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Final part of loft insulation



Bit back to front this, will take some photos of first half when I’ve done this bit, at minute it’s chockablock with kingspan boards.


ive turfed all of the insulation out, binned the very old collapsed stuff, shook all the crap off the remainder, hoovered everything.


at the minute I’m just working on uncovering the rather dangerous looking electrics, but putting kingspan boards in where I can just to get them done and out the way.


this is one for the electricians out there, a before shot, how this hasn’t gone up in flames I’ll never know!



the majority of that isn’t in use anymore since moving the kitchen, so it just all needs tracing and disconnecting, at which point I’m getting an electrician in to redo the lighting for the dining room, and it should look a hell of a lot emptier and a lot safer.


pics to follow in coming weeks


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I have seen plenty worse, but that is not good.


All junction boxes that are hidden should be maintenance free which means Wago or similar and must be inside a junction box rather than just open connections.


You will need to leave gaps around the downlights, which is one reason I personally hate them in a ceiling with a cold loft space above it.

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Me too. I’ve got some of the down lighter boxes from loft legs to put over them.


i knew it was bad the wiring, but have never had it all uncovered at the same time to see just how bad it actually is, quite a shocker to me!


i chose to do this bit last as the other half of the loft has barely any wiring at all

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well that’s today’s haul, all the redundant wiring no longer needed. Think I’ve got it all, hardly anything up in the loft now, will stick a picture up in a minute

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Almost there, just the boarding, and a little bit more insulation to go down!

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got loft boarded out this weekend, and had installed a new longer ladder to reach the new deck. I know the MVHR duct work needs to be changed to rigid at some point!

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