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  1. craig

    Alu clad timber or pvc

    That's basically it, not knowing how to use the system causes more call outs due to broken hardware etc. When it's down to incorrect use, it's a chargeable call out and can be expensive for repeated visits and replacement parts.
  2. craig

    Insulated Window (Rough) Opening

    @Dreadnaught yes, we motorise them, you can also hook them up to a home automation system supplied and connected by others. It’s something you would need to contact us about.
  3. craig

    Insulated Window (Rough) Opening

    We did a similar design for a house just outside Glasgow for the concealed blind (by others). We also do concealed venetians externally as part of the windows system and have done for some in the UK about to for another.
  4. craig

    Casement vs tilt and turn?

    It’s the other way around in my view, the hardware for operating the window runs down the side of the window sash and frame on fully reversible. I’ve always found turn / tilt (not tilt/turn) to be very simplistic in operation and mechanically sound. Tilt / turn is effectively the same window but is more commonly used in the UK and more awkward to use yet still very simple. It leaves a horrible gap in my view and exposes the operation to the external elements. This can cause the hardware to degrade a lot quicker than it should because of this exposure.
  5. craig

    Structural Glass

    5mm glazing packers, silicone, battens either side, will do the job well. Done similar on a few projects in the past. Just make sure the fixings for the beadings are strong and long enough. It might also be worthwhile to run some compriband between the bead and glass for protection or silicone.
  6. You’ll find the technical drawings here. From my understanding width and height is certainly an issue. You may find the max sizes here or by giving them a call.
  7. craig

    Internorm sliders leaking

    The number one reason as to why sliders will leak or not function properly in my experience - is that they have not been laser levelled and therefor not square / plumb. If a slider is out by 3mm over an expanse of 3 metres plus, it can cause operational difficulties. This "can" have knock on effect in regards to water ingress, I'm not saying that is the issue it's just a possibility to be aware of. The picture above looks like the detail of sliding door systems provided to many manufacturers from Seigena, very good systems. We have experienced similar issues in the past from non Austrian suppliers and replaced the foam pads and sealed it better. In newer models, this is no longer present. A good way to determine where the water is actually penetrating, is the good old fashioned hose test.
  8. Hey all, not been around much due to work and life in general but just wanted to say that baby number 4 due in 3 weeks time arrived on Friday. no name yet, 5lb 15 oz.
  9. Agreed 100%, 20+ years ago - I would have settled something by knocking ten bells out of them (partly due to the rough area I lived in, in Edinburgh.) It's how we resolved things. I then mellowed a rather lot and realised the importance of being able to walk away, not let things bother me in the slightest and generally being a very chilled and relaxed person. It paid dividends.
  10. You know help is available if and when you need it and from many sources, hope things get better (I know they will) - chin up.
  11. Illbruck ME500e with a butyl adhesive will do the job, I would also use Illbruck TP600 around the frame of the window. I would have used llbruck PR007 for the window installation. Looking good though, good job.
  12. craig

    Passive window recommendations please

    Not that I'm aware of, the concealed hinging on tilt and turn windows don't have friction stays.
  13. craig

    Passive window recommendations please

    Unless they have a restrictor fitted, they will swing into the room.
  14. craig

    Passive window recommendations please

    European suppliers such as Internorm who have quoted you and other Austrian / German and amongst others, can and will manage 1500mm - the concealed hinges can handle a fair bit of weight. It's not that it's a size which is to big or to heavy, it's just a large single pane opening into the room. Most suppliers recommend against it for a couple of reason, mainly weight related.
  15. craig

    Passive window recommendations please

    1500? It's a big single pane window, that's about 1300mm opening into the room when you deduct the sides. Have you considered splitting it into two openers? One master tilt/turn one slave turn?