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  1. craig

    Before I break my legs, some advice please...

    Nothing ventured nothing gained, go for it. You’ll have a blast. If it doesn’t work, all it has cost you is time and maybe some pride. A little bit of unused ply/osb to step on, unused carpet and you’ll have the making of a permanent staircase 😉 If it works (I’m sure it will), then you have gained a staircase and others have gained easy access to the second floor. Good luck, look forward to seeing them.
  2. craig

    RAL, and the Chartwell Mystery !!!

    Sorry just seen this and may have already been dealt with, we use two companies for aluminium paint repairs / recovering. Spray Clad & Magicman, both give 10 year gaurantees on the finish and will colour match.
  3. craig

    Measuring up for replacement windows

    A recent survey we did External measurements Width: 2550mm Height: 2110mm Internal measurements Width: 2520mm Height: 2065mm Order Size: Width: 2530mm Height: 2100mm This was achieved by measuring external size in 3 places and using the smallest, repeated inside and then deducting 10mm from the external measurements. Always measure from underneath the external sill.
  4. Page 65 of 72
  5. craig

    Low height sliding door

    Have you tried Grauthoff? I know the Grauthoff doors, something we looked into a few years back. google grauthoff doors uk😉
  6. The biggest issue isn’t the standards as every EU country including the UK, follows the EU norms, it’s pairing them. We recently had an issue that took sometime to resolve because of this reason, misunderstandings etc. Not all certificates from EU suppliers are in English either. The standards for example BS:6375-1, 2, 3 (PAS:24) are variations of the EU Norm 14351-1.
  7. craig


    As a retailer I assure you, things that should be picked up in quality control are not. Things that shouldn’t happen such as glass designs on entrance doors, shouldn’t happen but they do and have. Installers with “experience” can also let you down badly or new teams brought in and are not what you think they are. Issues with installation will also occur and retailers are not exempt from making mistakes. You can plan everything in and have everything organised (you think) but one oversight can cause untold heartache for the retailer/supplier but more so the client. We (retailers) are not perfect and whether you rely on sub contract teams or in house teams, you can still be let down badly. The biggest issue is the timescales and when the factory do get things wrong, it’s generally put through the system again and standard timescales. They don’t tend to work with “high priority” because of errors. Generally speaking, trims are usually supplied from the manufacturer and should be in the order. Internorms ordering/quotation system “used to” require a hell of a lot of manual input for every aspect resulting in human error. Some things can be left out or behind in the quotation/order process/packaging. Window cills are usually ordered from one company in the UK when dealing with Internorm. They also supply trims/flashings and custom flashings to wrap corner posts etc. Other suppliers will order these from Germany/Austria or both. 1st window partner basically means approved by Internorm and have gone through the 1st window partner customer care program. All Internorm retailers are approved or they wouldn’t be able to retail the product. Bottom line, the manufacturers are not saints and it’s not always the retailer. I’ve had many a heated discussion with the factory. I’ve also had many an earful from clients (and rightly so) because we have been at fault. It’s how the retailers deal with things, we might not be fast and outwith our control but standing firm and taken ownership is what it’s about and not walking away (whether you still retail for them of not) speaks volumes in my view.
  8. Definitely a quality bifold door, one of the best if not thee best on the market and engineered to passivhaus standards.
  9. craig

    Window Companies Alu Timer/Alu PVC

    I wouldn't be concerned about using Timber Aluminium windows. The timber has the moisture levels reduced at factory in drying chambers etc. before being treated and so forth. Then the window is lacquer protected also. I would not be concerned at using timber aluminium windows - if you are concerned, then I would ask the relevant suppliers for any documentation to eleviate any of your concerns.
  10. craig

    ICF Window fitting

    Does this help?
  11. craig

    Magnetic Door Lock

    Have you considered a daytime latch? Then you won’t need a keycode entry system. You just need to remember to disable it at night and when going out.
  12. craig

    Sliding door track over cavity

    Sliders need a solid base to sit on, have you considered Purenit over Ply?
  13. craig

    Window Companies Alu Timer/Alu PVC

    Just the same, as long as it has a hi res finish and tricoat finish to the hardware. The sea salt air can cause a mess, how close to the sea? We have beach getaways, all fine - apart from the previous UK supplier didn’t protect the hardware and has been replaced 5 years ago and no issues since.
  14. craig

    Window Companies Alu Timer/Alu PVC

    You’ll be fine. What your looking for is a hi res finish on the aluminium and a tricoat finish to the hardware.