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  1. Some interesting reading there and good to know there may be some benefits to roof coatings if needed.
  2. Still building but looking into any useful extra options. Hadn't thought much about the roof before. I did model the glazing and have made changes there and will have a brisse soleil planned. In cooler months not sure will ever really benefit from more heat in the top floor bedrooms so no real loss I think.
  3. We have a few excess solar gain mitigation measures planned and I was wondering about the potential benefits of painting the single ply flat(ish) roof membrane with a white reflective paint. Anyone else done this or looed into it and care to share thoughts on pros/cons. Plenty of products popup when you google this. I have pinged the question over to the membrane supplier to see if they have an opinion
  4. @faby I have about 10 - 14 x 4m sheets that I'm finished with now. Msg me if interested, you could cut in half perhaps
  5. We have some fairly hefty beams in our build and discovered that a 305 high I beam may in fact be much higher than 305 when delivered! As the weight per meter increases so can the height. I didn't believe this at first but the supplier sent me a copy of his steel tables. 305 beam at 240kg/meter came in at 350 height. Can work around it OK but could have been a drama if this happens in a bad place!
  6. good article here which will enlighten
  7. May be able to swing it if 900 deep first step as that would match the width of a "regular" staircase
  8. Max going is too far to be a step but too short to be a landing - think that needs to be at least the width of the stair
  9. We have a bit if a feature staircase coming from a lounge area into a multi-use kitchen/dining/relaxing area The original architect design was a straight run of uniform stairs but we'd like the bottom step to be much wider - same rise. Our BC chap indicates this won't be compliant. This is what we're looking to aim for and below is mock up of the side view. We can tweak things if needed but would like to get something like this - I guess worst case we could always do a simple run of stairs and after sign-off modify them? Beneath the stairs will be a small room so the stair width helps this to be more usable. Thanks for suggestions
  10. For one off big moves we used a hiab - also a difficult site on a hill. Have also checked with a builder on a site near me and for some cash he'll bring his tele-handler round.
  11. Our ICF build also has what seems a lot of rebar in the lower floor levels where we have semi-basements. Also the floor slabs have loads - not just my view but all steel fixers as well. 150mm spacing for verticals and I think 200 for horizontals -lower levels mainly 16mm bar. I think we're up to about 45T total for the house (4 floors ~360m). Issues with rebar and ICF also include labour to fit and time this adds. We also needed a crane/hiab to move ours around to save time after each delivery. Re the engineer - I did discuss this and was told this was all to meet eurocode spec. At the end of the day we have had to rely on our engineer for plenty of questions and that may not have gone so well if we had questioned (too much!) what he was specifying. good luck
  12. This is timely - I have my planks coming next week. We carefully planned the cut-outs so will see how accurate we can get the install - though mostly we have some flexibilty. Just hoping the steels get installed on Friday else we'll be re-planning 🙂
  13. I don't know, I make a sensible post, go away a few days and it all goes to pot 🤣 No, don't mention the pot 🪴
  14. Just found out that a manhole in my front garden also serves my neighbour's detached property. Is there a way to find out if this is "adopted" under the 2011 rule changes? I'd rather not go asking publicly at the water co at this time as if it is adopted they may not like me working on/near it.
  15. The could be good use for a corner of the hanging space which is not so useful from the dressing room side. Maybe can make a little cat flap type thing for an automatic hoover to live in:-) It looks like that might possibly work - could be useful - though most likely Bedroom 2 occupants will be in-laws who are prone to walking into the guest bedroom in their own house 🙂