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  1. Russell from my experience big firms seem to volunteer discounts! Ideal Combi 20% off until end of year! Another firm I'm workign with 20% and I'm in negotiations. Equally another may price to a tight margin at the start. Seems it is best to get prices in early and negotiate then let things settle and see who wants it most/who you like most/other factors etc
  2. I don't understand, have I missed something? I thought the only difference was that the centre pane was either clear or satin. Why has one got softcoat and are the spacers the same? Warm Edge = W/E but something I can check with them. TBH softcoat I would expect to be in all units when I get their revised spec and pricing will check all have exactly the same detail or at least that I understand why it might differ. Also no idea on "VTE"
  3. Thanks - this is an opaque one 1500 mm x 1350 mm, Consisting of a Top Hung Window. ODC77 Colours: 76 7M16 Matt Anthracite grey Pré-ano Glazing: 1 x (4mm Clear Tgh/4mm Satin Tgh/4mm Clear Softcoat Tgh {W/E Spacer, Argon Filled} Triple Glazed) U g =1.2 W/(m 2 K) and this is a clear one for comparison 4476 mm x 1850 mm, Consisting of a Tilt before Turn Window and three Fixed Fields. ODC77 Colours: 76 7M16 Matt Anthracite grey Pré-ano Glazing: 4 x (4mm Clear Tgh/4mm Clear Tgh VTE/4mm Clear Tgh VTE {Blk Warm Edge, Argon Filled} Triple Glazed) U g =0.7 W/(m 2 K) ODC77 is a high insulating window system that meets elevated requirements regarding thermal insulation, stability and security. Anticipating on the thermal requirements, the insulation value (Uf) for the HI+ variant of this system goes down to 1.7 W/m²K for a standard opening window. The unique concept of the system makes it perfectly suitable for triple glazing and ODC77 even achieved the Swiss Minergie® component label.
  4. Well after further discussion the supplier is adamant that the 3G windows will be negatively impacted by the satin coat as this means that the necessary energy efficiency related coating cannot be applied hence the change from 0.7 to 1.2. I struggle to accept this but there are only a few opaque windows so probably not worth any more energy on that with them. When I mentioned others quotes has the same U value for opaque units he questioned if they really did so seems they are pretty convinced on the subject. When I get the time will try and get info from a glass manufacturer. Ultimately they will be 3G so hopefully it is just a spec/interpretation issue. They did suggest krypton gas to improve U values but at a cost....
  5. Looking at the marked one below with more info here :
  6. Thanks, yes for larger items (e.g. brisse soleil) was thinking to either set fixings pre-pour or cut out blocks of the EPS (and board over during pour) so we'd have concrete blocks to fix into. If we missed something we'd go with concrete fixings as suggested. After rendering I think it's tough to expect to find webbing with any accuracy unless you do something to make them identifiable but that's a pain for a whole house exterior. Will plan what we can and for small/light things (light exterior lights) those small screws with wide screw in plastic base look like a good option thanks.
  7. Hi, interested to know what ICF builders have done for attaching things like external lights/guttering/cctv/other random things to the outside of their houses. Going through to the concrete seems a little excessive. Our finish will mainly be render on a mesh on the EPS though I've been thinking maybe of using cement board but this will add quite a bit to materials & labour I expect so good to hear any inventive options you've used 🙂
  8. We're getting solar control glass and ideally want the optiwhite range from pilkington, for the sliding doors a local supplier is fine to provide this but some of the European window companies won't commit to this and state an equivalent will be provided and although they may look similar I want to be 100% sure they will look 100% the same where we have a large window near a sliding door where they come from different companies.
  9. If from same supplier should use same glass in both as small differences will be noticable. If using different suppliers I would be cautious about having windows on the same side of the building being different to doors -I'm currently going through this conundrum!
  10. We started planning a remodel but realised too many compromises so switched to a rebuild which as mentioned above has the VAT advantage, less compromises (at least our choices not imposed by building) and ultimately despite costing more will be a higher value house so ultimately a better value approach.
  11. Thanks @craig I'm going back to them asking them to check and if they maintain it is 1.2 will ask for more detail on glass spec - though I'm expecting it to be the same glass spec as before (U0.7) with just the satin coat on the middle pane
  12. Thanks - I will get them to go back and check as your replies fit with my expectation also.
  13. No still 3G 4/4/4 with middle having a satin coating, warm edge spacer and argon. Didn't list the gap between glazing though but don't think that is the issue here
  14. Well that was a surprise! Changing a window currently U for the 3G glazed element is 0.7. Why on earth would changing it to be opaque result in this changing to 1.2? I struggle to believe that a coating on glass can have such an impact but it has been stated by a supplier and this is what is in their quote so I thought I would check in here with others. Really appreciate your views before I go back and challenge them 🙂
  15. Ahh thanks @JSHarris most helpful for me also.