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  1. Definitely a quality bifold door, one of the best if not thee best on the market and engineered to passivhaus standards.
  2. craig

    Window Companies Alu Timer/Alu PVC

    I wouldn't be concerned about using Timber Aluminium windows. The timber has the moisture levels reduced at factory in drying chambers etc. before being treated and so forth. Then the window is lacquer protected also. I would not be concerned at using timber aluminium windows - if you are concerned, then I would ask the relevant suppliers for any documentation to eleviate any of your concerns.
  3. craig

    ICF Window fitting

    Does this help?
  4. craig

    Magnetic Door Lock

    Have you considered a daytime latch? Then you won’t need a keycode entry system. You just need to remember to disable it at night and when going out.
  5. craig

    Sliding door track over cavity

    Sliders need a solid base to sit on, have you considered Purenit over Ply?
  6. craig

    Window Companies Alu Timer/Alu PVC

    Just the same, as long as it has a hi res finish and tricoat finish to the hardware. The sea salt air can cause a mess, how close to the sea? We have beach getaways, all fine - apart from the previous UK supplier didn’t protect the hardware and has been replaced 5 years ago and no issues since.
  7. craig

    Window Companies Alu Timer/Alu PVC

    You’ll be fine. What your looking for is a hi res finish on the aluminium and a tricoat finish to the hardware.
  8. craig

    Front Door Inspiration

    Your right, with long pull handles, you dont have a lever style handle externally. So the hooks top and bottom do not engage unless you have electric gearing. You need to lock from the inside by using key and or pulling lever handle up and using thumb turn/key. It is common in Europe to also use a daytime latch, that is a liitle switch on the latch that allows the door to be pushed open from the outside without using a key.
  9. craig

    Sliding door track over cavity

    Big blok cavity closer by cavalok, can’t link to it (i think) but we have recommended to a few builders in the past.
  10. craig

    Window Companies Alu Timer/Alu PVC

    All I will say is ask for referrals and visit existing clients if possible. We try our best to have site visits to customers, not all of our installations have went perfect and we will have clients attend those customers. Things go wrong when you try new teams/suppliers for example. It’s not always about how good the supplier or installer is, sometimes it’s about how good they are when things do go wrong. We are not all perfect and mistakes do happen. Expect to pay a deposit but not 100% at point of order and another before delivery - always have a retention.
  11. craig

    OH F**K!

    I would be very surprised if it was not enamelled, the enamelling hides the spacers and step in the glass unit. It’s not the frame that’s for sure. If you look at the very first picture you can actually see what is a rugged edge to the enamelling/glue as actually a straight edge is visible at the enamelled area.
  12. craig

    OH F**K!

    Yes it does but it does not show any of the enamelled glass, the shading of the lamination is not required here, what is needed is the positioning of the enamel and where the clear glass is located. The section drawing is a little clearer but lacks installation detail information and the enamel location being shown which should have help their client understand the drawing and detail better imho.
  13. craig

    OH F**K!

    I've never seen this topic before but you are looking to see if any other person see's any ambiquity. I do detailing all day, the images you supplied on page 1 and 2 of this topic are not clear at all, they have not hatched the enamel on the glass unit and they have not defined the clear glass area. To be honest, if that's the drawing from the supplier, it's actually p*** poor. I would have hatched the enamel which clearly defines this area, I would have dimensioned the enamel all round the glass unit, I would have dimensioned the clear glass area to avoid any confusion as well supply an installation detail on fixing. I think the onous is on the supplier, although blame may exist on both sides and the sizes signed off, the supplier are the "experts" in this area.
  14. If it helps, we haven’t made any contingency plans yet. We don’t expect any difficulties immediately unless a no deal brexit occurs. If that does appear to be what will happen, plan B is being looked at both here and with our European suppliers.
  15. craig

    Acceptable tolerances and out of spec windows

    I would have but I was trying to be diplomatic about it and objective by looking at it from both sides and without seeing/knowing the exact ins and outs. It would certainly indicate that a new unit is required and the supplier are dragging their heels over the issue.