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  1. craig

    Blowing a Gasket !!

    Who is the window company? What is the model of the bi fold door? Is there section details available on their website or the manufacturers website?
  2. craig

    Internorm UPVC Aluclad Mix and Match

    Seconded, a nicer neater finish.
  3. craig

    Negotiating Price of Windows

    I appreciate that and acknowledged that in my initial response.
  4. craig

    Negotiating Price of Windows

    Not wrong, I order of drawings pretty much every day. It’s rare for any opening size to be wrong, as long as all parties communicate before the timber kit/window order is raised nothing “should” go wrong. As others here would testify too. There is a few occassions when site measurements would be required but in general not required at all.
  5. craig

    Negotiating Price of Windows

    Any aluminium supplier, your best fitting the windows then taken the flashing measurements (just for safety/costs). You’ll get them in any ral, let them know whether gloss or matt finish.
  6. craig

    Negotiating Price of Windows

    It isn’t always necessary to come and measure and can delay build progress, that’s just wrong advice to give and probably based on your experiences for which I’m sorry you have endured.
  7. craig

    Negotiating Price of Windows

    Ignore the fact that the drawing shows a supplied corner post, the priciple is the same. I’ve assumed Auraplus? It doesn’t have grooves on the cladding and this detail shows a return on the cladding creating a shadow gap. The principle would be the same for using your own post. If your not comfortable with the depth, rather than returning back onto the post and fixing, you could return it behind the cladding of the fixed jamb. You could also have it sit slightly prouder and then fix it ontop of the fixed frame cladding.
  8. craig

    Negotiating Price of Windows

    Does the aluminium cladding on the windows have a groove running vertically for a 2mm thick aluminium flashing to fit? If not, not a biggy you can detail the flashing in, whats the dimension of the timber post? Where at the windows sitting within the opening and can you insulate behind the flashing? Do you have a detail in PDF/DWG? Would be happy to draw up a detail for you. What window system are you using? More importantly, are they fixed/T&T/casement/sliding etc?
  9. craig

    Negotiating Price of Windows

    Generally speaking a site measure is not needed as the sizes are confirmed with client/architect/timber kit supplier. All detailing should be done this way as well. If angled windows or wrap around window/rooflight etc. are required then we suggest a site measure. The issue with a site measure is that it adds time onto a build and delays the build getting water tight.
  10. craig

    Negotiating Price of Windows

    It depends, I lost a job recently because of this reason. We have a degree of flexibility but only a little. The job was £32K, rationel came in at £29k. Bit of value engineering and negotiating we came in at £29k Rationel dropped price for supply only from £25k to £18k at the drop of a hat. Sometimes you just have to walk away and question how much they are marking up in the first place.
  11. craig

    Before I break my legs, some advice please...

    Nothing ventured nothing gained, go for it. You’ll have a blast. If it doesn’t work, all it has cost you is time and maybe some pride. A little bit of unused ply/osb to step on, unused carpet and you’ll have the making of a permanent staircase 😉 If it works (I’m sure it will), then you have gained a staircase and others have gained easy access to the second floor. Good luck, look forward to seeing them.
  12. craig

    RAL, and the Chartwell Mystery !!!

    Sorry just seen this and may have already been dealt with, we use two companies for aluminium paint repairs / recovering. Spray Clad & Magicman, both give 10 year gaurantees on the finish and will colour match.
  13. craig

    Measuring up for replacement windows

    A recent survey we did External measurements Width: 2550mm Height: 2110mm Internal measurements Width: 2520mm Height: 2065mm Order Size: Width: 2530mm Height: 2100mm This was achieved by measuring external size in 3 places and using the smallest, repeated inside and then deducting 10mm from the external measurements. Always measure from underneath the external sill.