. A window will increase in height by a minimum of 150mm due to extra frame extensions required for the concealed housing. i.e a daylight open of 1000mm height, will require a s/o of 1170mm including tolerances, you then render / brick / clad over the front edge of the box. The overall head depth is window frame + box, which is about 200mm to the external finish. Venetians/blinds fitted to the face of the window cannot be hidden and are not as eye pleasing imho.
  4. Depends on supplier and how much the person is willing to pay for transport. Is it just glass or glass and frame? Double or Triple? Triple we can do 3.25 x 2.8, double would be larger. In lift and slide, 6.5 overall width, 2.8 high. 1 fixed, 1 slide, additional gearing and or electrical operation recommended. Standard T&T windows is a max of 180KG, exposed heavy duty hinging. We can do 6 metre high but need to double check the exact specs on this.
  5. craig

    How to fill a gap?

    Let me check if I have anything in the office, might only be 15mm 7/12 that I have but can be doubled up.
  6. craig

    How to fill a gap?

    TP600, 30mm width with expansion of 13mm to 24mm will do the job.
  7. craig

    Compriband and other Window Fittings

    Have a look online, Illbruck TP600, ME500w 110/140 and FM330. Depending on quantity required linear meterage wise, but for 47 windows/doors I’d easily expect a grand. TP600 is 4.3m rolls ME500 is 50m per roll 12 tins of FM330 per box, I’d say 2 boxes
  8. Don’t be too disheartened. I’ve been involved with certification and the builders have only achieved that figure. Even though they have on site training and everything else required. That’s still a good result, not PH standard but you weren’t building to that level?
  9. It’s very uncommon in my experience, the pass through door (turn door). Is used more than opening up the bi fold. They do tend to get opened up during the summer months though.
  10. craig

    Rationel Windows - Payment Terms

    Just wanted to come back to this, we have been in touch with our CC supplier and they are apparently no longer allowed to refuse CC facilities on that “risk” factor. They are no longer allowed to hold the payment for a set period either. As long as credit checks etc. are OK, they can allow the terminal without a value restriction. At least our supplier can (worldpay). Obviously in the process of setting this up now with them.
  11. Ooops, doc on it’s way this morning.
  12. Some charge VAT for you to claim back, others won’t as it’s a new build and VAT exempt. Ask them, you may need to provide VAT exemption certificate.
  13. It’s roughly £300/£350 per man per day. On top of that travel/accommodation costs and equipment hire costs. Dependant on sizes, you should be looking at 5 to 7 windows a day, sliders can take a couple of hours to a full day (size and whether supplied in kit format). 7 to 10 days install at £1k a day, plus tapes probably costing £1.5/£2k for that quantity, £15K sounds about right to be honest.
  14. craig

    Window dramas

    I feel for you on the liquidation issue. I know/knew the company in question, I know the sales director and owner and all I can say is it couldn’t have happened to a nicer man (owner). Feel for all the clients impacted but the downstairs warehouse was company order **** ups. The then sales director, is a good lad. Glad you were protected with the section 75 and things turned out well for you. Fantastic read on all your blog entries. Good luck with the rest of the build and looking forward to reading more entries.
  15. You shouldn't need too, in fact it's not recommended but it is a "trick" of the trade. More so in a house that is fighting to get 0.6ach due to leakages throughout the building and the client dependant on the result for building warrant. Every little helps.