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Pallet shed

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On 01/01/2024 at 22:43, Onoff said:

If filling a pallet wall with insulation, what's the best stuff to use?


PIR would be a complete pain to do I'm thinking. Something fluffy I guess?

The insulation will go to my next building I build next year. I reckon it will be some Knauf.

Regarding the breathable membrane, should I put it from the bottom over the DPM or start where DPM ends?

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On 31/12/2023 at 11:40, Onoff said:


That's what we did. It'll make it easier to put your cladding on, regular fixing points etc. We used a combination of tile battens and some fresh timber milled to the same size from the chap who gave us the cladding (literally offcuts from milling the trees). 




Staple your membrane on. I've a couple of this sort though Parkside ones from Lidl:




With a helper roll it out along a side, watch you keep the bottom level to whatever line you're finishing at.  Staple top left. Then with the helper holding the roll staple bottom right. Stapling on the diagonal will keep it taught. Staple here and there. Cut the membrane and fold/staple into any window & door reveals.


You'll want a horizontal batten top and bottom to try and prevent insect and vermin ingress.


Then do vertical battens (between the top and bottom ones) and cladding.


Got any pictures yet?


Hi again, you said about bottom and top battens but then what about the airflow?

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1 hour ago, JohnBishop said:

Hi again, you said about bottom and top battens but then what about the airflow?


The natural milled lumber we used as cladding warps and twists thus the cladding is pretty "open" to airflow. With tight fitting cladding I'd consider L shaped mesh perhaps instead of a batten top and bottom.

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11 hours ago, JohnBishop said:

Just another picture of the shed. Not finished yet but done the cladding, just need to finish of some bits and pieces.



Yeah it does look like a shed ….

But ! Inside …..




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