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  1. Would be interested to know who you found for the warranty - is it a full warranty meaning consequential damages or limited to the value of the waterproofing products? I found it v hard to get full warranty for an underground EPS build. Re the double drain - I managed to find a relatively good value supplier of this (the type without the membrane) so thought no harm and maybe some benefit
  2. My intention is membrane, double drain then EPS sheets. Having the double drain I thought was pretty standard.
  3. Thanks so much, incredibly helpful. Who knew there was so much going on with water 🙂 If there is a way to post the visio - even renamed as a jpg maybe then that would be great as could adapt.
  4. Just bought a Makita dual battery blower + 4 non-makita batteries to try out. Will give it a blast this W/E on pine needles etc and try and remember to come back here with info on both the blower and performance of batteries!
  5. I had considered trench sheets and went with a king post wall instead. In sand/sandstone - 7m long steels with ~2.8 out the ground. an SE did the spec. These are super quick to install and only needed a small piling rig. May be worth considering that as well. For a reference point, SE cost was 800
  6. A 4.5m wall I'd get an SE to advise due to consequences of failure. Personally I'd not put organic materials in a structurally important location under ground. How well does your backfill soil drain? Fill around a perforated drain I thought would be pea shingle 10/20mm yours sounds quite large at 40mm but maybe that is better?
  7. I'm interested to look at large panels, maybe microcement with hidden fixings on ICF secured onto frame attached to plastic web. Feels like should be cost effective but will see what quotes I get
  8. @joth so that was for an MCS install where you'll get RHI? If so, what is your prediction for RHI? Sounds great
  9. @Red Kite did you see the price on my original post? If this is the same product then there's a big price difference
  10. Where did you find a showroom to visit?
  11. The wall section will join onto a 2m high rendered wall which is painted white so figured would try and make look similar to that, UPVC would stand out a bit even with the bushes and trees. Though I will have a look as that could be a nice cheap and quick to install option if I can find large sheets of matt look UPVC 🙂
  12. In our build (ICF) we're thinking to cover a wall which will form a boundary to a neighbour's garden with cement board and paint that white. It'll be at the back of the neighbour's garden hidden behind bushes and trees so difficult to render. This should match well enough with the existing part of the boundary wall on their side. The wall is on our land. Wall size approx 4.8m wide and 4.8m high (3m being the single floor room and 1.8m being a wall which will form the side of a terrace. Using cement board like this seems OK but please let me know if this isn't a good idea! To minimise maintenance frequency I was looking at using a robust primer such as this which will also prime the stainless screws and help prevent marks from damp etc affecting the board/coming through a painted top-coat (for this an exterior acrylic paint). Where boards butt against each other - maybe a white silicone board, boards are square edge so this may bot be needed All sounds reasonable? cheers
  13. Awesome good reasons to not commit to early decisions 😀
  14. Am about to pour our first floor. It's a semi basement with no drainage so just thinking about providing electricity for exterior lights and a power run down to the garden. Don't want to drill through 200mm of concrete so thinking to put 3 steel conduits about 10mm dia through the walls now. 1 each for 2 external wall lights and 1 for power to garden. Is this best or should I do 1 conduit maybe 20mm and install conduit in the external eps ?
  15. Came across these Porta incredibly cheap - hence incredibly cautious! Would be good to hear from anyone that has used them - or a similar factory pre-hung type product