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Final part of loft insulation

Bit back to front this, will take some photos of first half when I’ve done this bit, at minute it’s chockablock with kingspan boards.   ive turfed all of the insulation out, binned the very old collapsed stuff, shook all the crap off the remainder, hoovered everything.   at the minute I’m just working on uncovering the rather dangerous looking electrics, but putting kingspan boards in where I can just to get them done and out the way.   this is one for the electrici

On to the dining room (Part 1)

So now the new kitchen is in, it was time to renovate the room which was the old kitchen in to the first part of the dining room (I say first part, as the second part is going to be in an extension which i'm hoping to build next year).       And then the real messy work begins       This is the house that keeps on giving! Found two redundant (but live) gas pipes buried in the plaster on the wall I knew nothing about, to go wit
Kitchen almost complete!

Kitchen almost complete!

So this one has been 10 years in the making, which is when I originally built this extension, and not long after i'd built it, the outdoor bunny became an indoor bunny! So the glorified rabbit hutch has now become the kitchen it was intended to be. Worktops just been installed. Will crack on with tap, dishwasher, hob, and oven later this week. Really pleased with it all, just need to choose some paint, but will sort that in the autumn, as I've got the old kitchen to rip out and the room to bare


Sad I know, but really excited for my bargain MVHR unit to turn up today. Given it a quick test, and all is OK, will be a while before I get everything else sorted out, but hoping to have it all installed before the winter comes this year.     Don't think it was too bad for £420, and I had £25 in vouchers to use from Nectar points!   Its getting installed in a cupboard in the new dining room, and then all the pipe work and manifolds will be in the loft space of the

Plans completed and submitted

So, as promised, here are the plans I drew up for submission to the local council, which these days are subject to strict criteria which last time I managed to 'wing'. So the plans all have to be drawn to an approved scale, here is 1:50 at A0. Also required is a Location Plan at 1:1250 and a Block Plan at 1:500, which last time I submitted plans I used the land registry document, but you aren't allowed to do that and have to buy them in, so that added about £25 to the cost. £206 for planning per




And it begins!

After years of less extreme renovation, i've decided to get back on the waggon and build the third extension on the bungalow where I live. The last few years have been really tough, some of you will know that my wife has been seriously ill, and that eventually led to her death last June, for a good while doing anything more to the house just seemed pointless, but I see it as a way to focus my energy on something positive.   After many years of having in mind to install EWI on the gable