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  1. Thanks Dreadnaught, It's certainly worth the investment. What stage are you at in the process? Thanks, TheQSguy
  2. Hi, Many thanks. Have completed 2 self builds and also a qualified Quantity Surveyor. Interested in all things house building and keen to assist people in any way i can with help on costs, budget and project management. Thanks, TheQSguy
  3. Hi all, A good sound cost plan is the best way to start, this should be based on up-to-date figures (generally the latest edition of a SPONS building price book would be sufficient). This would give a good understanding of the areas in which your money would be spent. This can then be modified based on your required kitchen spend, AV, lighting etc. Don't forget this should be a working document throughout your build and can be further broken down with a Bill of Quantities. This can assist with material and labour pricing and budgeting. If you would like an approximate m2 / sqft rate then please shoot me a message. Thanks, TheQSguy
  4. Hi, I have an excel template i'd be happy to email across giving an 'elemental' breakdown. This would be what we call a cost plan and would show approximate allowances for each element of the built. This would be 'fleshed out' with a bill of quantities when you get your working drawings but would be a great start to give you an idea of where your money would be spent. Can i ask, would this be a bungalow or a 2/3 storey property? Thanks, TheQSguy
  5. Hi All, Just joined and hoping i can offer some great advice and answer all questions cost and estimate related ! Thanks, TheQSguy