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  1. good luck, we have our ICF blocks on site and waiting for foundations so should start having fun with that soon - though I'm not personally doing the building
  2. Thanks, looks good. Seems the supplier has a load of these going as they were all immediately re-listed so will check on delivery and if there is a reserve. The auction hammer price = + about 40% for fees and VAT so with delivery may not even be a great deal off buying similar elsewhere
  3. I'm watching various auction sites to spot things we can buy in advance at good prices. Came across this: The style of this seems fine to us and we're wanting wall mounted. If I can get a bunch of these at a lowish price I'm assuming I can get anything I need to make it work such as fittings and frames to mount - please let me know if that's not likely to be the case. Frames and concealed systems are quite pricey as well so will need to fins some bargains for them too (just saw on post below the links to a discounted frame)
  4. Hi @Timedout here's a good link to a summary of the detailed thread and also a great leaflet from HSE in relation to "domestic clients"
  5. Is this really the case - there is a deep thread on here covering CDM and my understanding as a domestic client that I am assume to know nothing and contractors have the CDM related responsibility. I need to provide the basics - WC, dry and heated area (sun 🙂 ) , water. I also have first aid kit and PPE if they need to borrow but I don't want to take on responsibility for their H&S
  6. Thanks for sharing the tables etc. In non-boost mode there is a 10 l/s difference between supply & extract and in boost mode this is much smaller. Is it assumed that a higher supply will leak out the house so not something to be very concerned with?
  7. Thanks, interesting reading. Thinking about this at the moment for my ICF build which helps in some ways but when it comes to doors/windows/roof and internal walls built off the (non-passive) slab I want to be sure we're doing as much as we can to maintain air-tightness and minimise the thermal bridging. Will be asking for details from suppliers soon to see what they propose and likely be asking questions on how to improve.
  8. Thanks for the input- completely agree, it is the people working there that need to decide and be happy with the solution. The sheets will be a bit out of shape hence the intent to purchase - I'm providing materials (at their suggested spec).
  9. It's a difficult decision and I agree I'm not qualified to make it. The geo-technician who did the ground investigation thinks this is OK as does an engineer at the product supplier but I'm a bit cautious so expect we will go with the shoring as per the diagram (which was the SE original proposal). I think I've found a decent source for trench sheets so this is coming down in price which is helping! My reference to collapsing was really meant if there is prolonged bad weather at an inopportune time vs a substantial sudden collapse as per the recent house in the news on the Isle of Sheppy. Anyway - a really interesting product but not one then that I'm expecting to use for this project unless we want to make some concrete furniture or other interesting garden feature 🙂
  10. Without something being there the slope may collapse especially with heavy rain/wind as the site is exposed as at the top of a hill. The top of the slope is my neighbour's path down his side of the boundary. Limited room so the slop will be very steep and some lucky person will need to work next to it to waterproof the walls before we back-fill. Unlikely to collapse but I;m sure that was said many times before it did 🙂 Open to any other suggestions, my default option that both the ground workers and build co are happy with is below. This is more expensive that the concrete canvas (which my geotechnical contact says should be OK) option but is better understood/trusted by the teams who need to work near it. Any other options of course appreciated - I was intrigued by the concrete canvas but that route may just take too much time to get agreed whereas the one below I can get done in 3 days.
  11. Anyone used this on here Am considering as an option to add stability to an excavation that will be about 3m deep x 4m wide and 70 degree slope. Will be backfilled in 5 weeks so only temporary. Price is not too bad and quick to install with no special tooling etc. Currently either that or trench sheets and some props set into concrete thrust blocks . This sheet option will cost more and take more time hence considering new fangled ideas
  12. My grass was a lot less than 24/m. Ground is already compacted sandy soil so levelled that and compacted, layer of terram, 50mm new sand compacted and then another layer of terram. Area is about 160m install cost inc edgings was 5,300. If you're in the south let me know and I can put you in touch with the firm I used - don't think they travel far or if they did may cost a far bit
  13. V nice @RandAbuild interesting also as I'm Adam and my wife is Rhiannon so could also use that id 😂 To help stop weeds we did a layer of membrane below sand and a layer above so hope may stop at least a few of them, apparently this also prevents sand migrating through the grass drainage holes. Leaning towards the widest brush thing with a collection bucket at the moment, especially if battery or petrol powered.
  14. Ha yes our dog will scavenge any food so not bothered about that. maybe a henry hoover with a custom 2m wide suction head would work, or maybe go crazy and use a dyson 🙂 I do have an electric Li-on battery powered lawn mower - maybe I could customise that as obviously no longer needed.
  15. So we've got our grass down - pic below just after laying so not finally fixed hence small wrinkles etc but really happy with that! [... polite advertising removed ... ] My question for those of you experienced with this stuff is what is the best way to remove leaves/pine needles/pine cones etc that will be collecting on it? A blower, a sucker, some form of power broom???