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  1. I have a double fan cool energy unit in a temp location and it is very stable so just make a decent flat base. Note that in mine at least there is a LOT of water generated around the unit, seems to just drain through the bottom of the case so you may want to divert that depending on your environment
  2. I didn't do any detailed analysis of options really just liked the price and community and the multi hub option due to the house structure and size. Probably fine with a timber build. Always have the option to add hubs if needed. There is an antenna mod if you like that kind of fun but I'll try and go without that. @pocster getting on ok with that? Any issues?
  3. I am. I was using Fibaro hub but did not like the programming/design side and much refer Hubitat. My plans are 4 x hubs with 1 per floor as we have a lot of concrete walls and floors. Just about to setup a slave type arrangement to test that out - will be doing it for real in 4 weeks so figured would experiment now with less stress! The online community seems pretty good also.
  4. I went to Roccia in Preston, they did a decent deal on volume. About 31 /m on 1mx1m grey marbly things. These are Spanish recitified. Also got some smaller 700x700 in low 20s so if not too much hassle could be worth a visit - best to call first and talk volumes. I found Ashif to be really helpful
  5. Thanks @jello will try and remember to get this right on invoices & VAT claim 🙂 mine are 100% part of a solar gain control system
  6. I did question the real benefit of having pir on upper floors and was advised to keep it to make hearing more responsive. 25mm PIR is not that expensive so just carried on even though I feel it has little benefit as the aim is for the whole house to be same temp anyway inc floor structure but at least is something to clip ufh to!
  7. Well I hope so 🙂 We had 2 floors in our build with precast planks that had both the usual camber and of course the gaps where they join each other. We just used the dry sand and placed boards on top then plastic then UFH pipes then screeded it - no issues that I can tell. The PIR boards were not rocking around and no obvious hollows. With the screed 55-75mm thick I can't see any small voids which we may have missed causing any issues.
  8. We used dry sand to level the precast planks under the insulation sheets
  9. Pyracantha looks nice with more colour than Holly. Maybe a mix of these could work well. Also available at a local wholesale nursery at a decent price
  10. We've a space next to our neighbors fence that we were thinking to plant with gorse but not sure if will be OK due to shade as apparently likes full sun. The area is sandy soil so free draining but is a bit acidic due to pine needles. Any other suggestions that could work? Ideally something to cover the ground and prevent a casual fence jumper gaining access. Area is about 2m x 8m going down a slope between a fence and our driveway - shaded as the slope goes down and the driveway is to the south and is elevated.
  11. I have the bigger iVT-18 unit - double fans I'm in Poole, welcome to visit if passing.
  12. For those that question the accredited installer piece - this is not necessarily meaning MCS and does not mean an excessive cost. I had a price from a Cool Energy accredited installer who was also MCS at ballpark 1.8K for install of UVC/Buffer/ASHP and various connections into the rest of the system on a new build. This including the MCS paperwork. As it happened I think the installer didn't want to travel my way in March as probably had plenty of more local work with the RHI scheme ending so I ended up using my own plumber which may have saved a bit but then I paid for an inspection which equaled things out. Total about 6K parts and call it 2K install so ~7K all in and RHI payments (fingers crossed) to cover that. I'd say overall I'm a happy customer - originally I was looking at the more common well known brands and the pricing was pretty high in comparison. Support was very responsive and always very positive attitude from them so I'd recommend - BUT mine has only been running the past few weeks so not a long term endorsement or anything. With many things I'm happy to buy from China/wherever but something you can't send back (140kgs ASHP) I'd rather get locally just in case 🙂
  13. Can I ask where you're sourcing your posts, have a v similar idea for divider by dining area
  14. Is there not benefit in insulating hot pipes to reduce heat loss in transit? Or is that so minimal to not make much difference either way?
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