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  1. Adam2

    Hello from Christchurch, Dorset

    Hi @Sue B we're along the coast (Lower Parkstone) and have planning but doing that again as we enjoyed it 🙂 Expecting to use ICF, there are a few builds around the area - local firm within couple of miles from you ICF Homes. They have a few sites may be worth looking at their work if interested. Also local firm in Poole is distributor for Logix ICF and an insulated slab product - name slips my mind.
  2. Adam2

    Spreadsheet of build costs

    Much appreciation @JSHarris and @PeterW for files - really helpful in adding to my initial cost breakdown
  3. So we had planning approved and were feeling good about being able to link up our engineer & architect to get started on the details....and then.... had a re-think. We started out planning a re-model and changed our minds as the compromises were too many and the costs were getting high so a rebuild (esp with VAT bonus) was making more sense. But, we didn't really go completely back to the drawing board - we should have. Post-planning we had a good look at the plot, house position and neighbour's new house and realised we were losing an opportunity to improve the view, the plot usage and potentially aesthetics. Turning the back of the house ~15 degrees would open up the views and make the house run more parallel to the plot's rectangular shape which will mean a new planning app - based on feedback from the drop in session with the planning dept. So, to avoid wasting too much time we're now linking up the architect and engineer so they can work together on the modified plans and also on detailed design/structural plan so we can move forward quickly post the next approval (fingers crossed). But we have made progress of sorts - had the ground investigation holes today. It always seemed a shame to pay for holes and a report when you know (based on the house 7m away) what the ground is. Today proved that the ground is surprise surprise..... compacted sand which the drillers could only get 3.5m deep into despite a lot of machine noises! I'm hoping this bodes well for a concrete raft without needing too serious strip foundations. The trial pits and smaller sampling rig also uncovered the same ground across the site. Probably not a lot to see happening the rest of this year 🙂
  4. From a meeting with my architect today there is a word of caution I'd like to pass on. Our situation is we have planning permission for a rebuild which will increase m2 by about 40m2 so only an incremental potential CIL liability and that for a self build can be removed if forms filled correctly. BUT, we're planning a few changes which will likely mean a new planning application gets submitted - considering risk for approval as v low. We're keen to get moving by starting demolition before new planning is approved and this may be an issue. When the new planning is assessed if there is no existing house then there may be no incremental element so all considered as new construction with a high CIL charge - which, should be OK for self build but any mistake made in that could result in a big CIL bill. Will look into this more to fully understand the risk of starting early.
  5. Adam2

    Tree Survey cost check

    I had a large tree down in a very difficult position - 1100 after negotiation. If you get a tree felling co to review it and quote they will often do the tree work application (if has a tpo) for free.
  6. Well I came across this (from a company that seems to sell EPS and not XPS!): And also this which seems more balanced with a long term trial of EPS/XPS I'm happy with either but would probably go with EPS if all else was equal due to cost and expected longer term performance benefit in damp conditions. My question re Warmerwall was more to do with the fitting mechanisms and the use of steel bracing - still looking at build companies so will of course take their views on this based on practical experience. It's great that there is so much choice but sometimes in life less choice is helpful!
  7. Hi again, narrowing down (well I thought I was) choice of ICFs and came across WarmerWall - no mention that I can find on here so far. Interested to hear feedback from anyone considered them and used or discounted them for any reason? A difference to most others that I've looked at is the use of steel connectors between the EPS with steel supports for fixings. Company seems v helpful and responsive. Also interested now in the Velox discussion.........
  8. @JSHarris OK thanks, so with the WC extract do you connect into the room extraction or run a separate duct to the manifold? I assume the former. Presumably all the water must empty the tank and at that point the air can be withdrawn from the bowl? Or am I missing something? Thanks
  9. Thanks so much for the great information and food for thought. My views are below, will evolve as we get more professionals involved and you guys /girls of course 🙂 Waterproofing - agree, it's a challenge and ICF means you can't check quality of concrete - hard to know how real an issue that is. If you waterproof the outside of the ICF then that should be less of a concern. Plenty of houses on hills even with ICF so will note this as a concern and will apply a lot of focus on this during design to ensure appropriate solution and warranty though using your warranty in this scenario is never going to be a happy outcome! Large openings - not concerned too much, you can use wider ICF if the requirement is more rebar and beams if needed. Anticipating hollow core for the largest non-slab bearing floor area and timber for upper floor to mitigate weight. See what SE (with more ICF experience) has to say. Kitchen/bathroom fixings - surely you use structural OSB or bracing behind plasterboard ? Not concerned Detailing - seen plenty of ICF houses with a sharp/contemporary finish so not concerned Skills levels - we are not building ourselves, will select an experienced ICF builder and SE. Though will be keen to monitor what is happening 🙂 Great feedback, plenty to think about. Next step is selecting SE and finding ground investigation co/conducting that pre meeting with SE and architect to kick off the detailed design. For sure will be back to read & post more questions!
  10. @Alexphd1 What was the reason for not rendering down past the dpm? My last house was rendered (traditional not acrylic etc) and that was down to paving level around the house
  11. @JSHarris I like your work on the WC 🙂 Can I ask, did you also have a room extract?
  12. Adam2


    Ahh Great, I'm new!
  13. Adam2


    Yes have 20m of glass balustrade to put on eBay as well!
  14. So many helpful and informative responses - thanks to you all. I'll add some more info here. That's an interesting idea and we could simply re EPS it - if needed considering the ground is on the other side so probably limited value in that. We are at the top of a hill and have free draining non-clay soil with a sand mix - a neighbour (not ICF) has built a place which is much larger so will also discuss with him the technique used for retaining walls. We will probably need some investigations pre-demolition to determine the extent to which retaining walls and foundations can/should be left in-situ to prevent earth movement. It may be that new retaining walls are built outside of the existing - a mad thought - if done with ICF possibly they could have a membrane attached and pushed back into position, as i say just a thought and will leave that to the SE. Talking of which I have an SE I am considering with significant ICF experience + some stepped builds so if engaged should add a lot of valuable experience here. The existing house from the 30s and the neighbouring house are fairly tight to each other - also partly a consequence of being at the end of a dead end road. Good point re costs and I am in the process of talking with builders and SEs to get a handle on how we go about this and set a budget before we get too far into this. No - will use a builder - if we use ICF (still the plan :-) ) then a builder with demonstrable ICF experience and as you suggest, possibly combining this with other strategies if required. Many thanks for the kind offer. We will take you up on that - we also have a Nudura build near us and saw the project (3rd floor concrete just in) which was very helpful though a much simpler site. OK thanks for this, I will take a look at Sika, Amvic are one of the suppliers under consideration.
  15. Adam2


    So a few snaps from Google Earth of the before images - these may be the current images also for a few months. of course Google does mangle the views and the walls are straighter than they appear!