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  1. Not cheap that's for sure but when you have an airtight house, you want a product that does the job. Designed and built specifically for Passive Houses, it is the only properly airtight pet door on the market that I'm aware of. They are that.
  2. Why can't they just be glued onto the glass internally and externally? They do not need a spacer bar behind the glazing bars.
  3. Between £250 and £350 per man per day is the going rate. Any joiner can install a window, however, not always to the manufacturers specifications. That's when arguments about install v's product occur, if anything goes wrong.
  4. If I'm not mistaken, it's an Italian system? I'm thinking Pavanello Serramenti but they may be sticking in my mind because they were chasing me to be a UK distributor for them. Details look a little different but definitely Italian. If removing the front section on the moveable (sliding sash) side), then you're left with a straight edge and what appears to be exposed timber? You need to be able to catch the water that runs down, I'm presuming hardwood if it is timber? If timber, I'd be wanting a small rebate in it (4mm minimum) so that an external alu cill can be fitted and when the water runs down, it doesn't get behind the cill and drains properly.
  5. I’ll get a proper look in an hour or so. First thing that popped into my head was drainage bug let me check after kids are all settled.
  6. Just remember one thing. The frame value is generally always the worst aspect, suppliers will compensate with a good Ug (glass) value to make it better. However, your still left with a poor Uf (frame value). Just because the overall Uw changes as a result, it does not mean your getting a “fantastic” product. Aluminium windows will generally struggle to get frame values below 1 unless your looking at the certified systems.
  7. Don’t be scared to go bold. I had a customer go with pink, at every stage I was asking “are you sure”. It worked very well, to me it’s a bit dark but that's at site visits, after clients have moved in it really works.
  8. It blends in, in my view. @Bitpipe has lived in house for a while, can't remember exactly what colour - think it might have been 7021 both sides but it was grey. Works great for me but I don't live with it but he'd be a good source to answer.
  9. @jack It is a strip, but when insulated underneath also, has a much bigger difference.
  10. More like an insulation material that goes underneath. I’ll get the detail to show you.
  11. You need the dampener, severely reduces the impact but it’s very rare they are supplied Certainly with the cills we supply, not all alu cills with have this option.
  12. What system are you using? If you can let me know I’ll gave a look into it.
  13. @Gus Potter Our certifier/therm guy uses Flixo.
  14. There is and it is the part that is most overlooked. Devil is in the detail. The first image is therm calc for the head, which the jambs were also the same, not the difference is value - the second is far more efficient than the first. The architect wanted the first option for a better flow of ventilation (this is a PH btw) and wanted the exact same on the jambs, we insisted on the detail change to second snapshot for the jambs. I'm waiting on the phpp update but it will be significant. Picture 1 Picture 2