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  1. We're thinking of a bio-ethanol fireplace like here :
  2. Adam2

    Waterproofing Membrane

    Thanks - though I can only see that mentioned as a gas barrier, do you have a supplier contact that you could share ?
  3. Adam2

    Waterproofing Membrane

    Hi @Triassic, what did you go with in the end? Re your question above - I expected you to need both parts, the stick on membrane and the dimpled plastic sheets against this to provide a drainage path when back-filled (dimples against the membrane) and also some protection against damaging the membrane. I'm also looking at an ICF basement (3 sides) and have been advised by Sika that they do not warranty their product for this due to issues re detailing slab to rear wall and concrete honeycombing - did you find a warrantied system or plan to not worry about warranty given the limited real-world value in this anyway?
  4. I was at Internorm in N London recently and they do have the internal blinds there ( not that we're looking) - 3G unit, blind unit installed outside of the 3G with separate pane that opens up to allow easy cleaning/fixing etc etc.
  5. Adam2

    Velfac windows

    Hi Jilly, I'm also getting quotes at the moment for 3G. Wide range of costs! My last one has £1,200 for silicone - made me laugh, though the overall price made my cry 🙂 My current house has Velfac (2G) windows and 3 floors of french doors onto terraces - after 12 years they are OK still - only issues I had to deal with are in relation to fitting. Though there is some corrosion to the metal parts on the doors at the top and bottom - not sure what they are called but the bits that limit the opening size of french doors, we're near the sea so next doors I get I'll see what options there are for more durable metalwork.
  6. Adam2

    Onward and upward!

    Thanks for the really informative blogging - I'm sure I'll be back to look in detail as we progress.
  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and research @Sue B really interesting to read. I'm just along the coast from you I think in Boscombe, building in Parkstone. Also ICF enthusiasts, interested to see your concerns re fixing to the walls. I'd considered that and thought that for internal fixings we'd fix structural ply before fixing plasterboard for key areas in kitchen and bathroom. I am thinking now about exterior fixings as after render that isn't so obvious - thinking initially lighting but even simple things like hose reels in garden or in future who knows what. You can of course go through to the concrete but with ~75mm of EPS that isn't ideal and heavy items I'm a little concerned (maybe unnecessarily) about the pressure applied to the wall so will keep researching this. May even have a look at non-EPS/XPS options - we have rear walls which are below ground so need something that is appropriate (of course with waterproofing solution).
  8. Agree re poll. Also been looking at Internorm - quite like the theory/marketing materials, the windows themselves would look like they should be well made so good to know if issues are all installer related which could affect any supplier's products
  9. Hi @Alex C would you mind sharing some pics / info on where they came from please?
  10. Adam2

    Motion sensor

    To see how we get on with the idea I just fitted a PIR as a switch replacement in downstairs WC (one from CP Electronics). This is reasonably discrete and also includes buttons to turn off/on. Initially you keep wanting to hit the button but a few days in and getting used to not thinking about it. Only small issue is that the switch location is not perfect for sensing door entry but generally comes on before you would hit the switch regardless. In our new build will happily go with no switches in bathrooms for certain lights. Am also experimenting with Fibaro sensors and light controls and aim to use these in other areas for light automation....lots of choices there but at least for bathrooms it seems that self contained PIR/light systems are cheap and work well without switches.
  11. Adam2

    Final payment question

    I really don't know - imagine the conversation not being a quick one! I find it strange, and a bit unreasonable for the CC company, to have to take full liability for something costing up to 30K just because you paid £100 on the card and the balance some other way. Having legal expenses insurance is probably a useful add-on to house insurance during times of significant procurement - assuming that covers enough eventualities that is. Buying from a company with a good reputation to protect that is hopefully going to still be in business to deliver your windows after you paid a deposit is probably the main priority - that and how they look of course.
  12. Adam2

    Final payment question

    This article on Section 75 and possible issues is worth a read if planning on relying on this:
  13. Adam2

    PIR light staying on

    OK - leaving it on seems to have fixed it. Thanks for speedy input. It just needed to settle in to its new home. Quite pleased that my fledgling skills in this dept have worked out well - will have a surprised wife when she gets back this eve 🙂
  14. Adam2

    PIR light staying on

    Thanks - though the light end connection is just a simple connector block with no options to go wrong.
  15. Adam2

    PIR light staying on

    Left it off 10-20 mins. It's currently on so will try leaving it on for ~3 hours (LED so no issue) and see if it is OK, then I guess will switch off for a few hours.