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I'm not sure if this has been covered before but I've not found anything using the search bar. 


Were looking at buying some blinds online and fitting ourselves, supply only. 


Is the VAT reclaimable? 

VAT guidance says any materials that require tools to remove are vat reclaimable? 


Thanks in advance 

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I’m a self builder and also the owner of a specialist blind manufacturer and installer. 
I have come across this question almost daily in my professional life and have spoken to HMRC many times on the subject. 

Manual blinds unfortunately are demountable from their brackets and are classed as soft furnishings therefore not VAT refundable. 
the same blinds with a motor that is hard wired to a power supply are classed as fixtures and are VAT refundable. 
likewise Lithium Ion powered battery blinds are both - confused?
if the LI blinds are controlled by a hub that itself is connected to a hard wired supply (plug) that controls when the blinds operate the successful argument was made that this then became a ‘system” to regulate solar gain and heat loss in the home. Ergo vat refunded.
if the LI blinds are operated just by a local remote the blinds are again classed as demountable and soft furnishings. No vat can be reclaimed.  

If you are spending a couple of £K or more on motorised blinds it would be worth looking at spending slightly more on the Somfy LI motors (as you have no wiring costs)and adding a Somfy hub, this makes your blinds a “Shading System” and VAT reclaimable. I often invoice self builders for Shading Systems rather than for blinds to assist in VAT claims. 

Note - this also covers recessed (in the plasterboard ceiling) curtain tracks but not surface mounted. 


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