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  1. Highly unlikely brackets will be supplied with the windows but worth checking whichever supplier it is. you can buy different types of brackets here for different systems. I tend to buy all our brackets (commercial projects) from with a 10mm crank and 170mm length. We always recommend bracket fixing when possible to do so.
  2. It’s a common issue on narrow frames, uPVC and frankly shit hinges.
  3. Depends on position/system but you should be able to open 180° if on outer edge, otherwise slightly more than 90°.
  4. It’s roughly 100kg per sash, it’s not “heavy”, I’ll go over 200KG per sash but only on special items with little use.
  5. I'd personally go without sidelights, set of french doors 1200mm width each sash and then vertical divisions on the doors to make it look like it is split into 4 The below is glass division
  6. Simple answer, yes. Don’t worry about it, standard install timescale.
  7. That would have been @Bitpipe who used Gaulhofer external venetian blinds supplied by myself. Lift and slide doors are very easy to operate and slide very easy.
  8. It's a personal preference to be honest, I'm a tilt and turn man tbh. Not sure I follow the reasoning behind this thinking, if the glass is obscured it won't matter. If you're referencing the fact side hung you have a gap when open vertically compared to bottom gap for top hung. Just remember you can open a side hung slightly for ventilation and still lock it in place that will generally not have a visible gap to view through. For inward opening, you would always aim to open up towards a wall, for outward side hung, think of the direction of wind and direction you walk to open the window. Are you in Scotland? If yes, nothing you can do. If not, rules are slightly different south of the border. In that if the house doesn't have them now, you don't need to replace the windows with ones that do.
  9. The simplest solution, is a door handle extender. Works on the same principle of leverage and longer gives more leverage and easier to operate. They ain't the prettiest but do work. Whether it helps your mum is a different question. You may need to buy one and try it before buying more.
  10. Just returned from a client visit last week. He replaced all the glass we supplied in his orangery with glass with integrated electrical blinds (not from us). Some work, some don’t and he now wanted us to put the glass back in (new order obviously). I hate them. Thanks’ happy to help @puntloos
  11. Your detail drawing above is a pretty standard behind the ingo fixing. Strapping back to the inner blockwork. It’s more a case of using the right window for this. Nordan doesn’t sound like the right option on this occassion.
  12. craig


    They do, they make thousands of glass units a week, something just went wrong. Are we annoyed? Of course but what can we do about it? Yes, waited 12 weeks, these are being remade within 10 days as high priority.
  13. craig


    It's curved and too high for standard transport and can only be transported side ways. It's packaged by the glass supplier, so they know what they're doing. Just one of those things that happens but shouldn't.
  14. craig


    All destroyed Yip, was due to arrive on Thursday 😡
  15. craig


    When £40k worth of curved glass (x4) doesn’t even make it out from the glass suppliers yard 😡