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  1. OK so it looks like (from one supplier/installer at least) that you may not need a data connected charge point to qualify for the rebate. This is a transcript of the chat
  2. OK - I'll ping a msg over to an installer co and see what they say when I tell them there is no wifi at the charge point location. I bet they will still like the money 🙂
  3. Great thanks @Jeremy Harris for the info re the rebate as that would rule me out also if I have to connect this for external data visibility. I wonder how this works though - presumably you must connect it to your home LAN over wifi - which can easily be disabled at a later date if wanted. Maybe as I'm only living in the current house for another year or so maybe I could suffer the data issue if it means it's less hassle than DIY and only slightly more expensive
  4. Looks good @PeterW - are you eligible for the rebate as it looks like you can get an install for about 300 after rebate anyway so not a lot more than buying that part and they do all the work. I was just looking at the part as I figured would save £100 or so but maybe even then not worth it as the features of the one in this link look quite good.
  5. Am planning on getting an EV so need a charge point at home. But we're building a new place so don't want to spend more than we must so wondering if I can install this myself with 10mm cable as it's 32a and get an electrician in to connect to consumer unit. Any issues???
  6. Great to read this - I'm just planning the GW & foundations for our project at the moment so it is super helpful! Will look at movie as soon as I get to a bigger screen than my mobile! Mine is a replacement for a 1930s house also built on a slope. Current house has no damp (good free-draining compacted sand/sandstone), so like you, feels like the new ways of working are adding in a lot of cost for marginal benefit - all helps the economy go round I suppose!
  7. So my engineer co has designed the slab reinforcement using bars (lots - generally H16 at 150 centres) and the builder contacted them to see if they could re-do as mesh - the engineers are talking 3K to do this and say they have specified bars as in compliance with eurocode..... Now, every image I can remember seeing of slabs has mesh so I'm a bit curious as to how standard specifying bars is. Engineer says using staggered laps reduces material... Appreciate any thoughts - may be pretty hard to see the detail on the design if I post that up but may see if I can tomorrow if that is of interest/help in advising me - ultimately choice is pay more to have a mesh design that may be cheaper on materials and quicker/cheaper to install vs stick with current plan. I'm estimating basement (7.5m x 5m) will has about 5 tons of reinforcement. Note that the basement only has a terrace on top but is lowest part of the build going down a hill (info in blog) .
  8. Wow - time goes fast! I guess I'll say that again....and again! We submitted the revised planning app - free as within a year - and that was approved with no comments. The revised design removed a couple of windows which has pleased the neighbours. Engineer co has been working with the architect so we have made a lot of progress in design terms while we did the planning app so had building regs design approval ahead of revised planning approval! In prep for the demolition I (with my helpful neighbour and his digger) sorted the services which included stripping out the front garden and some trees (these ones without TPOs!). We managed to have a lot of the house re-used by people building near by - internal doors, UPVC patio doors, kitchens and bathrooms - trading for some labour later. Plus my neighbour fancied the 20+m of balustrade - he's got the digger so that + some of his time and experience is a good trade! We have a pump station serving the lower 2 floors, sadly the location needs to change but the pumps and control system will all be reused so need to get the pumps out - pretty sure the tank will be wrecked coming out but that if that's all we need to replace that will be a good result. Demo firm engaged and they are fantastic (so far anyway) who have stripped out the inside while I worked frantically to get the pre-commencement conditions satisfied. My helpful (seriously) planning officer confirmed by email that we could do trenches for services, strip out internals etc without being classed as having "commenced". this week we had a meeting with the tree police to inspect our tree protection measures and check the working arrangements - I prepared a nice report for them and that went well so we can officially crack on with the demo. Time lapse camera installed on neighbour's roof (Brinno - seems a great product). Currently harassing engineer to provide reinforcement detail for floor so I can get quotes in for steel and ground works. Next week the demo then will be underway and I'll be trying to finalise the drainage design + spec for the floor slabs... Oh - CIL rules changed so our liability would have tripled! But all sorted now and next form for them will be after we finish.
  9. Great info thanks! Question re the steel sheeting - presumably to create a safe working area by preventing ground movement. I'm considering similar (will leave ultimate decision to demo & ground works co) - My question - did you hire or buy the sheeting and did you self-install with an excavator or sub-contract that out?
  10. Garage is fine. You'll need fire sleeves on duct through wall into house. Put distribution boxes in house side. Consider paying a co like bpc for a design.that will hero a lot
  11. For external blinds which will need 3 drops at about 2.8m is over 3k
  12. I would (& will be) looking at better prices for brise soleil. It feels (prior to detailed research!) that this is an area where prices can be super high for what is really just some runs of aluminium and a mounting system - unless you have an awkward installation location. I'm planning on a 6m x .8m brise soleil overhang so would love to hear where you've looked and prices you have. Considering the light weight this could be a good alibaba purchase (if packaged well). Or maybe find a smaller company working with the right materials - I can't imagine the design is that hard so you could tell a fabricator what you need and install yourself. I also looked at exterior blinds and will provision for them but will wait to see if the solar control glazing + other measures are sufficient before buying them as the price is high
  13. In case of help to anyone in future - recommendation from supplier is insulate from the mvhr unit to the internal wall face so a 150mm duct would need ~160mm hole
  14. Doesn't say that it is - mentions large pump intake? Noticed that the larger unit that I linked to needs a 3 phase supply which I don't have but the smaller unit is 240V. Will call them Mon and see what they think about applicability and also to see what they reckon on servicing costs as that may make cost of ownership outweigh the install cost and hassle that I was trying to avoid with the big tank solutions.