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  1. Thanks both, Temp, yes. I want to raise about 1/3 of the current garden (15m by 5m approx). This is the 1/3 the photo was taken from, in the photo is the remaining 2/3rds. This is quite a hill so we’re not going to try and level that. what we want to do is level the bottom 1/3 which needs raising by about 400mm-600mm in places. thanks for removing type 1 from the picture. I can get some ‘as dug’ soil so thinking to use that. my confusion was soil vs gravel vs type 1 & also how to build it up. Or am I just overthinking it & Should just do compacted soil and be done. thanks.
  2. Hello All, Been abit of a lurker on here for years and currently not self-building but renovating a house. We are now on to the garden, something I've never attempted before. It's not level in any direction in any real way with a ~2.5m height difference front to back (20m long) and same again from side to side (again about 20m). We'd like to level about 1/3 of this. This 1/3 has a left to right run of approx 0.4m and a front to back run of approx 0.6m, so basically before a big hill starts. Question is, how do you build this up? It will all be laid with new grass after so not structural. Can't find anything definitive online other than 1. dig to 150mm below finished level and rebuild and 2. compact whatever you do add. Option 1 - Dig to 150mm down and levelled. - Fill with type 1 and compact - 50mm top soil - Turf Option 2 - Dig to 150mm down and levelled - Fill with "as is" top soil and compact - 50mm good top soil - Turf Option 3 - Help :) Any help you can provide would be much appreciated as I know this place has a huge wealth of experience. I've added a photo too to give some information, patio area is back of house, we are trying to level the area where the photo is taken, approx 15mx4m area. Thanks. Kevin.
  3. Welcome to the forums John, I'm a long time lurker but limited comments, you've joined the most insightful forum on the internet in my book. I'm also based in Bedford (well Bromham) so would be interested to view your project as it goes along if you didn't mind. Always on the lookout for a plot to build on so would be good to see a local Passivhaus/Eco home going up & the challenges of that. Thanks & Regards.
  4. The plans look like a nice base (without knowing your specific brief). Nic and Richi both makes good points. In addition to them I'd consider changing the entrance to the kitchen/dining room and extending the double height space. For the kitchen you could move the wall inline with the living room wall and change the door orientation, that way when you open the door there is a clear view to the corner opening (dining room) and down into the sun room. Currently you open into a wall and the kitchen/utility hall. For the double height space, you could remove the HP storage area (move it downstairs or the store behind the stairs) and have it fully open downstairs. That way it would reallly open the entrance area and bring in more light.